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Here are the answers to CodyCross Outdoor Activities Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Online posts with 280 characters are called __.

Small box used for storage, milk __.

Pooh __, racing twigs under a bridge on a stream.

To beat or be victorious against.

The flag of this country is blue, white and red.

One of the languages spoken in Israel.

Coin __, piles of gold and silver treasure.

Not gasses or liquids.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men __ Tales.

Utensils used for eating soup or ice cream.

Shape of the end of a crochet needle.

__ Woman, civilian name is Diana Prince.

Insect that annoys horses and other livestock.

Bicycle motocross on stunt bikes.

Organisms without chlorophyll; molds, mildew, rusts.

Female that gives birth to or adopts a child.

The coldest season of the year, in most places.

Urge to vomit.

Puzzle 2

Climb up and across steep, rocky ground.

Gooey white chocolate cake squares (not brownies).

It belongs to you, but others use it more.

A large luggage bag used when traveling.

What superheroes usually try to keep secret.

Sport where two teams pull on a rope.

How you cook marshmallows over a bonfire.

Used to make pralines and Nutella.

Drawings that appear to move, e.g. an __ film.

Banded hair mane.

Youtuber Ryan, Japanese-Hawaiian judo black belt.

Puzzle 3

Most widely spoken of the Slavic languages.

Science __, literary genre aka Sci-fi.

Marine mammal with ears and flippers.

Fighting men on horses, a regiment.

Football position that also describes a broom.

Yellow fruit you peel.

A stroll with a canine friend.

The "King" of rock-n-roll, Elvis __.

Polygon shape made up of triangles.

Amelia __, the first woman to fly the Atlantic.

Homer's boss, Monty, in The Simpsons.

__ paddleboard, Hawaiian sport on two legs.

Fixer of teeth and gums.

Puzzle 4

A person who works with books.

Tale of an orphan with a relentlessly happy mood.

A board similar to a wide ski to ride on snow.

Electricity cable.

Device for measuring amounts of precipitation.

The moveable walkway that gets you on to a ship.

In biology you study living __.

Yellow and black furry insect with a sting.

Holy city claimed by three religions.

A round patty of ground beef in a split bun.

Chemical that kills plants and weeds.

At __, fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film.

A den that is surrounded by leaves and branches.

Playground game with hopping and jumping.

Puzzle 5

The Spongebob Movie: __ Out of Water.

__ Zabini, vain Slytherin student.

Exploring underground caverns.

Baby beetles, sound fairy-like.

Houses made of ice.

Kitchen appliance for keeping food cool.

Red round salad fruit; it can be plum or cherry.

__ jumping, extreme sport with a long elastic rope.

Joints between legs and feet.

This person has the final say at a newspaper.

People write lots of these at school.

Puzzle 6

Annual holiday celebrated on January 1.

Recreational activity, inline or roller __.

Sandra __, actress of Miss Congeniality.

Open-wheeled, low-to-the-ground racing cars.

Worker who constructs houses and offices.

Oprah __, US philanthropist and movie star.

Most populous African country; English speaking.

What you might wear to dress up, e.g. at Halloween.

An area where fruit trees are planted.

Internet browser with orange and blue logo.

The organ in the human body that stores urine.

Larval stage of a frog.

A sour condiment used in pickles.

Puzzle 7

Buzz and Woody film series.

Brown condiment from the grill, in squeezy bottle.

A small rocky body that orbits the sun.


Short tubes of pasta, often served with cheese.

Rock, paper, __.

Tiny sea organisms eaten by whales.

Describes Ed Sheeran and Lily Cole.

Upholstered chair that leans back.

__ fight, outdoor winter throwing fun.

A border between countries.

Objects that are made of baked clay.

US sport with no time limit.

You can get a __ ticket when you drive too fast.

Opposite of negative.

Puzzle 8

Underwater vessel designed for war.

A tube of adhesive.

Wizard sport, played on broomsticks.

The center of the US film industry.

The usual epithet of Mars.

Remains of a sunken ship on the bottom of the sea.

Insect, bug or creepy crawlie.

Unit of graphic resolution on digital cameras.

You can collect these on the sea shore.

Large Central American country, capital Managua.

__ sauce accompanies roast turkey at Christmas.

Tool used to beat, whip, and combine ingredients.

Two-piece outfit worn by athletes.

Purple-masked scientist ninja turtle.

Type of music by Mozart or Beethoven.

A place to practice your skateboard skills.

Word parts has a separate sound when you say it.

TV series about an female alien hero.

Lotion protects against ultra violet rays.

Puzzle 9

__ carpet, it gets you from place to place.

__ Gomez, singer on "It Ain't Me" with Kygo.

Put clothes in a suitcase; crowded.

The Secret Life __, tale of Max and Snowball.

A small pink crustacean that can be eaten.

Limits; borders.

The capital city of the Republic of Ireland.

A surprising attack from a hiding place.

Youth association, like Cub Scouts but for girls.

Person who handles money for an institution.

Waves that are needed to make a phone call.

Collection of star systems; ours is the Milky Way.

A friendly race, often to raise money for charity.

Metal vessel for boiling water for beverages.

Puzzle 10

Mary __, fiction British nanny.

Kitchen tool with a flat end for scraping out food.

