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Here are the answers to CodyCross Office Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Material used to paint on.

They get dilated from using a computer for too long.

Smoothing power tool.

Pen name of Arthur Eric Blair: George __.

Shiny, metallic finish on desks and chairs.

Communication of time left before leaving a job.

Orange vegetable eaten steamed or in salads.

Approaching, arriving.

To exit a computer or database officially.

Line that separates two nations, states.

They cook pastry or meals in the oven.

Office trivial talks usually take place around this.

Selecting the best time for an event.

To show in words or images.

Stock __ Index, NASDAQ, Down Jones, S&P.

Nationality of composer Chopin.

Puzzle 2

It means "thank you" in Portuguese.

To buy or acquire using money.

One of two things needed to log into a computer.

Photo experts use this tool to retouch pictures.

Some business require people to wear these.

Making less tense or rigid.

A guess based on a thought-out calculation.

Strong coffee.

Car fixer-upper.


Sound with multiple speakers positioned about room.

Ancestral or blood line.

Someone who has been given a task.

Puzzle 3

Cheerfully, gaily, merrily, jocosely.

The TO in TOU, __ Use.

Person who moves in the water professionally.

Simians, apes.

List of pages of a website accessible to users.

A job opening.


A good or service.

Assembled body of leaders.

Oven baked folded pizza.

Shoe that is worn indoors.

Dick __, acting legend, Mary Poppins BFF.

Puzzle 4

Device for storing information on a computer.

Open choice of technique or genre.

Chair of a committee or company.

Department in charge of promoting a product.


Famous Italian tomato sauce for spaghetti.

Hard surface with metal peg to hold paper.

Guidance or supervision of an activity or a team.

Roman foot soldier.


Naturally occurring warm water pool.

Acceptable or expected office comportment.


A hundred-year's anniversary.

Freelance snappers in search of celebrity pictures.

Type of rock associated with marble.

Puzzle 5

Something that contributes to a decision making.

Sweet baked treats people may bring to work.

Automatic reaction, like a knee jerk.

To protect your computer against malware.

Bullet point plan for a meeting.

An agreement between countries or companies.

Someone who just started working at a company.

Papers needing action go in this desk box.

A man's formal outfit.

Some use this car space as their office.

Large North American gallinaceous bird.

Financial damage seen in a spreadsheet.

Puzzle 6

Someone who brings goods from another country.

Product sold only in certain times of the year.

They fix your teeth.

Not curved, bended or angled.

High-ranked group leader in a corporate enterprise.

The inside.

Purple skin fruit used as vegetable.

Home or business monthly payment for loan.

Upper part of human arm before the neck.

Written plan to be considered by others, offer.

French cattle breed a bit like an expensive car.


Puzzle 7

Dark green skinny vegetable with tall shoots.

Capital of Sweden.

Two way.

Person who studies the world of supply and demand.

Another name for the naval Battle of Jutland.

Plush Japanese animal families.

Receptacle, vessel; bucket.

Getting one helps you grow in a company.

Process necessary to get a job.

Not the tenth or the thirtieth.


Puzzle 8

__ stick, another name for a USB.

To sell products abroad.

Marks that do not wash out easily.

Nationality of Louis XVI.

Attorney, counsellor.

First name of famous musical composer Bach.

Some people need to keep their feet there.

The first digits on your hands.

Distinctive, bold, kenspeckle.

Baked good, sweet or savory.

Puzzle 9

Matters to be attended to, business, concerns.

Record of past significant events.

Go is the oldest game known, invented in __ China.

Activity of running, climbing around obstacles.

Greg and Terry are News __ on American Dad.

Spirit of __, the statuette on Rolls-Royces.

Old Blue Eyes singer and actor.

The Tibetan one is the world's largest dog breed.

Notebook with appointments or things to do.

The production of artistic or crafty objects.

It favors the bold.

One of four equal parts.

Pink funny feline.

Antonym of welcoming.

Metal support for a shelf.

One of the most famous Shakespeare's tragedies.

Movie about a romance on an ill-fated ship.

They are your family not related by blood.

Showing a lack of good sense or judgment.

Red wine mixed with sliced fruit.

Type of care for people near the end of life.

Puzzle 10

Telescope's lens holder.

Areas with hot climate.


A series of things linked together.

Place to put a letter before mailing it.

Clark Kent.

When something unexpected happens.

Jubilates, delights, pleases.

Reverse print of a photograph.

Yearly planner.

Good luck.

Hair color within the brown hues.

