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Here are the answers to CodyCross Paper Crafts Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Monkey with extremely long nose.

Buttery citrus sandwich filling.

Lead character in Hawaii Five-O, Steve __.

City that King David captured in 995 BC.

Craft, cutting-out printed papers to be varnished.

Knot like a bowline for tying a rope to a rope.

NE Spain region with "cat" in its name.

Greetings cards carriers with sealable flaps.

Ex-cricketer who became Pakistan PM in 2018.

Five of these owed, say the bells of St Martin's.

Urging, putting pressure on someone.

Eva __; Czech Wonderbra supermodel.

Puzzle 2

Small cavity in a bone.

Country with the most Winter Olympics medals.

Martha __, sang with the Vandellas.

__-mâché, glue-and-paper constructions.

Knife sharpeners, the metal rods in knife sets.

Sudanese region, focus of conflict since 2003.

Dark brown martens with prized fur coats.

Hong Kong __, cartoon kung fu dog.

Glares, grimaces.

__ Fisher; Beatrix Potter's cheerful frog.

__ Strait; water between Australia and New Guinea.

__ paper, flimsy wrap used in crafting.

Puzzle 3

Reportedly the first monotheistic Egyptian pharaoh.

__ base, symmetrical start for an origami piece.

Marinated and grilled pork cuts eaten with fingers.

Writer of "His Clothes are Loud but Never Square".

Name of the horse that Basil Fawlty puts money on.

Indirectly, evasively.

Pan with water for cooking custard.

Aromatic steppe shrub.

French supermarket chain that translates as cheap.

Egg-laying mammal, such as a duck-billed platypus.

4th in a series by Baroness Orczy: The Elusive __.

High-quality, creamy paper from goatskin.

Confuse, make less clear.

Computer shared its name with Steve Jobs' daughter.

Puzzle 4

Inexperienced newbies.

Decorative satin strips used in scrapbooking.

Bacterial infection also known as lockjaw.

Serpents found in medieval European mythology.

Sisters Anne, Charlotte, and Emily, all writers.

UK Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016: David __.

Nicole-Reine __, foretold return of Halley's Comet.

Hitchcock movie with a deranged Mrs Danvers.

Grains of sparkle that decorate greetings cards.

Irish party or gathering with Gaelic folk music.

Holiday celebrated in Russia on May 9: __ Day.

Unsaturated hydrocarbons with triple bonds.

Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzmán's nickname.

Capital of Armenia, close to Mount Ararat.

Aboriginal mythical monsters of water holes.

Drinks over crushed ice.

NBA player nicknamed "The Claw": Kawhi __.

Puzzle 5

Bob __, author of Fear: Trump in the White House.

Tree surgeon.

Has the appearance of glass.

Physically disturbed, annoyed.

__ tails, traditional punishment on a naval ship.

Decorated with relief patterns or lettering.

Broadway home of The Lion King since 2006.

Barbary and Japanese monkeys.

__ Rush; Australian actor, won an Oscar for Shine.

Carolina NFL team.

Fungal disease of trees of the Ulmaceae family.

Town at the confluence of the White and Blue Nile.

Bluish cetacean feeds on coalfish.


Cut-out templates used to create designs.

Italian dish, pressed beef cartilage with onions.

Duke boys' nemesis in Hazzard County.

Puzzle 6

Peter __, London's rogue landlord of the 1950s.

Dutch upmarket pushchair and luggage company.

Sunday in German.

Bone __, Japanese devices for creasing papers.

Belief that even inanimate objects have a spirit.

Florida city where the Magic play in the NBA.

The farmer is in here, in the nursery rhyme.

Armed male keeper of a tollbooth.

Luke __; Becky's husband in Shopaholic books.

Reading stand for a public speaker.

Devote all attention to something.

Christian or Muslim religious leaders.

Hand-held device delivers adhesive to card.

Queen of both France and England: __ of Aquitaine.

David __ played Felix Leiter in two Bond films.

Puzzle 7

__ up, tidy or clean up a home.

Deposit on the side of a wine cask.

Name for something derived from a person's name.

Val __, Madmartigan, Ice Man, and Batman.

Calfskin or lambskin writing product.

Land suitable for farming crops.

Weasel fur.

