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Here are the answers to CodyCross Philosophy Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

It means "deep red" in Japanese.

Inventor of mauve, the first aniline dye.

Neil __, English author of fantasy novels.

__ Roberts, last days of WWII on navy boat.

Czech Rep longest river starts in Bohemia.

Goes with boogie to make a jazzy music style.

Monty __, Philosopher's Song about liquid excess.

Burnt __, reddish-brown color pigment.

First name of games' pioneer Mr Bradley of MB Games.

__ of Venus, aka Velázquez's Rokeby Venus.

Chairman of the PLO from 1969-2004.

Steamed bun from Northern China.

Strait in the Philippines, off Mindoro Island.

The bodily fluids of bile, phlegm and blood.

__ Brown, Snapchat cofounder.

Estadio Ilha do __, Sport Recife grounds.

__ away! Archaic expression sets a plane in motion.

Puzzle 2

Thor's hammer, which gives him his powers.


Mistake in philosophical reasoning; a flawed idea.

Brought together.

Command solemnly under oath.

Movie teaser.

Highest bidder wins.

Small, shiny, colorful discs to sew onto fabric.

Found in a river.

The starting point of a philosophical argument.

Grassland used for grazing.

__ Fauré, French Romantic composer.

Biker group.

Toxin that causes botulism.

Wifi access position.

Noble Russian author.

Jigglypuff is a fairy __.

Popular food fish includes dozens of species.

Not bound by religious rules.

Puzzle 3

Precious stones never traced after Antwerp heist.

Da Vinci's portrait of a woman found at The Louvre.

Army toilets.

Filipino sea aka Mindanao Sea.

Mexican-origin bread or crepe.

Courtesan heroine of Verdi's La Traviata.

It __ One Night, 1st to win all 5 major Oscars.

Animal diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Queen of England while Disraeli was Prime Minister.

Tom __, Top Gun and MASH star.

German Vice-Chancellor under Hitler.

A serie of three victories, in sports.

Induce doubters.

Posh name for a male hairdresser.

Age when dinosaurs walked the earth.

Movement for women's rights.

Puzzle 4

__ is the belief in an existence post-death.

James __, invented artificial sweetener aspartame.

Taking men into naval service by force.

Google's Alphabet Inc CEO.

Traditional All Saints Day dessert, tiny cookie.

Climatic zone that includes N Europe & New Zealand.

A meaningless condition, also a theatre type.

Directed another version of Alice in Wonderland.

Africanised honey maker.

Fictional kingdom, site of The Prisoner of Zenda.

Site of a "golden boy" where the Great Fire ended.

Puzzle 5

Country where ouzo originated.

It chains a fly.

Bunny __, term from Fatal Attraction.

Nabbed, arrested.

Attaching strap or cord.

Jane who played Daphne Moon in Frasier.

Walt Disney's talking cricket.

Marxist thought transferred to China.

Color of the Beatles' sub.

Ideal and perfect state authored by Thomas More.

Howard __, the subject of The Aviator movie.

Water buffalo creamy product, like clotted cream.

Puzzle 6

On fire.

Pingualuit __, allegedly world's purest freshwater.

In Jewish folklore, she was Adam's first wife.

Submerge, flood.

Gather liquid, gas, etc on a surface in a layer.

Typically made of brandy, sugar on the rim.

Every cloud has a silver one.

Thinker with simple explanations and a razor.

__ of Miletus, maybe the first Western philosopher.

The __ Girl, film about a pioneer sex-change.

Fictional detective Hercule __.

Tchaikovsky opera Eugene __.

The laws of __ were first observed by Isaac Newton.

Mast behind a ship's main mast.

Save from peril.

Greek goddess of darkness and of crossroads.

National Hockey Stadium in major Pakistani city.

Night by Elie __ was about his time at Auschwitz.

Puzzle 7

Hector's little son thrown from a rock.

Priest takes care of delinquet boys in 1938 movie.

Screwball __, ball bearing obstacle course.

Finish off, execute.

Famous painting by Frans Hals: "The Laughing __".

Umm __, least populated of the seven Emirates.

Belief system that is opposed to war.

Not crouton, "little toast" in Italian.

Motorcycle cop Ponch's partner in CHiPs.

Specifies North-South position.

Led the charge of the light brigade.

Ice climber's boot spikes.

Greek philosopher who knew that he knew nothing.

Horse Lords of the east in Game of Thrones.

Puzzle 8

Dutch __, breed of showjumping horse.

Study of the moral choices in medical research.

Poor speller in text responses.

__ Gaul was a part of Italy settled by the Celts.

Machiavelli's magnum opus.

Profession of opera protagonist Peter Grimes.

Butterfly pupa; transitional state.

French stew of meat and white beans.

French painter of the dramatic Raft of the Medusa.

Harsh treatment named after an Athenian legislator.

Name of emperor who started the Meiji dynasty.

Puzzle 9

"Spartacus" best supporting actor winner, Peter __.

Bovine bakers might make these.

River of woe crossed by Charon to the Underworld.


Baked pasta.

Ancient philosophical theory about nature's matter.

Never spur a __ horse.

In Greek myth, the river that surrounds the Earth.

Site of major Taiwanese earthquake of 1906.

Move across the channel.

School of philosophy named after Thomas Aquinas.

German WWII admiral executed for treason.


Puzzle 10

__ fiorentino, form of football from Florence.

Long, angry speech; an accusation.

Moral excellence of an individual.

"...or else".

Asian rice porridge, often with meat or chicken.

Dynastic Nicaraguan family that ran the country.

Quick Draw __ was a gunslinging cartoon in 1959.

