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Here are the answers to CodyCross Opposites Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Person who offers recommendations on a project.

Marathon racers.

Far away, in contrast to "close".

Essential pantry item that's fermented alcohol.

Main industry of Orlando and Las Vegas.

Capturing a moment in real-time on a smartphone.

A person who receives medical treatment.

The official language of Cuba, Peru and Mexico.

Water mammal also known as a sea cow.

Bring together, don't separate.

La La Land actor Ryan, named like a baby goose.

Plant with purple or white flowers; moral quality.

Puzzle 2

White bell-shaped flower that blooms in winter.

False media information, not fact-checked.

Offer of marriage.

2015 rapped musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The monkey chased the weasel all around this bush.

Study of machines that look alive or do jobs.

Cold soup from Spain made of liquified vegetables.

Mythical city that sank beneath the ocean.

It's rung by a visitor to your home.

Not brave, like the Lion pal of Dorothy.

Puzzle 3

A person who is paid to work.

Unit of digital memory abbreviated to TB.

Small cookie made from ground almonds.

A giant constricting snake from South America.

Rapidly spreading blaze in a forest or the bush.

Poor quality, opposite of superior.

Rear its __; when something unpleasant reappears.

Out at sea, account used as a tax haven.

An answer is given to this.

General weather conditions in different areas.

Puzzle 4

Converse of illegal.

This zodiac sign is represented by twins.

European capital city divided by a Wall until 1989.

Style of hat named after Central American country.

Dog who's friends with Woodstock and Charlie Brown.

Opposite of broad or wide.

Those who are gonna hate.

Magic snowman; Wendy's dessert.

It expands in a car collision to lessen impact.

Exploring deep holes in rock.

Get wider or larger, like a pupil.

Puzzle 5

__ the runway, miss the landing strip.

Not permanent.

It stretches for 13,000 miles across China.

Bottom of a small river.

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith's actor husband.

It's played with a puck and starts with a face-off.

Not safe, like Glenn Close's Liaisons movie.

Queen who came to the UK throne in 1952.

It's where gravity is so strong nothing can escape.

Words on a computer screen with links.

Puzzle 6

Buy or pay for something.

Water is two parts this, one part oxygen.

Disposition in contrast to sad and dreary.

Ultimate winner of long-running reality TV show.

Ballroom dancing slowly, in triple time.

Counterpart to the Hare in the moral tale.

Era of 19th-century European classical music.

Horizontal blind named after an Italian city.

The Texas Chainsaw __.

The most populous city in New Zealand.

Finger food made of dough wrapped around filling.

Black and white symbol of energy balance.

Puzzle 7

Like the cat who was killed by its interest.

A tower in Italy has been doing this for 800 years.

Not during the night; the period when it's light.

__ of the Lambs, 1991 Oscar-winning thriller.

Comic book Captain whose real name is Steve Rogers.

Restaurant food that you pick up yourself.

Now, not then, not the past.

Point at which a solid turns to liquid.

Legal warnings or communications.

Exhausted, suffering from fatigue.

Arcade game of helping an amphibian cross the road.

Puzzle 8

Measures of minutes and seconds in athletics.

Joaquin, Oscar-winning star of Joker.

Car bumpers, occasionally involved in "benders".

Memorable advertising, political phrases.

Not artificial, from the earth.

Taking property while rioting.

Sweet, orange-fleshed fruits originally from India.

The study of living things.

Not the older one.

Flowering climbing plant, and a girl's name.

Puzzle 9

__ till Dawn, Tarantino cult movie.

Nothing's more American than this dessert.

Poet Robert Frost went down this Road.

Doing the crawl, doggie paddle, or backstroke.

Recall a detail without forgetting.

The individual fibers on a broom.

What people wear on October 31st.

It's a virtue, according to the saying.

Home of the planets, sun, stars and galaxies.

Its logo is a white F on a blue background.

Puzzle 10

Root vegetables carved before pumpkins were.

Updated or changed.

Hairdresser or wardrobe consultant.

Tallest peak, not the lowest.

Porpoise relative with a longer and leaner body.

Come on in!.

Food grown with minimal chemicals involved.

Make a book and put it on sale.

Where stocks and shares are found.

Hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Right, like an answer in a test; not wrong.

Puzzle 11

Goes into a room, doesn't exit.

Long John; Treasure Island's peg-legged pirate.

