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Pantry Items PackPantry Items

Here are the answers to CodyCross Pantry Items Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Kernels waiting to burst.

The movie based on a sinking passenger ship.

Mobile organ player.

Baby swans.

Leader of The Muppet Show's house band.

Udon, rice, egg.

A scary creature one would find under their bed.

Country whose capital is Montevideo.

Period when George III was too ill to reign.

A place with a collection of books and records.

Puzzle 2

Legume often used in Mexican and Caribbean cuisine.

Tequila-based drink with a salted glass.

Used for wiping wet plates.

Area of Los Angeles known for film production.

Promise, often to give one their money back.

Dolphin relatives like the vaquita.

Where Elvis rocked in the whole cell block.

Actor from Private Practice, The Best Man.

Jack London's novel about an arctic wolfdog.

Games such as billiards, snooker and pool.

Puzzle 3

Ursus who loves "pic-a-nic baskets".

Oily Italian fish of small stature.

Gandhi was known for this type of protest.

Money given to charity.

Ground covering, e.g. tiles, linoleum, matting.

Uproar, racket, kerfuffle.

Gadget that goes on the body like a smartwatch.

Radiohead album with Fake Plastic Trees.

Starch with eyes.

Creepy crawler with a curved, venomous stinger.

A gift to your lungs from a long walk outdoors.

Puzzle 4

One of the spice girls, named for athleticism.

A common tool for laying bricks.

Floor below the main floor in a house.

Jamaica is one.

Courtly clown.

Seventh planet from the sun.

The Last Airbender; James Cameron's blue alien hit.

Protective headgear worn by a skier or cyclist.

Small DIY task.

Tiny human.

Outdoor venue where traders sell from stalls.

Colorful bird whose largest species is the toco.

Amaranth seeds used like rice.

Surname of The Boy Who Lived.

Puzzle 5

24 of this creature were baked in a pie.

Jams, jellies.

MTV's reality show about strangers living together.

Boundary made from stacked boulders or rocks.

Airport zones.

Failure to notice, observation error.

Payments to stock owners.

Holiday celebrated on December 25th.

Must have, can't do without.

1989 movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme as a fighter.

Puzzle 6

Using a pen, pencil, etc. to make shapes on paper.

When food is past its good-to-eat date.

The last name of "The Rock".

African country that declared independence in 1847.

Ship's quarters for unwell patients.

Exercise session.

Padded, made from several layers of material.

Men's throat accessory, often in a Windsor knot.

Garnish; Sage's friend, say Simon and Garfunkel.

Black and white mammals that live in setts.

Optimists wear rose-tinted ones.

Puzzle 7

Throw one at a friend in a winter fight.

Where a rich person might hide their money.

Tiny creatures that whales like to eat.

Sealed shut to prevent rotting.

Expressing disdain with your face.

3D image made of light.

Main element in hummus.

Place where film photography is developed.

Robert Plant sang of this flight to Heaven.

Sicilian gang boss.

Trees, plants, and foliage.

Dogsled race held annually in Alaska.

Puzzle 8

Portable computer often used by writers.

Mediterranean tree fruit, sometimes a garnish.

Covered by marks, pitted, scarred.

Type of two-piece swimwear worn at the beach.

Lighter-than-air gas commonly used in balloons.

Wicked Games and Starboy singer.

Growing lighter and less sharp with time.

Scheherazade tells stories on 1001 of them.

What films were before the 1920s.

Bugs Bunny is often seen eating one.

River that runs through Baghdad.

Fundamental supplies, like staple ingredients.

What a ghost does.

Biscuits, cookies, and breads before baking.

Puzzle 9

Paper towels and sponges are both great at this.

Surprise winner, not pale.

Parachuting as sport.

Non-meat stock.

Opinion piece written by newspaper staff.

The cord that connects mother and unborn child.

Century before this current one.

Long, dried pasta often paired with meatballs.

Bold and self-assured; Demi Lovato song.

Like iron that is unable to corrode.

Puzzle 10

Device for getting the liquid out of fruits.

Type of snake or programming language.

A place where children go for formal education.

What the Tin Man needed to get moving.

Devils, evil spirits.

Trees used for Canadian and Vermont syrup.

The Milky Way is this type of celestial object.

This US city had a famous "Tea Party" in 1773.

Mr. Lin, Irons, or Renner.

Onion dip named like its European slicing style.

Award given to sports teams and athletes.

Polar bears, narwhals are found in this polar area.

Musical opposites of flats.

Pablo Picasso or Georges Braque.

Puzzle 11

Tiny, sparkly metal squares for crafts.

Fresh, fertile dirt on the outer layer of earth.

Male spokesperson for a jury.

Smaller version of a kangaroo, native to Australia.

When learning to waltz, you start with this.

Animated movie starring three yellow henchmen.

