CodyCross Places to Relax Pack answers

Places to Relax PackPlaces to Relax

Here are the answers to CodyCross Places to Relax Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Average weather for a region.

Eight-legged denizen of the deep.

Blamed for, charged with committing a crime.

Radioactive heavy metal used for nuclear power.

Lounging at home, away from work.

James Cameron film based on sinking passenger ship.

Plain ice-cream flavor; boring, bland, ordinary.

Apple TV+ debut series: The __ Show.

__ on the Roof; musical set in a Russian village.

Inflate this with hot air for tranquil aerial ride.

Turn on this device to reduce coffee beans to dust.

Rapper's __, early hip-hop hit for Sugarhill Gang.

Inert medicine known to have an "effect".

Puzzle 2

Brides need something old, new, this, blue.

France's first emperor.

Democratic __ of Congo.

Fist joints.

This US state split into two in 1863.

Hunger Games heroine Katniss.

A killer.

Proverb: Once bitten, __.

Relax with friends round this, toast marshmallows.

Acorn-loving tree dweller.

The lead in a pencil.

Identification required to cross country borders.

Content creator for video sharing-platform.

Bat Out of Hell singer or food.

__ pool, swim alongside a beautiful view in one.

Puzzle 3

Treat luxuriously, like a spa treatment does.

Drinkers say this or salud or sláinte or l'chaim.

__ in plain sight, the clues were there all along.

Instrument mastered by Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page.

Sale of goods directly to consumers.

Visit new countries, relax and take a break.

Popular chocolate bar with four joined pieces.

Egyptian god of the Underworld.

Wide spade for shifting snow.

__ mongoose; small striped African mammal.

Bueller, who took a day off.

__ Borealis or __ Australis.

Where baseball players wait.

Irregular heartbeat signifying cardiac issues.

Puzzle 4

__ Horse, wooden decoy used in ancient Greek war.

Residents of Havana.

Torn, frayed, shredded, of material.

Indian food, chicken tikka __.

Scandinavian steam rooms.

Black __, picturesque area of southern Germany.

Repetitive name for Gander in nursery rhyme.

Raise an argument against.

Dark blue-purple.

__ Montana, teen sitcom starring Miley Cyrus.

What you should wear many of to stay warm.

The largest lizard in the world, __ dragon.

James Bond actor Craig.

Website for booking houses for trips away.

Puzzle 5

Brand of diapers.

An aider and __ assists in a crime.

Cuba __ Jr; won an Oscar for Jerry Maguire.

Relax while binge-watching this streaming service.

A specialist in a particular field of study.

Appointment to look around a property for sale.

A layered dessert of ice cream and fruit.

Legendary brother of Remus in Roman folklore.

Aid that is proverbially said to begin at home.

Rapper of 2021's MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name).

Get a massage to relieve this stress.

Taking a short sleep; anagram of pang nip.

Thin rug used in Hatha, Bikram classes.

Puzzle 6

Get away and unwind from work worries.

To maintain something in its original state.

Jane who is buried in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Element number one.

Process of selecting government officials.

Former US First Lady Obama, author of "Becoming".

Handgun with a rotating cylinder of bullets.

Turning a caramel shade, like the crust of a loaf.

Han Solo's profession; one who carries contraband.

To be covered in tiny dark spots left by the sun.

Branded theme park based around building blocks.

"Eddie __," the rare Olympic ski jumper from UK.

Natural area or plants, described by their hue.

Puzzle 7

Container for cornflakes.

Love is __, mega hit for Wet Wet Wet in 1994.

Nature scenery, relaxing to look at or paint.

If signed by Babe Ruth, they're worth money.

The crime of destroying or defacing something.

__ comment; thoughtless words.

Saltwater tank to lie in and relax.

Dutch painter who created The Night Watch.

Technically inaccurate name for a marsupial.

Aerosol used to set a style on the head.

One of the targets in a game of Battleship.

Puzzle 8

So valuable that a cost cannot be calculated.

Is it really bliss, though?.

__ dream, one experienced repeatedly by a sleeper.

Flower grown for wedding buttonholes.

Kind of a peach with smooth thin skin.

Religious-feeling, like a place of sanctuary.

Trendy womenswear items with snaps in the crotch.

Forged, fabricated.

Professional singers and instrumentalists.

Epic film with Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix.

Natural beauty spot like Niagara or Victoria.

Puzzle 9

The dark circles in the middle of the eyes.

The words of a song.

Deluxe rooms in hotels for more pampered stay.

Huge metal nails hold the hulls of ships together.

Type of juice in a screwdriver or tequila sunrise.

__ Girl, 1983 hit for Billy Joel.

Mad Men is about this kind of advertising business.

__ 9, partially reusable SpaceX launch vehicle.

Wild canine, slightly smaller than a red wolf.

The shelf over the fireplace.

Long loose tunic.

US island state and relaxing getaway location.

Tom Cruise starred in this 1986 film about a pilot.

Country where the Olympic Games originated.

Puzzle 10

"One man's trash is another man's this".

Tina Fey's character in 30 Rock.

Story-teller's role in a play or book.

Food blend for feathered friends.

Jennifer Lawrence's shapeshifting Marvel character.

Heaven on Earth, beauty spot, natural wonder.

Celebratory paper pieces thrown or dropped.

Ornamental bottle for serving wine.

