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Old vs New PackOld vs New

Here are the answers to CodyCross Old vs New Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Clipping rose bushes and overhanging branches.

Marine creature that can be "bottle-nosed".

This type of restaurant serves pasta and pizza.

Carping and criticizing.

Electric cold cupboard, took over from the ice box.

Rotating wind system.

This group includes Cardi B, Eminem and Tupac.

Hamlet's tragic girlfriend.

Art of shaping glass into decorative items.

Notes that record the events of a meeting.

Contraceptive tablet invented in 20th century.

Puzzle 2

Little __, bright aliens from Mars maybe.

A game where you collect $200 for passing Go!.

This movie company's logo is a torch-bearing lady.

__ press; Gutenberg's book-making invention.

Someone who insistently follows the rules.

Handheld gym weight for strengthening the arms.

1975 Queen song, Bohemian __.

Apian creator of Winnie the Pooh's snack.

Numbers with a value of less than zero are this.

Prehistoric era, like the park with dinosaurs.

On __, impartial, showing no allegiance.

Classic slow-cooked meat and potatoes dish.

Puzzle 3

Home nation of the Hemsworth brothers.

Published collections of recipes.

German composer of the Fur Elise.

Old writing material before wood pulp paper.

Type of large, hairy spider.

Sport often associated with Canada.

Impoverished, penniless.

Injury caused when skin is exposed to cold.

Garden machine that makes cutting grass easier.

3D piece of art like The Thinker.

Puzzle 4

One taught by a professor.

Scaly skinned animal group including snakes.

Cost incurred.

City in Georgia that hosted 1996 Olympics.

Pre-GPS item with north, south, east, west.

Justin Timberlake Can't Stop the __.

Eyelash thickener.

Someone kept against their will by someone else.

Craft of making fabric, done by hand or by looms.

Let sleeping __, don't dwell on past arguments.

He played Hobbs in the Fast and the Furious movies.

Puzzle 5

Darkness, state of being totally unaware.

Prior; the one before this one.

Tomato sauce used on pizza bases.

Three-wheeled transport.

Taylor Swift's Grammy-winning 2020 album.

A dream __, when something amazing happens.

Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow.

Edible flower grown in tropical climates.

Morning water on leaves caused by condensation.

Took in air.

Annual celebration for someone's increased age.

Stamps card to leave an impression.

Puzzle 6

Wrapped bodies of Ancient Egypt.

Insulation layer of a sea mammal's skin.

Chemical process that splits the atom.

Golfers use them to try to reach the green.

Very old and timeworn.

Nicaragua's capital since 1852.

Core foods like rice and pasta.

Charlie, actor also known as 'The Little Tramp'.

Manufactured material like nylon or polythene.

Puzzle 7

Tower for grinding flour with natural power.

To come close, to go near someone or something.

Heating tube or panel found in a house.

Exaggerated imitation or mockery.

Cubes of cured pig meat.

This Story was a 2019 Oscar-winner.

Wearing a two-piece bathing suit.

Arthur Miller play, Death of a __.

Camera type that produced instant photos.

Seasonal allergy sparked by grasses and pollen.

Scaling trees or rocks with hands and feet.

If you want something doing, you need to do it __.

Puzzle 8

TV castaways often get voted off this place.

Not us, those people.

Currency units in France before the euro.

Describes a remedy with plant origin.

__ envelopes, brown-paper office supplies.

Roasted sandwiches of marshmallows and chocolate.

Glittering garland wrapped around a Christmas tree.

The protective covering of the tooth.

Said yes; was of the same mind.

Metal in bronze and brass.

First name of tennis legend Jean King.

Fast-moving predatory mammal, similar to a stoat.

"I'm a __ teapot short and stout!".

Chief electrician on a film set.

Normal __, Sally Rooney romance novel and TV show.

Major river of the Holy Land.

People from Italy's capital city.

Plates; items cleaned only by hand in the past.

Puzzle 9

Describes jeans with holes in the knees.

Sponge-like tissue inside bones.

Japanese poems with three lines.

Metal food container, preserves beans, tomatoes.

Outdoor area connected to house, great party place.

Brie or mozzarella, for instance.

Use this to get up in the world.

It's paired with demand in a simple business plan.

Style of church architecture from the Middle Ages.

A suggested scientific explanation of something.

Jodie, star of Nell and Silence of the Lambs.

Opposite of after.

Marine term, flotsam and this.

Puzzle 10

Computer data storage device.

Air-__, chill a room with device blowing cold air.

Patrick Star's best friend and Squidward's enemy.

Statement given in court.

Shooting game that splatters pigments.

British queen who took over the throne in 1952.

1984 movie about a town where dancing is illegal.

Unrefined, unprocessed consumables.

Scaly mammal with a tough, bumpy outer shell.

Spanish city associated with Antoni Gaudí.

She released the album Smile in 2020.

Measurement of width, length or height.

Puzzle 11

Moving staircase.

The habits and conditions from your choices.

Daily journalistic publication with current events.

