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Here are the answers to CodyCross Orchestra Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Inscrutably codified.

Cate who won an Oscar for Blue Jasmine.

Cold-like inflammation of the nasal passages.

Queen of the Amazons in Greek myth.

Percussion instrument; its name means wooden sound.

National airline of Germany.

Slow food restaurants tout this type of products.

Have more people than.

Musky scent from mint or dead-nettle family.

Player of a string quartet's smallest instrument.

Largest island in the Pacific Ocean.

__ scenario, as bad as things could get.

Puzzle 2

Mechanical innards of a watch.

The acoustic reverberation of a grand hall or room.

Business that licenses vendors to use its name.

Bird in the title of Donna Tartt's 2013 novel.

Hob needing special magnetic pans.

Measurement for each person of the population.

It illuminates a solo player on stage.

Site of a failed landing on Cuba in 1961.

Miss __, 2020 Taylor Swift documentary.

Sport in which the WWF became the WWE in 2002.

Puzzle 3

Smoke and debris lingering over an active volcano.

Difficulty in reading or deciphering letter order.

Undying or everlasting.


The region of Middle Earth where Frodo is from.

Grand composition for a soloist and orchestra.

Small white flower that blooms in late winter.

Basque dish of peppers, tomatoes, eggs.

The playing area of a piano or organ.

Suite of computer programs, e.g. Word, Excel.

Puzzle 4

Powder applied to the body to absorb moisture.


Elements on the left side of the periodic table.

Unit approximately 3.26 light-years long.

A periodical sequence of musical performances.

First name of Black Panther actor Nyong'o.

Counting invention before the calculator.

The grand concluding movement of a piece of music.

A shrinking __ is a modest person.

The cosmic law of social order in Hinduism.

Acquisition of a company by purchasing its assets.

Billie who had a 2020 hit with My Future.

Lime with leaves used in Asian cuisine.

The country where the Olympic Games began.

Puzzle 5

White sauce made of parmesan, cream and butter.

Mountains, forests and plains are types of this.

Respectful Italian title for a master conductor.

Speed-walks, for a horse.

Middle of a cell, where most DNA is found.

She's Hamlet's love interest in Shakespeare's play.

German art school founded in Weimar in 1919.

Child carrier of aboriginal North Americans.

Later repetition of the theme of a piece of music.

One of the creators of the Avengers.

Puzzle 6

Composer of 27 piano concertos.

If it's not transparent, it's this.

Lines of shrubs used as outdoor walls.

Robots in the Star Wars universe.

Chemical element researched by Marie Curie.

Charles, Snoopy's creator.

Large groups of singers.

A single nerve cell.

Atlantic bay on the northern coast of Spain.

Brooch that holds a man's neck adornment in place.

Puzzle 7

Flee from; empty a place of people.

Trans-__ Railway; rail route across Asia.

Large English hunting dog bred to accompany horses.

A theatrical program.

Term for a telephone that isn't mobile.

__ in Blue, jazzy Gershwin composition.

British protectorate returned to China in 1999.

Causing something to start, i.e. labor.

1992 Spike Lee film about a human rights activist.

People who provide food for events or parties.

Pool hustlers play on this type of table.

The collective clapping of an appreciative crowd.

Small floor covering you can toss anywhere.

Puzzle 8

Percussion with a characteristic rattling sound.

Current holder of an elected office.

Longfellow poem: The __ of Miles Standish.

How capable a plant is of withstanding frost.

Complete change of opinion.

Actress who married André Previn and Frank Sinatra.

__ remote, it works for TV and everything else.

Specialist music group of horn players.

Combat group one does not speak of.

Generic orange liqueur, three times dry.

Puzzle 9

Raw fish delicacy.

Failure to meet the legal obligations of a loan.

Totally waterproofed domestic chamber with drain.

Magical Mary who had a tea party on the ceiling.

There are nine of these in baseball.

Surface __, elastic appearance on top of water.

Tanned animal skin worn as clothing.

Brass discs clashed together by percussionists.

Word for a trip derived from the French for day.

It's Spanish for Merry Christmas, Feliz __.

Shaggy, untidy-looking.

The world's most popular smartphone OS since 2011.

The natural environment of a plant or animal.

__ Pains, sitcom in which Brad Pitt guest appeared.

Boris, President of Russia from 1991 to 1999.

Genre featuring The Lord of the Rings.

They're used to play kettle drums and xylophones.

Puzzle 10

Patterned with blobs or dots.

Surgically insert something into the body.

Country where the broth-like soup pho originated.

A musical performance in front of an audience.

More common name for opuntia cacti: __ pears.

US President who married Mary Todd in 1842.

The cor anglais is also known as the __ horn.

Neo's love interest in the Matrix films.

Microscopic creature also known as a wheel animal.

__ order; directive not to name names.

The 1960s hairstyle often worn by Amy Winehouse.

A software update might install a new one.

Puzzle 11

The movement of money into and out of a business.

It's displayed in big type on a newspaper page.

An especially talented musical player or soloist.

Large, flightless seabird, extinct since the 1800s.

Human era between the Atomic and Information Ages.

Everest is the tallest one in the world.

The Uffizi gallery is in this Italian city.

