CodyCross Parks and Wildlife Pack answers

Parks and Wildlife PackParks and Wildlife

Here are the answers to CodyCross Parks and Wildlife Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

What takes you to another web page.

__ du mal; French poet Baudelaire's symbolist work.

Scottish whisky and distillery.

Concept of a perfect energy absorber and radiator.

Trodden track that follows the sea.

Not enough room to __; a very tiny space.

U.S. brand of synthetic grass for sports fields.

Threading onto a cord or a rope.

George Harrison's love song to wife Pattie.

African ruminants such as the eland and duiker.

Took someone's savings by lying.

Puzzle 2

Jim __, Indian park that protects Bengal tigers.

Fruit became ready to eat.

David's third son in the Bible, killed by Joab.

Female singing voice with the highest vocal range.


Spending night under canvas enjoying nature.

Runs at someone, like a bull.

"__ heard 'round the world".

Thumped, whacked, walloped.

Less sane, more mad.

Bouncy metal spirals, found in mattresses.

Peachiest southern US state.

__ Handler, comedienne.

Puzzle 3

__ fork, trident for browning bread over a fire.

Old naval punishment of being dragged under a boat.

__ forests, ancient, virgin and original woodlands.

__ and thousands, topping also called sprinkles.

"A fly in the __".

__, Roman way from Capitoline Hill to Colosseum.

complex; intricate.

Informed, notified.

Being six times another number.

Farming people of Rohan, in Middle-earth.

Stranger in __ features in the 50s musical Kismet.

__ Delta, swampy Botswanan home to lions, hyenas.

__ sun; lack of darkness in Arctic summers.

Biblical pool of healing.

Puzzle 4

Innumerable, infinite.

Shiver me __, piratical oath from Long John Silver.

Obstacle course sport for dogs.

Spoke slowly like John Wayne.

Nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Keeping for future use.

Travelling for pleasure to see wondrous sights.

The curtain business.

Raw molluscs; swallow with lemon and Tabasco sauce.

Special anniversary, say 25th, 50th, 60th or 100th.

Double container washing machine.

In a rough, discordant way.

US national park with the world's tallest trees.

Region of Italy in which Florence is located.

Puzzle 5

__ tigers, Indian big cats of rainforests.

National railway service in the US.

HG2G or The Hitchhiker's Guide to the __.

Two words joined together, means unable to do.

Largely treeless biome affected by permafrost.

The pain in your side after running.

Type of cuisine closely associated with kimchi.

Giving a name to something.

Cher hit of the 70s: __, Tramps & Thieves.

Board games producer, __ Bradley.

Winter sport for which Zermatt is best known.

Puzzle 6

Spanish brothers.

Scorn, mockery, derision.

Judy Goldman's spousal medical memoir.

Star of "Beat the Devil": __ Jones.

Ancient Hindu system of healing.

Spanish dance, with hand clapping and shouting.

Made better.

Musical genre of bands including AC/DC and Kiss.

Fought, wrangled.

Free men of the Russian army.

Norwegian archipelago where polar bear roam.

70s disco fashion of glamorous short shorts.

As white as snow, as black as coal, as red as a __.

Cups and plates.

__ Coast, Dorset World Heritage Site for fossils.

Puzzle 7

Woody vines for swinging through the rainforest.

Country once led by William Lyon MacKenzie King.

Elevated rest in snooker, likened to an arachnid.

Armie __, star of Call Me By Your Name.

Describes marshes, bogs, bayous and everglades.

Color of the submarine the Beatles sang about.

Melting snow and ice conditions underfoot.

Islands where Captain James Cook was killed.

Herbaceous plant, felines go mad for it.

"The best thing since __bread".

Creme de __, minty liqueur used in a grasshopper.

Last __; holiday booked with immediate departure.

Leave empty, evacuate, clear out.

William __, prime mover of Arts & Crafts Movement.

Profession of Abraham Lincoln.

Puzzle 8


German term for forbidden or prohibited.

Giant's __, N Ireland's limestone pavement.

Assumption of control in business circles.

Day of the week named for the Norse god of thunder.

Bratislava country.

Decorative item, e.g. figurine or collectible.

Slang response: I don't care what you're saying.

Counting in tens; the digits after the dot.

Small sporting watercraft used with a paddle.

Central themes.

Sailor's tune.

Film with artistic rather than popular appeal.

Hank __, notable US country & western singer.

American pastry made with nuts.

__ Adventures; cartoon with Buster and Babs Bunny.

Nickname of English king Edmund because of bravery.

Puzzle 9

Devon landscape famous for a hound and a prison.

Make longer.

what Staten Island was formerly called.

Smells __ Spirit; 1991 breakout hit for Nirvana.

Whale-__, organized boat trips to see cetaceans.

Complete lunar sphere, seen once every 30 days.

Discovering water.

Griddle cakes with butter and jam, big in England.

A bit thick, with the cranium of a small green veg.

Stripy insect that makes sweet substance.

In golf they join tees to greens.

Samuel __, snuff-taking rat in Beatrix Potter tale.

Puzzle 10

Outcast plush characters lead by Wedgehead.

Term for gorillas, chimps, bonobos and humans.

Departure and arrival buildings at an airport.

Ecuadorian isles famous for unique giant tortoises.

Familiar term for one's husband, wife, partner.

Bounced back.

Aussie golfer and 2013 Masters champ.

__ nebula, light-years-long equine figure in Orion.

Business as usual.

Caustic chemical compound; calcium oxide.

