CodyCross Ordering In Pack answers

Ordering In PackOrdering In

Here are the answers to CodyCross Ordering In Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

With no hard copy; online only.

Crispy green leaves ordered alongside your meal.

Focused on the task in hand.

A unit of distance and a Toy Story toy's surname.

Working without being paid as an act of service.

Video footage shot on a camcorder.

Medical screening of red body fluid.

Dough balls, like matzo, served in soup or sauce.

A describing word in grammar, like happy or hungry.

Tiny offcuts of wood.

The ability to predict what happens in the future.

Puzzle 2

Relief for fatigued muscles.

Bright jungle birds; anagram of pro star.

Warm chocolate-chip treats for afterwards.

Loud noise, describes a ferocious gale.

Lightweight protective decorating tape.

Be recumbent, sprawl on the ground.

To legally seize a vehicle.

Student who did not complete their course.

Drinks, mayo and ketchup are all served in them.

Robin Williams movie: Dead Poets this.

Ballad hit for John Legend in 2013.

Inauguration of a new store, the grand this.

Long hair near a cat's mouth.

Puzzle 3

Documents used for international travel.

Popular Mexican dish of a baked tortilla wrap.

Can be turned to ice.

South American country named after Venice.

Macedonian king and conqueror, __ the Great.

Worn in martial arts, symbol of high rank achieved.

2019 drama series about Ukrainian nuclear disaster.

A pronoun that refers back to the subject.

Moist disposable cloth for wiping your fingers.

__ up, fried eggs with visible yolks.

Puzzle 4

First black president of South Africa, Mandela.

Banished, deported.

Police officer from Blyton's Toyland.

Cheerios or Rice Krispies.

They show guests to their seats at a wedding.

All You Need __, sang The Beatles.

Four-legged reptile like a monitor or a gecko.

Punish someone who has harmed you.

Put your __, kick back and relax on the couch.

Drag queen who heads up a Drag Race TV series.

The position of a person's body while standing.

Team sport that can be field or ice.

8th-century seafarer from Scandinavia.

Individual pieces of rice.

Someone who robs a person in a public place.

Arthur Miller wrote about a famous View from one.

Rubber __; lightweight inflatable boat.

Nylon leggings.

Puzzle 5

A freshwater turtle named for a biting motion.

The options for what goes on your pizza.

Shiny balm to apply to the mouth.

Aldous Huxley wrote the novel __ World.

One of two special administrative regions in China.

Like a ballet dancer; not clumsy.

The end of a game of soccer after 90 minutes.

Cooling green salad veg often served on the side.

Crime boss who got done for tax evasion.

Busy travel time.

Digital file for storing lots of information.

Puzzle 6

Another name for manufacturing, starts with I.

__ technology, e.g. fitness tracking band.

Shiva and Ganesh are gods in this faith.

Birds with huge, deep beaks to catch fish.

Clip-on headpiece for holding hair in place.

One of two parts of an academic year.

The bulk of a country, not offshore isles.

Ruled as a group over a people.

Global celebration of the planet on 22 April.

Reality TV singing contest with spinning chairs.

Bathroom in a public building.

A voucher code will get you this price reduction.

Dentist's instructions before an oral examination.

Sweat forms here, above the mouth.

Athletics event that ends in the pit.

Diet options will let you count these if you wish.

I'm leaving on a __, don't know if I'll be....

Fortified white wine made by Cinzano.

Storybook writer.

Puzzle 7

Flat surface that a basketball hoop attaches to.

Scan and replicate a document.

Artistic field associated with The Thinker.

Small salty fish sometimes served on pizzas.

Previously unknown; not experienced before.

Grand __, GTA video game with maps and car chases.

Java and Sumatra are islands in this country.

Tenth sign of the zodiac.

Pass a current through a material.

Form letters manually with a pen.

Save these for later if you can't eat it all now.

Puzzle 8

Digits; order from a Chinese menu using these.

Bringing back to life, resuscitation.

Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on this.

Scaling the __, achieving incredible success.

Confused or got things out of order.

It began to end in 1989 with the Berlin Wall fall.

People from Bonn and Berlin.

Hollies song, place where passengers get on or off.

An untamed feline.

Popular stir-fried rice noodle dish from Thailand.

Sufferers of criminal acts.

__ From College with Cobie Smulders.

Boat designed to remove sediment from riverbeds.

Puzzle 9

American __, stars a scarily good Christian Bale.

Lace cotton through the eye of a needle.

A paper serviette to keep your hands clean.

Vandalism and theft are examples of these.

Will Smith played this city's Fresh Prince.

Adele's surname.

This dragon is a poisonous lizard from Indonesia.

Hopefully your food isn't this oily taste or feel.

Ocean floor.

Another name for leaves/pages used in publishing.

Set of Catholic prayers counted with beads.

Puzzle 10

Host city of the 2012 Olympics.

Verbal intent to harm.

A day late and a __ short.

Leave a 5-star one online if you enjoy your food.

Comic book publisher of Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Consumer of a business's services.

The French word for the main course of a meal.

Bon Jovi were Livin' On one in 1986.

Creatures that walk on two legs.

Butler, of 300, A Family Man, Gods of Egypt.

US state ham and pineapple pizzas are named after.

Paris is also known as the City __.

Outerwear, e.g. a puffer-style raincoat.

Gandalf, Dumbledore or Merlin.

Puzzle 11

Leans backwards; anagram of silencer.

