CodyCross Patterns in Nature Pack answers

Patterns in Nature PackPatterns in Nature

Here are the answers to CodyCross Patterns in Nature Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Crown-shaped pattern from dropping into water.

Yiddish word for "complain": rhymes with fetch.

6th-century king who united the Franks.

Tube for moving liquid, spelt with a Y.

__ orders, instructions to be read at a later date.

Scots plaid.

Northern Italian city known for balsamic vinegar.

End of the day, when the sky darkens and turns red.

A board game piece shaped like a human.

Castrated male chickens.

Room where church officials put on robes.

__ Ferguson; agricultural machinery manufacturers.

Puzzle 2

Without limits; never-ending.

High hills that can be volcanoes.

Eighties band fronted by youngster Annabella Lwin.

Site of the Wright Brothers National Memorial.

Fierce burning when oxygen enters a closed room.

Imitation marble.

White dog with black spots.

Ancient division of land; anagram of we take nap.

Eastern European dumplings.

Someone who is always ready to give up.

Puzzle 3

Business knowhow.

Fish that swells up into a ball with pointy spines.

Fine, pigmented cobalt-blue glass.

Richard __, Welsh actor, married Elizabeth Taylor.

Sliding gate in a lock.

__ fowl, black-and-white speckled game bird.

A lucky __; close shave, near miss.

Paralympic sport similar to bowls.

Animal skin parchment upon which Acts are printed.

__ Wonderland, dance track from Earth, Wind & Fire.

Black-and-white bird with large yellow/orange bill.

Element Ra discovered by Marie Curie in 1898.

Antiquated term for alphabets.

Puzzle 4

Mediterranean term for stuffed grape leaves.

Confused, bothered by something.

Non, je ne __ rien, sang Edith Piaf.

Prying or forcing something open.

Same as GMT, according to the phonetic language.

Madeleine __, Bill Clinton's secretary of state.

Scholarly written account of something.

Wedding anniversary celebrated as Diamond.

Saint considered "the Apostle of Germany".

Spanish for red-colored; Sport Club Internacional.

Lump of lunar basalt.

Mammal with overlapping scales like a pinecone.

F1 indication you are about to be lapped.

State of utter confusion, a nautical allusion.

Extraterrestrial hunting creature versus the Alien.

Usual location of sports stories in a newspaper.

Worldwide Scouting party and get-together.

Fleshy, visible part of the ears.

Stripy-nosed primate, the biggest monkey.

Downward journeys, final parts of flights.

__ zone; deep ocean layer lit by natural beams.

Permanent military post.

Puzzle 5

The Grapes __; Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

Covering of feathers on a bird.

Opera by Modest Mussorgsky: Boris __.

Theologian, led the Reformation in Switzerland.

Ready to bear.

Symmetrical tropical flowers, source of vanilla.

Like poppadoms but thicker, and grilled not fried.

Highest-scoring dartboard sections.

Apollo's twin, daughter of Zeus and Leto.

Southernmost city in the US.

Pacify someone, placate, calm.

Much-lauded German U-boat film of the 1980s.

Puzzle 6

Removed stains by scrubbing hard.

Tank top and bikini bottom two-piece swimsuit.

Marion __; designed early disposable diapers.

The __, 60s band, ready-made for a TV show.

Flowering plant used in medicines; aka boneset.

__ instinct, human desire to move with like groups.

Marked with patches of light.

Vegetables associated with the term "a la Crecy".

Julie __; singing nun in The Sound of Music.

Goalie Peter, played for England at 3 World Cups.

Side of the house or ship protected from the wind.

Uneven stripes.

Verb with a Germanic root meaning war.

Puzzle 7

Rules governing grammatical structures in language.

River where Handel's Water Music had its premiere.

French term for thin fruit puree or sauce.

Planet with rings around it.

Japanese business word for continuous improvement.

Swell with air like a sail.

Dalton __, screenwriter blacklisted by Hollywood.

Pattern or blueprint for something.

Reddish-brown skinned apple variety.

William of __, 14th-century Occam's razor inventor.

Two-legged creatures.

Yellow-greenish color of white skin when ill.

Futurama Fry's first name.

Puzzle 8

The outer dermis of a cobra.

Female South Korean golfer with career grand slam.

Sweetened whipped cream.

The __, 2018 historical drama starring Emma Stone.

Largest city in Trinidad and Tobago.

Bring laws into force.

Outdoor event that extols skilled workers.

A right know-it-all called Alexander.

Globules of water that fall from the sky.

Word that means "concerning the human body".

Puzzle 9

Private network accessible to employees.

Characteristics on an animal's coat or skin.

Introductory explanation to a book, show or report.

Says, anagram of treaties.

Brownish Italian beans called rose-cocos in France.

__ sleeve, type of LP cover popular in the 70s.

Addition to a fabric to make it colourfast.

Missal, hymnal, prayer book.

In addition, furthermore.

Giant's __, natural columns in Northern Ireland.

Puzzle 10

Adamant, unwavering, resolute.

Sailing to __, Yeats' poem.

Tropical fruit with spiky-leaved top.

Beauty fix, a minor cosmetic procedure.

The __ of Cherbourg, film with Catherine Deneuve.

Skater move leant forward with leg extended behind.

