CodyCross Periodic Table Pack answers

Periodic Table PackPeriodic Table

Here are the answers to CodyCross Periodic Table Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Charlie __, the golden ticket winner.

World's largest hot desert, in northern Africa.

Office administrative workers.

In a non-bragging way.

Military flag for rallying the troops.

Silver metal, used in coins and batteries.

Last king of Egypt, deposed in 1953.


Picnic basket.

Historically important river of Baghdad.

Three __: Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras.

Earl __, inventor of kitchen storage phenomenon.

The most veracious.

Noises of crickets and birds.

Long form of Mr, term of address of a man.

Alkaline earth metal for x-ray radiocontrasting.

Out-of-this-world lifeforms.

What the v. stands for in law, such as Roe v. Wade.

Puzzle 2

Nation that was once called the Weimar Republic.

Local weather conditions.

Admiration for other, Franklin sang about it.

Enforced rules on.

Put something back.

Second largest seaport in Europe.

Johann, son of Waltz king, Richard.

Concentrated extract, such as with liquid vanilla.

Nuclear reactor metal named after a planet.

Districts of the Ottoman Empire.

Stomach, midriff.

Father of modern pathology, Rudolf __.

Keen enthusiast, especially to a religious group.

__ Endearment, Best Picture Oscar winner in 1989.

Tour de France congratulatory phrase; French hat.

__ family, group 17 of periodic table, e.g. Cl, F.

Cool kids at school.

Anna Karenina's dashing count.

Its versions 95, 98, and XP are all obsolete.

Plants that make up a lawn.

Puzzle 3

Can be worn, e.g. technology.

Historically, the unofficial pontiff.

Same number of protons, different neutrons.

Nicholson role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Asking many questions of somebody.

Palace and burial place for Spanish kings, El __.

Element formerly known as eka-caesium.

Green salad plant that aids hydration.

Hand readers.

Natives of Banjul or Serekunda, for example.

Prince's album of 1988 that features Alphabet St..

__ State Penitentiary, setting of Prison Break.

Puzzle 4

Symbol Mn, metal used in stainless steels.

Sportswear invented by René Lacoste.

Fellow worker.

Poet who kept a pet bear at Cambridge University.

Real first name of Frida Kahlo.

Unstable reactor incident in Ukraine in 1986.

Buffet areas with assortment of veggies.


Tall cup used for brewing and drinking an infusion.

Chemical element named after Californian city.

Those who did not perish.

Shape of You and Galway Girl singer-songwriter.

Indian Ocean island group, including Mauritius.

Puzzle 5

Ancient Egyptian goddess, the female hidden one.

Alkali metal (Cs), liquid at room temperature.

Not singular.

The A in amu, __ mass unit.

Little finger.

__ Wat, Cambodian temple complex.


Steve Buscemi's character in Reservoir Dogs.

Lost speed.

South American grain.

German engineer who gives name to an engine.

Palm stems used to make furniture.

Puzzle 6

The Card __, post-impressionism by Cézanne.

Small container for medicine.

Like Father, __, a child resembles his dad.

English summer rock festival, held since 1971.

Spanish enclave and port bordered by Morocco.

Georges Simenon's French detective.

More feathered.

Part of IPA.

Particle with no charge, found alongside protons.

Is equivalent to.

This is at the centre of an atom.

Message on a sign that advertises a vendor's house.

Puzzle 7

A natural vocation.

Peter Parker's school in Spider-Man comic strip.

Chemical element used in rat poison.

Red/brown element derived from brine pools.

North American bear.

Models' runway.

Pre-Columbian civilization of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Overly obedient, demeaning.

Orange vegetables.

"Life is a __, not a destination".

The Apostle who was a tax collector.

People of Crete, named after a mythological king.

Bobby __, chess grandmaster and world champion.

Queen singer, Freddie __.

Science of the intellect.

The hottest period of the summer.

Puzzle 8

Opposite of close together.

A metalloid is this.

American deer breed.

Proof of fatherhood.

Temple within the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

Bad luck with condiments.

In a state of severe disarray.

Stream cascading over rocks.

Wandering minstrel in Robin Hood legend.

Computer tool that measures document length.

Item that completes an outfit: scarf, bag, or ring.

Rare metal (Pd) used in fuel cells, jewellery.

Rosa __, co-founder of the Spartacus League.

Dropping __, falling ill in large numbers.

Loads and unloads cargo from ships in port.

Puzzle 9

Taking more time than necessary.

Yabba __, Fred Flintstone's catchphrase.

One of the tramps waiting for Godot with Estragon.

Circus trapeze artist.

Making sweaters with wool.

Green onion with a long thin stalk.

Alice's nemesis.

Mr. Hitchcock's ornithophobic classic.

Greenish gas used to keep swimming pools clean.

__ Castle, medieval fortress and prison in Oslo.

Frontman of the Bad Seeds.

People of letters, intellectuals, learned classes.

Excessive wording for little consequence.

__ stars, bright path of meteors across the sky.

Atomic element no. 99, Es, is named after Albert __.

Delay until later.

Puzzle 10

Speech given to the dead.

Pasture field.

Periodic change in the sea currents in the Pacific.

Elements that conduct electricity, e.g. gold, iron.

For a brief period or short time.

Long-legged birds that live in marshes.

Fruit that makes a split.

Swedish DJ and producer, had hit with Wake Me Up.

Malleable post-transition metal, atomic no. 49.

