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Here are the answers to CodyCross Online Shopping Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Remark offered when sorry.

Shopping website based on vouchers and deals.

Makes less quiet.

Limited __, book from a restricted print run.

Pull one's __; be less forceful.

Alexander __, British boundary pushing designer.

Banged, injured, e.g. one's toe.

Destruction or loss of something by carelessness.

Tennis serving action with racquet above shoulder.

__ Starling, the detective after Hannibal Lecter.

Great deal, significant discount.

Made into Morse.

Team of two presenters.

Puzzle 2

__ Island; where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated.

Small fridge compartment for lollies and fishcakes.

Confidence trick.

Two words expressing contempt, with gnashers.

Vera Farmiga's sister __.

People who make purchases.

Warwick Davis' fantasy character, surname Ufgood.

Not in working order, defective.

The nationality of kimchi.

Not sharp or distinct; fuzzy.

Faithful and reliable.

Puzzle 3

Male livestock rearers who roam.

He played The Elephant Man.

Shiny, with a sheen, e.g. gold, bronze, silver.

Branch of mathematics associated with Euclid.

Fraudulent scam to gain someone's bank details.

Current name of the country once called Abyssinia.

Inappropriately known as.

Large plates of food; ideal for sharing.

Imperial measure of volume; 43,560 cubic feet.

Foldable paper plans for showing you the way.

Grasshopper-like insects.

App for buying same-day show tickets.

Acrobatic offensive play in basketball.

Sticking to rules.

Giving, generous, decent.

Puzzle 4

Wind-powered generator.

Express acceptance or endorsement of something.

5AM in __, Drake number about Canadian city.

In the middle of A and B.

Dodging, avoidance.

Customer feedback on products purchased.

Main vegetable in spanakopita.

Christmas bell noises.

Swimming leg kick mimics an aquatic mammal.

Method of selling to the highest bidder.

Leslie __, Naked Gun's Lt. Frank Drebin.

__ and verse, the full source of information.

__ Beach, Florida city where motor racing was held.

Windhover is another name for this bird.

Someone who evaluates data.

Puzzle 5

Cutlery for eating a bowl of broth.

Spur-of-the-moment slashed price event.

Wrong deeds.

Most bad-tempered or cross.

Zac Efron causes chaos with a fraternity house.

Tweaking to make different.

Golf club for getting out of a bunker.

Snow __, goggles protect against this eye problem.

Seed found in a Seville citrus.

Digital __; music files to buy and save.

A kind of cosmetic used on the head.

Figure in a book, film or play.

"Forewarned is __".

Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Old __.

Baby birds not yet ready to fly the coop.

Illuminate, inform.

Puzzle 6

Add to the end of a document.

__ card; buy now, pay later payment option.

__ Globe; award won by DiCaprio for The Revenant.

Online retailer with Jeff Bezos as CEO.

Taking more time.

Type of nuts used in a sticky US pie.

Cited someone else's words.

Body of water that separates Asia and Africa.

Eurythmics' Sweet __.

Held a party.

Puzzle 7

Substances formed the basis of old running tracks.

__ Fruit, Billie Holiday sang.

Vision, perceptiveness, awareness.

Icon online that shows a website is secure.


Corners that are not angular.

Ali __; global internet merchant based in China.

Capital and largest city of Northern Ireland.

Sweet-smelling plant used for seasoning coffee.

27 __; 2008 rom-com about an eternal bridesmaid.

Puzzle 8

Ava DuVernay or Alfred Hitchcock.


Turns the oven on to warm up ready for cooking.

Nineteen, twenty, __ empty; nursery rhyme line.

Changes the name of something.

The monetary system of a country.

ID for accessing an online account.

Hampshire cricket ground and a stadium in Pasadena.

__ acid; H2CO3.

Hello, __, my old friend.

1996 disaster thriller starring Sly Stallone.

Stubbornness; obstinacy.

Genre definition of mass-appreciated tune.

Liking, feeling of affection.

Little choppers.

Puzzle 9

Eddie Murphy film, __ Places.

Roughly sewing together.

Ernest Rutherford: "Father of __ Physics.

Mistreated, cheated out of something.

Tennis game with four players.

The powerful sound of a choir __.

Purchased products sent back to the retailer.

__ squeezed; recently pressed.

Ordained ministers in the Christian church.

Birds of prey.

Available to purchase immediately.

Shackled with metal loops.

Made a book.

Suspending clothes from hooks.

Nickname for Australians.

Puzzle 10

Ancient Egyptian transport for pharaohs.

Was shocked and offended by.

Canine that rounds up some farm animals.

Home __; sent to your address.

How long it’s been since yesterday, what about __.

State of being morally bad.

