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Here are the answers to CodyCross Nursing Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Small rain pools on the ground.

Instrument sometimes used to deliver babies.

Went on too long; jogged too far.

Forts, fortified medieval buildings.

Hand-__, action that keeps hospital wards hygienic.

Engineered building material in sheet form.

A River Runs __ It, historical Robert Redford film.

Rhyming slang for wife, __ and strife.

Largest species of salmon in the Pacific Ocean.

Adds weight to carry.

Scary beast.

Puzzle 2

Mississippi transport with a paddle wheel.

Scholar of the past.

Floating equivalent of Air Force One.

Quality of being troublesome, irritating, annoying.

First sheet of a newspaper.

Study of the universe.

Wallet indication of after-life medical intentions.

Looking for, trying to find.

Transport of law officers.

Card game played alone.

Difference in attitudes between men and women.

The Rolling Stones classic, __ Women.

Branch of medicine concerning the elderly.

"If March comes in like a lion, it will go out __".

Currency __; software to calculate exchange rates.

Many-legged arthropod, once said to have 100 legs.

Puzzle 3

Gadgets for de-icing glass by hand.

US and Australian dash to find buried yellow ore.

Winter __, four-yearly cycle of ice and snow games.

Quality of being fresh, light and breezy.

__ out; widened one's experience.

Hopefulness about the future.

Patch of fuel pollution on the ocean.

Bacterial growths taken using swabs.

Step through flames.

Remove someone from your Facebook page.

South American country bordered by Panama.

Belongings; residential building.

Plant __, using genetics to change plants' traits.

Made with many small decorative features.

__ Diana, Candle in the Wind was rewritten for her.

Someone who wraps things up as a career.

Deliberately wreck or ruin.

Nationalists, loyalists.

What Mozart or Beethoven did to create music.

__ medicine, skills determining causes of death.

Puzzle 4

Without socks or shoes.

Children born three at a time.

Insect cartoon film with Jerry Seinfeld.

Drove a vehicle backwards.

Freshly __; e.g. recently pressed orange juice.

Massive, huge, giant.

Lie __; device for testing honesty.

Branch of mathematics associated with shapes.

Elite soldier in light infantry or special ops.

Removing plumage.

Small lamp nurses use to investigate orifices.

Space mission beginnings.

Person who tells the story in a book or stage play.

What the first 'L" of LOL in a text message means.

High singing voices.

They're wound round patients and mummies.

Long-distance athletics discipline.

Texan "yellow" city.

__ Johansson, The Avengers' Black Widow.

Puzzle 5

A Series of Unfortunate __.

Filled with slots and gambling.

Another name for a medical person's uniform.

Baked treats eaten with jam and cream.

Athlete who strikes a ball with foot.

Saying: Alike as two peas __.

Barely at all.

A thin lock of hair.

Short word for large African river horse animals.

Vacuum cleaner specialists with red logo.

__ under; excessively busy, not just in winter.

Gregory __, reggae singer of Night Nurse.

Puzzle 6

Flying __; legendary ghost ship that never docks.

Special importance; stress in a word.

Medical strategy for getting someone well.

The very darkest in colour.

Playground game and 2018 animated game __ Goose.

"Father of Modern Physics": Albert __.

Disease occasioned by insulin imbalance.

Numbers with points in the middle.

Another name for table tennis.

In an intelligent way.

Thin layer of tissue separating organs.

Manufacturer of automobiles.

Blows tunefully from the mouth.

__ seeds include cress, alfalfa and lentils.

Beneath the ocean.

Freedom __; the right to voice one's opinions.

Puzzle 7

New __; Wellington is this island nation's capital.

Nude monarch, insistent he was wearing new clothes.

Climbed onto a boat.

Person who adamantly denies the existence of God.

"__ keepers, losers weepers".

Idea, blueprint, theory.

Grey's __, long-running US TV hospital series.

In film, especially Westerns, opposite of goodies.

Trips by plane.

Dogs that work in the snow, pulling sleds.

Cutting branches back.

Cloths used when dining.

Taking short sleeps during the day.

Short periods of rainfall, typical April weather.

Medical device for injecting and removing fluids.

Alessandro Volta invented it first: electric __.

Puzzle 8

Skin color associated with jaundice.

They deliver bundled babies in their beaks.

Cut of meat named for a European capital: __ Broil.

Heavenly term used to describe nurses.

Memoirs of a __, Arthur Golden book set in Japan.

Spiky sea creature, not nice to stand on.

Profession of looking after others, tending.

Crimes of stealing or robbery.

A small PC that closes like a clamshell.

A father's sister's child.

Puzzle 9

Violent weather events with rain, thunder, etc..

Large spotted cat species native to the Americas.

Travelling over snow on two thin boards.

In advance, not after.

Largest internal human organs.

Medical centre for outpatients.

Herbs in terracotta or plastic containers.


__ coaster; theme park ride with turns and slopes.

Mixed a salad.

Puzzle 10

Like a toadstool, often edible.

Offered protection with armour.

__ and entering; a burglar's crime.

Makes clear what is happening.

Vera __, WWI nurse, author of Testament of Youth.

Pads that make seats more comfortable.

A bike with a single wheel.


__ Bull; Wall Street bronze sculpture.

Sam the Warner Brothers cowboy.

Use on your hair to squeeze into 1980s-style waves.

Monument to remember a person or event.

__ race; equine contest with a clear winner.

Airport __, flight delay to change planes.

__ record, an award given for music sales.

Heaven; a perfect, unspoiled place.

Dish out medicines, from a pharmacy.

Mixture of paste and rocks for building.

Puzzle 11

Walking aids issued from hospitals.

Turnaround, change of heart; can happen with roles.

