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Here are the answers to CodyCross Opera Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Bram __; creator of Gothic count.

Desert __, code for Gulf War's military campaign.

Motion for someone to approach.

Downgrade someone's status at work.

Nibbled grass on a pasture.

Earth metal, Ba, is the basis of medical "meals".

Of spring.

Leather jacket-clad group in Grease.

Applaud, compliment.

__ and Lacey, New York women police detectives.

Soaked in perspiration.

Cutlery for eating soup.

Perforated ball used in indoor baseball.

Jug used to serve water at a restaurant.

Name for a Hindu temple.

Political prisons in the USSR.

__ and Lyudmila, opera features magic and a dwarf.

English translation of "caveat emptor": Buyer __.

A Trojan and son of Priam; killed by Achilles.

Puzzle 2

Main language spoken in Uganda.

Italian riviera wine region, Genoa.

Financial support to an ex-spouse.

Country whose flag has a black double-headed eagle.

To speak while someone writes down what is said.

Montserrat __, opera singer of Lucrezia Borgia.

__ City is where the Wizard of Oz lives.

Hurricane that devastated New Orleans in 2005.

Provable proposition or idea.

Making false and defamatory statements.

French composer of Lakme, a comic opera of the Raj.

Puzzle 3

It's capital is Addis Ababa.

Alvin Seville's shy brother.

Fervent, passionate, intense.

Jackie __, famous no. 42 for Brooklyn Dodgers.

Fanaticism, pursuit of religious/political ideals.

Distinct areas of conflict, places of combat.

Free something or someone.

Bogart movie, The __ of the Sierra Madre.

The art of making or designing clocks.

The scientific study and cultivation of fruit.

Idiots, clowns.

Partner of Troilus, who becomes unfaithful to him.

__ Valery, the doomed courtesan of La Traviata.

This succulent is a sunbather's friend.

British opera that celebrates Good Queen Bess.

Mythological king of serpents.

They stop noise from not letting your sleep.

Italian city that is home to the Uffizi Gallery.

Puzzle 4

Roughly climbed over.

I __, opera concerns strolling players in Italy.

He played Jason Bourne.

Correctness, decorum, conventionalism.

She accompanies a young woman for her protection.

The Italian one of the Three Tenors.

Habitually raises a false alarm.

Sweetened whipped cream.

Pool sport.

The situation of a draw in chess.

Puzzle 5

The __ Prince, 1943 children's book.

Medical __, philosophical deliberations on life.

__ Staatsoper, music venue once directed by Mahler.

Ecological communities of flora, fauna, climate.

Gargamel's feline companion.

Financial plan.

Spreading outwards around a central axis.

Japanese rice or barley liqueur.


Light and agile.

Gaston __, novelist of The Phantom of the Opera.

Refund, reimbursement.

__ Island, Chile territory with monumental statues.

Puzzle 6

15th letter of the Greek alphabet, similar to an O.

Lady __ of the Mtsensk District, by Shostakovich.

__ Manet, painted Le déjeuner sur l’herbe.

Sicilian opera house named after an Italian king.

Mixture, compound, especially dental filling.

Italian liqueur, can show ouzo effect.

Bony enclosure that provides protection for hearts.

Country where Chimborazo mountain is located.

Exactly as the word means; without metaphor.

__ Finch, lawyer-hero in To Kill a Mockingbird.


Lying under oath in a court of law.

To be enough.

Sony's personal tape player.

Total passengers and cargo that a plane can hold.

Puzzle 7

School bag with buckles.

Iceland's volcanic isle rose from the sea in 1963.

Wife of Bacchus.

Where a techie keeps files for easy access.

Terrify, or turn to stone.

Spiced, milky hot drink with caffeine leaves.

Ecclesiastical term for bishop, usually the Pope.

Tormentor, a source of great suffering.

__ of the Opera tells of Erik's love for Christine.

Voltaire's famous satire, subtitled optimism.

Chief tributary of the Amazon; an Atlantic island.

Bluto to Popeye.

Latin for communicated in secret.

Risked, speculated, bet on something.

Jade-green pottery ware.

Alban Berg's first Expressionist opera piece.

Puzzle 8

Aeolian island, a fiery volcano, a meaty pizza.

Written symbol in the Chinese language.

Otello's wife in the opera by Verdi.

Alpine flower and song from The Sound of Music.

Indecent and lewd.

Use of headlines for higher conversion rates.

Dana Scully's investigating partner.

Expulsions from a property.

Ferrando's beloved in Mozart's Cosi fan tutte.

Number sequence resulting from sum of previous two.

Orange-billed Warner Bros cartoon character.

En __, French cooking method "in paper".

Like Water for __, Laura Esquivel's Mexican story.

Worth what it says it's worth.

For the future good, for generations to come.

Puzzle 9

Cork plugs placed in bottles' necks.

Pool chemical.

Athenian statesman associated with the Golden Age.

Non __, conclusion doesn't match premise.

Peered through half closed eyes.

Righting a wrong on behalf of someone.

Inflammation of the renal pelvis.

Verdi opera about a Spanish infante.

Country of drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Perfect creamy frozen desserts with embedded fruit.

Ride the waves without a board.

Adding folds to hair.

Largest city in Brazil.

Hero of Gladiator: Maximus Decimus __.

French novelist and playwright, Cyrano de __.

This beats paper.

Puzzle 10

Star formation, The Big __.

Leader of the Titans in Greek mythology.

Duke Bluebeard's Castle by composer Bela __.

Drooped, hung down.

Greek island in the Sporades, once called Pelasgia.

Commonly used as fuel for lighters and barbecues.

French composer of the opera Faust.

Feast featuring melted cheese.

Singing masseuse in Friends.

Completed the puzzle.

