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Here are the answers to CodyCross Picture Books Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Village green punishment that traps head and hands.

Serving dish that often has handles.

An excess of things crowding a space.

Man in a tub with a baker and candlestick maker.

The largest flightless bird in the world.

Trip up or lose your balance.

What was produced by Picasso and Van Gogh.

Curved yellow fruits with peelable skin.

Power-saving mode for a TV, ready to be turned on.

Bell __ are also known as campanologists.

Backpack that might be full of library books.

Creatures that are often picture book characters.

Business __, things have returned to normal.

Puzzle 2

Vehicle used to transport patients to a hospital.

Sport played at Hogwarts.

Looney Tunes character who said "What's Up Doc".

Lobster, mussels and oysters are this food type.

Part of the house where logs are burned for warmth.

Buildings where manufacturing takes place.

German composer who went deaf late in life.

Movements that lead to muscle flexibility.

Person in a picture book.

Game of guessing words with clues in a pattern.

Puzzle 3

Bright colored, sugar-coated chocolates in a tube.

Cement path made for pedestrians.

The artform of pottery and sculpted clay.

Freshwater animal common in home aquariums.

Suspense movie.

Everest is a famous example of one.

Children's reaction to a funny picture book.

Some books for preschoolers show these 26 letters.

Either team in a knock-out contest's last game.

Dora's job title; an adventurer.

Device with a mouse and keyboard.

Adults read to them.

Puzzle 4

Go over the same story again.

Comings and __.

Disney's main mouse.

Greece's capital.

The shapes that breads come in are called __.

Melancholy donkey from Winnie the Pooh.

What the third little pig built his house out of.

Large teeth in the back of the mouth.

Type of bath to indulge in, with soap circles.

Rapper from Atlanta; opposite of the past.

Flap of skin found on the throats of some dogs.

Gold awards for first-placed athletes.

Place of Christian worship.

Participant in a game.

Puzzle 5

Where one might borrow picture books from.

Dozed for a short time.

The song from The Snowman film: __ in the Air.

Seats on horses' backs.

Using a long-handled utensil to wash floors.

Line separating Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Category of books about non-real things.

Banging on something, e.g. on a drum with a stick.

Malt or apple cider condiment.

Model scene created in a box.

There's a pot of gold at the end of this.

Device on which video games are played.

Puzzle 6

Word describing the Wizard of Oz in the title.

Sweet hexagonal structure made by bees.

Bladed object common on early aircraft.

Sew designs onto material.

Steven who directed Jaws, Jurassic Park.

The morose daughter of Morticia and Gomez.

Ariana Grande song about not being around bad boy.

Head __, totally in love.

Location of Times Square and Central Park.

Stores where you can buy bestsellers.

First meal of the day.

Puzzle 7

To woo or win someone over.

Charlie Brown's dog.

Isabelle __, French actress of Camille Claudel.

__ Jakle is Jessica Smith in the Barden Bellas.

These infants can be read to from day one.

Waste-water disposal channels outside homes.

Evening meal.

__ skates; roller blades.

Famous British murder mystery writer: __ Christie.

Spiny plant common in deserts.

Mr. Depp, famous actor and Hollywood star.

A legendary fire-breathing creature.

Area of dense woodland.

Spongebob was employed to cook __ patties.

This could be a scam or a tennis tool.

__ Goose's nursery rhymes.

Sittin' on the Dock of __, by Otis Redding.

A marauder at sea who robs other ships.

Early __ get out of bed at the crack of dawn.

Puzzle 8

A rejection, rhymes with "bamboozle".

Kel Mitchell plays him in Game Shakers.

Making music with voices.

The money left in an account.

Lo mein features this egg-based ingredient.

Self-__, e.g. buffet where diners help themselves.

Appliance colder than a refrigerator.

Common hiking snack made of oats, nuts, and honey.

The age adolescents have a "sweet" birthday.

Horses drink out of water __.

Tales told in books.

The home and kingdom of King Arthur.

Kate __; starred in Wonder Wheel in 2017.

Puzzle 9

Going into, going inside.

Relationship of authors Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Insect that pollinates flowers.

Chronic failure to sleep.

The Amazon rainforest has this kind of climate.

Basic Italian tomato sauce.

An example of one would be gin rummy.

Novel where all the action is in one day: Mrs. __.

Assignments from school to continue learning.

Different-feeling surfaces in some picture books.

Eli La Bouff's nickname, The Princess and the Frog.

__ Land; flowing with milk and honey.

Puzzle 10

Thin pasta strands, served with Bolognese sauce.

Oral stories that many books are based on.

Superhero was bitten by a radioactive spider.

Long-handled stove-top cooking pots.

Legal permission to use or reproduce artwork.

Amount of walking measured by a pedometer.

Director famous for Pulp Fiction.

The study of the Earth and its features.

The magical place where Peter Pan lived.

Mammal group with a pouch for babies.

Puzzle 11

Pink rubber that removes pencil marks from paper.

Front parts of books where you find the title.

Church songbook.

__ Kreme; doughnut and coffeehouse company.

Chicago bootleg-era gangster.

The final celebration, one last __.

The Rock's real first name.

Woven hair patterns.

