CodyCross Peculiar Palette Pack answers

Peculiar Palette PackPeculiar Palette

Here are the answers to CodyCross Peculiar Palette Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The second-largest living shark in the world.

Jamón __, prized ham from Spanish black pigs.

Swears off, shuns.

Skilled horseman of the Russian army.

Orange-tinted white hue, inspired by tablecloths.

Nelly, who sang Broken Strings with James Morrison.

Buying furniture to put in an empty house for sale.

Middle East country where Keanu Reeves was born.

Speedy Hungarian low-cost airline.

Three-stripe logo of Adidas Originals.

This ocean trench is the deepest on Earth.

Fruity green hue, popular on 1970s carpets, cars.

Puzzle 2

Raised mechanism for helping broken bones heal.

Crimson hue used by Stone Age artists in caves.

Italian form of the name Joseph.

Mercy or leniency towards a convicted criminal.

Smallest interval between two notes in Western music.

British author of the Jack Reacher novels.

Scientific study of fungi.

Northernmost of Japan's five main islands.

1979 movie about an undertaker known as Tall Man.

First ever artificial pigment, __ blue.

City in southern France known for its red wines.

Puzzle 3

Captain Ahab's ship in Moby-Dick.

What a defeated party is said to lick.

Worked in a particularly strenuous way.

Discuss between yourselves.

Land that can be cultivated for growing crops.

Acid produced by the body after exercising.

Sash or belt worn around the waist.

This Pope led a team of white hats in TV's Scandal.

Dark blue plant dye highly popular in textiles.

Scrub wallaby known for "smiling" in photos.

A small, often round, chocolate-coated candy.

Number of players on a standard cricket team.

Milos, director of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Blue __; award for the fastest Transatlantic ship.

Biblical book in which Samson and Delilah appear.

Richie, opening act of Woodstock.

Military-sounding part of a nut.

Brown ink hue used by Old Masters for sketching.

Some WWII code talkers spoke this language.

Puzzle 4

Slow-moving, lacking in energy.

The gardener who was Lady Chatterley's lover.

Europe's most southerly capital city.

Green used in Iranian crafts, representing nature.

Blessed afterlife fields in Greek mythology.

Sound made by an excited donkey.

The first track on David Bowie's album Hunky Dory.

A hinged surface of an aircraft wing.

Eggshell blue trademarked by NYC luxury brand.

Fashionable 1920s party girl.

State university of New Jersey.

Puzzle 5

Describing a ball thrown upwards from the hand.

Red paint used by Bob Ross on his calming TV show.

Clay oven for cooking chicken in Indian cuisine.

Live action battle combat game, founded in 1977.

Mesoamerican group made this unfading azure hue.

Loft insulation material.

Qualms, feelings of doubt or hesitation; morals.

First name of Cortés who ended the Aztec Empire.

Mikhail, Russian satirical writer-doctor.

Crude transporter.

Bernard Sumner's Blue Monday rock band.

__ Ranges, South Australian mountain chain.

Puzzle 6

Warbled like a songbird.

Nickname for a baseball thrown too high.

Mixture or medley.

A nine-sided shape.

Daffodil-like flower with bright yellow petals.

Movie with Steve McQueen playing a cop.

Pale green glaze, prized for mimicking jade.

S-shaped clay roof slate.

Expression aimed at someone with pretensions.

This is the Army's pool of extra trained personnel.

Person who software is designed for, PC owner.

Old time ale jugs.

Hash symbol plus six characters; hue marker.

London theatrical awards, named after Sir Laurence.

Scott Adams's comic strip office-worker.

Puzzle 7

NASA space probe launched to Venus in 1962.

Famous Canadian poet of The Dark Between Stars.

Embargo, veto.

To cast a shadow over.

Chinese herb said to provide energy and focus.

Chemist, has a toxic green dye named after him.

Turnable word for a something that turns.

Emperor who dissolved the Holy Roman Empire.

Flummox, confuse, unnerve.

Strong hued material, forms the base of paints.

Country where the rock band Thin Lizzy originated.

Live action role-playing.

The maximum operational altitude of an aircraft.

Small edible molluscs with spiral shells.

Genus of trees to which the oak belongs.

Puzzle 8

Pallas or Hygiea in our solar system, for instance.

Prepaid stamp fee in the 1840s.

Chewable shade of pink.

School superintendent in Dickens' Hard Times.

Exploits, capers.

Airport with the code IOM, in the Channel Islands.

Deep-fried fishy starter.

Patrick Swayze movie: Pain don't hurt.

Hatchback-style car that also has SUV features.

Bright blue first used to dye cement for pools.

Puzzle 9

Not needing oxygen to survive.

South African locomotive known for luxury.

Once thought to be the universe's average hue.

North American groundhog that tosses lumber.

John, inventor of Coca-Cola.

"When shall we three __?", opening line of Macbeth.

Netflix crime show with blind leading lady.

Covered with ice.

Demoted to the league or division below.

__ Pass; site of WWII battle in Tunisia in 1943.

Brontë sister who wrote The Professor.

Medical term for a white blood cell.

Green made from copper; Statue of Liberty's shade.

Sneaking illegal things across the border.

Incense burner at a Chinese shrine.

Puzzle 10

Granular North African carbohydrate.

Purplish red, also a controversial red food dye.

__ of pigeons, apposite and messy collective term.

First of Victoria Aveyard's bestselling series.

The antiparticle of an electron.

Two-person card game that ends with a knock.

Historic British cathedral city on the River Wye.

Spice used with saffron to dye Buddhist robes.

