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Orange Things PackOrange Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Orange Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Pale brown Asian cat breed with chocolate ears.

Crowd __, something that has mass appeal.

Where you'll find orange between red and yellow.

Enormous waterfalls on the Canada-US border.

Pop superstar who sang Papa Don't Preach.

The Tour de France's featured sport.

Printing technique using blocks of timber.

Cell that powers a smartphone.

Materials made from yarns like cotton or linen.

To twist or bend out of shape.

Fragrant berry that's a key ingredient in gin.

War during which herbicide Agent Orange was used.

2019 installment in the Avengers series.

Puzzle 2

Orange is the __ according to this Netflix series.

The height of somewhere measured above sea level.

Can be laundered in a machine.

Medical term for the break of a bone.

A childhood game of jumping over people's backs.

At the __ hour, in the nick of time.

Egyptian rulers, such as Ramses and Thutmose.

Cosmetic procedure that bronzes the skin.

Novak, record-breaking World Number 1 tennis star.

US flag nickname.

Puzzle 3

Painful irritation of the skin in hot weather.

This sticky orange fluid forms amber when hard.

This Sean was the first James Bond franchise actor.

Brussels is its capital city.

Love affair.

Looped security device clicked open with a key.

Stretchy waistband material that holds up clothing.

These orange split peas are often cooked in soups.

Ran, supervised.

Author who created Fagin and the Artful Dodger.

Air hole in the nose.

Puzzle 4

Large orange crab shares its name with an arachnid.

Pie eaten with no pride.

Giant of e-commerce, founded by Bezos.

To make others happy with your own positivity.

Bladed shoes worn by ice dancers.

First name of Everything I Wanted singer Eilish.

Tough white covering for a sink or bathtub.

Water __, plastic gun for soaking people.

Hard nail-shaped spices studded into oranges.

Type of click that might open a computer file.

Host of Drag Race.

Puzzle 5

David Bowie's alter ego, Ziggy __.

Unselfish and keen to share.

Spanish flatbread.

President Barack Obama's First Lady.

Bird of __, showy flower with spiky orange petals.

An entertainer's return to public performance.

International Criminal Police Organization moniker.

Famous prison in the San Francisco Bay.

Old-school gamers use this handheld controller.

Outdoor cooking equipment with grill.

Bright orange rescue ship.

Made a model out of clay.

Decisive, conclusive end to an argument.

Puzzle 6

Medical device often used to treat asthma.

Month when many celebrate new year.

Quaint, small home, often in a rural location.

Reasons given for being late or not doing homework.

Mannequins; "For __" series of explanatory books.

Scottish actor David, in Doctor Who from 2005-10.

Spanish Andalusian city famous for its oranges.

Jim Henson's comic creations.

Large jaguar-like cat of Africa and Asia.

Speak now, or __ hold your peace.

Vegetables that are red, orange, yellow or green.

Lubricated an engine.

Puzzle 7

Pay monthly for a magazine to be delivered.

French orange liqueur; anagram of a nice tour.

Home for toy figures.

Rockets and Roman candles, for instance.

Decorating product used instead of paint.

Businesspeople must often do this prior to a deal.

Order a medicine or treatment for someone.

Beatles fans take photos outside this studio.

Four-sided shape with right angles.

A type of this insect has orange tips to its wings.

Puzzle 8

Beaded counting frame.

Hold out against opposition.

Consuming food.

Fictional feral child, adopted by apes in jungle.

Birds that deliver babies, according to legend.

__ shopping, browsing stores without buying.

Orange bonus card in a game of Monopoly.

Buildings that provide homes to people.

Kitchen device that makes hot water for drinks.

Siberia is this country's great Arctic region.

Long-tailed primates native to Madagascar.

The small circular black middles of the eyes.

Much-memed mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Puzzle 9

Reading of lines in the hands to tell the future.

Kyle has an orange coat in this adult comedy show.

Air __, scented plug-in for sweetening a room.

Legal protection for works of writers, musicians.

Place where monks live.

This singer's album + had a bright orange cover.

Inhaling and exhaling.

Tens of hundreds of something.

Person who gives their time for free.

Small toothed whales, similar to dolphins.

Puzzle 10

Salad dressing staple.

Ti is the symbol of this strong silvery metal.

Very wealthy or rich.

First name of actors Aniston and Lawrence.

Grand palace located in Agra, India.

Five-armed sea creature often with orange skin.

90s Spanish dance craze, heyyyy __.

A cycle trip.

Hairy facial features missing from the Mona Lisa.

Oranges are a good source of this dietary nutrient.

You'll wear these at a fancy dress party.

Puzzle 11

Large spider, the orange-kneed __.

Creative video game with 3D building blocks.

Mixed-alcohol drinks with garnishes.

Agricultural setting with cows reared for milk.

This boat lifts its hull off the water at speed.

Cats survive scrapes as they’re said to have these.

The puppet whose nose got longer when he lied.

In 2018, Ariana Grande had No Tears __.