Romantic floral bouquet.

Puzzle 11

Season when everything blooms.

Hansel's sister.

Literal or figurative connector.

Portable computer.

Astronomic, monumental, extremely powerful.

Frédéric __, Polish piano composer.

To ban, prohibit, forbid.

WHO: World __ Organization.


Squawking feathered companion of a pirate.

Something causing motion.

Body without life.

Puzzle 12

Author of A Christmas Carol.

This language has an American dialect.

Cerebrovascular accidents, brain attacks.

Warning, sign.

Container used in gardening.

They cover our bodies.

Country where Michael Schumacher was born.

Machine that converts paper files to digital.

Small metal pieces put in a gun to pin paper together.

Person who breaks into houses.

Parts that make up a whole, elements.

It can be humid or warm.

Single serve dessert with frosting on top.

Female star of The Wizard of Oz.

Mythical bird that rose from the ashes.

To trap; to gain control usually by force.

Group of people who work in a ship.

To negotiate.

It means "nada" in Spanish.


Puzzle 13


To flourish a sword.

Better, bigger, stronger.

One that destroys or devours.

The one who remains alive.

Well-developed physique.

Large masted sailing ships.

The act of not having sexual relationships.

Written plan for consideration by others.

Blue gemstone, September birthstone.

They are forever.

US film from 80s about destructive little monsters.


Business networking website.

Colleague, peer.

Puzzle 14

To twist or wrench a body part.


Olympic medal for finishing in the third place.

Not at sea, on solid ground.

Antonym of original.

Mammal, avian, reptile or amphibious.

A flock of geese.


To flow in a broken irregular stream.

Bright metallic color of a precious metal.

Tours with a band, setting up equipment.

Frail, delicate, fragile, soft.

Given, awarded.

Bullet-point plan for a meeting.


Puzzle 15

Not latitude.

The R in HR.

Instrument to look at the stars.

In the UK, December 26th.

The hand-written name of a person.

Vanilla's best complement.

Wages after taxes.

Famous US girl detective created in the 1930s.

Navy vessel one feels constricted in.

Violet gemstone from Africa.

Large storage building.

Puzzle 16

One, XXV, third, negative four.

Army officer below a brigadier in the British Army.

It means "palace" in Italian.

Distributing what one has with others.

Invaders, aggressors, ambushers, attackers.

List of company's employees who receive money.

Evergreen tree with leaves called needles.

Act of taking one's own life.

A person on a religious journey to a sacred place.

Liquid metal; famous UK singer's last name.

External covering of the body of birds.


Antonym of public.

A computer's screen.

Pudding-like mix usually with eggs and milk.

The most profound.

Puzzle 17

Not forever.

Place where city trash is usually dumped.

Instruction to start shooting.

Strongest bone in the face.

Treat your nails to this.

Activity involving paddling single-bladed paddle.

Small skin cavity from which hair grows.

Fruit shake with milk or water.

Climbers gathering point before scaling a peak.

Work done outside of your agreed hours.

To mention a celebrity or a higher-up.

Mr. Crusoe.

Puzzle 18

The duration of an individual life.

Traders, business people.

A flat flexible case for carrying papers or books.

Giant reptiles from past era.

Stamp collecting.

An espresso with a blob of steamed milk.

Country named after Alexander, the Great kingdom.

Spanish percussion instruments used when dancing.

Explosive substance.

A worker who isn't permanent or fulltime.

Showed, portrayed.

Concentrated, thickened.

Puzzle 19

Dive that goes wrong.

Non-electric kitchen appliance.

Medical science related to the nervous system.

French actor Gerard __.

Overpowered, subdued, dominated.

Hygienic tray used by indoor cats.

IT developer of sites.

1964 children's novel, Charlie and the __ Factory.

Device for removing two small circles from paper.

The rank that Spock has in Star Trek.

Continued existence beyond passing away.

Curled metal wire to hold paper sheets together.

Edible spheres usually paired with spaghetti.

Explosives below surface detonate when stepped on.

Compass point opposite northwest.

Puzzle 20

The stress on a syllable, consonant or vowel.

Elton John's space man.

Textual expressions.

Competitor of Android.

To relinquish rights or privileges.

They can be acute, right or obtuse.

It means "great lord or prince" in Japanese.

The antagonists of angels.

Hybrid between a pomelo and a mandarin.

Large folder, often with rings.

Seven of them accompanied Snow White.


The arm of a shirt.

__ working, or working from home.

Car fuel with heavy mineral oil.


Combat, fight.

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