Hibernation setting for a laptop or computer.

Accompaniment to roast beef in England: __ Pudding.

Ludo and checkers are a type of __.

Native of Algiers or Oran, for example.

__ in the way she moves me.

Someone who appears on stage, e.g. actor, singer.

Puzzle 11

Iron that has been beaten into shape.

Conspire, collude.

Clusters or gathers to keep warm.

"Until hell __ over" is an unimaginably long time.

Little Shop of __ with Audrey the plant.

Giant __, the largest species of tree.

African cross-country trips to view wild animals.

Carrying platter for cups, saucers, etc..

Canadian province listed first alphabetically.

Birds of prey also known as sea or river hawks.

Type of restaurant most likely to serve enchiladas.

Catch-all term for lions, leopards, tigers, pumas.

Evel __, daredevil.

Roman city destroyed by a volcano in 79 AD.

Dwayne __, voices Maui in Moana.

Puzzle 12

Related to the stomach.

Foo Fighters frontman and ex-Nirvana drummer.

Ruler of England 1327-77, m. Philippa of Hainault.

Clocks for perfectly boiled breakfast items.

State that hosted the NBA Nets, 1977-2012.

Swimming reptilian with a fearsome bite.

__ Time of Arrival; ETA.

A piece of clothing worn by astronauts.

Given the __, subjected to delaying tactics.

Police device to ensnare speeding motorists.

Bill Clinton's middle name.

Main waterway in Italian city of Florence.

Planned for March 29, 2019 (or is it)?.

__ caves, amphitheatres of calcium carbonate.

Cardboard protector wrapped around a hot drink.

Puzzle 13

White __, business term for a friendly takeover.

Full, feminine form of the name Max.

Ring-shaped coral isles surrounding lagoons.

A quick-__ person thinks fast.

Futuristic movie populated by blue beings.

Flight from danger; term used in Islam.

Potato __, kitchen utensil for smashing spuds.

The __ Show, vaudeville courtesy of Kermit's pals.

The outer surfaces of tyres.

Pour from one bottle to another.

Small primates that live in equatorial Africa.

Creases in fabric.

__-down cake, inverted pineapple ring dessert.

Puzzle 14

Gaelic dance.

Protective board that sits under a dinner plate.

Parasite, lives in the intestines of vertebrates.

Getting up from a chair.

Sports footwear that can become smelly.

French flag.

Hebrew for congratulations.

Feeling sorry for, showing __.

Pony __, cross-country trails riding.

BlacKkKlansman director.

__ Caverns, New Mexican site of wondrous caves.

Puzzle 15

Language school and publishers.

__ Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post.

__ up the wrong tree.

Item that makes a hot and sour soup sour: rice __.

Make larger across, not high.

Exotic flowers, some species mimic insects.

Wives and husbands.

Small pet, lives in a cage with a wheel to run on.

A scientific drawing of how something works.

Journeys on inflatables on white water.

Powers that are enchanted and spellbinding.

Where to soak with bubbles.

Puzzle 16

Mismatched clothing worn on the feet.

Spicy culinary treatment dished out to eggs.

__ roller coaster; hanging theme park ride.

Kelly and Jack's heavy metal singer dad, Ozzy __.

European language group, spoken across NW Europe.

Opposite of hardness.

Breakthrough; advance towards.

Central African primates led by a silverback.

Supporting legs and framework for table tops.

Something that is to be kept quiet.

Top Gun parody with Charlie Sheen.

Californian national park with famous waterfall.

Puzzle 17

West Side Story song, aka There's a Place for Us.

Strands of a story within a TV series or film.

Sealed __; sent with love.

American beer brand of the "wassup" adverts.

Cleaning dishes, in the sink.

African national park with large animal migrations.


__ devices can scan fingerprints, retinas, etc.

General term for pampas, steppes and prairies.

Sport associated with Japanese men: sumo __.

Descended a cliff by rope.

Period of the year with low rainfall.

Puzzle 18

Advertising slogan for a French car company.

The most sheltered from sunlight.

An underground cemetery.

Venues where dramatic performances take place.

Jumper or sweater.

Irritable, off-colour, bilious.

Ocean fliers, such as petrels, gulls, albatrosses.

Can be secured with a key.

Feeling happy, bright and buoyant.

Raised areas of ground such as mesas and tableland.

Cancelled, ended, as with a marriage.

Lyrics by the Beatles: "__ my belle...".

Between-course dish of sorbet, a palate-__.

Puzzle 19

Number of men to have walked on the Moon.

Sarah Jessica __; Sex and the City actress.

Russian biosystem, famed for Przewalski's horse.

Meat pies named after a Uruguayan town, Fray __.

South African park named after a former president.

To resemble someone else is to be a dead __.

Host of __; celestial spirits in Christmas carols.

Domed ice homes built by the Inuit.

Discharge air from the lungs.

Charlie Brown's beagle pal.

How Captain Kirk went.

Name for the Australian season with the least rain.

Part of an engine that goes up and down.

Puzzle 20

Coffee and biscuit Italian dessert.

Oblong of material used to dry the dishes.

__ and the Dead; 1995 western starring DiCaprio.

Adorability, attractiveness.

Sat down on haunches.

Fitted more bullets in.

The most blustery.

Glenn Miller tune, Moonlight __.

Gave a short laugh.

Desert biome and world heritage site of S Africa.

Potentially explosive, volatile landform.

Person with ancient ideas, manners or beliefs.

Illegal killers of African wildlife.

The Voice judge, Kelly __.

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