What KO stands for in boxing.

Special secret place for relaxing trips.

Guitar playing linked to Andalusia, Spain.

Puzzle 11

Chinese dish of stir-fried noodles and diced meat.

Thumbing a ride.

To have one "in the closet" is to hide a secret.

Top-notch, luxury rated hotel to unwind in.

Marvel's Thanos was obsessed with these stones.

Art period from 3100 BC – 30 BC.

Sia and David Guetta's strong song.

Legal agreement to repay bank for a home loan.

Chill out on this car-based break.

__ bird, joke desk ornament that likes some water!.

Plants that frogs can sit on.

Puzzle 12

To use something's weakness against them.

Amount of money in a bank account.

Breaking away of glacier ice; having baby cows.

What chefs call pasta when it's firm.

Gathering of individuals with a shared history.

Venetian wooden boat to relax in on a canal.

What Happens __, 2008 Cameron Diaz romance.

Oily forage fish that rhymes with earring.

Calm, thoughtful, like a certain wellness trend.

Graphologists examine it to indicate state of mind.

What Lenny Kravitz, Will Smith are to Zoe, Willow.

Tennis game that's played two against two.

Kerry Washington starred in this political series.

Spanish artist Pablo, born in Malaga in 1881.

Puzzle 13

Disney film with animation and classical music.

Clothing for a job.

Take a break and get energy back, like a battery.

Hungary's capital.

Small plant shoots, clipped from larger plants.

To give someone too much to eat.

Long, thin glass vessel used in science labs.

All Saints' Day is the first of this month.

Stay under the blankets for a chilled-out time off.

Stiff support for a lower limb.

Five cards in sequential rank.

Puzzle 14

Income generated by a company.

Country that celebrates Unity Day on October 3.

Unwind at this kind of retreat right by the sea.

Anything happening online or digitally.

Orange and black butterfly; the queen.

Tom Clancy book, Clear and __ Danger.

Full of talk: this and no bite.

Yummiest room in a home.

Fragrant sticks used at home for calm atmosphere.

It opens and closes in a camera to take a picture.

Ivy League college in Good Will Hunting.

A Turkish dessert made of layers of filo and nuts.

I'm So __ by the Pointer Sisters.

Puzzle 15

Sweeping views over mountains and oceans.

Scattering or planting seeds.

Stones knocked together to spark fires.

Name of the "burner" used in school science labs.

America's founding principles in Bill of __.

His birth name is Marshall Mathers.

__ seat, comfy reading nook by panes of glass.

Scottish delicacy cooked in a sheep's stomach.

Austin Powers actress Heather's last name.

Precursors to the Greek Olympian gods.

Frog puppet from Sesame Street.

Middle of the three layers of the human skin.

Refill with ammo.

The Inner __, dating app and event hoster.

Meghan, Prince Harry's wife.

Puzzle 16

That's __! Looney Tunes' signoff.

A reduction from the original cost.

Safe, not poisonous.

Stoppers that block sounds when you're sleeping.

Game show formerly hosted by Alex Trebek.

Willie Nelson sings about these crying in the rain.

Practice of looking after you.

Deep wide pits from which stone is extracted.

High-speed automobile pursuit.

Israeli actor, star of Wonder Woman 1984.

The Great __, relax in this natural world.

Blood-sucking bug you might need repellent for.

Puzzle 17

Cochineal or carmine is made from these insects.

Postal delivery requires an accurate one.

Vinyl gramophone discs.

Thigh-__; joke considered to be highly amusing.

Laura Ingalls Wilder book Little House on the __.

Winter-wear made out of animal hair, faux or not.

Creature once known as a camelopard.

Fleshy pendulous appendage either side of the head.

__ basket; flowerpot suspended from a rope.

Salty Jordanian body of water to float in.

Popular streaming platform with red icon.

Release tension at a spa with this body rub.

Trophy __; where football silverware is displayed.

Colorful modeling clay for children.

Puzzle 18

Bright blue gem, the birthstone for September.

A means of escape, like in a law or contract.

Cement filling that goes in the gaps in tiling.

Animals, plants, things to be around in nature.

The most delicious or mouth-watering.

She slept on a pea and was pretty uncomfortable.

Working late, burning the __ oil.

Evened out.

Crispy, salty baked circles as made by Ritz.

Surname of Titanic and The Revenant actor.

Piano learners tickle this.

Asian mountain range.

Water feature that promotes calming, relaxation.

Healthy kind of diet everyone should have.

Puzzle 19

Let down, broke one's promise.

Crunchy cubes of bread used in salads.

A short curving line or doodle.

Geographical feature such as Denali in Alaska.

Gym activity, some people do it to relax.

Working vessels near a dock.

Positively charged brother of ammonia.

He played Marvel's superhero Ant-Man.

Clean refreshing breeze enjoyed outdoors.

__ design, the decorating and layout of rooms.

Puzzle 20

Digestive organ that's either large or small.

Large black rodent covered in prickly quills.

John, author of The Grapes of Wrath.

Process of having moved to a smaller home.

Vending bulk products from a manufacturer.

From __; entirely, covering the whole body.

Instrument used to get a closer look at the stars.

Place workers can go and relax when on duty.

Capital of Scotland.

2004 Lindsay Lohan film about high school clique.

Spas use this soothing sound from ocean creatures.

Nourishing substances in foodstuffs.

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