Straight woodwind instrument with single reed.

Greeting card firm with crown logo.

Middle of a dartboard, or a winning hit.

Feeling sorry for you, not others.

Create something new and relevant.

Popular ride-sharing app's food delivery service.

Movement (and noise) of the wings of a bird.

She played Katniss Everdeen, __ Lawrence.

Minor technical faults.

Liquid that dripped out slowly.

Dark Chinese liquid, often served on the side.

Moist sheets for cleaning surfaces.

Puzzle 12

You can't teach an old dog new ones.

Fragrant vegetables used to make Indian bhajis.

Drama series set in a 1950s ad agency.

Fundraiser with tickets drawn to win prizes.

Catalyst protein in a chemical reaction.

Language spoken in Canada's Quebec region.

Small elements of a screen.

Emma, was a child actor in the Harry Potter films.

To bring someone up to speed.

The spiritual leader known as Siddhartha Gautama.

Part of the basil plant often served on pizzas.

Fast-paced racket sport played against a wall.

Puzzle 13

Legendary city that was lost under water.

Indian samosas are this three-sided shape.

The Rolling Stones had this For the Devil in 1968.

Explain the details of something to someone.

Ambiguity in wording lessening the effect of a law.

2016 Tony winner for best musical.

"To be or not to be, that is the __".

Rubbery garments that keep divers warm.

Not brave or gallant.

Wet precipitation.

When this animal is young, it's called a joey.

Person who fixes trains and tracks.

Decorative water feature in a park.

Walking around with no shoes or socks.

Chinese stir-fried noodles cooked with vegetables.

Puzzle 14

Pilgrim ship that arrived in America in 1620.

Spicy sausage often sliced on top of pizzas.

You go this whole distance when you work hard.

Small white shells that form on ships and rocks.

Fireside container for wood.

Disney's The this of Notre Dame.

Number of squares on a chessboard.

__ Down, classic novel about rabbits.

Convert something to a new use.

Business show with exhibition stalls.

Writing a piece of music.

Restaurants accommodate these food intolerances.

Puzzle 15

Scale point where water turns into ice.

Detailed breakdown and study of something.

Part of the White House and TV drama series.

Wooden boards that run around the base of a wall.

Earth, wind, water, and fire are four of these.

2019 Best Picture-winning South Korean film.

Circular Mexican flatbread.

The mountain with four US presidents.

A glossy periodical, often published monthly.

Exertion noises often heard on tennis courts.

__ Proposal, inappropriate offering to Demi Moore.

The opposite of a leader.

She's got a secret store filled with lingerie.

Prawn __, white crunchy Chinese snacks.

Scottish woodwind instrument.

Generic name for elderly memory loss.

A sextant helps sailors do this.

Puzzle 16

Style of jeans popular in the last decade.

__ Essences, branded shampoo.

No meat or dairy in their order, please!.

Many space missions were named after this god.

Disobeys orders.

Stay low to the ground, perhaps in fear.

Author sisters Emily, Anne and Charlotte.

Under starter's __, the call to start a horse race.

Grilled tortilla chips covered with melted cheese.

Stranger Things actor Ryder.

A 2010 Kesha song and a social media app.

Puzzle 17

Chemical element number 1.

This will ring when your food arrives!.

Old-fashioned, no longer trendy.

Giant Amazonian snake also known as a water boa.

Rounded droplets of liquid.

Capital city of Hungary.

Fatal flaw in a character, like Achilles' heel.

In-depth magazine or newspaper articles.

Popular dish of deep-fried squid.

Permanently encase paper in plastic.

Puzzle 18

To produce a regular throbbing sound or sensation.

Speaks __, makes an opinion incredibly clear.

Radar finder that locates storms.

Motion of a cat drinking milk.

__ cocktail; another name for a gasoline bomb.

Reload a web page.

Affixing with pin and nut.

Prince Harry and Prince William's father.

Matching clothes, like those worn in some schools.

California Valley associated with high technology.

Green fruit used to make guacamole dip.

Kate, the Rose to DiCaprio's Jack.

Gwen Stefani's rock band from the nineties.

On the internet, LOL is laughing like this.

TV show with pranks, named after a male donkey.

Lights sets that are red, yellow, green.

Electronic eavesdropping.

Athletic event run over 110m.

One heavenly body blocking out another in the sky.

A decorative sprinkle of herbs on top of your food.

Puzzle 19

Tremendous, suggesting a fable.

There was a Disney movie about this Greek god.

Sneaked goods over a border.

It's the K in KFC.

Addictive ingredient in cigarettes.

Dark reddish-brown wood used for furniture.

Moving around an axis.

As exhausted as a canine.

A wolf in sheep's this is a hidden danger.

These birds have tail feathers up to 6 feet long.

Taylor Swift's second surprise album of 2020.

Order this sweet and smoky sauce on the side.

Puzzle 20

Chinese wok-cooked grain, often mixed with egg.

Portable step-counting device.

Full lunar appearance closest to the Earth.

Latin phrase used to mean "the other way around".

He sings 24K Magic, Finesse and Grenade.

Common name for femur, longest one in human body.

Printed papers or computer text files.

Examples include France, China and Mexico.

Playground game involving jumping on squares.

Veggie dishes often replace meat with these fungi.

Jury verdict if they decide you're innocent.

UK's postal service, not just for the Queen.

A painting of scenery, as opposed to a portrait.

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