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Here are the answers to CodyCross Parenting Advice Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Makes something.

Horns grown by deer or moose.

Getting taller and maturing from child to adult.

Leaves a property empty, moves out.

Brand of soft toy clay sold in yellow tubs.

Player who faces the bowler in cricket.

Unit of measurement for sound levels.

Ellen Johnson __, first female president in Africa.

Series of exercises or sessions to aid in recovery.

There's said to be a pot of gold at the end of it.

A small brown spot on the skin.

Animal featured in Happy Feet movie.

Parents want kids to have this truthful quality.

Irish and US distilled malt spirit.

Puzzle 2

Nine months or three trimesters before birth.

Month that follows August.

Animals that come first in the dictionary.

Yellow flower that has a fluffy clock.

Another name for Sleeping Beauty princess Aurora.

Novelist Ernest, who wrote A Farewell To Arms.

Ancient people associated with the Pyramids.

Food eaten later that was from a previous meal.

Sleeping place for one.

Practice of being thankful for what you have.

If you have no coin to flip, play __ scissors.

Puzzle 3

Make an educated guess.

It's played on a diamond by the New York Yankees.

It puts the H in H20.

Manner that can be good or bad.

Practice a play or performance ahead of its debut.

Numbered sections of a book.

__ friend, a phrase used to describe a dog.

Next to a large pool of water.

Seafood rich in Omega-3, e.g. sardine, tuna.

__ is another day, idiom for trying again.

Large joint at the top of the arm.

Puzzle 4

Nuggets of wisdom; oyster gems.

Soft fabric sheets for drying yourself.

Rubs out pencil marks.

Hillsides down which skiers travel.

Changes, makes different.

Tiddlywinks are this shape.

Small, like Red Riding Hood.

Fantasy fire-breathing reptile.

Found to be legally at fault.

Facial openings, with teeth inside.

__ money, small sum given regularly to children.

World's largest desert.

Put money into an account or an enterprise.

Puzzle 5

Sum of all the learning kids get from school.

Plush teddies with emblems on their tummies.

Study of diseases and their causes.

High-pitched noise a pig can make.

Classical music ensemble with multiple instruments.

City outside Jerusalem where Jesus was born.

Fashion brand of work boot with cushioned sole.

David Bowie is Jareth, the Goblin King.

Describes a beach between low and high water.

__ of Halicarnassus, tomb, an Ancient Wonder.

Figure who is in charge, like a parent.

Writer of The Twits and Matilda.

Puzzle 6

The general __; ordinary people in society.

Charles, scientist known for his work on evolution.

Dairy food parents tell kids to avoid before bed.

Largest and northernmost US state.

Plastic container for your water.

Egyptian sculpture of a lion with a human head.

What curiosity killed.

Knowledge gained from life experience; tooth.

People who play using consoles and a screen.

Works of fiction.

Shade between red and blue.

The joints connecting the legs to the feet.

Someone arrested might call this professional.

Puzzle 7

Nobody is this flawless quality, not even parents.

Based on the number 10.

A single crease or crinkle in a person's skin.

Scented wax pillars for a relaxing atmosphere.

We Will __, Queen lull the baby.

Very young baby to be cherished.

Decorative bunch of flowers carried by a bride.

A Japanese warrior with a sword.

Notebook computers.

Against the law.

Basis of communist theory.

Another word for a competition or race.

Genie and a wonderful lamp accompanied him.

United __, longer name for the UK.

Additions to a pizza, e.g. ham, cheese.

Puzzle 8

This is learned when mistakes are made.

Name for a baby cat.

The musical refrain of a song, sung between verses.

Drag queen who heads up a Drag Race TV series.

Reddish orange blocks used in construction.

Arm joints that kids are told to keep off tables.

__ fruit, term for strawberries, cherries, etc.

A wood or cloth model moved with strings or a hand.

Old-fashioned pens, made from feathers.

Huge collection of stars, nebulae and so on.

Organs zombies like to eat.

Country in which Lyon and Toulouse are cities.

Status of a business looking for employees.

Athlete who finishes first.

Organ in the mouth that helps us speak and taste.

Puzzle 9

Tall furry hat worn by soldiers in guards regiment.

Scottish lake allegedly home to a monster.

Quality of being nice to others.

Paint __ is a liquid to remove paint from walls.

One-wheeled transportation method.

Nickname for Canada's horse-riding police officers.

Place where people go for serious medical care.

Manufacturing activity of goods in factories.

Telling off a child for a minor misdeed.

__ Park; dinosaur park gone wrong from the movies.

Name of the first prime number after 37.

Feathered pets may sleep here.

Puzzle 10

Physical pastime adults ask kids to do regularly.

Draw them to cover the windows.

Pendant, choker, locker or chain.

International __, where a day turns into another.

Tall African animals.

Dumbledore is headmaster of this fictional school.

Human anatomy between eyebrows and hairline.

Type of hotel that's small, chic, and fashionable.

Shows approval by clapping.

A type of mild green pepper.

Unit of money used by a country, e.g. euros.

Leader of a film crew.

A set of wooden pins you knock down with a ball.

Three words parents say to kids or spouse.

Puzzle 11

Left alone and unattended, no longer looked after.

Primitive underwater stinging creature.