Rubber relief patterns used with ink pads.

Italian-speaking canton in southern Switzerland.

__ Banjo; lead dancer of Diversity.

Rough fabrics with herringbone patterns.

Puzzle 8

__ Court Palace has a famous maze.

Hiram __; famously explored Machu Picchu in 1911.

Impedes, gets in the way of.

Slander, defamation, denigration.

Room dividers, often made from decorative paper.

Flat iron pan.

British-US comedian and Oscars host.

Large, pink-legged, orange-beaked goose.

Picture built from scraps of paper, photos, etc..

Duane __, alter ego of Red Dwarf's Cat.

Pirate sword.

Puzzle 9

James Bond film about a stolen Faberge egg.

Avro __; WWII bomber aircraft.

Private conversation between two people.

Eternal optimist based on E H Porter's character.

Latin phrase meaning as a direct consequence.

Home-craft of creating decorative cubes.

First 5x Commonwealth Games host country.

Ancient woodwind instrument similar to a recorder.

Sudden separation.

Device for making elaborate apertures in paper.

Eau __; German perfume.

Puzzle 10

Food served in a creamy sauce; often chicken.

Main language spoken in Bangladesh.

Toulouse __ features in Moulin Rouge.

Cowboy hat.

Holiday on the 6th day of the Hebrew month Sivan.

Swiss ski resort known for its off-piste runs.

__ paper, almost transparent medium for copying.

Mixes of algae and fungi that grow on rocks.

Minnie the __, a 20s hit for Cab Calloway.

__ Castle is in the title of Walter Scott's tale.

African mongoose.

Only Atlantic City casino owned by MGM Resorts.

Paper __, using pulped paper to make new shapes.

Puzzle 11

Sew one's __; enjoy life before settling down.

Cross between a springer and cocker spaniel.

Monument to the dead such as in London's Whitehall.

Creator of the labyrinth in Ancient Greece.

Megan, who is Karen in Will & Grace.

She duetted with Peter Gabriel on Don't Give Up.

Pivoting blades used to cut paper and card.

Dried black seedless grapes.

Ring true.

__ Belt; first championship belt awarded in boxing.

Andy __, Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption.

The F in FSH, or __-stimulating hormone.

My __ Days by Ellie Kemper.

Skill of making mottled-looking, stone-like papers.

Seating plan for the VIPs at a wedding.

In Arabic it means "red castle": __ Palace.

Largest island in NZ's Marlborough Sounds.

Criminal violence.

Gives stability to a ship.

Puzzle 12

Cheers up, lifts someone's mood.

Capital of Belize, it replaced Belize City.

Alex __, Family Guy's Lois Griffin.

Italian soft cow's milk cheese from Lombardy.

Sang Road to Hell; and If You Were Me with Elton.

Glue, gum, paste.

Roofed porch along the outside of a building.

French area popular with British tourists, expats.

I Might Regret This author Abbi __.

Visible signs of Christ's crucifixion.

Wooden blocks with rubber designs on them.

A small arboreal nocturnal primate: galago or __.

The Animal Farm pig patterned after Stalin.

Mexican outlaws.

Polish grandmother or older woman.

Puzzle 13

Less common way of saying skeptical.

Greek astronomer, devised a theory of the universe.

Milanese opera house since 1778.

Temporary solution to fill a void.

Book-__, making elaborate coverings for journals.

Frying liquid for use at high temperatures.

Word with the letters switched around.

Tight-woven plain fabric used on bed linen.

Land covered in fruit trees.

Steals fuel from a car with a hose.

Handsome rebel son of David in the Bible.

Romy and Michele's High School __.


Became invalid.

Soviet Union collective farm.

Elaborate paper discs, with cut-outs, for cakes.

Missing years that John Lennon dubbed the Lost __.

Personal letter, communiqué.

Puzzle 14

Smooth twill fabric to make trousers and overcoats.

Guy of __, Robin Hood's foe and Marian's suitor.

Durable Japanese medium made from mulberry.

Royal domain, territory held by a monarch.

Stop animal from coming near, hold off.

French for "in the nude".

Scissored shapes in cards; or boo-boos.

Director of 1986 fantasy film Labyrinth.

Small French pickle.

