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Here are the answers to CodyCross On the Stage Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Medical term for teeth grinding.

__ Muguruza, Spanish Wimbledon winner.

System of ropes and pulleys to move stage scenery.

Confident, composed.

She played Ziva David in NCIS, Cote __.

Mess of __, foolish exchange made in haste.

Half-woman, half-snake in Greek mythology.

Dance evolved between the Turkey Trot and Foxtrot.

Sport in which a foil or épée might be used.

Sweet anise fritter with Spanish origins.

Alpha, bravo, __, delta, echo.

Square root of 256.

The Wizarding World's British prison.

French dramatist who wrote Tartuffe.

Self-playing keyboard of the early 20th century.

Puzzle 2

Star of American Hustle, Enchanted, Arrival.

The kind of letters used to spell major cities.

Jumped out of a plane for fun.

Flemish physician known as the Founder of Anatomy.

Norway originated term for traitor.

The formal renunciation of your religion.

A stanza of four lines.

Location in London of Shakespeare's Globe.

Educational, instructive.

Arthur Miller's Salem witch trials play, The __.

Female personification of Berlin with many statues.

American playwright of You Can't Take It With You.

The __ Play, superstitious name for Macbeth.

1994 Warren G song featuring Nate Dogg.

Nucky __, TV character played by Steve Buscemi.

Cast of a play, excluding the lead roles.

Always use a very difficult one.

Puzzle 3

Theatrical company with resident actors.

"The truth is out there" TV drama series.

__ motion, constantly moving.

Of or relating to bison.

Became king of Lesotho in 1990, and again in 1996.

Peruvian beef heart kebab roasted on a skewer.

Device that illuminates the floor of a stage.

Holly __, a character from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

The capital of Mayotte.

Deliberate absence of conjunctions in a sentence.

Puzzle 4

Non-mainstream theatrical performance.

Small Chinese dumplings.

Four Maya godly beings who held up the sky.

Surname of Cherie, steampunk author of Boneshaker.

Mind-reading monkey-like Japanese monster.

Capable of being eaten.

City in which the FTSE stock exchange is based.

Member of the Teen Titans born Toni Monetti.

Frozen carbon dioxide used for misty stage effects.

J-J __, Stranglers' bassist with a French name.

Prints in the ground, made by animals.

A challenge can be likened to this kind of battle.

Cross style on Swedish and Finnish flags.

Area of Paris whose church was painted by Van Gogh.

Skidmore __ & Merrill built the Burj Khalifa.

The Night of the __, killer-reverend Bob Mitchum.

Puzzle 5

Sofas, settees.

It's finished, because it's everywhere?.

Yellow, gummy mixture of uranium minerals.

Biblical wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob.

Lush and green, like vegetation.

__ Beethoven; 2008 drama starring Ed Harris.

Minor walk-on role in a play.

He had a Complaint in Philip Roth's 1969 novel.

Indian team sport where raiders are tagged.

Yorkshire location of the Brontë parsonage home.

Robert __, actor, Sundance Film Festival founder.

Old-fashioned name for tetanus.

__ pants, chained trousers of the punk era.

Palais __, home of the Paris Opera until 1989.

Portuguese system of inns and small hotels.

Ballerina born Margaret Hookham became Margot __.

Puzzle 6

Drama style that actively involves the audience.

The battle at which Admiral Nelson lost his arm.

Short-lived; having little real substance.

A radioactive element with the symbol Pu.

German maker of optical implements, like lenses.

Uproar, pursuit of a criminal by bystanders.

An apparatus used for moving patients.

Excessively sentimental theatrical genre.

Japanese art of making paper diorama models.

Bird of prey on American Samoa's flag.

Annual Prague film festival.

The patient operated upon in Operation.

Puzzle 7

Fancy word for a dramatic performer.

__ Hewson, former CEO of Lockheed Martin.

Battlefield where Henry VII became king.

Comparative to something else; __ atomic mass.

Swiss alpine railway with ground-breaking tunnel.

Horse __, the tree of conkers.

Car thief.

Acidic liquid made by pressing unripe grapes.

Short candle; illuminates decorations at Christmas.

Describes a silly, absurd style of comedy plays.

An area of marshy, muddy, boggy ground.

Mariska who stars on Law & Order: SVU.

2018 Nine Inch Nails album.

Smallest nation in the Horn of Africa.