Fairy-tale character who lives with seven dwarves.

Worn at the wrist to fasten shirt sleeves.

Kids' game of chalk, lines and jumping on one foot.

Perfect example of someone kids should copy.

Kitchen appliance for reheating food.

X-Man known by the alias Logan.

People from the Philippines.

When sandwiches are eaten.

On-screen play activity that parents set limits on.

Puzzle 12

Cloudless expanse.

Least shallow part of a swimming pool.

Kitchen device for cooking slices of bread.

Song used to put babies to sleep at night.

A party for old schoolfriends or co-workers.

Interested to know, like a child asking questions.

__ Lane, address where the Fire of London started.

Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey.

Retired soldier.

Web spinners with eight legs.

Mobile operating system with a robot logo.

Parents teach how to deal with these tormenters.

An orthodontist; a tooth doctor.

Puzzle 13

A canopy or extendable canvas roof, over a door.

Places where trials are held.

Small glass ball used in playground games.

Self-__, feeling good about oneself.

Make a mouse sound.

International boundary between two nations.

Gymnastics event, __ bars.

Hot drink that made Starbucks famous.

The name of the scary movie genre.

Snoozing, drifting off to sleep.

The individual messages posted to Twitter.

A hairline; anagram of finger.

An aircraft that doesn't need an engine.

When night starts and the outside light dims.

Rags to __, from poor to wealthy.

Attempting to do something, not giving up.

Large fruit also known as papaya.

The joints between the hands and the arms.

Puzzle 14

Upbeat, merry.

Calming a baby, perhaps by rocking them.

Red playing card suit; not hearts.

Book with a solid, strong cover.

Decorative jewelry for the hearing lobes.

American word for what Brits call ice lolly.

Chestnuts __ on an Open Fire.

Robin, star of Mrs Doubtfire and Aladdin.

Vehicles that carry astronauts into space.

Bright orange aquatic creature kept as a pet.

Young person aged 13-19.

Computer key that makes all letters upper case.

Small cabana rented on the seashore.

__ base, where soldiers live and work.

Breathe this in when you are in the countryside.

Belongings; residential building.

How people see things when they agree.

Puzzle 15

Britain's ships.

__, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

A 3-D piece of art often in stone, wood or metal.

Important early meal parents want kids to eat.

Time-measuring device; a shapely figure.

To place your order ring the restaurant on this.

Thrilling puzzles to solve, e.g. whodunnits.

One-on-one time given to kids by parent; listen up.

Sweet snack that can be white, milk or dark.

Awake by night and asleep by day.

A Jewish place of worship.

Thumb a lift.

Puzzle 16

Bringing up children.

Sports matches and dates are printed on a __ list.

A moving home towed by a car.

People from Nairobi.

Irish shrieking and wailing woman of folklore.

LCDs, phones; parents restrict kids' time on these.

__ sauce for fish has capers and pickles in it.

Protective eyewear for science or swimming.

African wild cat, the world's fastest mammal.

You'll need these to light a candle or fire.

Dick, who starred in The Comic and Mary Poppins.

Puzzle 17

Knitted jumper or sweater.

Prize-filled paper tubes pulled at Christmastime.

Cleaning teeth after meals.

Bargaining with a seller for a better price.

Hero whose only vulnerable spot was his heel.

Twisted pasta tubes, often baked with cheese.

Wet 24 hours that money should be put aside for.

Melodic chirping you might hear in the forest.

Probably the most famous skateboarder ever.

Party game of acting out books, films, plays, etc.

Break new ground.

All the bones, without the body.

Actress __ Garner, Hudson, or Lawrence.

Condition that causes flaky skin on the scalp.

French region, site of D Day landing.

Puzzle 18

__ maker; blends fruit and yogurt into drinks.

Bedroom cupboard for storing clothes.

Perfectly round.

Guitar that doesn't need amps.

Border; Star Trek V: The Final __.

Polite response to being given a gift.

Feelings that parents help kids learn to deal with.

Fragrant, fortified white wine, great in cocktails.

Mythical one-horned creatures.

Plan or tactic used by parents in tricky situation.

Glass display for fish and other sea creatures.

Person who has completed a university degree.

Puzzle 19

Blood-sucker like Dracula.

John __, famous US tennis player from 70's and 80's.

Gazing at others; kids are told doing this is rude.

Another name for the mandible.

Dense area of small trees and bushes.

Slicing with a knife.

A means of transportation.

Small orange fruit like a peach.

Good __ mean being polite and not uncouth.

__ Zoo, animal-stroking app.

Parts of a shirt or jacket that cover the arms.

__ Rock; Jim Henson puppet series.

Bunny rabbits love these orange veggies.

Stops working, usually because of old age.

Medical healers at hospitals.

Doing as you're told, following orders.

Puzzle 20

Pads that make seats more comfortable.

Flat shapes with ten sides.

What happens in this city, stays in this city.

__ controls, digital tools to keep kids safe.

Positive or negative transaction ratings on eBay.

Items not on a menu in a restaurant, change daily.

Another word for a sledge.

Canine who barks at intruders.

More formal word for kids.

__ Grimm, German sibling compilers of fairy tales.

Built by a human being.

Musical film that showcases several ABBA hits.

Drove a vehicle backwards.

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