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Here are the answers to CodyCross Photography Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Continent with the most French-speaking countries.

Medieval women's head covering (or for nuns).

English translation of the word "despacito".

This government style lasted 1,500 years in Rome.

Pierre and Marie Curie chemical element discovery.

Author of "Faust": Johann Wolfgang von __.

__ beach, Cuban cocktail with pineapple and rum.

Country where El Greco was born.

Christopher __ almost played Han Solo in Star Wars.

Worked; anagram of looted.

Small groups of trees.

John __, Daily Show correspondent, HBO host.

Pieces of glass that bring in light on cameras.

Howard __, businessman and aviator.

Puzzle 2

Overly concerned with his or her own needs.

To Eugene O'Neill mourning becomes her.

Combo of lots of photos assembled together.

Scenic Iranian city of bridges, tiles and mosques.

Medicine patented by Bayer in the early 1900s.

Poison pill taken by Himmler to evade trial.

Deep fried Italian pastry.

Mononym French-Hungarian photographer from Brasso.

To have a negative effect on.

Antidote for a poison, panacea.

Medical term for earwax.

Puzzle 3

Run for 2-year-olds.

Exorbitant or excessive rate or amount of interest.

The size of the hole in the lens.

Cape white __ are shiny metallic silver.

Proof used to distinguish gold from other metals.

Regularly erupting geothermal geyser in Iceland.

"Pistol" Pete __, LSU, NCAA basketball legend.

Series of private luxury business planes.

Learn all about brambles by studying this.

Publishing of photos on paper.

This willow is a vicious tree in Harry Potter.

Puzzle 4

__ dinner, romantic meal setting surrounded by wax.

Fantasy film starring John Cusack: "Being John __".

Specialized and mechanical.

Mad English king who lost the American Colonies.

Potassium nitrate by another name.

US state where Breaking Bad was set.

Seating organization for a wedding meal.

Layered French sweet of almond, hazelnut meringue.

An image made from more than one photo.

Greek city-state with temple to the god of healing.

Taking a little off the top.

Female nightclub singer (Fr.).

Puzzle 5

Risky chess move.

Religious Society of Friends, popular oatmeal.

Lone __, whose theme is the William Tell Overture.

Julius Caesar's friend and assassin.

Indo-European language family.

Leaf __ slug has large ornate 'leafs' all over.

Demetrius' betrothed in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Highest mountain of Victoria state, Australia.

Photos for use in a projector.

Jamaican 100m sprinter and relay runner, Asafa __.

Puzzle 6

Men Against the __, 1955 Disney documentary.

Trembles; anagram of squeak.


I Am __, Will Smith post-apocalyptic movie.

The larger of Mars's two moons.

Phoebe's surname in US series Friends.

Helmut __, German fashion photographer.

Australian tennis pro who died at age 56: Peter __.

Small town near Cádiz famous for surfing.

Zodiac symbol denoted by a bull.

Into the distance, the wide blue __.

Animals for which painter George Stubbs is famous.

Puzzle 7

Key to Egyptian hieroglyphics: __ Stone.

Large sea port and docks in Normandy.

Matthew __, engineer who partnered with James Watt.

Popular cereal dish, Quaker version in packets.

Neil __ Harris, actor of How I Met Your Mother.

For trick photography, add or use __ effects.

Prison gaoler, warder.

People supported by alms; beggars.

Fast-drying, egg-based paint.

__ of the Fall, drama about brothers with Brad Pitt.

Melodic or pleasant to listen to.

Dark patches cast by blocking the sun.

Puzzle 8

Central Swiss canton, Sarnen is the capital.

Norway-originate term for traitor.

Mild oath, originally from "by God's hooks".

Term meaning every two years.

Marginal body of water in northeast Australia.

Lustrous black mineraloid from Russia.

Famous London Shakespearean playhouse.

Not darkness; rays from our hot star.

Monitoring whether over or under exposed.

Green, candied cake topper from plant stalks.

The __, boy saves bull against matador.

__ player, or EP in vinyl speak.

In tennis, a ball that just gets over the net.

Puzzle 9

To tolerate something.

World's tallest creature if stood on its fluke.

The monarch with the golden touch.

Social function for welcoming guests.

The opposite of flat shoes.

Viennese waltz tune from Kiss Me Kate; Wonderful!.

Small image used as reference to find files.

Yellow French liqueur made from plums.

Uzbek city, famously on the Silk Route.

Linda __, celeb UK photographer and Paul's wife.

Philosopher who wrote "Beyond Good and Evil".

French dept in top left corner, Brittanny.

Puzzle 10

__ Puja, "Worship of Instruments" in Hindu.

Without __, bio pic about a distance runner.

__ Bubka, record-breaking Ukrainian pole vaulter.

An image with gritty resolution.

Conqueror of Tenochtitlan.

Joint on a jeep to see African wildlife close up.

The color of paper Truman Capote wrote on.

Hit with a flat object, like around the head.

Bill __, Ghostbusters scientist.

A catalyst in a living organism is an __.

Category 4 hurricane striking Texas in Aug., 2017.

French for goat and goat's cheese.

Binary image mapping unit for pixels.

Southern Italian region, Campobasso is its capital.

Puzzle 11

Tremble with cold or fear.

To plagiarize.

Son of Genghis Khan, his successor as Great Khan.

