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Out to Dinner PackOut to Dinner

Here are the answers to CodyCross Out to Dinner Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Classic keyboard arrangement.

Ice cream __, weekend dessert.

Cuban dance.

Drink that can be replenished without limit.

Flat, circular dishes on which dinner is served.

Make a pretence of; simulate.

A tricycle has three.

Emma Hamilton's lover and father of her child.

Possessions, property, resources.

Native Son author: Richard __.

The weakest, most feeble (e.g. excuse).

Puzzle 2

Indian cheese, often cubed and fried.

Someone who plays tricks or deceives others.

Come into sight.

Small plate that sits underneath a teacup.

Book of instructions.

Gussie Fink-__, friend of Bertie Wooster.

Celtic priests.

Capital of Flemish Brabant, Belgium, aka Louvain.

In an impolite way.

Roma Downey's role on Touched by an Angel.

Song by Rod Stewart: __ of My Heart.

Clare Waight __, royal wedding dress designer.

Flask for serving wine.

Puzzle 3

Wax sticks for romantic table lighting.

Sour liquid table condiment.

Skating in __, Jongkind Netherlands painting.

Cell phones in the US/Canada, __ in the UK.

Bodily contacts.

Experts in the science and philosophy of the law.


Park in the DRC, home to a volcano and gorillas.

Cleaned between teeth with thread.

Kind of tuna.

Congratulatory phrase; raising headgear.

Taught by teachers.

Penny __, slot machine venues.

Puzzle 4

She sells __ by the sea shore.

Occupation of the Apostle Matthew, a tax __.

19th Nervous __, Rolling Stones hit from 1966.

__ Ono, makeup artist to Rihanna.

Chinese revolutionary overthrew the regime in 1911.

Providing, supplying.

The Next __, Madonna film with American Pie track.

Mixture of sand and stone; used in making concrete.

Flavour additive, e.g. salt, pepper, mustard.

Table manners, politeness.

Went down an escalator.

CJ __; invented the cocoa manufacturing process.

Puzzle 5

Winslow Homer painted A Wall, __.

Racing to the top of a mount.

Autonomous community in northeast Spain.

Place with arranged plants.

Bunny __, Glenn Close nickname in Fatal Attraction.

Carried on a tramp's shoulders.

Psychopathically violent Trainspotting character.

Glugged, quaffed.

Classical dance, learnt by a young Madonna.

__ spoon; cheap eatery offering fried foods.

Champagne glasses.

Aviatrix Jean __, "the Greta Garbo of the skies".

Most fundamental, basic.

A shout of joy or of victory.

Puzzle 6

Crème __, French term for English pouring custard.

Alcoholic mixed drink, often colourful.

Furniture leg as used by Chippendale.

__ the Queen; proclamation for new female monarch.

Sound of giggling.

Skin inflammation caused by harsh air and gales.

Second-largest city in Ethiopia.

Buffet table for cold foods.

Foo __, Seattle band formed by Dave Grohl.

With words prepared in advance.

Puzzle 7

1998 baseball rom com, Bull __.

Marie __, 19th C New Orleans voodoo queen.

Flexible material strips used for binding or tying.

Gives off, oozes.

Fibres joining muscle to bone.

Gordon __; fiery celebrity chef.

As clean as a __; shiny and sparkling.


What tree fellers shout.

Small restaurant or bar.

Puzzle 8

Speed actress Sandra __.

Flat-bottomed drinking glass.

Telling tales on someone.

18th century satirical portrait artist: William __.

Elizabethan occultist and philosopher.

Country where goulash originated.

Throw into confusion; discombobulate.

Julie Christie is unhappily married in the film __.

Hors d'__; small dishes served before main course.

Land of the free, home of the brave.

Former owner of Harrods, Mohamed __.

Puzzle 9

Square-cut diamond with multiple facets.

Slightest, littlest.

What the French umpires call deuce in tennis.

__ sandwich, expression for a punch in the face.

Not a bit humble!.

Scout's lawyer dad in To Kill a Mockingbird.

__ Ball; I Love Lucy actress.

R&B artist Clarence Henry's nickname.

Fixed meal choices at a restaurant.

Alcoholic beverage said to lower cholesterol.

TGI __; casual dining restaurant chain.

Country where Hitler was born.

Breathed out.

Puzzle 10

Terribly, awfully.

Angle __, straight line dividing an angle in two.

__ fork, long-handled tool for cooking on fires.

A tip to say thanks for good service.

Oriental long haired cat; its name from Indonesia.

The __; remake of French drama Les Revenants.

Good quality cutlery is made from __ silver.

Preference of country over city life.

Facing towards the bottom of a slope.

Penny __; early bicycle invented by James Starley.

Boatload for delivery.

Liane __, author of Big Little Lies.

