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Here are the answers to CodyCross Piracy Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Major tributary of Kasai River.

Joseph __, Belgian inventor of roller skates.

Hot, cold fruit dessert eaten or drunk.

Son of Genghis Khan, his successor as Great Khan.

Quick __, a sly look or glance, from the Arabic.

Procedure triples IQ, Algernon the mouse.

Pirate ship blaster.

French dramatist of Andromaque and Phèdre.

City that hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Amati family musical instrument.

Implement with spikes, discs that run across soil.

Puzzle 2

A pistol that tells you when to start running.


Period of Palaeozoic saw mass extinction.

To overturn in water.

Igloo architects.

Panel above car driving seat that opens.

Measure of alcohol content.

Musical device that pumps air into an instrument.

Barbary __, monkey found on Gibraltar.

John __, BuzzFeed cofounder.

Marked by an X on a treasure map.

Detained human collateral.

Somewhat deranged, unhinged.

Puzzle 3

Small Horn of Africa nation.

Fiber-rich food.

The Way of __, banker on train, silent film.

Quadrennial sportsfest.

Cloth covering for visual impairment.

Sans shoes or socks.

A stand-off or a head-to-head confrontation.

Elton John's real first name.

Worthy of confidence.

Stranded on a desert island.

Puzzle 4

Austrian ski resort in the Ötztal valley.

Friction reducing substance.

30s cinema comedy style: wisecracking and witty.

Where the German WWI fleet was scuttled in 1919.

Holiday with breakfast and evening meal included.

Doing a good job.

An ancient phrase for all of the world's oceans.

Melody sung by hard-working sailors.

Random, erratic choice.

Kennedy Center tourist attraction: __ Hall of Fame.

Puzzle 5

Items on display in the Uhrenmuseum in Vienna.

Island to avoid being marooned on.

Food that has been slowly boiled.

Russian grassy plain, as in Siberia.

Sports dad in Silver Linings Playbook.

Oneirophobia: the fear of __.

__ R.R. Martin, wrote the Game of Thrones series.

Dinara __, Russian tennis no. 1 of 2000s.

Religious loner.


Sailors' illness caused by Vitamin C deficiency.

Traditional small Greek fishing boat.

Protected position earned from service length.

An apprentice.

Puzzle 6

Scoring five 19s, in darts.

Mats say this.

Wolfgang __ Mozart.

Nickname for a Navy seaman.

Large city and Oblast in Russia's Siberia region.

__ Carlos, Brazilian left back, free kick taker.

Theme song for this 007 film won an Oscar in 2016.

Boastful, bragging, swaggering pirate.

Colorful layered cake from Malaysia.

Cocker, pamper.

Puzzle 7

Typically stuffed chili pepper, means little beak.

To abruptly utter.

Me __, familiar term for pirate chums.

Japanese World Heritage site near Kyoto.

85th Oscar winner for Actress in a Supporting Role.

He-Man's macabre nemesis.

Birth nationality of Paddington Bear.

Scientific class that mammals belong to.

Mockery, pale imitation.

Notorious Russian mystic.

Learn how to pronounce correctly in this field.

Pirate booty kept in chests.

Mendel's experiments created the science of __.

Puzzle 8

World's narrowest internationally navigated strait.

Self-appointed order enforcer.

Ice palace of queen Hel in Scandi mythology.

Leather drinking vessel, colored with tar.

Most difficult golf exploit.

Morrissey's ex-group.

Cross-body belt for holding ammunition.

When a plan goes spectacularly wrong, it __.

Tiny sponge cake from France.

Celestial theme tune from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Swiss actor played Hitler in the film Downfall.

Holy roller.

Solid frozen ball that can damage buildings.

Puzzle 9

Egyptian god of the underworld and afterlife.

Use a square one for a square hole.

Famous American film producer and illustrator.

Capital of the Cook Islands.

Salty old sailor.

__fruit, mythical creature fruit.

Everyone knows who I am.

City where the play "Measure for Measure" occurs.

Hempen __, pirate slang for a noose for hanging.

Hydrophobia, in other words.

Mutually shared or owned.

So many people live inside one.

Steve who played Michael Scott in The Office.

Spanish nougaty almond sweet, either hard or soft.

Town historically known as the Pirate Republic.

Puzzle 10

To sink one's own ship deliberately.

Lacquer, shellac.

View on an issue.

Basic food items.

Multi-decked masted sailing vessel.

Material bodies in motion.

A word made by rearranging other word's letters.

Jamie Lannister, Game of Thrones, __ Coster-Waldau.

Manicure shop.

Pyrenees principality between France and Spain.

__Arena, soccer specific stadium in Jersey.

Puzzle 11

Fish tank.

Danube-divided locale.

Dominican dance style.

Vicious pirate punishment of dragging under a ship.

First to drop "the bomb"; OMD song.

Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

American who wrote thrillers on conspiracy theories.

Adornment, decoration.

Persuasive writing or speaking.

Brand of ointment made from oilfields by-product.

Long neck and flat-bottom, this flask has got 'em.

The __, Western comedy starring Bob Hope.

Crumbly Spanish shortbread means "dust".

