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Here are the answers to CodyCross Online Dating Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Landing a container ship.

Festive get-togethers, often in houses.

Song by the rock band Loverboy: Working for the __.

Whipper __, a cheeky child or youth.

You've __, dating film with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

A quarter of a third.

Navigating device for locating north.

Mobile operating system with robotic icon.

Deliberately ignore rules or orders.

__ wings, barbecued chicken pieces.

Orchestra section, has plucked/bowed instruments.

Catch-all term for a brother or sister.

Confused one with the other.

Puzzle 2

Tiny __, hold me closer... sang Elton John.

Stepping __; slabs that form a garden path.

Go to a sporting event.

Roams, stalks for prey.

Became browner due to sun exposure.

Optical devices, like on hunting rifles.

Dance film franchise starring Channing Tatum.

Alcoholic apple drinks.

A sitcom or drama on the box.

Participant of a particular group, an affiliate.

Made a snake noise.

Furry creature, it sat on the mat.

Sloping, slanted.

__ Meets Bagel, dating agency with curated matches.

Tremble from the cold.


__ notes; sticky squares for jotting memos.

Puzzle 3

Where queens and their workers live.

Someone who starts fires.

Going fishing for clawed crustaceans.

Unsure, uncertain, hesitant.

To water at the mouth.

Graveyard, burial land.

Secret set of characters for logging in.

Potential problems.

As dead as a __ (a piece of ironmongery).

Powdering pepper to season a dish.

Applause at a show.

Formal ceremonies, a result of lingering romances.

Philosopher on Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

The __ and the Pea, a story of a sensitive royal.

Related to music, dance or art.

Greta __; Swedish teenage environmental campaigner.

Takes back smooches.

Set in stone, concreted in.

Buildings, office space.

Puzzle 4

Fruit resembling a peach but much smaller.

Combatant, soldier, fighter.

Image improvers in the photo world.

Stuck to, followed the rules.

Going to happen soon, what's __.

Groups of twos, usually attached romantically.

Below freezing on the thermometer.

__ heart rate is also known as basal heart rate.

Victorian author Charles.

Greek god of fire and metal __, Hephaestus.

Make drawings move graphically.

Red flowers linked to the Flanders Fields.

__ Perry played Chandler on Friends.

Mesh fabric worn on the head in a working kitchen.

__ class, flight seats accessed by turning right.

Strappy hot-weather shoes.

Puzzle 5

__ jeans, denims that have a torn, distressed look.

So-called "Ships of the Desert".

Parting, to Shakespeare's Juliet: "such sweet __".

Embraces with pursed lips.

Drug addiction portrayed in Trainspotting.

To have cut away long stems on a bush.

The Milky Way is one of them.

Empty inside.

Country whose national sport is the Charreria.

Hot shot pilot.

Body parts, such as kidneys, lungs, liver, etc.

Going out for a meal.

Distributed soup to diners.

People with badges & vehicles with flashing lights.

Noah's ark measured 300 of these.

Film __; person who reviews movies.

Fire-breathing creature slain by St. George.

Search __, such as Google or Bing.

Simba's wise father in The Lion King.

Puzzle 6

Safe mealtime seat for an infant.

__ Clearwater Revival; Fogerty brothers' rock band.

Ball-and-cue game with pocket and carom types.

The typical male, apparently.

Finding buried metal with a gizmo.

Insect with a lot of legs.

__ : The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Places online for conversations and discussions.

The Commander's wife in The Handmaid's Tale.

Wrigley's __ gum.

Pursuits, pastimes that can be shared with another.

Puzzle 7

Moving in the opposite direction to west.

Person who accompanies another on a date.

Lower leg protection worn by a soccer player.

Tiny pieces of something, like dust.

Jay's less-than-talkative partner in comedy movies.

"Don't eat with your __", a mealtime telling off.

Quickly navigating up and down through text online.

Salon treatment to brighten hair sections.

Make a regular payment for a service, for eg.

Captain Planet fought against this.

Two or more people hitting with closed hands.

Health professional who prepares prescriptions.

Extremely enormous in size.

Puzzle 8

Pulled a cord gently.

Cock-a-__-doo, the early-morning call of a rooster.

Grandfather, alarm or carriage timepieces.

Siddhārtha Gautama, philosopher and teacher.

Casual trousers worn by both genders.

Royal seat or slang for a toilet.

Cocoa Butter Kisses by __ the Rapper.

Number of herbs and spices in KFC's secret recipe.

Business of protecting individuals from danger.

Iran's capital city.

Horseback fights with lances.

Procession with marching bands or floats.

Hang around suspiciously.

Going out together for romantic purposes.

Anglo-__, German tribes who settled Britain.

Avengers: Infinity War's Dark Lord.

Puzzle 9

Internet dating site matches compatible singles.

Landscaper who tends plants and pulls weeds.

Weather condition with near zero visibility.

Engaging in informal talk.

Actress in Labyrinth, Dark City: __ Connelly.

Broaden one's __; expand one's range of interests.

Surfaces, finishes; how things feel to touch.

Study of dynamics.

Overall winner of a tournament.

Make more refined, more middle class.

Steal instead of purchase from a store.

Body rubs and manipulation to ease muscle stress.

Scottish single malts.

Puzzle 10

Easily discovered, seen or understood.

__ Houston, I'm Every Woman singer.

Canoe accessories.