Urgent shipment option.

Anne __ won an Oscar for playing Fantine.

Rival family to Montagues.

Fever, hallucination, disorientation.

Most good to eat.

Puzzle 11

Collides, strikes.

Vendors, people who trade with buyers.

Skillfully, proficiently.

__ the wind; sprint incredibly fast.

Black History month in the UK.

__ delivery; receive your order in 24 hours.

Long epic journey such as written about by Homer.

Large, continuous area.

Maths principle of symbols, letters, numbers.

Barbie's younger sister.

__ yourself out; leaving home without a key.


Internal organs.

Puzzle 12

A raised surface that people can stand on.

Denies a place, shuts out.

The G in GIF.

Fence behind home plate in baseball.

Michelle __, Dawson's Creek's Jen Lindley.


Customer __; department for complaints and queries.

Little Miss __ starring Abigail Breslin.

Popular drink at picnics: anagram of "lead me on".

Top rating for purchases.

Quality should be over it.

Ocean into which the Tagus River empties.

How people choose government, democratically.

In the arms of Morpheus.

Regal book and movie: The __ Diaries.

Puzzle 13

Friend, someone who eases feelings of loneliness.

People living in a town, for example.

Montreal __, hockey team with most Stanley Cups.

When a debit or credit card becomes valid.

2013 Brad Pitt zombie film.

Way of living.

Sovereign of snakes, world's longest venomous asp.

Groups formed when two parties join forces.

Allow air to circulate; let fresh air in.

Online business, service or trade.

Lit again.

Puzzle 14

Form of written information.

Security code for accessing an online account.

Recall, know without prompting, e.g. a birthday.

Final part, just at the very end.

__ in Father Christmas sang Greg Lake in 1975.

The Bee Movie starred Jerry __ as Barry.

Immediate purchase option on eBay.

Tasks, undertakings, schemes.

Women's purses.

Breakfast jam sandwiches, put in the toaster.

Think about.

To be agitated or exhausted, troubled.

Puzzle 15

Picnic containers.

They lay tiles and top out domestic houses.

Moving the body to beats.

Please; to make happy.

Breathes in.

Slugs and snails are this type of animal.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the __ Skull.

__ Boys; Hello Nasty rappers from New York.

__ buy; spur-of-the-moment purchase.

Family of laptop computers from Apple.

Handgun holder worn on the hip.


Load a website again to check for new stock.

Corkscrew-shaped pasta.

Fell in droplets.

Dressing up outfit of any kind.

Weekly US entertainment trade rag.

Low-lying, partly enclosed areas of sea water.

"Red sky in the morning, shepherd's __".

Puzzle 16

International police force.

Rearranged words.

Showed sporting footage for a second time.

Person who buys something from a shop.

Black leopards.

Airport building with facilities for passengers.

Ship, send out.

Identical, not any other.

Vowed to do something.

Kunis and Timberlake are Friends With __.

Pain at the top of the body.

Another name for the Bible.

Parasol to protect against UV rays.

Puzzle 17

Misusing power.

Vegetables in vinegar.

__ cat and mouse.

Garments that people wear.

Sales ad on eBay.

Knowledge through experience.

Me __ The World, 2Pac song released in 1995.

Bewitched, lucky.

They have rungs.

Repeating effort.

Business that transports goods.

Bending or tightening muscles.

They move in an engine cylinder.

Person accused of committing a crime.

Puzzle 18

Mixes cards.

Written or printed product guarantee.

Indefatigable, unstinting.

Watched and noticed details.

Sign up for an account.

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are Step __.


Beating its wings more than other birds.

__ giant, a big-named team ready for a comeback.

Keyboard-playing musicians.


Slightly fizzy fruit drink in a bulbous bottle.

Puzzle 19

Sieving flour or other ingredients.

Opposite of success.

Bye, Baby __, Daddy's gone a-hunting.

Ray __, jazz singer of I Can't Stop Loving You.

Fox like.

Fire-lighting sticks that strike up flames.

A Duke's wife.

Global travel company for booking holidays online.

Noisemaker on a door.

12 __, sci-fi film by Terry Gilliam with Brad Pitt.

Produced flowers.

A small stream or a brook.

P&P; __ and packaging.

Puzzle 20

Avoid __, driving your car too fast.

Separate something with a barrier.

They go in hearing organs to keep noise out.

Turned down, rejected; e.g. payment __.

Encourage, influence.

Rub-a-dub-dub, they were in a tub.

A leafy green vegetable; anagram of "Leo cares".

Remote, far-flung.

Magic, sorcery.

Positive or negative transaction ratings on eBay.

Linda __, star of Terminator and Terminator 2.

Free kick that a player cannot score from.

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