CodyCross Nursery Rhymes Pack answers

Nursery Rhymes PackNursery Rhymes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Nursery Rhymes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Less heavy.

Surmised and worked something out.

Precious gem that twinkles like a star in the sky.

Figure who predicts what will happen in the future.

To compete for something (rhymes with "bend").

__ cards; used for games like poker and bridge.

__ clip, a metal device for keeping paper together.

To find out how tall, long or high something is.

Salted __; flavour that is both sweet and salty.

The movable bit inside a bell.

Where Rock-a-bye baby's cradle was positioned.

Liked, appreciated.

Puzzle 2

Pilot's safety seat in a plane.

Knife used by the farmer's wife on the blind mice.

Tenth month of the year.

Speed __; fast-paced ice rink racing.

__ and lemons; fruity children's rhyme.

Child's play area with substance from the seaside.

Collective term for pillows, sheets, and duvets.

Magic up.

Clear, plain to see.

To walk around and discover a new place.

The parts of a garment that fasten at the neck.

Puzzle 3

__ illusions trick your eyes and mind.

To have cleared your throat, making a noise.

Bird who killed cock robin with his bow and arrow.

Birds that are believed to steal sparkly items.

Imaginary lines drawn horizontally round the Earth.

To raise something up.

Georgie Porgie made the girls cry by __ them.

White-water adventure sport.

Tropical nuts shaped like kidneys.

Tiny air sacs in the lungs, for gas exchange.

Is this person only partly stupid.

A flashlight needs one of these to work.

Charles __, computing pioneer of the 19th C.

Casey __, plays quadruplet Ricky.

Prison cellar.

Fell clumsily.

Puzzle 4

Where Little Jack Horner sat; in the __.

Ali and Ally are short forms of this girls' name.

Word describing a verb.

__ turn; somersault underwater swimming turn.

Go from one place to another.

A race horse rider.

Made your bedroom neat and in order.

Small pebbles, popular in garden paving.

Part of the body that the nursery rhyme fish bit.

Mythical people, towering tall.

Firmly held opinion about higher powers.

Levers pushed by your feet to make a bicycle move.

Puzzle 5

The candelabra in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Weepy, on the brink of crying.

London's __; nursery rhyme inspired by Great Fire.

__ palace, glass exhibition hall and football team.

Woman who serves drinks in a pub.

Nightclub show.

A silver fish often prepared smoked.

Wood or rock walls protect the coast from erosion.

Spanish singer who sang I Like It and Hero.

Artificial milk given to babies.

Not solids or gases; e.g. water, oil, juice.

A bus without a roof.

Baby cats.

Clothes are made of these kind of materials.

A place where you can buy animals and their food.

Tracking and catching animals to eat.

Small bullets fired from an airgun.

A cable that you slide along on a harness.

Used with brown paper to mend Jack's head.

TV watchers.

Organs that help cleanse your system.

Puzzle 6

Fossilised foot or tail print left on the ground.

Give your time to a cause without getting paid.

Mischievous rascal or scamp.

Twirling, flying doll, with a pull-string.

Creature baked in a pie in Sing a Song of Sixpence.

Not allowed, totally off limits.

Name of Bassett's strawberry jelly baby.

He lived in the moon and played upon a ladel.

He plays Prof. Shelly Oberon in Jumanji sequel.

Someone from the country with capital Budapest.

Famous third album for *NSYNC, released in 2001.

Creature who gets the worm.

Puzzle 7

Scratched designs for making a print from.

Noise that birds make, like a tweet or a chirp.

Kind of peppers that Peter Piper picked.

Gloria __; sang with *NSYNC on Music of my Heart.

Puffing air onto; extinguishing candles.

Upper floor room extension outside, with railings.

Old King Cole was a merry __.

Cultivating crops.

__ bravas, Spanish spiced potatoes dish.

Complaining about something.

Puzzle 8

Pinched, nicked, appropriated.

Images snapped on a camera or smartphone.

People who break the law end up here.

Where angels are said to come from.

Boris __, red-haired German tennis legend.

__ hat, woolly hat with a pom pom on the top.

Color of bells in Contrary Mary's garden.


Male goose; e.g. Goosey Goosey __.

A __ of penguins; close together for warmth.

Tomika's School of Rock best friend.

__ Dutchman, a ship destined to travel forever.

__ Frost, Blade's white-haired rival.

__ Piggy __, party game with animal noises.

Puzzle 9

Watched, paid close attention to.

Julian or Gregorian, for e.g..

Expert, master musicians.

2018 TV series based on The Karate Kid.

Caps, hats, turbans and sombreros are all examples.

The French word for castles or stately homes.

How Jill came down the hill, after Jack.

What the Little One said in the crowded bed.

Pinky zinc oxide lotion that soothes inflamed skin.

3-D squares of frozen water for drinks.

Family game with a kicking, overloaded donkey.

Sports official who runs along with a flag.

Hardest or strongest.

A place where you can park, in front of the house.


Tight trousers worn by horse riders.

Puzzle 10

If you're up early, you might hear the dawn __.

Family of puppets including a cookie monster.

Another name for the Academy Awards.

Woody plants that are smaller than trees.

Hit a ball before it bounces.

Creature that sat down beside Miss Muffet.

A day-trip or a visit somewhere for fun.

To market, to market, to buy a __; chubby porker.

A column that supports a building or statue.

Cool, fashionable.

Language spoken in the Middle East.

To give away money, goods or time for a good cause.

Another word for fight.

Invertebrate marine animals with hollow bodies.