The Greek god who sports a trident.

Japanese lunch that arrives in square sections.

Theatrical department responsible for costumes.

Bend at the waist at the end of a performance.

Meet __, where to rub shoulders with a celebrity.

Puzzle 12

Similar to charts.

Pointing the finger.

Instruction to fasten a seatbelt.

Orchestral section that includes the oboe.

Humorous five-line verse.

Traditional birthstone for September.

Vast composition for orchestra, choir and soloists.

Disney film with animation and classical music.

Early spring flower that is a pale yellow.

African nation that has Yaoundé as its capital.

Muddy dugouts associated with the First World War.

Leader of a church, like a pastor or priest.

Baked goods that sell fast.

Puzzle 13

Moved like a snake or a worm.

Leonard, legendary US composer and conductor.

Spongebob lives in this tropical fruit.

Capable of soaking up liquid.

David Mamet play __ Glen Ross.

Proverbially you get into it when you're in danger.

A cone-shaped voice amplifier.

Medium-sized horn whose name means well-sounding.

Nickname of the Norman English king William I.

Medical care session.

Puzzle 14

Removed from an overbooked flight.

Kings __, Use Somebody and Notion rock band.

Batman's butler.

Roman god of volcanoes and blacksmiths.

Smaller of the two bones in the shin.

__ Kreme, doughnut company.

Neil Patrick Harris played this Dr. Doogie.

Capital city of the Philippines.

Smooth silvery metal used in kitchen fittings.

A page __ will flick through a score for a soloist.

Musical film with Sandy and Danny.

Miniature fliers used to give aerial views.

Tool that turns nuts and bolts.

They'll be dimmed in the hall before a performance.

__ combined, skiing and ski jumping event.

Jewish greeting.

A term relating to horses.

Puzzle 15

Early type of optical telescope.

Famous New York music school founded in 1905.

Talkative, chatty.

Sworn statement of evidence.

An Italian starter of olives, cheese and meat.

__ of the spine, condition also called scoliosis.

He won triple Olympic gold in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

People from Agadir or Casablanca, for example.

This Bowl is a famous California concert venue.

Most intelligent; with the most gray matter.

Laundry setting that is the water-draining stage.

Puzzle 16

Relating to what you eat.

Raining heavily.

Elongated bells found in the percussion section.

Social __, one who wants to rise to a higher class.

Antoine de Saint-__, author of The Little Prince.

Two-legged; anagram of piebald.

An inhabitant of the red planet; a Matt Damon film.

Scandinavian nation of saunas, Northern Lights.

Grown without pesticides or artificial chemicals.

To make false or damaging statements about someone.

Georgian venue of golf's Masters Tournament.

Anna __, Vogue chief editor with dark sunglasses.

Popular website for watching and liking videos.

A formal musical performance, often by a soloist.

Puzzle 17

Soybean pods eaten in Asian salads.

Dominoes that have the same number at both ends.

Precious metals in the form of bars, e.g. gold.

Following orders, rhymes with "surveying".

A fast-paced musical movement.

Gaining one's __, adjusting to life on a ship.

Long, white garment worn by science types.

Style of classical music suitable for small spaces.

Snow Dogs centers on this type of sled race.

Method for watching movies at home in 1980s.

Puzzle 18

A digit, like a thumb or pinky.

River on which Iraqi capital Baghdad stands.

Famous London concert venue, the Royal __ Hall.

Decorative stickers/transfers on a house's walls.

Crafting peoples of Mexico famous for metalwork.

Cabins for intense wet or dry heat sessions.

__ of venison, its back leg once jointed as meat.

Sir Bob, co-founder of Band Aid.

Refrain of a piece of music repeated at intervals.

Strong anagram of turbos.

__ shoes; ballet footwear for tiptoe balancing.

Tropical flower that gives us vanilla.

Amazon-owned video game streaming platform.

Insect sent as a plague to Egypt in the bible.

Puzzle 19

Rapper of U Can't Touch This.

Sport that featured in the documentary Free Solo.

First MLB star to hit 500 home runs in 1929.

"Space, the final __": Star Trek introduction.

The written lyrics of an opera or similar work.

Water runoff produced by icy land thawing.

A merchant or wholesaler, who sells things.

Celestial, heavenly, delicate.

Warm handshakes on political hustings.

Controlled explosive invented by Alfred Nobel.

The crowd of spectators watching a performance.

Containers to keep headwear safe.

Important figures, VIPs.

A side branch on a plant.

Different accounts of an act, especially in court.

Condition of being unable to sleep.

Disconnect, e.g. two railway carriages.

Medical term for ringing in the ears.

Puzzle 20

Elongated vessel sailed by the Vikings.

Length of time of a movie or event.

Automobile components.

Was present at.

Foot levers to make a sewing machine work.

Parmigiano-__, another name for Parmesan cheese.

He advises "to thine own self be true" in Hamlet.

US maker of blue jeans, especially for cowboys.

The smallest interval of musical pitch.

A match made here, a perfect partner.

Rocky coastal promontory.

Sliced exactly into two halves.

__ band, musical ensemble who play while walking.

It's French for black or dark movie.

Money paid for work done.

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