Beat around __; avoid the important issues.

Music hoster integrated into dating app Tinder.

Thin stream of liquid.

Creates froth with soap.

Country where fashion model Iman was born.

Cocktail of vodka or gin with vermouth.

Intense emotion or sexual desire.

Puzzle 11

Holiday before which smalahove is typically eaten.

No two of this icy thing is alike.

Joined or linked together.

System for verifying how old a person is.

Naval carrier of armies into battle.

Soldier doll with camouflage and grippy hands.

Telephone joke designed to annoy.

Panic! at the Disco sang __, I Made It.

They are used to power toys and more.

Outer boundaries of sports fields.

Once-a-week evening when couples go out.

Puzzle 12

Where a tree diverges.

Tag someone, keep an eye on them online.

Reparations to correct a wrongdoing.

Bird used to detect harmful gases in coal mines.

__ traffic; vehicles moving in a single direction.

__ symbol; possession that shows off one's wealth.

The central walkways in churches between pews.

Graze from rubbing against something rough.

Seasoning that accompanies salt.

Symbols of love, used on a Valentine's Card.

Path taken in working life.

Humorous TV series with recurring characters.

Country where the city of Gatineau is located.

Incantations chanted by witches and wizards.

The Nutty Professor star, Eddie __.

Puzzle 13

Building up a detailed picture of a suspect.

Friend of King Richard and robber of the rich.

Exclusive small place, a small subset of webpages.

Air __; product to improve the smell of a room.

Unexpected turn of events in a novel or film.

Rising and falling, like stocks and shares.

Brilliant, amazing.

Initial meeting with a potential paramour.

Designs featuring shapes, such as squares, circles.

Turkey or chicken leg for eating.

Puzzle 14

Preservative or something extra put into a food.

Small sticks and twigs used to start a fire.

Not the exit door but this door.

Dropped a metal weight over the side of a ship.

Family member, sharing common blood.

Standards or principles.

John who played Vincent in Pulp Fiction.

Arrivals on solid ground.

The BM of BMI.

Carbon, helium and gold are examples of these.

Someone who pretends to be someone else.

Three little words that mean most emotionally.

Mistake or error that wasn't on purpose.

Entertainer whose job is to make people laugh.

Puzzle 15

Red figures depicted with horns and forked tails.

Scooped water out of a boat.

__ singer, evangelical member of a choir.

eharmony's symbol for sending a message to a match.

Golf club used on a green to sink the ball.

Instruct someone to attend court.

Grown-up, experienced.

Hand to arm joints.

Food that is pulped to a near-liquid, for babies.

How much liquid a container can hold.

Experienced a period of prosperity.

Country where Peterbald cats originated.

Puzzle 16

Without seeing.

Sports trainers.

Happy __; what all fairy-tales should have.

Tropical lizards, green and scaley.

Warning signal.

Screen sweeping motion to move through pages.

Conned, cheated.

Platform or runway for models in a fashion show.

The P in a musical record known as an LP.

Deep valleys with steep sides.

Made a baby laugh by running fingers along it.

Online dating membership requiring a subscription.

Puzzle 17

Not a square or a triangle.

Indian matchmaking site; anagram of "said ah".

George S __; US general during WWII.

Hairline __, fine breaking lines in pottery.

Good acts, not wrongs.

Twins astrological sign for May-June births.

__ of Fish, dating site integrated into music vids.

Katniss befriends Rue in The __ Games.

Reusable wine container for the table.

__ cheese, flavored by curing with burning wood.

Loose rock fragments used on road surfaces.

Two __ doves, sent on the 2nd day of Christmas.

Country where NBA player Nikola Jokic was born.

Plan or mean to do something.

Six-letter color that poets may say has no rhyme.

Islamic mysticism.

Puzzle 18

__ show; early morning daily radio broadcast.

An adopted name to preserve one's true identity.

Carbon __; total emissions of a person or group.

Listening to music online without downloading it.

Canada Dry's possibly most famous mixer.

Period of time over the immediate future.

Not permitted.

Way of living with preferences and routines.

Imperfect or misshapen.

Card hands in sequence.

Strands from an equine's mane used in violin bows.

A physical disorder; anagram of no diction.

Flower __; creating eye-catching floral displays.

Gather together cash for a just cause.

Facebook's method of selecting the content you see.

Feathery slang for someone who lacks intelligence.

Stores where you can buy bestsellers.

Puzzle 19

Novel about captain looking for great white whale.

Tottered, balanced on an edge.

Students carry their books in this.

Meg Ryan's online persona in You've Got Mail.

Russian compadres.

Call __; be in charge or command.

Going shoeless.

Dietary supplement from yellow plant.

Someone fussy about the details, the minutiae.

Ploy to unnerve someone, make them lose self-worth.

More overcast with the skies less clear.

Church-sanctioned medieval missions.

Nothing special or distinctive.

Don't put away; exclude someone from a team.

Brawniness; ability to pick up heavy things.

Puzzle 20

Female formal wear for the big school dance.

Gadget to remove the lid on a tin.

Stick at, carry on trying.

Ideal partners, with a deep connection.

What a Wonderful World's Louis __.

Approximate number with three zeroes, above 2000.

Ceramic material used in china or dolls.

Submarine observation device.

Evel Knievel was a famous example of one.

Meet potential partners in double-quick time.

Time gone by, when kids think adults grew up.

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