Similarity, resemblance.

Royal bride of Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960.

Wore a dress made of meat to the MTV Awards.

Guy __, British defender in Canada in the 1770s.

Brought goods into the country.

Puzzle 11

Blocking or bunging up a hole, e.g. in the sink.

Particularly unattractive buildings or landmarks.

2017 global hit for Dua Lipa.

Green Irish symbol, a clover.

Feast of St. Lucy month.

Genre of Oscar winners The Unforgiven and Cimarron.

Exploding, as at a quarry.

Welsh national flower.

__ up, sharing something out among a group.

Old-fashioned counting devices.

Second in command in a restaurant kitchen.

Amal Clooney's ethnicity.

Assembly of bike parts including brakes, gears etc.

Puzzle 12

Relaxed-style French restaurant.

Bodily revolution while dancing.

Clear blue skies are this.

Fat, rounded, rotund.

Name given to feat of winning a league and a cup.

Blow one's mind.

The decade that followed the Nineties.

Vertical and horizontal line in gun sights.

Long, thin pasta strands.

Seth Rogen film about an unplanned pregnancy.

US slang for a banknote because of its colour.


Puzzle 13

Menacing promise.

Who Simple Simon met while going to the fair.

Martin __; interviewed MJ for 2003 documentary.

Topics or hashtags that are popular on Twitter.

Kitchen worker who helps with basic food prep.

Of the USSR.

Designer and snapper of Marilyn Monroe.

Measures of metric liquid volume.

Something wound into a series of loops.

The tines of a fork.

__ twisters can be impossible to say correctly.

Fellow; dude (der.).

Puzzle 14

Someone who is all thumbs.

Rays or beams of light.

Male restaurant worker who brings food to tables.

Plum-sized Asian fruit resembling a yellow lychee.

Japanese producer of some Disney video games.

Cutlery for eating soup and ice cream.

Put underground again.

Striped equids.

Largest European country by area.

Bended page of a book to mark it.

Puzzle 15

Maggie, Lisa and Bart's cartoon dad, Homer __.

Knives, forks and spoons.

Instrumentalists of 40s swing and dance music.

Small mat for a bottle or glass to stand on.


Cats, lions, tigers.

1981 arcade game with green amphibian.

Show gratitude to a god.

New Zealand's largest active volcano.

River that Washington DC stands on.

Lack of success, a flop.

Motifs of Jasper Johns artworks, archery themed.

Puzzle 16

Barkleys of __, musical with Astaire and Rogers.

Restaurant workers who serve drinks.

Kids show with a bully named Salty Mike: __ Boy.

Derogatory term for a woman's lover.

Canadian province between Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Talks uncontrollably.

H20 not from a bottle.

Receptacle for jettisoning kitchen waste.

Goes downstairs.

Puzzle 17

Shipped, on the way.

Chinese bamboo eating utensil.

__ and Muttley, villainous racers from Wacky Races.

Guitarist and singer for The Who: Pete __.

Development or incubation in the womb.

German-speaking canton in northwest Switzerland.

Bug-ridding chemical.

Rubbish; general term for cloth from Yiddish.

Not real, dreamt up in the mind.

Vessel for drinking Chardonnay or Pinot Noir.

Puzzle 18

Easy to find in Stockholm.

__ Gomez is a Bad Liar.

Palindrome that describes something more rouge.

Walter White's wife in Breaking Bad.

Having less speed.

Larval stage of insects like dragonflies.

Sever all contact or acknowledgement.

Salt and __; condiments found on restaurant tables.

Dame Gracie __, iconic Lancashire singer/actress.

Both a board game and a Beatles song: __ to Ride.

Cutlery used for cutting.

Provoked, egged on.

2006 Spanish drama film starring Penélope Cruz.

Spread, e.g. germs or disease.

Puzzle 19

__ treat, say the Halloween witches at your door.

More loose fitting.

A __ mile, a long distance.

In the news.

Red tomato sauce.

Sweet part of a meal, served after main course.

Writer, composer, and lyricist Lin-Manuel __.

Religion founded by Guru Nanak.


Handel music piece features the Hallelujah Chorus.

To show a player a red card.

Plane rescue of stranded citizens during wartime.

Puzzle 20

Irish organiser of Band Aid and Live Aid.

__ of Liberty, females protesting the Stamp Act.

3x Academy Award winning screenwriter: Paddy __.

Got ready to perform in front of an audience.

Simple plunger coffee maker.

Nickname given to argumentative youthful McEnroe.

Requires by law or moral duty.

Yellow "lion's teeth" flower seen on country lawns.

British brand of clear sticky tape.

Dish for bread, next to a table setting.

Makes one's __; makes someone incredibly angry.

Art of refined speaking.

French sparkling wine for making toasts.

One who applies ink to skin.

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