Performers' entrance to a theatrical playhouse.

A recommendation from a former employer.

Holiday associated with carved orange pumpkins.

In biology you study living __.

Puzzle 12

Trek or holiday exploring African wildlife.

Scented flowers with calla and tiger varieties.

Expressions made by crumpled brows.

Scraped a layer of skin off your knee.

A baby's toy that makes a noise when shaken.

__ of Orange, male heir to the Dutch throne.

The burning string in this is called the wick.

In geometry, they can be oblique and reflex.

Currency of Australia.

Gandalf or Dumbledore, for example.

Rapper whose singles include Stan and Without Me.

Nation with a dragon on its orange and yellow flag.

The part of a garment that covers the arm.

A vampire is said not to have a reflection in one.

Jogger, entrant in a marathon.

Insulated bottles for hot drinks on the move.

Puzzle 13

Wooden stick used to clean between gnashers.

Male person operating and filming during a shoot.

Pale orange, smooth-skinned variety of peach.

First name of England's Virgin Queen.

It comes between the quarter final and the final.

Yellow spring flowers with trumpet-shaped petals.

Ivy League college with a famous orange logo.

What "Re" is a drop of in "Do-Re-Mi".

Eyeglass tube allowing us to see the stars.

Table game where players move a puck to score.

Puzzle 14

Fish whose bright orange roe are a delicacy.

People who play roles in films or plays.

The country famous for the Eiffel Tower.

Mr __ Head, toy with stick-on facial features.

Film genre of slashers and vampire movies.

Tropical bird that might have a large orange bill.

First of Santa's reindeer, sounds in a hurry.

Short name of cartoon dog friend of Shaggy, Velma.

Venue where you might see a ringmaster.

Inches gained as children age.

Writing sisters Anne, Charlotte or Emily.

Wooden crate used to transport freight.

Composer whose first names were Wolfgang Amadeus.

__ Panda, cartoon character who loves martial arts.

Sewing tool that easily hides in a haystack.

Bronze, brass, and steel.

Puzzle 15

South Africa's Orange River flows into this ocean.

Chemical that keeps swimming pools clean.

Opened something with a key or code.

Egg, milk, flour batter, fried.

Strip of cardboard for keeping the page in a novel.

John, composer known for Star Wars and E.T. themes.

Underground __, safe-passage system for slaves.

Cuisine associated with sushi and sashimi.

Gambling resort city in Nevada.

It's how you "do it" when you do DIY.

Dr Seuss' orange friend who "speaks for the trees".

Puzzle 16

Birds of prey, such as eagles, hawks or falcons.

The Big Bang Theory spin-off, Young __.

Country where the Orange Revolution took place.

Talk over an issue, problem or topic.

Outdoor sport that uses wickets and stumps.

Novel genre that usually has a happily ever after.

Bed strung between trees.

Classic rock band fronted by Debbie Harry.

Artist famous for his orange Sunflowers series.

Biceps, abs, and hamstrings, for example.

Puzzle 17

First name of Argentine soccer star Messi.

Claim that someone has committed a crime.

Religious building; soft part of the forehead.

The bright orange Rafflesia is the world's largest.

A coat to wear on cold or wet-weather walks.

Vegetable that is fried and served with hot dogs.

Used to add extra memory to a phone or tablet.

Remove your belongings from a suitcase.

Part of a song that is repeated in between verses.

A dash used to join or divide words.

Large orange-fleshed tropical fruit.

Roman, Venetian or roller window coverings.

Keanu __, main star in The Matrix.

The Sahara is one of them.

Puzzle 18

A formal assurance, especially in a business deal.

Reddish orange gemstone; anagram of clean rain.

Beefy sandwich cooked on an outdoor grill.

Paper with questions for students to complete.

Nice-smelling bowl of dried plant parts.

Jack climbed one; tall stem of a vegetable plant.

Letters sent via post rather than electronically.

Electric invention that replaced gas lamps.

Being lively and able to run about.

To not wake up on time.

Orange striped sea creature, like Pixar's Nemo.

Puzzle 19

This famous TV Lisa wears a bright orange dress.

Chilly conflict between Eastern and Western blocs.

From hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Tip of the __, only the very start of a problem.

Tiny shiny plastic pieces used as decoration.

Proof or certificate of postage.

A seasonal rainstorm in parts of Asia.

Don __, character created by Miguel de Cervantes.

Small, plum-shaped orange citrus fruit.

Corners on a snooker table.

Pink or white flower on trees in spring.

Puzzle 20

A wiggly line or a doodle.

Paint, design and style a new house to taste.

Practice a play or performance ahead of its debut.

App showing the days, with an events function.

Sherlock actor __ Cumberbatch.

Type of sweet orange named after a city in Spain.

The Girl on __, railway-based mystery novel.

English singer backed by The Machine.

Deep purple variety of crystallized quartz.

Iceman companion of reindeer Sven in Frozen.

Racoon-like Asian mammal with thick orange fur.

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