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Here are the answers to CodyCross Pets Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Solar __, the Sun, our planets and satellites.

Name of the beluga whale in Finding Dory.

Furry, burrowing pet with a fluffy tail.

Period of time when the world was frozen.

The magical land through the wardrobe.

Judges food in restaurants or plays in the theater.

A horse's wooden home.

Like kayaks, these are narrow boats with paddles.

One or the other, not both.

Sixty seconds is equivalent to one __.

Iran used to be called this.

Tennis players swing this.

MP3 __, digital music device, iPod.

Puzzle 2

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are __.

Strapping that keeps dogs under control.

Part of the body between the chest and the hips.

Sport where you use a bow and arrow.

Bring your tent and sleeping bag to go __.

Green soybeans in the pod, from Asian Cuisine.

Large crustacean with claws, turns red when boiled.

__ Spears, US singer and "Princess of Pop".

Doctor who specializes in operations.

Incredible, green superhero.

__ suit, a garment worn for swimming.

A long missile carried by submarines.

Fidget __, it goes round and round.

The period from Friday through Sunday.

Poor conditions; living without money.

Electronic device that sound comes out of.


Puzzle 3

Worship and faith in a god or a greater power.

Key on a computer keyboard for gaps between words.

Adjective for someone who is kind and likes giving.

Cutting the edges or border.

An animal that hunts other animals for food.

__ and Broomsticks, fantasy Disney musical film.

A person who writes music.

If you break your ankle, you might need these.

Frozen dairy dessert with different flavors.

Small pond-dwelling turtle.

Large, narrow boat used by the Vikings.

__ Williams sings "Happy" from Despicable Me.

Where Harry Potter studies magic.

Surrealist painter Dalí's first name.

Puzzle 4

Use this to make your pencil into a point again.

Wreck-It Ralph is based on __ characters.

Animal that lives on land and water, like a frog.

Famous italian merchant; also name of a pool game.

A deep empty pocket in space.

Emergency worker, typically part of ambulance crew.

Something driven by the movement of liquid.

When thirsty, a dog will look for this container.

Freshwater pet with triangular body, flowing fins.

Kind of a peach with smooth thin skin.

To turn something from one language into another.

Delicate insect with brightly colored wings.

Puzzle 5

Also known as a goalie, in ball sports.

A piece of metal that attracts other metals.

A gloomy-minded donkey in Winnie-the-Pooh.

To reach the date when its no longer valid or good.

The colorful individual parts of a flower head.

King __, Greek god of the sea, Ariel's father.

Dried paper-thin food for tropical fish.

Praying __, large green insect with folded arms.

The opposite of rare or unusual.

__ Grande, singer who's the Cat in Sam & Cat.

Bring something back to its original place.

Puzzle 6

Competitive sport of riding a bike.

A diamond-shaped quadrilateral.

Brown hairy stone fruit with white flesh inside.

Plane departure.

The Princess and __ is about a girl named Tiana.

The United States flag has stars and __.

Ron and Ginny's surname in the Harry Potter books.

Young dogs before they are fully grown.

Keep steady; an equal weight distribution.

It usually follows the lightning.

The screen part of a computer.

More than for a long time, it never ends; eternal.

Tiny dried balls of pet food, often fed to cats.

Puzzle 7

Outside of a letter, where the address is written.

You'll need a __ pass to get on a plane.

The point when a liquid chills and solidifies.

This sport can be synchronized.

Small particle of soil carried by a river.

Not in-the-know; lacks knowledge.

A red "glittering" suit in a pack of cards.

This kind of jewelry usually comes in pairs.

The joints in your fingers.

Computer program or app.

Crispy fried cubes of bread to decorate soups.

Gently brushing the fur of an animal.

Miniature pony breed, with Scottish island name.

Underground level of a building.

Scientist whose work involves plants.

1997 Disney animated film about the son of Zeus.

A tank filled with water that fish live in.

Alpha __, the closest star to our solar system.

Puzzle 8

Someone riding on a ship, plane or car.

Chairs, tables etc; movable house fittings.

Related to Manchester in the UK.

Inflammation of the lungs by viruses or bacteria.

Small colorful birds from the parrot family.

The first meal of the day.

Several sentences make a __.

Wooden doll becomes boy in Disney classic.

Blonde female Muppet who loves Kermit the Frog.

General term for a chemist, physicist, biologist.

Puzzle 9

A fish's skin is covered in these.

Cage treadmills used by exercising hamsters.

Justin __, his fans are Beliebers.

Charlie Brown's pet.

Nanny with magical powers and a big bang.

To do something in a different way.

Chocolate candy that asks for a break.

The joints that are in the middle of your arms.

Four plus seven.

A gentleman's hairdresser.

Airway illness requiring an inhaler.

Puzzle 10

The main language spoken in Australia.

Breathing noisily while you are asleep.


Before a frog can live on land, it is called a __.

You'd make a smoothie in this electric device.

__ truck, modified vehicle with chunky wheels.

Toy Story Woody's cowboy job title.

Name for maths where x, y, z are used for numbers.

Young cats before they are fully grown.

Place in your home where you sleep.

__Gray, red-tailed parrot, great at mimicking.

The location of the court of King Arthur.

__ Pursuit, board game.

Japanese cartoon and trading cards.

The title of monarchs in ancient Egypt.

Puzzle 11

Ron's pet rat in the Harry Potter books.

With glasses, this superhero is Clark Kent.

The system for writing down music.

