CodyCross On the Move Pack answers

On the Move PackOn the Move

Here are the answers to CodyCross On the Move Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Lead member of a sports team.

A set of straps used to fasten a draft animal.

Mythical bird that rose from the ashes.

Jungle Book author Rudyard.

You pass it when you shift blame onto someone else.

Deck out a new home and fill the rooms.

This US city is known for its automotive industry.

High-protein, non-dairy liquid.

Holes for shoelaces.

Avenue in Manhattan known for advertising agencies.

Disney musical about paperboys.

Julie, starred in Educating Rita and Billy Elliot.

Wounds or blemishes on the skin or other organ.

Lowest denomination coins in the UK and US.

Putting pictures or wallpaper up on the walls.

Large double-reed instrument, bigger than an oboe.

Puzzle 2

Lightweight timber for making models.

Permit granted on gaining permanent US residency.

Antiseptic mouthwash brand that kills bacteria.

Classic fast food eaten with fries.

Pop a bottle of this fizz to celebrate moving in.

Actress who starred in Bad Moms as Amy.

Person who designs houses for a living.

Bird found in a pear tree in Christmas song.

This happens when you throw a clock out of a window.

Dickens novel set in Coketown.

Denmark's parliament.

Edges of a town or city, suburbs.

Large furry, stripy flying insect.

Metal that burns intensely white.

Puzzle 3

Sport in which Michael Phelps is a famous name.

Put away jars and spices in this kitchen cabinet.

Any living thing such as a plant or bacterium.

Giving the walls a fresh coat in a new shade.

Shorter pointer on a clockface.

British virtual band that sings Feel Good Inc..

Japanese sauce of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar.

Star Wars bounty hunter, clone of Jango.

Monarch toppled in the French Revolution.

African country formerly known as Abyssinia.

Coach on The Voice, ____Williams.

Pink tropical bird with long legs.

It has four rooks and two kings.

Comfortable footwear for indoors.

Swiss Family in children's book series.

Puzzle 4

Putting belongings in boxes in order to move house.

US state that includes the Keys islands.

First name of Dutch painter Van Gogh.

Unpack pots and pans in this part of the house.

Early boat style, round and made of skins.

Office supply store; paper fasteners.

Author of David Copperfield and Bleak House.

Wrist-worn timepieces.

Bakelite was the world's first.

Directions for cooking food dishes.

Type of kids who won't get gifts from Santa.

Citrus fruits, peel makes a fresh essential oil.

Biblical giant defeated by David.

Nationality of tennis star Rafael Nadal.

Thief who breaks into people's homes to steal.

Puzzle 5

Decorative strings of flowers.

Jon Heder's film, Napoleon and this explosive.

Dark Scandinavian staple often made with caraway.

Build flat-pack furniture.

This bee puts letters in their proper order.

Save __ , the OS in SOS.

Cartoonist who created Garfield.

Smoke outlets on rooftops.

The house right beside another home.

Medical building where surgeons work.

Energy-generating turbine complex.

Patriotic blue raptor in The Muppet Show.

Era before the Jurassic.

Puzzle 6

They contain lines for actors to learn.

Sign outside a house to say it's available to buy.

Author of the Canterbury Tales.

Small mongoose that often stands on its back legs.

Chinese city that hosted the 2008 Olympics.

Avengers Doctor played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

NASA space probe launched in 1977.

Crystalline natural rock, popular in kitchens.

Corridor by front door, containing shoes and coats.

Wind instrument with origins in ancient Greece.

One that bears a hereditary mutation or trait.

Puzzle 7

Currently holding office.

Coffee chain with famous Christmas red cups.

Prickly winter shrub with red berries.

Set up this monthly payment to fill a kettle.

Thorough scrub to wash old home before leaving.

Food served with ham to Sam-I-am.

Took a gulp.

New Orleans is known for these Fat Tuesday parades.

Tropical cyclone, typhoon.

Looney Tunes' French skunk.

Puzzle 8

The world's heaviest species of snake.

Small, curved pasta tubes.

Square root of 169.

British word for what Americans call a closet.

Outdoor grill party.

Akira, director of Seven Samurai and Rashomon.

Design of a Roman road, no bends.

Concrete platform just beneath a home's entrance.

Set up this house phone in the new home.

Small dimpled sphere that's knocked about a course.

Worker hired by a business.

Publishing task; recording contents in order.

Common sayings with moral meanings.

Popular social media service for messages, calls.

Puzzle 9

Impartial judge of a cricket or baseball game.

Doll whose full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Tiaras worn by monarchs.

African expedition to observe animals.

To turn water into ice.

Spicy condiment often paired with sushi.

Odom Jr, played Aaron Burr in Hamilton's first run.

Name for pillaging Viking or Wall Street investor.

Solid part of the earth's surface.

Sinew linking muscle to bone, like the Achilles.

Put socks away in here after moving in.

Actor Olivia who won an Oscar for The Favourite.

Bang nails in to hang pictures with this tool.

Salary, money from doing a job.

Computer that manages network resources.

George, author of Animal Farm and 1984.

Name of Batman's loyal and long-serving butler.

Country led by Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin.

Puzzle 10

Estimates of price given by moving companies.

Captain Picard catchphrase for going to battle.

Sport with a puck.

The twin zodiac sign and collection of stars.

Mickey Mouse's girlfriend.

Gas that's transported by red blood cells.

Energetic anagram of Monday.

A large paper print, hung or stuck on a wall.

The passage at the back of the mouth.

Give counsel.

A creamy soup usually made with shellfish.

Dials that measure electricity usage.

Construction site vehicles for lifting heavy loads.

