CodyCross Party Planning Pack answers

Party Planning PackParty Planning

Here are the answers to CodyCross Party Planning Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Opposite of rejected.

Products designed to clean dirty hair.

Mixes together several things, merges them.

The place, or site of an event.

Biggest city in Turkey, was Constantinople.

__ the stars; aim high, be ambitious.

Sylvester Stallone, the Italian __.

Annual celebration for coming of age.

Equine marine creature, needs no saddle.

Adds sugar to a dish.

World's largest sporting event, winter or summer.

Rhyming declaration of amour, romantic verses.

Puzzle 2

Tending to plants in a back yard.

Bright paper strips hung or thrown at parties.

As regular as __; repeatedly like tics and tocs.

Relating to a country's leadership; ex. __ science.

Computer memory device that's not soft.

Clothing worn next to the skin.

Globe that reflects with mirrors on dance floor.

Unpaid person who works for charity.

Employment agreements, signed at the bottom.

Ready for immediate use, "Are you __ tomorrow?".

Roast them on an open fire at Xmas.

In __ of the night, I go walkin' in my sleep.

Beam of light shining on center stage.

To be overly eager and not good at waiting.

Kids' outdoor game with grid chalked on the floor.

Puzzle 3

Another name for squid, often fried and eaten.

Male spouses.

Sound boxes to project music from.

Children should be seen and __, apparently.

Flower __, one who puts flowers into a spray.

Metal rings for feet hanging from a horse's saddle.

Most distant, not the nearest but the.

__ Park, original movie about cloned dinosaurs.

Creative, good at painting, drwaing, sculpting.

With clouds, angels, Saint Peter; our __ father.

Comfortable seat for one, w/ upper-body support.

Sensitive to being touched with a feather.

A list of the parts of a book, table of __.

Puzzle 4

Large island country "down under".

__ contact details; how to get in touch if needed.

After-school punishment.

Fun paper head pieces for celebratory events.

Home for children with no parents.

"__ good times, come on!".

Row row row your boat- Merrily x3, life is ___.

Feeling or emotion; you might get a new one.

Taking air in and out of your lungs.

Outer cover that's shed by a slithering reptile.

Puzzle 5

Acts of raising glasses and saying cheers.

A device for taking photographs.

Snoozy sleep like that's had by a kitty.

With more volume.

Foreign, alluring and tropical.

A known phrase that gives advice to people.

Both a candy brand and legendary lady on horseback.

Cloth, material for making clothes.

Captain Hook is one of these.

Underground train in New York City.

Activities such as baseball, football, hockey.

Classical stringed instrument played with a bow.

Images taken with cameras.

The F in UFO, or unidentified __ object.

Emotional or physical tension.

Puzzle 6

Turns on and off, like an ambulance light.

A fire burning intensely or the noise from a lion.

Cooked an egg in water with a little vinegar.

Speed __; fast-moving competitors in ice races.

Handing out playing cards.

Looked at, kept an eye on.

Providing food and drink to guests; table __.

Whitney Houston's hit I Will Always __.

Long strips of fabric draped across tables.

Severe water shortage from lack of rain.

Have a __; polite way to end a conversation.

Ordering someone around.

Puzzle 7

Fixes, mends.

Projectiles from guns.

Filling in with a pencil, making darker.

Triangular flags on string; a soft baseball swing.

Black __, superhero movie hit in 2018.

Washing yourself in a tub of water.

Bees and ants, for example.

Bouncers, males who guard entrances to buildings.

Relating to the warmest season.

Food grown with no chemicals.

H2O is the chemical __ for water.

Puzzle 8

Party __, one who spoils an event.

Sweet __; bedtime phrase.

Scary film genre.

A glove that encloses the four fingers.

Participated in a game.

Of or pertaining to Judaism.

Spiky desert plant.

Instructions for making food.

Carve a statue.

Every 60 minutes.

__ Robbins ice cream launched with 31 flavors.

Dance floors, raised platforms for performances.

A catchy saying.

Puzzle 9

Activist, someone who shakes things up.

Attractive to metal, positive and negative poles.

An __ Werewolf in Paris; beast from the USA?.

Disposable but not flushable hygiene cloths.

__ death and taxes; three words meaning guaranteed.

Prince __, romantic male lead of Cinderella.

Funds, the budget available for something.

Try-out opportunity for a part in a performance.

More complex, complicated, or difficult.

Grunting, sniffing- maybe like a pig?.

Vandalizing a wall, spoiling a monument.

Shapes to sprinkle on tables or throw in the air.

Souvenir store at an attraction, stop by the __.

Large biting insect, sucks the blood of equines.

Puzzle 10

Situation nobody wants to handle; steamy spud?.

Making something bigger in size, e.g. a photo.

A specific stop on a baseball diamond.

Drinks server behind a counter, mixologist.

Gross brown bug, loves a kitchen.

Gadget created by someone, e.g. the lightbulb.

Tall seat for feeding toddlers.

The Horse __, book by Nicholas Evans.

Chains worn on the collarbone/chest.

Violent wind storm, especially in the Caribbean.

Believable falsified videos; not shallow but __.