Feeling of being off balance; vertigo.

Large yellow bloom with tasty seeds.

California is famous for these flaming disasters.

Old-fashioned job of yelling news and "Oyez".

One of the founders of Microsoft.

Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, for example.

Lindsay Lohan comedy that became a musical.

Puzzle 12

Paris; socialite star of The Simple Life.

Longest river in the Americas.

Hand-held toy used to create plays.

Milky coffees.

Search engine company that has a Drive with Sheets.

Live theater where lines are made up on the spot.

Sticky fastening invention for shoes, bags.

Buzzy instruments played by humming into them.

Give in; hand in an application.

Cleaned the floor with water.

Medical term for a growth of abnormal tissue.

Preferences, likes and dislikes.

The name or genre funny movies belong to.

High-quality film disc that replaced DVDs.

Puzzle 13

Frogs sit on this floating green leaf in ponds.

Place to pick apples and other fruit.

Chewed, munched.

Power-giving object to put in remote controls.

Vast Arctic wilderness across northern Russia.

Pre-euro, Greece used this currency.

Like __ in a pod, said of very similar people.

Shiny wheel protectors on a car.

A female deity like Aphrodite and Gaia.

Puzzle 14

Horses drew these cabs before cars were invented.

Book that someone writes about someone famous.

Rotating tray to help serve food.

Back to Black and Rehab singer Amy.

Duck that shares its name with a Bond film.

A bird in the hand is worth two here.

Earth-orbiting device, beams down TV signals.

Person who buys and sells stocks in same 24 hours.

Ornamental roof style in Russian architecture.

Puzzle 15

Male astronaut.

Loaned; goes with old, new and blue for weddings.

Winter weather with freezing rain.

Oh What a Beautiful Morning musical.

Hide-your-eyes game played with a baby.

From here to __, won the Academy Awards in 1954.

To receive and save data onto your computer.

Put everything into it, the __ soul.

Old pieces of furniture that are very valued now.

Curvy tube pasta often paired with cheese.

Go over, prepare for a performance.

Puzzle 16

Over the top, too much.

An avocado dip associated with Mexican cuisine.

Music player for vinyl records.

I wasn't born __!, expression denying naivety.

Upside-down yoga pose or gymnast move.

Electricity from turbines moved by the breeze.

Period in time, defined by an orange-brown metal.

Protected by material that keeps heat in.

Han Solo's furry sidekick in Star Wars.

Car beams used in poor visibility.

Puzzle 17

Percentage of water in the air outside.

Orange cat from the comics, hates Mondays.

__ for the Devil, hit for the Rolling Stones.

Cabled phone system in the home.

This island has "buccaneers and buried gold".

Largest city in Manitoba.

A giant peak in nature, like Everest.

Toasted bread cubes served in salads and soups.

Plots of land one might invest in.

Hero whose only vulnerable spot was his heel.

The modern equivalent of a typewriter.

Cleaning one's teeth.

Number of years Prohibition lasted in the USA.

When women and men are treated the same.

Puzzle 18

A small sample of fabric or paint.

Place your desk by one to give yourself a view.

Machines to air laundry faster than on the line.

Plant with jagged leaves that sting skin.

Introductory summaries printed on book covers.

The zodiac sign represented by twins.

Sold __, buyer made aware of any visual flaws.

Tennis grand slam played in Queens, New York.

Polly __, 80s vogue for dolls in little cases.

Blew on one's own horn.

Twangy, 5-stringed rural instruments.

The Eagle has this; lunar touchdown statement.

Type of drinks and bars to keep you going.

Often worn with a tie, also called a blazer.

Back to the __, time-travel film series.

Towering rocky faces that overlook beaches.

New, untrained person in the office.

Courtney Cox's character in the sitcom Friends.

Puzzle 19

Computer discs, previously used for PC gaming.

Garments worn to keep your hands warm.

Most broad.

Game where red cards, not diamonds, are trumps.

Word describing Ducks in a hockey movie.

Inventor's document of ownership rights.

Resident of a prison.

Females who are getting married.

Thick sugar solutions to add to cocktails, coffees.

Kenny, legendary country singer of The Gambler.

US state between Washington and California.

Some WWII code talkers spoke this language.

A plan to balance your income and spending.

Tic; streaming platform for watching gamers.

Blankets of fabric pieces stitched in patterns.

The peregrine is the fastest of this type of bird.

Short word for a commercial on TV.

Puzzle 20

Iron-rich leafy vegetable that wilts as it cooks.

Stacked sleeping furniture often found at camps.

This kind of pot is said to never boil.

Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne.

A large tent, often used for parties or weddings.

There are eight of these in our solar system.

__ without borders, or MSF.

Medicinal skin creams.

__ New Year; annual holiday for Beijing's country.

Wilbur Wright's brother.

Common name for the patella bone.

Wind-driven fan that creates green energy.

Type of fitness needed for cardio exercise.

Office of a government's overseas ambassador.

Take clothes off at bedtime.

Classic musical, __ On The Roof.

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