Could warm shoes alleviate this nervous feeling?.

A __ in the Works, Lennon's punning volume.

Puzzle 8

Marshland monster in J. K. Rowling's 2020 novel.

Zodiac sign of someone born on Halloween.

Theatrical performance during the afternoon.

The son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

__ the flag, popular children's outdoor game.

Cypriot capital city, divided by the Green Line.

Michael Jackson's 1996 world tour.

Freddy's last name in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Incision-making tool used by a surgeon.

A type of electromagnetic radiation, __ light.

__ plays, religious performances in medieval times.

Swiss mountain dog breed.

A chain is only as strong as this link.

Rembrandt painted a storm on this sea in 1633.

Immature; only beginning to emerge or appear.

Art deco motif from Ancient Egypt.

These perils are found in untidy gardens.

Unconventional 50s dresser and thinker.

Lillie __, actress known as the Jersey Lily.

Historic Swedish open-air museum, opened in 1891.

Puzzle 9

Mother of the Muses in Greek mythology.

Cannibalistic canine name for a ruthless situation.

Traditional "good luck" wish before a performance.

Ancient skeleton fossils that vanished in 1941.

Point on a compass directly opposite northwest.

Not conforming to standard opinion or belief.

Frog, salamander or newt, for example.

Largest body of water in the Alps.

Backstage call for first act's actors to get ready.

Latin word abbreviated to "viz" in English.

Spin on one foot like a ballerina.

It could involve a palm, a crimp or false shuffle.

French writer who developed theatrical naturalism.

Hollywood producer John, directed Predator.

Puzzle 10

__ Real, Madrid opera house, founded in 1818.

Anna, star of X-Men and True Blood.

Mashtots, inventor of the Armenian alphabet.

Aussie city sees Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festival.

Turn to bone.

__ Street Theatre, oldest playhouse in the US.

The short fleshy flap covering the earhole.

__ disk, old tech featured on the "Save" button.

Paving between house and back garden.

__ Eilish, singer of Bad Guy.

Large black birds that live at the Tower of London.

Townscape or landscape from the Italian for "view".

Puzzle 11

Country to which the kookaburra bird is native.

Carving wood by shaving off thin layers.

Ruler with great power; anagram of teapot ten.

Card game also known as boodle or Pope Joan.

Theatrical consultant with expert knowledge.

Another name for chanterelles.

Desdemona's father in Shakespeare's Othello.

You shouldn't look this creature in the mouth!.

Mark __, sprint cyclist and world champion in 2011.

Vilnius is the capital of this country.

Where actors wait before going on stage.

Staple sweetening crop used to make Egyptian juice.

Puzzle 12

It's based on the Israeli series Prisoners of War.

Whims; sudden, last-minute changes of mind.

Swedish martial arts actor Dolph.

"__ on my shoulders makes me happy".

Action that is out of sight of a play's audience.

French art form of the 1940s meaning "stain".

Sea animal preserved as a fossil; 2020 movie.

Loan on property furnished by monetary institution.

Nickname given to a small caliber German WWI shell.

Inability to sleep.

1st tennis player to win the Grand Slam in one year.

Toy-sized version of an automobile.

Charlotte Brontë book about Lucy Snowe.

Real identity of The Thing in the Marvel Universe.

Alternate name for Amsterdam Airport.

Seating with the audience on either side.

Snake-like device for watering a garden.

Sashimi and chopped vegetables arranged over rice.

Territories governed by Mongol rulers.

Camille, artist born in the Virgin Islands in 1830.

Ruler of Haiti from 1957 to 1971.

Puzzle 13

Money held by a third party for a limited period.

Surname of the only US president to have a PhD.

Ancient Catalonian city with Seu Vella cathedral.

Merry, high-spirited.

Agent Cooper's preferred pie in Twin Peaks.

Small gray African monkey with black face.

Director of 1998 movie Shakespeare in Love, John.

Nationality of artist Vilhelm Hammershoi.

Scientific study of plant life.

The Mysterious Affair at __, Agatha Christie story.

Spicy Indian vegetable snack fried in ghee.

Springy cord used in extreme jump sport.

Group of theatrical performers.

This wall art sounds like it might leave you cold?.

Puzzle 14

Furthest point from the Moon in an object's orbit.

Carved ornament shaped like foliage.

Divining for water or minerals with a rod.