Louis __, Nation of Islam leader.

Circular patterns used to date branching plants.

Gluey and syrupy, like flour protein or rice.

Puzzle 11

Atticus Finch's job in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Gaelic equivalent of the name Kieran.

Tells the difference between bases and acids.

Insect with metallic sheen, can be a stag.

__ Line, Poland's contentious border in the 20th C.

Greek island famed for ancient Colossus statue.

__ Webb, Aussie golfer, US Open winner in 2000, 01.

Relating to wine.

Pedal technology widely used by guitarists.

Put forward a motion at a meeting.

Top-level domain for learning institutions.

__ bid; sneaky auctioneer's act to push price up.

Imprints of once-living things found in rocks.

Puzzle 12

Acacia tree substance used in glues, confectionery.

Capital of New Zealand's Northland region.

Beggar, especially a religious figure.

Trickery or lie.

"To sleep: __ to dream", famous Hamlet quote.

Mathematical sequence, sum of two previous numbers.

Beginning, inauguration, first steps.

Lord __, the tracker of Butch and Sundance.

Describes a Briton living between 1901 and 1910.

Sharp-toothed reptile with scaly, ridged skin.

Puzzle 13

Comfort, encourage, put someone at ease.

This Lear invention put automobiles in tune.

Sweet red Vermouth, produced in France.

Bends in rivers that wind and loop around.

Babylonian pyramidic temple tower.

Real name of cinema producer Samuel Goldwyn.

Trade and distribution port.

Fait __; a done deal.

Kipling: city where the "flyin' fishes play".

Find this patterned conch on the beach.

Comfier than a belt perhaps.

Puzzle 14

Sea animals that look like flowering plants.

Leg brace.

Charles __, French/Armenian crooner and songwriter.

Obstructs, blocks up.

Selma __, Swedish writing's first Nobel Laureate.

Earth is part of this spiral galaxy.

Least populated country in the Horn of Africa.

What Aussies call extras in cricket.

Chewing gum brand, marketed as being non-sticky.

Bass panzer.

Puzzle 15

Inkblot test, by Swiss psychiatrist with same name.

Big, yellow bloom with brown, edible seed head.

Yasujiro Ozu's last film: An Autumn __.

Washing instructions symbol, a circle in a box.

Novices, raw recruits.

Artist award for a US children's illustrated book.

Country that gained independence in 1957 as Ghana.

Rivals that you have a cordial relationship with.

Raised bit of skin, caused by cold.

Confidence __; con artist, fraudster.

Puzzle 16

Flying __ technologically improved textile work.

Showy blooms from a bush of the marshmallow family.

Meghan and Harry's Windsor cottage.

__ City, rarefied Denver has a lofty altitude.

Boat hires for temporary, exclusive use.

How Germans say 30.

Me __; shipmate speak for fellow crew members.

Impression made by a puppy's foot.

Platforms shoes of the 17th C.

Chinese lottery with densely written tickets.

Shiny fish with snake-like patterned skin.

Uber-confident, arrogant.

Puzzle 17

Porsche __, sports car in which James Dean died.

Medium-pitched female singers.

Nocturnal animal with black-and-white head.

Eye symbol used by the ancients.

Caribbean isle whose capital is Scarborough.

Quantity with magnitude, but not direction.

Legs __; limbs thrown widely apart.

Dummy or likeness, often burned on a bonfire.

__ sheath, the material surrounding nerves.

One who gives secret info to the press.

Bright golden, auburn hair.

Nora __, Sleepless in Seattle director, writer.

Eye of the __ by Ken Follett.

The backbones of a reef.

Biblical leader of the Israelites after Moses.

Puzzle 18

Diaphanous lightweight material for ballgowns.

__ Islands, South China Sea archipelago.

Scientific word for cows.

Seabirds related to shearwaters.

Contradicting, calling into question.

Country where Chicken Pastilla is a popular dish.

Pet cats with stripy, mottled coats.

Senna and Prost drove for this British F1 team.

Author of the poem Troilus and Criseyde.

1997 crime movie starring Laurence Fishburne.

Band comprised Dolenz, Jones, Nesmith, Tork.

TV series set around the Carrington family.

Puzzle 19

Football confederation of South America.

2017 Nobel Prize for Literature winner: Kazuo __.

Mother Theresa of __; old spelling of Indian city.

Industry that manages large areas of woodland.

Shape of the moon that's like a croissant.

Smiled coyly.

Describes a mournful, funereal tune.

First king of the Belgians.

British for having amused yourself.

Animated location in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Irish nun and saint, a patron saint of Ireland.

This huge animal has thick, wrinkly skin.

Land titles owned by a person.

An excessive enlargement of an artery.

Puzzle 20

Multiplied three-fold.

Small flowering plant with roots used in medicine.

Fifth letter of the Greek alphabet.

Mavis __, soul singer, often with her family.

Religion whose five articles of faith start with K.

Stippled with small dots, like a thrush's chest.

Third largest planet in mass.

Busy port in Brittany region of France.

Brazilian sugar cane spirit, part of a caipirinha.

Fitting windows, making glass.

Mythic seals who can take human form.

Pinto; black horse with large white patches.

Clive __; novelist of Dirk Pitt thriller series.

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