He wrote Jasper Jones, Craig __.

Courts often seek this reason for an action.

__ Rascal, English hip hop artist.

Mowgli lives in this kind of environment.

Professor __; mystery-solving video game character.

Continent of the French and Spanish.

It's a canal as well as a hat.

Chemical element with the symbol O.

__ pigeon, birds that return to their owners.

Surname of Pakistani PMs Benazir and Zulfikar.

Puzzle 12

Mary who cares for the Banks children in London.

Where people settle down just outside the city.

Where children's books are stored.

Jade's nickname in Bratz series.

The best case scenario.

__ main, Caribbean area ruled by a European empire.

Enemies of the Trolls in 2016 DreamWorks animation.

Dog __; silent to humans but perceivable by mutts.

__ Scrubb, the Pevensies' cousin in Narnia tales.

High-intensity combat sport with arms and legs.


Puzzle 13

The City of Constantinople today.

__ of the Guard, daily regal ceremony in London.

Nutritional units of energy.

Mean-spirited, cruel and nasty.

Falling down, in ruins.

Strong dark coffee, literally "pressed out".

Charts or technical drawings with labels.

New York high-security prison.

Tight trousers with patches, worn for horse riding.

Royal daughter character of many children's books.

A picture is worth a __ words.

Daughter of Menelaus and Helen in Greek mythology.

Fashion designers may claim a shade is the __.

First thing viewed when a website opens.

What children are doing as they read.

Where one idiomatically searches for a needle.

Puzzle 14

Series like reality, dramas or sitcoms.

Leaving a car in a safe space.

__ coffee, also known as an Irish coffee.

Writers of books.

"__ ever after", how most fairy tales end.

Law-__; not involved in illegal activities.

One of Santa's reindeer, German for lightning.

Wooden flooring used in gardens.

Mineral that strengthens bones and teeth.

Chilly island country in the North Atlantic.

Snakes communicate by doing this.

Cute creepy-crawlies featured in picture books.

What people tell salespeople: I'm just __.

Men's revealing one-piece such as worn by Borat.

Adopted a dog.

Puzzle 15

Sticky, chewy sweet made of sugar and butter.

A gift that is promised in return for good work.

Pith __, worn by Victorian explorers to keep cool.

__ gloves are worn to protect fighters.

Coiled hair round into kinks.

Spiritual communication with a higher power.

Activities involving drawing, collage, needlework.

Engine no. 4 in Reverend W. Awdry's Railway Series.

Gripping tools.

Exercise that accelerates heart rate, e.g running.

Picture books featuring super heroes.

Cardi B song __ Me.

Puzzle 16

Chemical __; substances in the periodic table.

A person who lives in the capital of France.

The essential Yoga pose; __ Dog.

__ Moore, star of The Hours and Bel Canto.

Long-legged bird with a diet of shrimp.

Mythical city that sank beneath the ocean.

What an ABC book might help teach.

Colorful drink with mix of flavors, no alcohol.

Spoiled and overindulged, e.g. __ pet.

Chilling, unwinding.

Where John Green says the fault is in.

Puzzle 17

Blank album for adding keepsakes to.

Ancient Roman fighter, e.g. in the Colosseum.

Food that is exceptionally tasty is this.

Similar to tusk material.

Make an animal character have human features.

Healthy diet and exercise can do this to your life.

Tale of rabbits seeking new home in __ Down.

Expert chemist, biologist or physicist.

Like many regular payments.

Kitchen tools for draining and straining.

Embarrassing secrets lurking in closets.

Audio formats that use magnetic tape to record.

Puzzle 18

It's called football in the UK, __ in the US.

Food made according to Jewish law.

Not long ago, not far in the past.


A building where people gamble.

Moscow is this country's capital city.

Like squished up potatoes.

Unlucky birds at the Tower of London.

__ reveal, party with a boy or girl announcement.

Music industry award given in the United States.

__ & Me; Owen Wilson film with pet Labrador.

The level of sound.

Tee and Johnny's surname in the Tracy Beaker books.

A reminiscence and a computer's storage area.

Type of animal Beatrix Potter's Peter is.

Put a plan on the back __, set it aside for now.

Lounge sofa.

Puzzle 19

Religious day off or band Black __.

Regular doctor's appointment for general health.

Word puzzles, brain teasers.

Word for runway where models stride.

Summer sport played with a bat, ball and stumps.

Insists on having something.

Fastest animal on land.

Major Texas city; NASA Mission Control is there.

Celebrations for birthdays.

Toto's owner in The Wizard of Oz.

Spicy Indian dishes.

Reduce, Reuse, and __.

Puzzle 20

Popular pro wrestler who was in film Bumblebee.

Babies move through this method.

Frequent action taken to stay hydrated.

Ready-made breakfast snack heated in a toaster.

Turning over in the air.

Fictional doctor who can speak to animals.

TV series about the routine of a lifeguards team.

What is needed to surf the web.

Known as Sin City.

Clark Kent is this for Superman.

__ partner, opponent in boxing training session.

__ learning; studying remotely.

Russia's largest airline with HQ in Moscow.

Scary creatures in many children's stories.

Dear __, Beatles song written in 1968.

Dog breed often used as guard dogs.

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