Fence behind baseball home plate.

Introductory instrumental music in an opera.

Film about veterans and racism, with Mary J. Blige.

Swedish heavy metal band with Clayman album.

Puzzle 11

Marvel villain born with the name Kyle Richmond.

Offshoot from a river or stream.

Fastening popper on a garment.

Spanish author of Don Quixote.

Set of people for a business to test ideas on.

Paint type with staying power against UV rays.

A disparaging remark.

Julius Caesar's last words in Shakespeare's play.

With a surface that curves inwards on both sides.

NSAID drug that reduces fever and pain.

Dull green-brown used for camouflage uniforms.

Applying a direct coat of plaster to a wall.

Puzzle 12

Binks, Star Wars alien from Naboo.

Youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II.

Another name for the Russian wolfhound dog breed.

Teased, blew raspberries.

Spectrum created on early morning moisture.

Basic unit of electrical current.

Sailors' disease caused by lack of vitamin C.

Another name for "Indian yellow".

Three-headed giant whose cattle Hercules stole.

A Japanese castle that dates to 1333.

Harriet known for helping slaves escape.

Name of first artificial orange pigment.

Puzzle 13

Greedy, covetous, money-grabbing.

Long, tapered flag on a Tudor warship.

Alternative name for Beethoven's Sixth Symphony.

Surname of British Formula 1 star Lewis.

Rodent who was asleep in a Wonderland teapot.

The rate at which employees come and go.

Against the flow.

Brought up kids of others when needed.

Cloudy grape coating, lends its name to blue hue.

Paradise __, sequel to Milton's Paradise Lost.

Collarless sweater with a rounded head hole.

A stand for creating a painting.

Egyptians made yellow pigment from this mineral.

Posts to which boats are secured.

The Good __, series about abolitionist John Brown.

Fall down, faint.

Belts of charged particles around the Earth.

Narrow, spaghetti-like thick pasta tubes.

Puzzle 14

RAF WWII planes were disguised with this hue.

On foot.

Part time professor; to be lower on the totem pole.

Real first name of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

Ancient rounded flute with finger holes.

Chinese shape puzzle.

First blank page of a hardback book.

Soil-animal home, turns kitchen waste into compost.

Facing in the direction of the wind.

Matisse was an early adopter of this synthetic red.

Puzzle 15

Designer of chain reaction-style machines, Rube.

Signs carried by protesting marchers.

Blue ovum of red-breasted bird; blue paint hue.

Italian salt-cured, air-dried beef.

Quality of a mineral measured on the Mohs scale.

Criminal archenemy of Sherlock Holmes.

Of the ancient combination of chemistry and magic.

Brother of Pegasus, son of Medusa and Poseidon.

Radiohead album or divers' disease.

Bright screaming pink, name comes from perfume box.

Having advantage due to weight.

Puzzle 16

Wrestles, battles.

The capital of Hawaii.

Hostile, not friendly.

A flea market, in other words.

Number denoting red, green and blue content in hue.

Using scientific methods to investigate crimes.

__ Sweetgrass offers Native American plant wisdom.

Touch-operated pointer sensor on a tablet.

Hit by the Cardigans on Romeo + Juliet soundtrack.

Poppy conflict between Britain, France and China.

Bond formed when atoms share electrons.

Purple plant shade; the Desperate Housewives' lane.

Puzzle 17

Pay someone to cover their expenses.

Popular Renaissance hue of orange-red.

Little bird that has just left the nest.

Written language of the ancient Sumerians.

Wall protector also known as skirting.

1980s music associated with smiley face emblem.

Unconventional, out of the ordinary.

Commotion, ruckus, disturbance.

Ancient woodland of Eriador, in Middle-earth.

White-ish green, named after a post-dinner sweet.

Ability to transmit unspoken thoughts to others.

Puzzle 18

Searched all over the place.

Smaller than normal, in a fluty way.

Situated in the interior of a country.

Dyes made from coal tar, revolutionary in 1850s.

Urgent police search for a wanted criminal.

Diacritic marks popular with metal bands.

Jugendstil, the Austrian variant of Art __.

Bitter, leafy vegetables.

Another name for rooks on a chessboard.

Mineral made into reddish dye by ancient Egyptians.

An epistolatory novel is written as a series of __.

Brownish, tawny animal fur.

Mary Poppins and Diagnosis: Murder actor Dick.

Puzzle 19

Guitar brand that makes the Les Paul.

Printed, often floral, fabric with glazed finish.

Five-a-side ball sport played on a hard court.

Painter of redheads lent his name to this brown.

Austrian city known for waltz and coffee houses.

Batman villain Quinn, girlfriend of Joker.

Turkish/Persian term for destiny or fate.

Multi-faith festival of lights in autumn.

Makers of the 747 aircraft that debuted in 1969.

Lines of UK residents waiting for actors' prompts?.

Plant you're said to grasp when you act quickly.

Another name for Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Native Chinese fruit with white flesh and red skin.

Wise old goat in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Former students of a university.

__ Tower, Shanghai skyscraper like a pagoda.

Orange shade associated with traffic cones.

Alexandria's legendary marble lighthouse.

Puzzle 20

A warship; protected by a strong metal.

Any herbivore mammal that chews the cud.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of this country.

Skies were painted with this blue, 1860 onwards.

Deeds, __, Emmeline Pankhurst quote.

Scale for rating the heat of peppers.

Journalism prize given by Columbia University.

Cosmetic company Lush's original fizzy explosion.

In tennis, a ball that just gets over the net.

Original name for magenta dye.

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