CodyCross Pet Adoption Pack answers

Pet Adoption PackPet Adoption

Here are the answers to CodyCross Pet Adoption Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Sweet biscuits, sometimes with chocolate chips.

Give him a carrot nose and coal for eyes.

Nursery rhyme woman who swallowed a fly.

Young cats that arrive in a litter.

Hurt or wounded.

TV streaming brand, can even be viewed on a phone.

You hang this out on a clothes line.

The early bird is said to catch it.

The people who take part in a sport or game.

Ape whose largest males are called silverbacks.

Cat or dog is doing this to keep clean.

Morally upstanding, in line with moral code.

Puzzle 2

Values marked on product labels in shops.

Give money or pet food to an animal shelter.

Items that bring good luck.

Inhabitants of Ancient Athens.

Set of clothes worn together.

Protected, like a house made safe for a new pet.

A vote cast in an election.

Continent in which France and Spain are found.

A baby's toy and a type of snake.

Computer tool for Zoom meetings.

Locomotives that run on tracks.

Bitter yellow citrus fruits.

Muppet frog, admired by Miss Piggy.

Going for lengthy walks in the countryside.

Kitchen appliance for keeping food cool.

Puzzle 3

Audience clapping at the end of a play.

Stoppers that block sounds when you're sleeping.

Bowing down; a praying position.

Brought in foreign goods.

Lightly cooking, like a slice of bread.

Orange pet cat belonging to Jon, along with Odie.

To have one "in the closet" is to hide a secret.

American, Australian rules or soccer, for instance.

Room in which you'd find a shower and sink.

Look into what is needed to adopt a pet.

Walking in time, like a soldier.

Supersonic passenger airliner first flown in 1969.

Decoration to hang on a Christmas tree.

__ and Dragons, a role playing game.

Puzzle 4

Magically unable to be seen.

Short, sausage-shaped dog.

The way people arrange their head strands.

It's the opposite of southwest.

Gradually lose momentum or interest.

Three or four sentences, usually.

A photograph or painting of the natural horizon.

Elongated, four-sided shape; an oblong.

F1 World Championship event.

Movie-star pet St. Bernard; German composer.

Describes food having no flavor.

Puzzle 5

Transferring or passing something to someone else.

Treats awarded to winners of games at parties.

Timberlake or Bieber, for instance.

Male serving staff in a restaurant.

Santa's __ Helper, dog taken in by The Simpsons.

A small piece or amount of food.

Twenty times four.

Clean, crisp bed covers.

One who tries to knock over 10 pins.

Cages for dogs to sleep in.

The four female cards in a standard deck.

They wake us up in the morning.

Parts of songs either side of a chorus.

Puzzle 6

Ten-legged crustacean; an anagram of bolster.

One of six musical threads on a guitar.

2019 installment in the Avengers series.

Lost consciousness.

Island country to the west of England.

Food processor, mincer, cutter.

Bulging, like the head of a bottlenose dolphin.

Top prize in a game of bingo or a lottery draw.

Scrape at a post like a cat sharpening its claws.

Bidding war with salesperson speaking very quickly.

Popular snack while watching films.

She is often referred to as the Queen of Pop.

Folded material at the bottom of trouser legs.

First name of Taft, Wallace or Shakespeare.

Exercises: pulling oneself up with arms on a bar.

The month when Halloween is celebrated.

The Big Apple, home to The Met art gallery.

Talk about details surrounding a pet adoption.

Puzzle 7

Protect a pet with a jab to avoid diseases.

She shows you to your seat in a cinema.

Plants that have blooms.

Elevation to a higher status at work.

Mario eats these fungi to power up.

Scooby-Doo is this big dog breed.

What lungs are doing to keep people alive.

Country lying east of Chile and south of Brazil.

Submersible for undersea exploration or warfare.

Legendary sovereign with the golden touch.

Brush with disaster; narrow escape.

Puzzle 8

Buzzed or rattled like a phone.

Dropping of hair by a pet.

Cool __, calm down.

Valentine's Day is the 14th of this month.

Apprehended by police.

Time when the sea edge is nearest to the shore.

Famous tombs of Ancient Egypt.

In Shrek, Donkey sang I'm a __, the Monkees hit.

Bermuda shape, mysterious patch of Atlantic Ocean.

The casting of political votes by a population.

Crusted, whipped dessert thrown in somebody's face.

Long feelers at the sides of a cat's face.

Removable artificial teeth.

Making a formal request to adopt a pet.

Small-scale version of a sport played with clubs.

Rottweiler or Alsatian that protects a business.

Puzzle 9

A person who is very clever.

Biscuits and other delicacies for pets.

Go backwards on a video tape.

Type of puzzle with pieces.

The season characterized by leaves falling.

Remove the layer of gift paper from a present.

Orange root vegetable that can be used in cakes.

Winnie-the-Pooh's sad donkey friend.

Planet between Jupiter and Uranus.

Take the __, nervously embark on a new venture.

It's said to be bad luck to walk underneath one.

Group of relatives who'll live with an adopted pet.

Company behind Mickey and friends.

Clothes holder on a wardrobe rail.

Joints that link the hands and arms.

Puzzle 10

Making a good pairing with a potential pet.

Refreshing citrus drink, especially in summer.

Grand sporting contest held every 4 years.

Banksy's artistic method of choice.

Visit Jurassic Park to see this extinct creature.

Two-digit number widely said to be unlucky.

Outfits worn by people pretending or acting.

Six-sided shapes.

Computer accessory for typing letters and numbers.