Nicephore __, French pioneering photographer.

Follower of Islam.

Puzzle 11

Eerie, ghostly.

Fake, not real.

Reactive metal, a chemical element found in salt.

Hard metal used in ball-point pen tips, symbol Os.

First sign of plant growth.

Blackboard-writing implements.

How the Ancient city of Halicarnassus is called today.

Shining, dazzling, luminous.

Chickpea spread.

Madonna’s Kabbalah name.

Puzzle 12

Bob Marley's backing band.

Car attachment for pulling a boat.

Least content or cheerful.

Chemical element found in dusts, sands, symbol Si.

Graduated glass tube in a science lab.

Rabbit-sized member of the kangaroo family.

Heavy woollen outer garment worn by sailors.

1995 fantasy adventure starring Robin Williams.

Peter __, Wacky Races' lothario.

Animated film.

Giuseppe __, Italian radical who founded Young Italy.

Appal, shock.

Partly cook in heated water.

"It takes two __".

Silver metal, symbol Ga, used in thermometers.

Turkish inland sea aka Propontis.

Device for catching smooches on screen at stadiums.

Oral health, toothpaste brand.

Horse race around the piazza of Siena, Italy.

Wooden home for birds to make a home in.

Ancient Greek troop formation with shields.

Puzzle 13

Paper money.

__ Jones, actress of The Song of Bernadette.

Joke or humour dependent on the visuals.

How witches mix up ingredients in cauldrons.

Nominated for office, suggested.

Annual Spanish rave festival, held in the desert.

Xenon, helium or neon are each this.

Main product of St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin.

Medium-sized wildcats with long tufty ears.

Silver, rare precious metal used in jewellery.

UN celebration of the planet on April 22.

Has the ability to speak many languages.

Large active volcano in the Andes' Ring of Fire.

Shows off an exhibit.


Forced to work for free, in captivity.

Young lovers in As You Like It, Orlando and __.

Puzzle 14

Transition metal, symbol Zr, nuclear reactor uses.

Instrument or a toy played with two mallets.

Threw a __, did something unexpected.

A diet without gluten.

He condensed history in We Didn't Start the Fire.

James Cook's first exploration voyage ship.

Territories, nations.

Soft metal, symbol La, used as a catalyst.

Winter "surf" accessory for the white stuff.

Category of antibiotics that includes erythromycin.

Fluent in two languages.

Performance in wooden shoes.

Puzzle 15

Adjective relating to the nose.


Atomic __, how many protons in an atom nucleus.

Croquet implement.

Same word, different regional pronunciation.

Card game for four players.

Small landlocked country in the Eastern Himalayas.

Picky, selective.

Gas used in respiration, atomic number 8.

Cocktail part Champagne, part orange juice.

Puzzle 16

Occupy your new house.

Tricked, deceived someone.

Runners who set a steady speed for others.

Atlantic bay west of France.

"Repeats the words of another".

Mexican horseman dressed in traditional garb.

Nina __, singer of To Be Young, Gifted and Black.

Relating to a king or queen.

__ corpus, legal term to produce a body.

Plain, wheat leavened bread from Iran.

Hindu festival of lights.

Positively charged particle found in a nucleus.

Atomic no. 96, named for radioactivity scientists.

Young cows.

Metamorphic rock with a laminated structure.


__ Johnson, retired wrestler known as The Rock.

Puzzle 17

Big letter, upper case.

Continuing, still in progress.

Metal (Re), a catalyst in making unleaded fuel.

Areas, anagram of ignores.

Writing implements.

Swiss dagger; Schweizerdegen.

Style of music of Henry Purcell; rhymes with oak.

Thermometer metal, liquid at room temperature.

Lacking in knowledge.

River that flows north from Lebanon to Syria.

Salty fish, often in cans.

Smaug, Toothless, Puff, Mushu....

Capybaras and mice.

Puzzle 18

Bugle call played to wake up soldiers.

A comedy tumble for the stage.

Group of words that express a complete thought.

Believable, well respected.

__ card, sentimental note given on special occasions.

Traditional Indian alternative medicine.

Movement in dancing or boxing, perhaps.

Zealot freed while Jesus was kept prisoner.

Forbidden zone.

Office paper attachers.

Found in light-bulb filaments, metal with symbol W.

Decorative panel either side of an arch.

Keeps your place when not reading.

Canine lookout.

Lightweight silver metal, or a David Guetta song.

Veuve __, yellow-label, old widow champagne.

Fashion experts who coordinate hair and clothes.

Puzzle 19

Manufacturer of corsets.

Attaches a horse's bridle using straps.

Annual school event showing off athletic prowess.

In Scotland, the opposite of a Highlander.

Exciting, arousing.

Band formed in Argentina in 1985, Los Fabulosos __.

Metal named after a dwarf planet.

Synthetic element named after continents.

Great prize won by Formula 1 drivers.

Adamant, unyielding.

Puzzle 20

Bird of prey.

Parentless child.

Vegetables like potatoes.

Male fragrance named after a Musketeer.

Joint swelling of the big toe.

The negative police officer in an interrogation.

1943 Pacific atoll battle between the US and Japan.

Parlement of __, Chaucer's tale of birds.

Poker lies.

Most abundant element, found in graphite, diamond.

Possessors, keepers of property.

Bahrain's city of skyscrapers.

Alkaline earth metal, symbol Ra.

Preserve in vinegar.

Jon __, Led Zeppelin drummer who died in 1980.

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