Duo responsible for 2003's iconic song "Hey ya".

Archaic device that uses shadow to tell time.

What did mother tomato say to her dawdling baby?.

Boston basketball team with Irish roots.

Salty marinated cucumbers.

Puzzle 12

Personal-sized seat for relaxing.

Nocturnal tree primate with large eyes and ears.

A magic trick that fools the senses.

Burrito blanket.

Robert, author of Stranger in a Strange Land.

Resting, as vital to health as diet and exercise.

Saoirse Ronan stars as teen who changes her name.

Evil characters in a story.

When a process takes much longer than necessary.

When the river overflows or a basement gets wet.

Eddie Vedder's alternative rock band from Seattle.

Horseradish sauce for shrimp; fancy drink.

Citrus peel that gives Earl Grey tea its taste.

Puzzle 13

Enjoying a book again.

Bats and owls are this kind of animal.

Phone companies often advertise these data plans.

Red fruit, raised in bogs.

Peaceful bird emblem on Fiji's flag.

O positive or AB negative for example.

The correct positioning; to be in agreement.

Tart orange jam.

An instructor and often researcher at a university.

Ancient Roman fighter; 2000 Russell Crowe movie.

Puzzle 14

Where to stash valuables while at the gym.

Cereals, such as rice, barley, wheat, etc.

Stealthy martial arts experts.

Humans have two of this organ; curved type of bean.

Rebecca Black's song about the weekend.

New York City borough, home to LaGuardia Airport.

Structure with rungs for climbing up and down.

Snoopy and Gromit are this breed of dog.

In government or power, law that has been passed.

"__ you glad I didn't say banana?".

Street robber.

Tiny tangy green balls, served with smoked salmon.

Device that plays music; when sound is all around.

Puzzle 15

A flower that grows on a fruit-tree or bush.

The lower mandible of a human skull.

Scented product usually worn by women.

Mountain home of the Greek pantheon.

Runs like a horse.

Acid used on salads to make them tasty.

Draw back; withdraw a statement.

Singing at a bar for fun.

Flat home for cans and jars.

Venue for US Masters golf.

Female jungle cat; Nala was one.

Puzzle 16

Garnish with designs that are pleasing to the eye.

Being anxious about something.

Harvesting gas with pressured water.

Regaining control of the ball.

Comparing multiple things.

Sencha and matcha's drink type.

Loan from the bank to buy a property.

French fortress stormed during the Revolution.

Fruit, vegetable and pasta strainer.

It's polite to ask people for these; he, she, they.

Nature, including birds, animals, insects.

Cardio exercise of hopping over a handheld string.

What Hansel and Gretel are.

Puts a boat in water.

Another name for a pen and paper RPG.

Prisoners who have been found guilty in court.

Emergency medical help by volunteers.

Robert, director of Cast Away and Forrest Gump.

She fronted The Runaways before going solo.

Fruit and nut paste eaten at the Passover seder.

Puzzle 17

Pandas' most beloved food.

Juicy Couture makes tracksuits out of this fabric.

The Hills star Heidi, married to castmate Spencer.

A spouted device used for boiling water.

Vampire deterrent.

Ingredient in concrete.

Boat's blade for steering, attached to the tiller.

Secures a bolt into place with a handheld tool.

Sea found between Greece and Turkey.

Agreement between warring nations.

Corn cereal and dried red pepper are sold as these.

French version of Peter.

Puzzle 18

Word game with tiles and a board.

Chilling out, kicking feet up.

Tall sticks used to take pressure off injured leg.

Jug for pouring wine.

Hard, sharp cheese, can come grated in a jar.

Tall, triangular Manhattan landmark, built in 1902.

Large masses of ice that are melting.

Albacore is a commonly canned type.

Men's toiletry brand with sailing ship logo.

Fire starter.

Similar to a simile.

Cult classic with Christian Slater, Winona Ryder.

Hand-operated cutting tools.

Puzzle 19

Pink rubber prank cushion, makes noise when sat on.

Make smooth; resolve differences.

1977 Frederik Pohl novel about alien spacecraft.

Clap that goes with lightning.

Wet part of floor-cleaning tool.

Famous bell kept in Philadelphia.

Teenage birthday celebrated as sweet.

Clams or corn highlight this creamy soup type.

Pal who is also a foe.

A bird that rises from the ashes; actor Joaquin.

Black fungus coveted by pigs.

Rocket launcher.

Puzzle 20

2010 movie about dreams within dreams.

Curse word, obscenity.

Fishy pizza topping.

Sloping land at the bottom of mountains.

Chinese political philosopher from 5th century BCE.

Small photo icon; painted part of fifth finger.

What one is doing to their steps while searching.

Instrument with multi-sized keys hit with mallets.

Ice cream confetti.

The art of hat-making.

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