Classical form of dance, e.g. foxtrot, waltz.

Blood vessels that carry blood from the heart.

Thorny garden plant with bright blooms.

They're given at birthday and Christmas.

Young people that a potential pet must be ok with.

Puzzle 11

Cat that doesn't have long fur.

Enjoy yourself, let the __ roll.

Played on a console, e.g. Mario Kart or Minecraft.

Have this ice-cream drink in a diner with burgers.

A method for doing something.

Blue cartoon character with a white beard.

Hearth in a home where logs are burned.

Fractured lower limb.

Schooling, learning delivered by teachers.

Be responsible for, take care of a pet.

This blows hot air to dry wet tresses.

Software company founded by Bill Gates.

Legendary outlaw who led the Merry Men.

Route taken to get somewhere.

Where Adele said Hello from; the __.

Puzzle 12

Accuse someone in a legal trial.

Pets show this tender quality by nuzzling, licking.

Star of Independence Day and I Am Legend.

Bras, boxers and briefs are examples of this.

Sweet brown treat made from cacao.

The Bible has an old one and a new one.

The seasonal long-distance movement of animals.

Think on your feet, make something up on the spot.

What Sally sells by the seashore.

Work for free, in an animal shelter for example.

Puzzle 13

Supporter of or participant in protests.

Literary Doctor who talks to animals.

Pink bird known for standing on one foot.

In a forest, an open space with no trees.

Amount of money paid for doing your job.

House __, introducing a new pet to a toilet regime.

A common saying, this makes perfect.

First name of English actor Cumberbatch.

Japanese sea monster, has attacked NYC.

Adjusting well to a new home, __ in.

Da Vinci's enigmatic dame.

Checking how heavy something is.

Puzzle 14

Cats that have no home and live on the streets.

Monterey Jack is a type of this dairy food.

Describes the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.

Pick-up vehicles.

A low place between mountains.

The P in MVP.

Type of bee that helps the queen.

Dementia may cause elderly people to do this.

Lucas, Clooney, Michael or Washington.

Androids, automated machines.

Projectiles fired by archers.

Mythical male creature with a fish tail.

Staying out of view, like a pet in a new home.

Pressed clothes to remove creases.

__ Bells, one-horse open sleigh song.

Puzzle 15

Golf playing area between the tee and the green.

The Japanese art of paper folding.

Place to see movies or plays.

They attract or repel other metals.

Famous torch-holding statue, emblematic of the USA.

Watch or post video clips to this site.

Pay regular fees to help a shelter feed a cat.

The eyes are the these to someone's soul.

Cold-blooded class of animal.

Set of straps that fit around a dog's shoulders.

Puzzle 16

Outdoor grill for cooking burgers and kebabs.

Animal "in the room" if you're avoiding an issue.

TV program with quiz questions and prizes.

How the animals boarded Noah's Ark.

Month that follows October.

Describes boots reaching the mid-leg joint.

Globules of water.

Financial records of a business.

People who stay in hospital to receive treatment.

One of these is usually followed by an answer.

When you've put something on a website, it's this.

Hooved mammals that pull Santa's sleigh.

Caressing a cat to help it feel at home.

Commemorative landmark.

Condiment for people who like things spicy.

Winner of a tournament or a league.

Graceful animal type, includes gazelles.

Event where a drink was dumped in Boston Harbor.

Not needed, like a dog cast out by previous owners.

National Lampoon's __, funny movie about a trip.

Member of the mafia.

Puzzle 17

Breathing hole in the nose.

Got onto a plane ahead of a flight.

Nintendo's classic handheld game console.

Crime against your king or country.

Not standing, like a dog obeying an order.

First name of the UK's wartime leader Churchill.

__ ramen; noodles that are ready immediately.

A species with no living members is said to be.

Performed the operation 25 / 5.

Necklaces that can hold photos.

Feline sustenance.

Arctic __, apelike band, sang R U Mine?.

Ask someone to marry you.

Puzzle 18

Comic book hero known as the Man of Steel.

Removing dirt and germs from pet equipment.

Nationality of someone from the United States.

Acts on stage.

Circular toy spun around the waist.

Dark feline that crosses superstitious paths.

Storage shelter for drills, saws, wrenches, etc.

Pet collar tag with your contact details on it.

The length of time an animal is expected to live.

__ a time, the start for many fairy tales.

Dough ball served in soup or stew.

Jewelry worn either side of the head.

Gas with chemical symbol N.

Puzzle 19

Ms. Lopez, commonly known as J-Lo.

Machines for travel.

German __, brown and black dog aka an Alsatian.

Prediction of weather for the day or week.

Paper pocket to send a letter in.

It keeps your place when you're reading.

Long green salad food, eaten sliced or pickled.

Charge held by protons inside an atom.

Sign up with a vet.

First name of Hogwarts student Granger.

To engage in reflection or contemplation.

Christopher Columbus crossed this ocean in 1492.

TV show where owners get goods valued, Antiques __.

Illumination in a house.

Puzzle 20

Lofts, roof spaces.

2013 "frosty" movie with the song "Let It Go".

Changes, alters, fluctuates.

Kitty __, granules for a cat toilet.

Pull an electronic device out of its socket.

Stealthy Japanese warriors.

Also know as a bug or critter.

Yuletide party drink.

Dance style in which you might perform a pirouette.

Stockholm is the capital of the European country.

Husband of Mary in the Bible.

Save from danger, like shelters do to stray pets.

__ Tunes, long-running Warner Bros cartoon series.

Word that puts the T in TLC.

Didn't make a basketball shot.

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