Piece of jewelry for your ear.

Clumsy, unwieldy.

Pond __, exploring garden water life.

Tex-Mex grilled meat or veg in a tortilla.

Leather bag with a strap, for carrying schoolbooks.

Acrobatic athlete who is skilled at balancing.

Specialist maker of coffees for the public.

Black and white mammal with striped tail.

Flying disc thrown outdoors.

Puzzle 11

Found on beaches, where crabs live.

Walking on the edge of the sea, up to your ankles.

__ Springs, Route 66 village in Disney's Cars film.

Diary book series about Greg Heffley.

A cross with Christ on it.

The strongest or most commonly occurring.

Landlocked S. American country, capital Asunción.

Home state of Colonel's fried poultry.

A seat in your living room.

Top-of-the-range luxury hotel rating.

Citizens, nationals.

Bob of the big hair, in The Simpsons.

Puzzle 12

Circus performer showing strength.

Teacher Edna, in The Simpsons.

Dark mass in the sky that produces precipitation.

The name for the "&" character, meaning "and".

Popular pasta usually topped with red sauce.

Smaller version of what surfers use.

The place in a school where lessons take place.

Celebratory flashes and bangs across the sky.

The inflatable rubber ring inside a bicycle wheel.

In Happy Feet, every penguin has one to sing.

The study of stars and planets.

Puzzle 13

A meal eaten outside, often on a rug or a blanket.

To breathe in deeply.

Charts for plotting data with points and lines.

Fastest movement of a horse.

If you're making cakes, you're __.

Something covered, concealed, secreted.

Beginning of a river, typically in an upland area.

"If I only had __", the Tin-Man's wish.

What you give when asked a question.

A sport where you plunge headfirst into water.

Wooden part of a tree that grows from the trunk.

What you aim at.

Puzzle 14

Kickboard sport with two, three or four wheels.

Tropical grassland habitat.

Target practice with bow and arrows.

Costume worn by Jessie in Toy Story 2.

Snake __, someone who sashays with a reptile.


Someone who believes no god exists.

__ Pursuit, general knowledge quiz board game.

Breakfast food, can be eaten with syrup or jam.

A portion of an orange.

Puzzle 15

Clapping hands to show appreciation.

Large peak, steeper than a hill, often snow on top.

__ Beyond, sci-fi movie with Spock.

The Princess slept on many of these, over a pea.

Complete the Olympic motto: Swifter, Higher, __.

At __ pace = very slowly.

Small African furry creature with huge eyes.

Actor was previously married to Angelina Jolie.

Native American footwear.

A cycling trip.

When something rusts or wears away, it __.

Catch the wind with a piece of fabric on a string.

Small, sweet buns in paper cases, with icing.

Use a __ can to quench plants' thirst.

Used for stirring and adding sugar to drinks.

Puzzle 16

Urgent crisis.

Treasure found at the end of a rainbow.

Social networking app for sharing photos.

Drawing or painting roughly.

Ride Along 2 star.

Licensed dental professional; teeth cleaning.

The red crab in The Little Mermaid.

Newt __, ex-Hufflepuff student.

Vital equipment for skydivers.

Outdoor survival skills and den-building.

Puzzle 17

The warmest season of the year.

Eat off these; anagram of "staple".

Harry __, of "One Direction".

Going for a long walk in the countryside.

To hire someone.

__ trail, a path through the countryside.

WWII Soviet leader.

Relating to teeth.

Little Miss __, afraid of spider in nursery rhyme.

__ and Me, film about a family's pet labrador.

The demented thrashing drummer of The Muppets.

Large country that is in both Asia and Europe.

Grids with data displayed in rows and columns.

A hard-backed insect, e.g. a stag __.

Playground ride for two children going up and down.

Puzzle 18

Cycling, but not on the streets.

Flying in a plane with no engine.

Medical device for withdrawing or injecting fluids.

The front claws of a crab or a lobster.


In opposition to.

Count __, vampire from Transylvania.

Quickly closing and opening one eye.

The highest possible value in a set.

Sea animals that breathe through their bottoms.

The Simpsons' reverend.

Puzzle 19

A cutting instrument with two blades.

The teapot lady housekeeper for the Beast.

Hand grooming tool.

Water sport with a double-bladed paddle.

Crushed ice drinks, can be blue.

All the letters arranged in order.

A wiggly line or a doodle.

To transfer data to your own device or computer.

Circus act of throwing and catching items.

The car on a train where people sit.

White sugary dessert features in a lemon pie.

Marsupial that looks like a beaver with a beak.

To encircle, make a circle around something.

__ and Tobago, South American island country.

Over __, environmental DreamWorks animation.

Crafts gems and precious metals.

The main language spoken in Tokyo.

Where to see shooting stars and constellations.

Puzzle 20

Chairs, tables, stools are all __.

Garden gastropod speed contest.

Keep your pencil pointy with a pencil __.

Prize awarded to the winner of an Olympic event.

One of two lower chambers of the heart.

Phrase actors use for good luck.

Planting, sowing and watering as a hobby.

Christian celebration on December 25.

Hans Christian Andersen tale about terrifying dogs.

A cooked chicken leg or a rhythm beater.

Roman name for Spain and Portugal.

Voyager, commuter.

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