Feminist rapper also known as Fatimah Warner.

Vine fruits that can be green or red.

The inside layer of a multi-layered garment.

Lines in the ground after earthquakes.

Place money into a business venture.

Puzzle 11

Ocean bird with a throat pouch.

Tennis tournament for teams of two.

Avenues, roads; places where houses are found.

Cosmetic product for darkening eyelashes.

Stone in Ireland kissed by visitors.

__ Eve, drama series starring Sandra Oh.

Adventure movie set in a jungle board game.

Use this to add juice to a phone.

World's highest mountain, scaled in May 1953.

Aware, conscious.

Written acknowledgement of a business transaction.

The upper middle parts of human feet.

Loud instrument used by a lifeguard.

Put this money down on new house to show intent.

Soft fruit type, such as goji, acai, redcurrants.

Official overseas office for diplomats.

Puzzle 12

List of existing items and fixtures in a new home.

Get rid of excess stuff to make moving easier.

Blade-nosed sea creature.

Giving money back for a returned item.

Liquid for freshening breath or cleansing gums.

Someone attending a birthday celebration.

Chicago's nickname.

Main ingredient in hummus.

Add-on building that makes a house bigger.

He featured on Uptown Funk with Mark Ronson.

Barbra, legendary star of Funny Girl and Yentl.

Old name for Uluru, Australian Outback landmark.

Puzzle 13

Machine for moving leaves or snow.

Kind of table for eating meals at.

Carpentry tools for smoothing or shaping wood.

Affirmative 1980s urban slang and a song by Cameo.

Unique, unrepeated event.

Someone whose job is to produce beer.

Places where judges work.

Indian stringed instruments with long necks.

Pieces of winter handwear.

Unit of currency in Canada and New Zealand.

Car manufacturer, models include Prius and Yaris.

Audrey II's Little Shop of Horrors plea to Seymour.

Disease carried in the saliva of infected animals.

Teenage __ Ninja Turtles.

Measurement from one end to another.

Spruce up wooden furniture with this spray.

Puzzle 14

Tasty, edible.

An astronaut's journey outside a craft.

English writer of A Passage to India.

Curved footwear for an equine.

Local group of residents.

Knock on this to gain entry to a house.

Site of Orville and Wilbur Wright's first flight.

The Canadian comedian who starred in The Mask.

An old-fashioned name for a tomato.

Compass point directly opposite southeast.

Puzzle 15

Keep track of moving house tasks on this sheet.

Visitors to the new house ring this to come inside.

Eggs __, brunch dish with hollandaise.

Outlet where medicine is dispensed.

Monopoly command that sends a player to prison.

Zero-calorie soft drink from Coca-Cola.

George Clooney film __ , Where Art Thou?.

Companies that operate passenger flights.

Storage facility for plant embryos.

Another name for an aquarium.

Strands that grow in nostrils.

Loud wind instruments associated with Scotland.

Nationality of someone from Tripoli or Beirut.

A story with a hidden meaning or moral.

Storage shelter for drills, saws, wrenches, etc.

Puzzle 16

Toxin, venom.

Rain collector on the edge of a roof.

Wild West cowboy bar.

Arctic mammal with large tusks.

First name of Tim Burton's Scissorhands.

Smaug in The Hobbit is one.

A person or company who pays someone for a service.

Financial capital of Switzerland.

Popeye's profession.

Yellow fruit with appeal?.

A cocktail made with mint leaves and lime.

Traveling door-to-door salesperson.

Aviation pioneer Earhart.

Competing against other runners.

Outside walls made of panels and posts.

Unpack these items and place around the table.

Belief that goes against popular opinion.

Puzzle 17

In one vocal pitch.

French word for women's undergarments.

Getting used to a new home; __ in.

Crusty baton of white French bread.

Animal that eats meat and plants.

Soft pillows placed on sofas and couches.

Move to a smaller house and declutter.

Tennis stars Venus and Serena.

Entertains a crowd.

Welsh town known for its bookstores and festival.

The Big __, starred Jeff Bridges as The Dude.

California city known for its zoo, SeaWorld.

One who commits money towards funding a business.

Puzzle 18

To glue, stick.

Bowie song, opposite of villains.

Related to supernatural beliefs or mysticism.

Relocating from one house to another.

South America's largest country.

Log shelters built in forests or beside lakes.

Velcro or buckle shoe fastenings.

Switch to decrease the brightness of a light bulb.

Film about blue aliens from Pandora.

Dry red wine made from Bordeaux grape of same name.

Hawkins' chief of police in Stranger Things.

Person who checks books before they are printed.

Start a game of golf.

Nearby inhabitants of a certain area.

Running order of a business meeting.

Marvel hero with the power of the Mind Stone.

Puzzle 19

Eartha Kitt's 1953 Christmas song.

The art of cartooning.

Stomach-first dive into a swimming pool.

Pressing of palms to make a deal like a contract.

The evil clown from It.

Pack this bag for the first sleep in a new home.

Culinary herb also known as cilantro.

The Chinese wonder that is 13,171 miles long.

Cooking appliance that contains a magnetron.

Sports star A-Rod's full surname.

Expert in biology, chemistry or physics.

Puzzle 20

World's largest ocean.

Tilda, played Eva in We Need to Talk About Kevin.

Be punted along Venetian waters in this boat.

Famous musician with the last name Ciccone.

Whey cheese stuffed in ravioli.

Sleeping things and drawers go here in a new home.

Fashionable woman of the 1920s.

Relating to a star.

Australian marsupial, similar to a kangaroo.

Set up furniture and style a room.

The screen of a desktop computer.

Exact cut miter tool with pull-down handle.

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