Tennis swing with the palm facing forwards.

In a tight spot.

Muck-covered rodent inhabiting a ship.

Morning news delivery man; Nintendo video game.

Puzzle 12

Medical term for nosebleed.

Crash, accident, impact between two objects.

Mostly ridden by children.

Musical group that play metal drums.

Fictional pig who lived in a castle: Empress of __.

Portuguese architectural style, named after a king.

Flat-lying, wave-riding object.

Multihued charity item, slipped over hands.

Margarita element, for some.

The __, '65 comedy about daredevils.

Man __!, cry when someone falls into the water.

North California, San Francisco-Oakland's link.

Played Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad.

Severe, often unexpected verbal assault.

Make together.

Broom for sweeping enclosed, paved outdoor space.

Puzzle 13

Rebellion at sea.

Letter of __, conditional amnesty for privateers.

Three of something.

Cooking method over low heat for meat and veg.

Encourage or nurture development.

Big-schnozz bird.

US Singer and ex-wife of actor Josh Duhamel.

Midsized road.

Brutus' Caesar.

Collects data about a given population.

Clark Gable Gone with Wind character, Rhett __.

Ultra-fundamentalist Sunni sect.

Soft scrubber, natural or not.

Popular poker game.

Puzzle 14

Center defender whose job is to "clean" up.

The animals in the fantasy novel "Watership Down".

To rob and pillage.

__ is the 23rd James Bond film in the series.

Short pirate sword with curved blade.

French PM who initiated plans for the EEC.

The type of lens used in a lighthouse beacon.

Having a secret or ambiguous meaning.

Ticket to Ride is a __-themed game.

Fried ball made with chickpeas and fava beans.

Longest river in Japan.

Basque for the "Basque language".

Puzzle 15

Formidable, daunting.

Taxi to the __, 2007 Academy's Best Documentary.

Three-pointed cocked pirate's hat.

Debt-financed investment.

Alpine range in Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Sudden rise, as in fame.

__ storm, calm in the middle of tropical cyclone.

Massaging the dough.

One can't sit at this table.

Process of splitting a group.

Pirate's cry when coastline is sighted.

Canine pal of Goscinny's Obelix.

Puzzle 16

Long-running Great Dane comic strip.

Using multiple airlines to complete a journey.

Heavy artillery mounted on a ship.

One third of Neapolitan.

Group of large thick-skinned mammals.

Inflammation of the cornea of the eye.

Sincerely, heartfelt.

George Harrison wrote "Something" for her.

African virus isolated in the 1940s.

Scottish poltergeist in Greyfriars Kirkyard.

Penguin species with thin facial stripe.

Smaller earthquake that precedes the main quake.

Mild weather with moderate temperatures.

Pirate slang for a bothersome rogue.

Actor star of Rebel Without a Cause.

Puzzle 17

Gelling agent found in some fruit and used in jam.

Dead person's chauffeured ride.

Conflab at sea between warring pirates.

This Pokemon evolves from Pikachu.

Organized argument.

__ Schweitzer, 1957 documentary about this doctor.

Coarse metamorphic rock with banding.

Please leave.

Tribute to Princess Diana: "__ in the Wind".

Shipwreck debris washed ashore.

Witches' clubs.

One or the other only.

Puzzle 18

__ Finch, Gregory Peck's famous Mockingbird role.

Between Dancer and Vixen.

Delacroix's __ Leading the People, a radical work.

Colorful handkerchief tied around the head.

Bird that follows ant swarms to eat.

Receptacles used at breakfast for boiled goods.

Money all at once.

Wreckage of a ship, floating on the waves.

Solar darkening.

Not in public.

Enlightened Rishi, guide on spiritual path.

Bottled scent.

He is Desperate but Not Serious.

New York Avenue on which Mad Men is set.

Having taken vengeance upon, revenged.

Puzzle 19

Skill of cutting or engraving gemstones.

Island nation off of tip of India aka Ceylon.

Instant photo camera invented by Edwin Land.

Group of 5 chemical elements: chlorine, iodine etc.

Guerlain flagship perfume with Persian/Arabic name.

Sleeping car on a European train.

Unchecked aerial plunge.

Degrees of volume in music.

Maggie's sobriquet.

Break a leg.

Scoring area's support.

French term for finely chopped mushrooms.

1938 horseracing Romeo and Juliet.

Sufi dervish, wandering ascetics in Central Asia.

Area at the far rear of a ship.

Barbarossa pirate.

To revamp run-down neighborhood.

Puzzle 20

Klaus Maria __, Austrian actor of Out of Africa.

Electromagnetic radiation affecting Bruce Banner.

Official currency of Bolivia.

Another word for the open sea.

Strong air currents 9-12km above sea level.

Actress star of Barbarella.

French Rococo painter of The Swing.

Gratuity, tips or bribe in Eastern countries.

Fruity balls fired from a cannon.

One waters your yard.

__ of grandeur, unqualified greatness.

British aristocrat murder suspect who vanished.

Voucher for public transportation by road.

What the yellow jersey cyclist is.

A series of 100 stories by Giovanni Boccaccio.

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