1965 British espionage film: The __ File.

A person who secretly watches to gain information.

Loud and enthusiastic applause.

Bangladeshi fried pockets containing vegetables.

Crimson uniform of an 18th-century British soldier.

Doris, Nobel-winning author of The Four-Gated City.

Largest historical region of Czechia.

Decade in which the Tony Awards were first held.

A single flower worn as a decoration.

Puzzle 15

Traditional garments of German-speaking nations.

Soft gentle summer breeze.

Blanche's last name in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Author Ambrose who disappeared in Mexico in 1913.

Dog who saved a baby from a wolf in Welsh legend.

An unusually hard or tough surgical scar.

Jerry, co-creator of Superman with Joe Shuster.

Sounds like a stallion with a sore throat!.

The Komodo dragon is the world's largest one.

The founders of YouTube used to work here.

French bread sandwich sold on Vietnamese streets.

Surname of Percival, famous US astronomer.

Longest battle of WW1, in France.

Funny panda excels at this Chinese martial art.

El Retiro Park is an attraction in this city.

Fruity name of South Africa's longest river.

Stage __, nerves before or during a performance.

Howard, member of Buzzcocks and Magazine.

Puzzle 16

Corridor beneath the audience in a playhouse.

Another name for plumage, often brightly colored.

The Cat __, Tom and Jerry short, Oscar winner.

Spanish cave paintings like those at Lascaux.

Lane where the Desperate Housewives lived.

Greek skewered kebabs.

East African nation with Serengeti National Park.

Following traditional practice; conformist.

Curve on a graph formed by a quadratic equation.

First name of Dickens title character Nickleby.

Preparing a set ahead of a stage performance.

Kenyan runner, completed marathon in under 2 hours.

New Haven Ivy League hue, adopted by other schools.

Fragrance launched in 1925 by Jacques Guerlain.

Composer who "wrote" 4.34 minutes of silence.

Leader of the Soviet Union from 1964 to 1982.

Puzzle 17

Describes the set of animals that eat everything.

Spoken thoughts by a lone character on stage.

Woody Allen 1977 movie starring Diane Keaton.

William Blake, Francisco Goya, and Juan Luna.

First name of Henry VIII's mother.

Billiard hall hustler.

Light-green Jamaican citrus that is not pretty.

Red and green visual symbols for actors in a play.

A state of disuse.

Ann __; leading figure in stem cell research.

Puzzle 18

Trufflehunter in Prince Caspian book.

Singer PJ who Let England Shake in 2011.

Central Russian river.

Masked performer in a folk play.

Name of all Dalai Lamas since 1475.

With daub, an ancient method used to make walls.

Hard red mineral with pointy crystals.

Popular puzzle rooms people play to get out of.

Overused trope in books or movies.

Tesla, who pioneered modern electricity supply.

First capital of Upper and Lower Egypt.

__ Blue, butterfly species extinct since 1940s.

Type of wine that is spiced and served hot.

It sounds like this gamebird likes to complain.

Mary, case of spontaneous human combustion.

Painted The Flaying of Marsyas.

Flashing light used for special effects on a stage.

The Monnaie de Paris makes this country's coins.

Puzzle 19

Playwright Alan who wrote The History Boys.

87, in Roman numerals.

Father of modern pathology, Rudolf __.

Essential digestive organ lacking in platypuses.

Fruit of a common summer bloom used in cough syrup.

The highwayman Dick Turpin's possible day job.

Motor-racing circuit in Gauteng, South Africa.

Renaissance artist known for his View of Toledo.

Soft-edged stage spotlight.

Big, heavy ocean waves.

UK Civil liberties campaigning group.

Treachery, untrustworthiness.

Zoo __, U2 hit inspired by Berlin transport hub.

Puzzle 20

Warm rum drink with black tea and plum brandy.

Stage play with acclaimed mechanical equine prop.

Beautiful and expressive speaking.

Gary Cooper faces gang of killers in 1952 movie.

A keyboard that needs to be blown into to play.

Poisonous flowers producing digitalis.

The amount of charge per unit mass.

__ demonstrandum, the QE in QED.

Door openings for felines.

State of having no money at all.

On-stage comedy slip in a slapstick routine.

End-of-the-line railway station.

Generic name for putter, nine-iron, driver.

This gemstone's name comes from the Greek for wine.

Presumed inventor of stainless steel: Harry __.

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