Apparatus, gear needed for an event.

Puzzle 11

Where buzzing insects make honey.

Cookbooks are full of these instructions.

Person who travels and visits attractions.

Rio de __.

Integers or digits.

Held in place by a rope of linked, metal loops.

Imposed something unnecessary on someone.

Knives, spoons, forks.

Sports arbiter or judge.

Summoned to the army.

Wreath, flowers in a string for decoration.

Catching seafood, deep-sea profession.

Leonardo, inventor and artist.

Moved in large numbers, like bees.

Group of people who belong to a choir.

Longtime brand mascot for KFC.

Bill or Hillary.

Puzzle 12

Place of education.

Moving object in the sky, often with a fiery tail.

Something that happens every year is __.

Have enough money to pay for.

Joint affixing a door to a frame or a box to a lid.

Becoming less wet, removing moisture.

Grinned, "say cheese".

Greek capital.

Spanish party or celebration.

Luxurious super smooth fabric; or for red cake?.

Jumped on one leg.

With tomato, the toppings on a Margherita pizza.

The P in VIP.

Walruses and elephants have big teeth, they're __.

Puzzle 13

Facial expressions made by unhappy people.

Feeling unwell, badly... not feeling richly!.

Papier-mâché donkey broken open to scatter candy.

Three-legged support for a camera.

Large continent with Spain, France, Poland.

Chair __, to protect and decorate chairs w/ fabric.

Wimbledon court racket sport.

Sea __, cranberry cocktail that's a bit windy.

Gave money illegally for favors.

Most sweet and ready to pick fruit.

Puzzle 14

When you cook or make something yourself it's __.

Stops where passengers get on and off trains.

Reclaim stolen goods; __ what's yours.

Public addresses, said by orators at events.

Nationality of someone from Tokyo.

__ list, plan of what to buy, e.g. for a party.

Laughing, but not too loud.

Mythical female sea creatures with tails.

Going over problems mentally, stressing.

__ bars, used by male gymnasts, meaning "level".

Small oily fish, sold in cans.

Opposite of multiplication.

I'm a little teapot, short __.

Puzzle 15

Last month of the year.

TV mafia series starring James Gandolfini: The __.

Impeding, not letting pass.

Outdoor grill party.

Most common element in the universe; H.

__ fit; bout of uncontrollable hacking.

Saying enough to fill your oral cavity, say a __.

Female child of a parent.

What you might wear after a shower.

Relaxed, no rules, casual dress.

Slim __; not much choice.

Internet with no cables.

Puzzle 16

Evil __; ghosts or phantoms.

Deep-fried vegetable coated in batter.

Table __, laying out tables nicely.

Given too much; e.g. a __ child has too many toys.

A black leopard.

Using a pedal to slow down a vehicle.

Enjoying a book.

Agent or position of authority in an institution.

Blooms, sold in bunches, put in vases.

Rough, fierce, brutal.

Related to medicine or doctors.

Puzzle 17

Sons of kings or queens.

Bad __ "educational" comedy w/ JT and Cameron Diaz.

Designated area for leaving vehicles.

Game played with small glass balls.

Small watery pools left after rainfall.

__ Keys, US island chain, including Key Largo.

Party __, pull the string, streamers explode out.

Loop; the path of an electric current.

Good __, or the early part of a day.

Batter flipped and served with maple syrup.

Traveling for pleasure, e.g. visiting landmarks.

Puzzle 18

Nonsense, incoherent speech, gibberjabber.

Forming words by arranging letters correctly.

Personal slab of sudsy cleaner (three words).

Hear a rumor about something, maybe on a breeze.

Jumanji: Welcome To __; 2017 fantasy sequel.

Album for cuttings, autographs.

Deliberately invade someone's picture.

Most cars in the US have this type of transmission.

Intense cycle session led by an instructor.

Mellow Italian soft smoked cheese.

Loops for hanging jackets on.

Big, open displays at car dealerships.

Creators of clothes and fashion brands.

Without stopping, ceaselessly.

Puzzle 19

"Down __", call to others to take a big drink.

Large, wrinkly animal with a trunk.

Container for sweets given on Valentine's.

Strong, with a well-developed torso.

Divers footwear that are an aid in swimming.

Waterbird habitats, e.g. marshes, swamps, shores.

Motivates and encourages someone to do something.

For outside storage on top of a car.

Penthouse location, on the __.

Delight; __ to meet you.

Warm and humid climate, no winter here!.

Sweet courses such as cheesecakes, brownies.

Time zone that covers the Rockies in the US/Canada.

Five-sided home of the US Department of Defense.

Illumination of a venue.

Practice a play.

Puzzle 20

Long-legged wading birds that bring babies.

Golfing assistant, carries clubs.

Etch A __, red-framed sketching tablet.

Places where parties are held.

Another word for dinner.

Wind __, they make bell-like sounds in the breeze.

Casing made by a caterpillar.

Starchy veggie that grows eyes.

__ rate; amount of pay per 60 minutes.

Language where "Auf wiedersehen" is often heard.

Parties, occasions.

__ peace, or RIP.

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