Lead a play's production.

Lemons and oranges, examples of this type of fruit.

Spiritual leader who can cure illness.

Manny the Mammoth starred in this film series.

A sick feeling that comes with the urge to vomit.

Sits directly opposite to the top.

Rail vehicles for passengers or freight.

Trimmed a bush.

Gas produced by plants in photosynthesis.

Puzzle 12

Threw in the towel, in a single word.

Big Catholic church building.

Terrain-exploring computer game released in 2011.

A sugar substitute.

Food __, kitchen device with fast-spinning blades.

Item that isn't cheap.

Observe avian animals before they fly south.

Director Alfred of Psycho and Frenzy.

Latin for "the other way around".

Did not do as they were told to; misbehaved.

Puzzle 13

Coco Mademoiselle, CK One, J'Adore.

Vast Arctic region across the north of Russia.

Available to buy, having enough goods to sell.

Physical version of creative piece by an artist.

Whitney, I Will Always Love You singer and actress.

Back up; do the opposite.

League of heroes, including Batman, Superman.

Fighter; also the name of an armored vehicle.

One-eyed monster from Greek legend.

If there is no hope, there is only this.

The African country whose capital is Marrakesh.

Puzzle 14

Picture with a note that's sent by mail.

The Beatles wanted to hold this in 1963.

Tree specialist who trims, cuts them.

Saved a table at a restaurant.

A building often makes odd noises while doing this.

When a city or region has no power and no lights.

Compare the differences between two things.

The outside of a home.

Propelling something with a finger.

John, starred in Pulp Fiction, Grease, Hairspray.

What the glass is to optimists.

Puzzle 15

Barrier on the open road for taking money.

The ferocious carnivore who inspired an X-Men hero.

Energy that can be replaced or made anew.

Declared guilty by a judge.

Antonym of ugly.


Notre Dame is home to this crooked fellow.

Capsaicin level.

No obligation to do this work; not compulsory.

Tennessee Williams wrote about a Glass one.

Puzzle 16

US inventor of the phonograph and light bulb.

Two-piece swimsuit.

If not awake, one is this.

Joins two companies together.

To hurt or wound someone or something.

Seas, great bodies of water.

Prickly or spiky, like the stem of a rose bush.

Low-down area between hills.

Metal blades for chopping vegetables.

Periods of intense weather, e.g. heavy rain, wind.

Victor, one who finishes in first place in a race.

It's the U in the UN.

Popular white Christmas drink.

Puzzle 17

Chinese-American dish of meat, eggs with veggies.

Baddies, evil characters.

__ Thomas, idiom that references the Last Supper.

Line that isn't curved or bent.

In photography, it can be long or short.

Pretending in a card game.

When you've put something on a website, it's this.

Formal name for the crime of murder.

Not apart; combined as one.

Where most duty-free shops are found.

Closet or cupboard for storing clothes.

Merrie Melodies' stuttering swine.

Puzzle 18

The coldest possible temperature is this zero.

To persuade someone to believe or do something.

Typing apparatus for a computer.

Alternative quick route, opposite of the long way.

Kings and queens; a type of butterfly.

The decapitated horseman from Sleepy Hollow.

Duck-billed mammal that uniquely lays eggs.

Dunk these hard Italian biscuits in coffee.

Bangkok is the capital of this Asian country.

The last 30-day month of the year.

Precious green gems.

Seldom is this word's antonym; often.

Puzzle 19

Place where horses stay.

Necklace that fits tight to the skin.

Someone trying to shoot par.

Revolutionary War-era firearm.

The word corresponding to the last letter in CIA.

The Good, __ and the Ugly, Clint Eastwood movie.

Morals, principles.

Counterbalance, e.g. __ carbon emissions.

Lex, Superman's antithesis.

High-definition disk that replaced DVD.

Puzzle 20

__ chloride; chemical name for table salt.

Sport associated with Federer and Nadal.

An involuntary contraction of the diaphragm.

Strangers who decide a court's verdict.

Legume made into a butter that's paired with jelly.

Glazed over, like a person's eyes.

Starts, in opposition to "ends".

Pink is this day's hue according to Nicki Minaj.

Glowing coals in a fireplace.

Actor Bill starred in Caddyshack and Groundhog Day.

Room that isn't occupied.

Group of domesticated turkeys; inside roof beam.

A friend in need is a friend __.

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