Middle of a boat between bow and stern.

Strategic fantasy battle game.

Light My Fire singer: Jose __.

Feathered band worn by Native American leaders.

Puzzle 15

One of the three musketeers, the stout gourmand.

Voluptuous actress gave her name to a life jacket.

Wooden frames for hand paper-making.

Probe series sent to the Jovian planets.


Korean grilled beef.

Prayer hall or sanctuary in Indian religions.

Decorative hanging decorations that float on air.

Figure skating edge jump.

Shift worn as an undergarment.

Foul, disgusting, repugnant, obnoxious.

Woodland and heathland fern.

__ Ravel, Gaspard de la nuit composer.

Capital and largest city of Guinea.

Black and white birds taking salutes.

Someone who is declared unwelcome: "__ non grata".

Puzzle 16

Port brand with caped and behatted man as its logo.

Carbonate mineral found in Italian mountains.

Huge South/Central American rodent.

Ana __, female lead singer of Scissor Sisters.

Final showy public act or appearance.

City where actress Audrey Hepburn was born.

Neutral pH paper, having long-lasting properties.

Desiring, longing for, thirsting for.

Covered entrance leading into a churchyard.

13th century castle on Lake Ness.

Greek, from Greece.

Baseball hit that doesn't cross the air.

Diana the __, Roman goddess.

To strangle with a wire.

__ Bunch, cartoon prisoners at the Wonderland Zoo.

Arty Japanese modular paper balls.

Spiked pieces of metal used against war vehicles.

Sweet cocktails made with rum and sugar.

Distant, off the beaten track.

e e __, poet famed for syntactical nonconformity.

Puzzle 17

Seven kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England.

Paper flyer made by children everywhere.

Owner of a circus troupe; Chaplin joined in 1908.

__ paper, thick-grained quality drawing paper.

Russian Federal Space Agency.

Prose narrative on the mythology of the Vikings.

Style of jazz close to barrelhouse.

Deviation from the regular, atypical feature.

Seed with a very hard shell, from South America?.

Begs for food or money from others.

Puzzle 18

Author of the Latin epic poem The Aeneid.

Third largest ocean.

Dyed palm tree strands used to decorate cards.

Paul McCartney's pet dog inspired song: __ My Dear.

Tough and muscular, wiry and brawny.

Wood strips for taking a flame to light something.

Irish county, the NYPD choir sang about its bay.

King of Spain since 2014: __ VI.

Jupiter's moon with a continental name.

__ ear, origami fold named after a field mammal.

__ proportion, the golden ratio, or 1.618.

Japanese oval gold coins of ancient centuries.

Puzzle 19

18th-C infantry weapon, a halberd.

Babe __, US golfer, athlete, basketball player.

Card game using pegs on a wooden board.

To get away with something with no repercussions.

Pre-decimal coin nicknamed a bob.

In a friendly way.

Aish __, Egyptian flat bread with fenugreek seeds.

Hoofed mammal.

Mont __, fairytale citadel linked by a causeway.

Paper samples of different hues.

Anne Sofie __, Swedish mezzo-soprano.

Genteel TV county with dozens of murders.

Scandalous panties? Portmanteau for undies.

Animal Kingdom and Felicity's Scott __.

Death masks, famous figures made of soft substance.

Comic character in Shakespeare's "Henry IV".

Computer that beat Garry Kasparov in 1997.

In the central area of the scale.

Another name for the papercraft of quilling.

In Norse mythology, the queen of the Valkyries.

Type of films for which Friz Freleng was famous.

Puzzle 20

Provision, agreement in place; e.g. overdraft __.

Country where Braemar and Balmoral Castles are.

The M in AM and PM.

Sebastian Faulks' novel about the First World War.

French term for dredged in flour, sautéed, à la __.

Prison photos of offenders' faces.

__ follicle, fluid-filled sac in the ovaries.

Printmaking with an engraved image.

Decompression album for Radiohead released in 1995.

British fashion brand with man's name.

Reprimand, punish, admonish.

Aussie PM 1983-91.

Eyes __, Stanley Kubrick's final film.

Spanish islands, Palma is the capital.

Paper __, night-time flyers with tealights.

Flying nighttime insect with kitten-like fur.

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