Heavy, thick outer garment, worn on top of jacket.

Stone garden feature where avians dip their toes.

The MT in GMT.

Dory's advice is to just keep __.

Medical germs barrier worn over nose and mouth.

Rapper who released the hit U Can't Touch This.

Sweet pancake-like treat made from syrup and oats.

Name of the first prime number after 37.

Three goals scored by the same player in a match.

The most controlling or organising.

Puzzle 12

Like a bad creature, nasty, unpleasant.

Washing, like that performed by medical staff.

Vacation complexes.

Vehicles get cleaned here.

Woman that someone is engaged to.

Accidentally scored for the wrong team in soccer.

Dishonest fraudster.

Make a blade keener, better to cut with.

Florence Nightingale was the Lady With __.

Breakable cups for drinking out of.

Michael __; married Elvis' daughter in 1994.

Yorkshire terrier dogs are also called __.

Bumbling person or clown; ya big __.

An opening for a job.

Puzzle 13

African big cats with the ability to run fast.

Can be warmed up.

__ World, healthy eating lifestyle programme.

Talking, giving a lecture.

Not the shortest route, not straight there.

Eliminate from a competition.

Clothing brand started by Dame Dash and Jay-Z.

Woman who breastfeeds another's baby.

Shaft of milky light from the lunar body.

Powdered milk preparations for babies.

Large establishment where nurses and doctors work.

Puzzle 14

Sunday meat with mint sauce accompaniment.

State-funded privately run schools.

French __; professionals who shine wood.

Skeletal part between hand and arm.

Sphere played with at the seaside.

Branch of medicine that uses X-rays.

Irregularly shaped bodies forming a belt in space.

Larvae with bioluminescence.

Naval rank in US and UK navies and an old computer.

People who saw a crime in progress.

Tricky, not easy.

In a china shop, they have to be paid for.

Antiseptic liquid for cleaning the teeth.

Deep blue gemstones.

Puzzle 15

Large, round, orange gourd with edible seeds.

Sleeveless overgarments worn by nursing staff.

Illuminated a single actor.

Old, often collectible or valuable item.

__ heaven is a place of happiness.

Beginnings of sentences, books, etc..

__ Zoo, animal-stroking app.

World's tallest peak and the ultimate challenge.

Not important which person it is.

Cord around a neck that displays someone's ID.

Cat __, pads around, stealing your valuables.

Parasites living in sleeping areas and mattresses.

Mother __, her cupboard mentioned in rhyme.

Small rodent kept as a pet; anagram of mrs heat.

Low-frequency buzzing from electricals.

Scary, thriller-type movies.

Famous "Sunday" singers Santo or Placido __.

Puzzle 16

The noise made by leaves blowing on the ground.

Major Turkish city; was Constantinople.

Drugs, pills, potions to make people better.

Somewhere to keep aquatic pets indoors.

Tropical tree with sweet stone fruit.

Tools for gripping and turning nuts.

Describes the plan generally.

Improved, made better.

Fell a tree, especially using an axe.

Hospitals for the terminally ill.

Flat shapes with ten sides.

Wide and baggy men's garb from the 1940s.

Printed words used to describe pictures.

Man of __; clergyman, vicar, priest.

Puzzle 17

Minor __, small ops, like mole removal.

Between the devil and __ blue sea.

Doing up a coat that doesn't have buttons.

Dairy pourer.

Those who cure sickness.

Putting clothes in luggage.

Country associated with leprechauns.

Mary __, Jamaican-born nurse of the Crimean War.

Puffs out breath.

__ cheese, mild, low-fat cheese with lumpy curds.

First name of President Nixon.

Confused, muddled; all __.

Christian ministers.

Fall off a surfboard when riding a wave.

Shouts of joy that come after hip hip.

Puzzle 18

Watchers, people who look on.

Very high-heeled, glamorous shoes.

Carving something from clay.

Large vehicle that ferries patients to hospital.

Bank __, list of monthly credits and debits.

To clean, destroying harmful microorganisms.

Area of land, domain.

Chicken __, barbecued meat on the chicken's leg.

Die-cast cars with flame logo.

Ground coverings in buildings, e.g. carpets, tiles.

In a nasty way, hurting someone.

__ Boy, starring Steve Carell.

Argued or bickered.

Where golfers go to drink and socialize.

Marine swimmer with a beak for fencing.

Cast aside, thrown away.

Predictions of future weather conditions.

Puzzle 19

Last (light) meals of the day; or social dining.

Ancient Jewish religious writings: the Dead Sea __.

__ manner, nurses' rapport with patients.

Ace __, character embodied by Jim Carrey on film.

Love makes the world __; e.g. love is essential.

Cheek dents.

Large caves.

Most cherished.

Woolly jumper or turtleneck, maybe cashmere.

Crossing water on a flat boat made from logs.

Practice of cleanliness, in hospitals for e.g..

__-home festival celebrates gathering in of crops.

The "P" in "PAW", texting for "__ are watching".

Undomesticated feline, eats mammals and birds.

Lost __; where misplaced suitcases end up.

Four-sided shapes (equal length).

Tax __; people who dodge paying their taxes.

Puzzle 20

A word that describes a noun.

People from Abuja or Lagos.

Use of the signs of the Zodiac to make predictions.

__ eggs; dish made with heated beaten eggs.

Glass that is broken into shards.

Going faster than cantering on a horse.

Hygienic pads placed on open wounds.

TV's not pretty assistant with glasses/braces.

Trial session behind the wheel of a new car.

Mega famous celebrity.

How quickly a heart is beating (two words).

Like something the cat __; scruffy, in a bad state.

Mindless, deliberate destruction of property.

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