Puzzle 11

Person who serves in the army.

The old man was __ when it was raining and pouring.

Baby whose daddy went a-hunting.

Bubble Galaxy with __, bubble popping app.

Packed with lots of people.

Browns skin by sitting outside in the summer.

Things that you enjoy doing in your spare time.

Getting close to somewhere.

Light-sensitive layers in the eyeballs.

Sets of buckled straps, headgear for horses.

Country to the north of France famous for waffles.

The carpenter who created Pinocchio.

Puzzle 12

Catching the waves while standing up.

X-Men member, a Chinese gymnast.

Gathering of crops when they are ripe.

The state of being poor, lacking finances.

You turn these to open doors.

Round root vegetables, purple skin.

Roller __, Bon Jovi funfair tune.

Tiny pieces of sparkly material for decoration.

Straps to stop dogs biting.

Gloves lost by the three little kittens.

Twister wind.

Little __; fell asleep under a haystack.

Student played by Amarr M. Wooten in Knight School.

Slang for psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

Talk about.

Puzzle 13

Making something appear from thin air, like magic.

Whole-face covering woolly hat.

Large rodent that is covered in sharp quills.

Liveliness, chirpiness.

Mark a special occasion, e.g. a birthday.

Round chocolate sweets with honeycomb middle.

__ deal; flash promotion for a limited time.

Young plants.

To reach a draw in chess.

What the third Little Pig ate.

The number of goals or points scored in a match.

He lives down the lane in Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Puzzle 14

Someone who is being treated in a hospital.

Brought down, not raised.

Shiny metal/paper craft.

Sport you do on two feet and over 100m, 200m....

Beginning of a flight.

A substance that is important for teeth and bones.

Children born on this day are full of grace.

__ Man, Henry Danger is his sidekick.

The Greatest __, Hugh Jackman.

Large flatfish, served in steaks.

The way to search for gold in rivers with a sieve.

Not having, missing something.

Look before __, don't jump without checking!.

Printed slip showing proof of purchase.

Girl's long curl, especially in Victorian tales.

Mechanical apparatus.

Ghostly James Bond movie.

Large, raised container for growing flowers.

Walks with a limp, stumbles.

The hottest.

Dead body of an animal.

Carries out a crime.

What Georgie Porgie did when the boys came out.

Thrills aboard a steel cable descent.

Puzzle 15

Something happening ad hoc, not a regular pattern.

Describes the north- and southness of magnets.

A position in football in the centre of the pitch.

Jewellery worn around the collarbone.

Name someone to do a task, assign it to them.

Wet weather x2; __ go away, come again another day.

__ bell, Pussy's in the well; doorbell sound.

Puffed disc made from Asian cereal staple.

East African country (capital has the same name).

Whole or entire, rhymes with "defeat".

Digital payment service supported by iPhones.

Puzzle 16

Dance move with legs extended close to the floor.

Warmed; filled with warm water.

Water mammals that live in a holt.

Fender __, rhyming motor bump.

Caveman noises.

Slush __, branded ice and flavorings product.

Adventure film about a dog rescued by Marty.

Fix or mend something.

Simple Simon met him on the way to the fair.

All of the king's __ couldn't fix Humpty Dumpty.

Puzzle 17

Slides or flumes at water parks.

A small spot or blemish.

Lights, camera __!.

Danced on ice.

A girl who likes traditionally "male" activities.

Choo choos.

Can't Feel __, 2015 song by The Weeknd.

Instructions or commands.

Roller, Austrian or slatted keep rays out of rooms.

__ media; websites such a Facebook or Instagram.

Thumbs up, rhymes with "biking".

Fortune __, a biscuit with a message in it.

A pattern or sequence in maths is also called a __.

Platform game character who likes saying "Yeah".

Japanese makers of Tamagotchi.

Beverly Cleary character; her sister is Beezus.

Five, six, pick up __; counting rhyme.

__ Doodle; he rode a pony into town.

Puzzle 18

The full word for degrees C in temperature.

Cooking in simmering water.

The end result.

Male parents.

Homes of kings or queens.

Slope that Jack and Jill went up.

Travel to work.

Deep, narrow gorges.

Opposite of opening.

What my dame lost in Cock a Doodle Doo.

Pillars that hold classical buildings up.

Musical movement that precedes another.

The movement of vehicles on roads.

Tall animal from Africa with a long neck.

Kitchen utensils for shredding cheese.

Building where plays are performed.

Puzzle 19

Bird of prey that goes tu-whit-tu-whoo.

Having images in your mind when you are sleeping.

Where five little ducks swam: over __ and far away.

Sphere used in a fight during wintry weather.

Sports shoes.

Soft ice cream with toppings, served in McDonald's.

The Old Woman who lived in a shoe had several.

The animated tattoo mascot in the film Moana.

City of South Africa's government on Table Bay.

Household pest that lives on drawers and bookcases.

With the most cliffs or jagged stones.

Twisting around in circles quickly.

Fitness __ record your steps each day.

A small fleet of ships or boats.

__ McCurdy, starred in iCarly and Sam & Cat.

Puzzle 20

Warm up from icy state.

Walked formally, like the Grand Old Duke of York.

Flask for keeping hot drinks warm.

Name for many Iranian people, from Iran's old name.

Half a pound of __; what comes after tuppenny rice.

Summon up, perhaps magically.

They attack ships at sea, arr matey!.

Poultry; hen or cockerel.

Religious buildings where Muslims worship.

Not manmade.

Camila __; Fifth Harmony Havana singer.

Kicking a ball to another player on your team.

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