Song by English musician Harry Styles: "Two __".

X-Men star Rogue, Anna __.

Of the eyes.

Knitted woolen hat like a skullcap.

"A __ of infinite jest", Hamlet says of Yorick.

Baked Swiss cheese and bacon custard: __ Lorraine.

Common size for hardcover books, based on 8s.

Sheets that make up an image.

Lion's pride.

Robin's mentor.

Robert __, Tom Hagen in The Godfather.

Signaling flag to Ahab.

When pupils go crimson in photos.

Made a serpentine noise.

Puzzle 12

Liver related.

Churro-like dessert from Middle East, Balkans.

Part of the camera that controls exposure.

Stone laying.

JPEG, GIF and PNG are all file __.

Intermediate boss.

Closest friend of the groom.

Screen used for splitting room shoji in Japan.

Roman god of wine.

Reef lizardfish are widespread Indo-__ fish.

Not solid.

Leos __, Czech composer of Jenufa.

Clear coating applied to wood.

Second English king to father two English queens.

Puzzle 13

Full, intact, all there.

Famous former first Argentinean lady from 1940s.

Minced pork, beef or lamb shaped into a sphere.

Image trimming.

Court proceedings.

The __, demonic possession film about Regan.

The entire range of visible colors.

Master Gibbs in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Feminine hormone.

Highest peak on mainland Spain.

Colorful sprinter Flo Jo's surname.

French president known as the great asparagus.

Puzzle 14

Don't be afraid of heights; study of towers.

Muscular __, disease causing weakening of muscles.

Circus performer who breathes flames.

Having the opposite effect to separating.

English thinker wrote Two Treatises of Government.

Substances, can be toxic, used for pic developing.

Middle East bulghur wheat salad with mint/parsley.

Light wind at the coast, or cocktail.


Image-editing software brand.

Hanging garden ornament with a tinkling sound.

Puzzle 15

Painting by Leonardo da Vinci: "The Last __".

Gustav __, Austrian symphony composer-conductor.

Close-fitting necklace.

__ Panchali, Indian film by Satyajit Ray.

Very shiny photograph print.

Pirate's artificial limb replacement.

Philip __, aka Pip in Dickens's Great Expectations.

A legume many schools ban due to allergies.

Zoomed about quickly, like a clothes fastening.

Apple mobile device.

Photos on paper, developed from negatives.

Played on a pitch.

A young female cow that has not yet had a calf.

The F in UFO.

Acute-jawed __ is a species of ray finned fish.

Patrick Leigh __, travel writer, spy and war hero.

Puzzle 16

Fiat sports car named after an arachnid.

Make an image smaller.

Dark, gloomy architectural style.

Narrow waterway linking two bodies of water.

Gulf of __, home to Haiti's capital.

Indian Buddhist cave temple with wall paintings.

1986 Cyndi Lauper hit True __.

Third official Disney Princess; sleeping beauty.

The names given to consumable products.

Printer with colors that are sprayed onto paper.

Legal advisor.

"A __ on both your houses", from Romeo and Juliet.

Catholic ordained minister, govern diocese.

Problems or obstacles to overcome.

__ Smith, 3 time Superbowl running back Cowboys.

Puzzle 17

Male protagonist in La Bohème.

Dame Edna __, a Melbourne housewife and megastar!.

Nanny portrayed by Julie Andrews, Mary __.

Greetings card for the ill.

Masters and __, US couple who wrote about sex.

Largest fish market and industry in Africa.

Underside surface of a roof that abuts the fascia.

Animal referred to as "nature's skyscraper".

Altering an image using photo software.

Get very near to the subject of the photo.

7UP's UP is due to the direction of these.

Roman statesman, member of Second Triumverate.

Puzzle 18

1990 Cher film.

Exoplanet, "Earth's equivalent" in the galaxy.

Shiny company boss.

Kurt __, wrote the novel Slaughterhouse-5.

State of masculinity.

Long lasting, cheap biscuit, cracker.

Links Atlantic and Pacific at Tierra del Fuego.

Not half empty.

Intimate, non-sexual relationship.

Cute, infantile primate also known as galago.

Carpenter's craft.

__ II, Russian czar executed in 1918.

Type of brass instruments.

Instant photo camera brand.

Wherever a shoot takes place.

Shift, motion; trend.

Puzzle 19

With fire, a sign of God's wrath.

Image Stabilization tech, stops the wobble.

He played a pimp, a fighter pilot, and a bartender.

Lead singer of the Bee Gees.

Cut your coat __ to your cloth.

Jamaica competed in this 1988 Winter Olympic sport.

Given name of Prussian king dubbed Barbarossa.

Triangle pastry eaten at Purim.

Small country based around its capital.

French writer and famous practitioner of naturalism.

Image orientation that's wider than it is high.

Puzzle 20

Halloween is an __ event.

Here Comes Mr. __, boxer's 2nd chance on earth.

Bawdy, rude.

Towards the back of the ship.

Cloud in space.

AKA allium roseum.

Johann Strauss II waltz: "Tales from the __ Woods".

One side a Maid of Kent; the other a Kentish Maid.

Thick liquids served as accompaniment to food.

The S in SD card, meaning "safe".

__ (or maid) of honor; bride's chief helper.

Three-legged camera stand.

Polo timer's bell.

Lead worship in Judaism, singing in Christianity.

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