Miss __ was Madeline Smith's Bond name.

Belief contrary to religion.

Puzzle 11

__ Opera House had Eighth Wonder written for it.

Argentinian archipelago: __ del Fuego.

Clever, intelligent.

Naming a source.

Warm up again.

Art technique where sculpted elements pop out.

__ Film Festival, May event on the French Riviera.

Slang for fashionable, as used by Austin Powers.

Container for arrows.

Arabian city besieged by Arabs and T. E. Lawrence.

Sweet and spicy Chinese sauce.

Amazon live video streaming service.

Opera where Don Jose kills a gypsy at a bullring.

Puzzle 12

Peeta's surname in The Hunger Games.

Beethoven's opera about a wife freeing her spouse.

Medical term for muscle pain.

Monet had a home and garden here.

Smallest Scandinavian country.

Small Kia car model, sounds a bit spicy.

Ten year periods.

Japanese appetizer.

Transport for hire.

Solitude, seclusion, it is closely guarded.

Incomplete, unfinished.

This social media platform streams uploaded videos.

The Pearl __, Bizet opera on lovestruck friends.

Edible liquid oil, also used in putty and paint.

Puzzle 13

Sandwich chain Subway's global ad slogan.

Large diamond in the Crown Jewels.

__ Beauty, Humperdinck opera based on a fairy tale.

Bars and locking devices carry luggage on cars.

Italian sweet liqueur with natural ingredients.

President of Kenya, reelected in 2017: Uhuru __.

State flower of Hawaii.

Measure, calculate, evaluate, put a figure on.

Move forward.

Hamlet's uncle and stepfather.

Country whose national airline is called TAP.

Housing provided for military personnel.

Battery with copper-colored top.

His opera, Porgy and Bess, was set in the Deep South.

Neurotransmitter, precursor of adrenaline.

Transition metal Ta, used in electronic components.

French perfume house of Organza, Amarige, Ysatis.

Puzzle 14

With an empty scabbard; an unarmed knight is __.

Green patina found on oxidized copper.

Where computer files are stored.

Left in a rush to avoid being seen or caught.

Additional punitive amount someone has to pay.

Separated; no longer together.

See you later, alligator. After a while, __.

Less strenuous exercise option.

Austrian composer with operas Wozzeck and Lulu.

Nepalese capital, gateway to the Himalayas.

Two battles in the Egyptian desert in 1942.

Italian brand famous for the scent Signorina.

St. Petersburg theater formerly known as the Kirov.

Puzzle 15

Thomas More's fabled island.

Ancient Greek word for carrot.

19th century Pointillist painter: Georges __.

Rhett __, Scarlett's husband in Gone With the Wind.

"Man is born free, and everywhere he is in __".

Large, mustached Arctic dweller.

Popular Volkswagen model.

Fairly, with a sense of impartiality.

Lacking entirely.

Mistakes, errors, blunders.

__ Graham, choreographer and modern dancer.

Small mushroom-like clothes fastener.

Systemize, organize.

The Game __, go from school to retiring in a game.

Richard Strauss opera about a Biblical figure.

Israeli intelligence agency.

Olympic sport Grace Kelly's father medalled in.

Puzzle 16

__ Garden, district of London's Royal Opera House.

Work out through reasoning.

Cloak and __ means something done secretively.

"Sea" between Greece and Turkey.

Title or address for an Italian man.

Author Eric Blair's nom de plume: George __.

Chess piece, only moves diagonally.

Kind-hearted, nurturing.

Composer of operas Rinaldo, Tamerlano, Radamisto.

John __, Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Small knife for peeling vegetables.

Puzzle 17

Astonish, take by surprise.

Small Italian island where Garibaldi is buried.

Patron saint of Milan.

Fred __, Ginger's dance partner.

Pam __, French name for Carey Lowell Bond girl.

Expressed scorn or contempt.

Steadfastly set in an opinion or stance.

__ capital, money invested in high-risk operations.

Drink water.

Groups of crows.

E.g. sandalwood sticks burned at Chinese temples.

Trees that Monet painted in series.

Flying assistant to the captain of a plane.

French term for rolled-up and filled sponge cake.

Story illustrating a moral lesson or principle.

Element Li, what some batteries are made of.

Puzzle 18

Opera focuses on a Chinese royal and three riddles.

Bitterness, hostility, animosity.

Insulin and estrogen are these.

Irrational anger when driving.

Ancient supercontinent, also called Hudsonland.

Figure of speech with contradictory terms.

Drug that induces calm and drowsiness.

Wagner's opera of a knight of Holy Grail legend.

January 6 holiday, celebrates coming of the Magi.

Getting popular on Twitter.

A four line poem.

Puzzle 19

Leopold __, conductor within Fantasia.

Chess position in which the opponent can only lose.

The study of instant messages to communicate.

Vagueness, obscurity, uncertainty.

Zaha Hadid's Double Pebble Chinese opera house.

Natives of Rabat or Casablanca, for example.

Marvel character, romantic interest to the Hulk.

Turned a watch's mechanism too far.

Another name for cilantro.

Perfect, the best of its kind.

Colorful Bolshevik crackdown in Russia 1918-21.

Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Blue __.

Assessment of value.

Lucia di Lammermoor's Italian composer.

Lack of hair on a part of the scalp.

Official instruction or command.

Puzzle 20

Nigella __, celebrity chef and TV show host.

The __ of Wrath, John Steinbeck with the Joads.

Emergency signals.

Wreck, damage as in wartime.

Delicate and small.

1997 Scorsese film about the Dalai Lama.

Collective term for groups of monkeys.

Switch that changes intensity of lights in a room.

Maria __, operatic soprano with Greek origins.

Wooly, fluffy.

Deities of vengeance in Greek mythology.

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