Archeological site in Punjab, Pakistan.

Rive __, perfume named after Paris's Left Bank.

Grunge rocker who wrote Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Brando played this dockworker in 1954, Terry __.

Wrote Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Old disease theory; caused by foul-smelling mist.

Islamic steward, successor of Muhammad.

Arthur __, his Curve links tax rates to tax revenue.

Professor __ J. Farnsworth, Futurama.

Configure to set specification.

Cold kind of morning to go round the mulberry bush.

__ Brasco, Pacino and Depp thriller.

The mistress of Merlin.

Oil transporter.

Puzzle 11

Helen of Troy's husband: King __.

Japanese rail hub, to be avoided during rush hour.

Tennis stroke with back of hand facing outwards.

Citric, sour drink made for kissing.

Where roosters drink.

Region forming the toe of Italy's boot.

Flat, bottom-dwelling fish.

A kippa by any other name.

Haruki __, contemporary Japanese writer.

__: The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler.

Andrei __, nuclear physicist & political dissident.

Scentless flower.

Emphasis in people; evidence over dogma.

British boy band that sings All Night.

Predicted result.

Passages from philosophical works, eg by Confucius.


Richard __, British pop artist of the 1950s-1960s.

Puzzle 12

French for "that's life".

Ancient ocean between Gondwana and Laurasia.

My Funny __, jazz show tune from Babes in Arms.

Wallace __, chemist credited with inventing nylon.

Theory that recognizes multiple basic principles.

Scientific discipline of cell nuclei.

Failed plan to assassinate King James I: __ Plot.

Baggy golfing trousers ending below the knee.

Name of the Ewing ranch in Dallas.

These don't ever make one right.

Croatian, fried Christmas treat with fruit bits.

Name of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Belief that the only certainty is that you exist.

Puzzle 13

Sartre's Existential work might make you feel sick.

Highest peak on the island of Minorca.


Age of __, period that moved away from theology.

Scooby __, what Shaggy gives Scooby as a treat.

Navigation devices and wearable tech company.

Past tense of strike.


Rotund, chubby.

Popular nautical tattoo.

Puzzle 14

Current that sent the Portuguese away from India.

Death-sentence poison taken by Socrates.

First name of New World composer, Dvořák.

What Buddha became, to his followers.


Schrödinger's cat is a model of this contradiction.

Control-substance in a trial.


Long hitters.

Author of "The Hobbit": J.R.R. __.

Nationality of the inventor of roller skates.

Puzzle 15

Stress, importance.

Greek god of dreams.

Crack, break.

He said: "Religion is the opium of the people".

Everyone on board.

Favoring kin when hiring.

Nietzschean belief that nothing really exists.

Book by Stephen Hawking: "The __ in a Nutshell".

French revolutionary "sans __".

Pigs feet.

2009 Andrea Arnold film.

A gap or omission in the law is a legal __.

Violent storms from the Indian subcontinent.

Irishman won a Peace prize with David Trimble.

Split-ring-based item with identifying attachment.

Puzzle 16

What a mistaken dog barks up.

Igor Stravinsky's ballet about three puppets.

1977 Woody Allen hit.

Played TV detective Columbo.

A lake which doesn't flow out anywhere.

Embarrassing scene.

Secret identity of Robin #2.

Electromagnetic cooking.

The early name for Oxford University Press.

French Revolutionary club that met in a convent.

Hindu low-impact exercises, holding postures.


Belief in an individual's union with a Deity.

Puzzle 17

Captain Von Trapp sings about this Alpine flower.

Mexican hangover remedy of beer, lime juice.

Fundamental theory of On the Origin of Species.

Study of aging, decline after maturity.

The __, 40s feminist book by Simone de Beauvoir.

Art of carving or engraving onto bones.

Bat and ball game with wickets at shoulder height.

Chemical elements that start with z: zinc and __.

Ghostbusters get covered in this slime.

Learn, apprehend facts.

Puzzle 18

Parking areas for planes in front of terminals.

Surname of the actor who played Dave Starsky.

Invasive online felon.

Branch of philosophy known as moral philosophy.

__ ergo sum: Descartes' "I think therefore I am".

Dislike, enmity.

The High and the __, John Wayne disaster movie.

Greek sea monster, appears in Homer's Odyssey.

Deep Siberian lake.

Flight that takes place between 9pm and 7am.

Martin __, winner of an Olivier award in 1997.

Copious, filling.

Element with the lowest boiling point.

Prince who led Arab Revolt in WWI.

Non-electric stove top.

Two Bible books tell history of Israelites.

Puzzle 19


Group of musicians playing ancient music.

Bring into alignment, past tense.

Fired clay works.

Staff cuts.

__-Karabakh, unrecognized republic, also Artsakh.

Feline grub.

Latin term describes knowledge derived from reason.

"Person of influence" in Chabad Yeshiva.

Area where relief pitchers warm up in baseball.

Art of public speaking and philosophical discourse.

Where the wild things are.

Bite-sized donuts.

Saliva, often expelled or sprayed.

Illicit copy.

Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome.

Puzzle 20

Type of marble.

Babies' painful dental activity.

Make negative comments about something or someone.

Brazilian currency from 1946-67, 70-86 and 90-93.

Numerical description of defensive line in soccer.

French fish stew with wine.

Book for kids by Robert Munsch: "The Paper Bag __".

The reverse of speed up.

Buried explosive.

You can carry it.

They were Hot for Teacher in 1984.

Roman emperor Marcus __ wrote Meditations.

Ms Curie named this element after her home country.

__ Ford, Han Solo actor.

Man and __, what Nietzsche called Übermensch.

To cover, inundate.

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