The number of players in a rugby league team.

The mechanical parts that make a computer work.

Salad of raw grated cabbage, carrot and mayo.

Colorful monkey, like Rafiki in The Lion King.

Take out or remove.

Muddy mark that is left on floor after a dog walk.

Window coverings that you draw when it gets dark.

One thousand grams is equal to one __.

Large snake from South America.

__ Crusoe lived on an island after shipwreck.

Puzzle 12

Classes where dogs are taught to behave.

Someone paid to exercise pooches.

To write instructions for medicine dosage and use.

A describing word, e.g. quick, slow, old, young.

A toxic substance sprayed to kill bugs.

Wooden baton traditionally used by the police.

Person who makes door fastening mechanisms.

You eat Chinese meals with this.

A superhero with claw hands.

Work without pay to help people.

Garden game with suspended sphere and bats.

Teenage spy written about by Anthony Horowitz.

Puzzle 13

Railway trains travel on these.

To ship goods to a different country.

Bone at the bottom of the spine, the tailbone.

Small lizards that can walk up walls.

Smoke and mirrors leader of Oz.

Dairy spread, used in baking or on toast.

Born in the country where the Taj Mahal is located.

To remove text, use the backspace button.

__ Swift, she sang "Shake It Off".

An afternoon nap in Spain.

Puzzle 14

Singing by talking, mostly.

If it hurts, it's __.

Superhero also known as Tony Stark.

Open-toed shoes worn in summer.

Loud rumbling noise heard during storms.

A baby goose is called a __.

Cliff __, sport not for those afraid of heights.

Sugar that is heated until it turns brown.

Female performer on stage or in film.

Sound made by happy cats.

Female hero in a story.

Period of one hundred years.

Star Wars pilot; Chewbacca is his sidekick.

Puzzle 15

Aircraft that can land on water.

The island that is one of Australia's states.

Minor planet composed of mineral and rock.

Film franchise with Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Garden coop for chickens.

Arm jewelry.

An originator or creator, a boffin.

Brian in Family Guy is this breed of dog.

Musical instrument in the brass family.

Read your __ to study for this test.

A key element in Mexican dishes like tacos.

Human body part between the neck and upper arm.

Mr __ put Peter Rabbit's father in a pie.

Japanese video game company that made the Game Boy.

Standard doggy trick - sit, stay, beg, __.

US sport played with a long bat and a ball.

Puzzle 16

Printed articles about the world's key events.

Member of a space craft's crew.

Non-uniformed police officer; a private eye.

Decorative items that brighten up fish tanks.

Roald Dahl's Mr Fox is __.

2006 film about singing and dancing penguins.

School athletics event on a summer's day.

Sweet treat made from cacao beans.

Powerpuff Girl who wears green.

__ pi, single board computer for schools.

To sleep through the winter months.

Garden platform for feeding feathered friends.

Ship used by the Pilgrim Fathers to reach America.

Puzzle 17

Not a sweet fruit; used on salads and to make oil.

__ center, for animals looking for a new home.

Abu is Aladdin's pet __.

The coat of a Dalmatian is __.

Christian festival where Jesus rose again.

These fruits are used to make wine.

Make a minor change.

Coastal body of shallow sea water.

When your nostrils are irritated, air explodes out.

Theater musical about the witches from Oz.

Long, vigorous walks on trails.

Creatures that live under bridges in kids book.

Puzzle 18

Police and fire officers wear a __.

Where helicopters take off and land.

Name of the building in which art is displayed.

Caribbean pirate played by Johnny Depp: Jack __.

Tossed by the bride after the wedding ceremony.

Venus __, insect-eating plant with "jaws".

A brother or a sister.

Pizza and pasta come from the __ cuisine.

A field for horses to exercise in.

Small salty fish in cans and on pizzas.

A swinging canvas bed that hangs between two trees.

House __, pets trusted not to make a mess indoors.

What you wait for after doing exams.

Something that is not manmade.

When rain and sun come together, they make this.

The act of standing guard for an attack.

To thaw something from the freezer.

Puzzle 19

Game where you buy property and can go to jail.

Water and gas pipe systems in a building.

Not a beginner, not intermediate, an __ level.

When clouds darken the sky, it's __.

Two pieces of bread with cheese and meat in between.

Another name for igneous rock.

Religious voyagers who make special journeys.

Using your hands and feet to reach the top of a cliff.

She gives massages professionally.

A list of times/dates, eg a weekly lesson planner.

__ Kit, emergency tools.

Stock __, where stocks can be bought and sold.

Baywatch star, was in High School Musical.

If you're hungry, you have an __.

Desktop machine, used in offices.

Place for garden visitors to take a dip.

Japanese for "goodbye".

Lipstick that's shiny.

Puzzle 20

Latin expression meaning the other way around.

Performer with their hand up their sidekick.

Cord that connects a mother and her unborn baby.

Construction equipment with a big bucket to dig.

Month between August and October.

Long-distance race that consists of three parts.

Rodent also called cavy, pet and research animal.

Someone who looks after wild animals in captivity.

An idea, device or process not thought of before.

To work out a sum.

A minifigure called Emmett is the star of The __.

Jelly-like eggs that hatch into tadpoles.

Pop singer with a 2010 hit song called "Firework".

A cascade coming down from a higher level.

Legendary sword that belonged to a British monarch.

Part of a plant that is eaten, not a fruit.

Loud excited noise made by chattering parrots.

The liquid that the ocean is filled with.

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