CodyCross Planning for Christmas Pack answers

Planning for Christmas PackPlanning for Christmas

Here are the answers to CodyCross Planning for Christmas Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

To-do note with items to cross off when done.

Town where Jesus was born in a manger.

Describing word in a sentence.

Sweet treat that can be milk, white or dark.

Craft made from old boxes and bottles.

Sea that features in Johnny Depp's Pirates movies.

Bite this to get something over with quickly.

Fast internet, not dial-up.

Tree that doesn't lose its leaves... or hue!.

Sugary fruit spreads, jarred at home as a gift.

A residence in a block or tower.

Puzzle 2

John Lennon song; anagram of "a Gemini".

This kind of pot is said never to boil.

Gliding on an ice rink.

Sets of instructions for making a dish.

Woody's friend Jessie is this.

Tarantulas, black widows and redbacks.

Putting cards in the mail.

__ A, first piece of evidence in the courtroom.

American retail giant and former owner of UK Asda.

Tiny, shiny, decorative particles.

Sampling food or wine before an event.

Writers, novelists.

Puzzle 3

Act out the part of a character in a game.

European country of which Lisbon is the capital.

Where tracks converge.

Sound of a clapping audience.

Paper proofs of purchase.

Sweet fizzy drink made from yellow citrus fruits.

Natural lines or creases in the skin.

The amount of space between two people or things.

Space in a home for children to enjoy their toys.

Cutting tool for slicing wrapping paper.

Paper to enclose presents in.

Steep meat in herbs before roasting at Christmas.

Guitar that isn't wired for sound.

Building where busy elves help Santa make tools.

Ugly bird in children's story that became a swan.

Orange aquatic pet that swims in a bowl or a tank.

Puzzle 4

Surname of Sir Isaac, known for his laws of motion.

Stickers on Christmas cards to pay for postage.

Personal watercraft for skimming across waves.

Minnie Mouse's partner.

Great desert of North Africa.

Louisa May Alcott wrote about these Women.

You have your head in them when daydreaming.

Lip-synching, video-recording social app.

Decorative ornament pinned to a garment.

The name of Batman's butler.

Birds with red bellies.

Circle of holly to make and hang on a door.

First name of singers Eilish and Holiday.

Ted, known for roles in Cheers and The Good Place.

Puzzle 5

Dancer and Hollywood legend Fred.

Robbers, burglars.

Diary, logbook.

Haunting ghosts or ghouls.

Unfreeze prepared food, ready to eat at Christmas.

Scientific study of rocks.

Layered dessert of pudding, cream and fruit.

One-against-one tennis.

Day off work, like at Christmas or New Year.

Comforting, burning wood on a hearth.

Worth a thousand words.

Puzzles with interlocking pieces.

Puzzle 6

Biggest contest in American football.

Large snowstorms.

Tools for unlocking or securing your home.

Ladies and __, opening for a formal speech.

The crazed haberdasher from Alice in Wonderland.

Sauce of red berries to stock up on by Christmas.

McDonald's kids' dinner that comes with a toy.

Have a party, rejoice in an occasion.

A fighter in Ancient Rome's arenas.

Teacher at a university.

Puzzle 7

Dress bottoms.

Christmas carol, Hark! The Herald __ Sing.

A female parent.

Nursery rhyme character who lost her sheep.

Appetizers with a lettuce base and dressing.

Red suit in a deck of cards, not diamonds.

Treasure containers stashed by pirates.

Quit, stop trying.

Illustrated stories with panels.

Black and white giant mammals from Asia.

To bring goods into a country from abroad.

South American river and online shopping company.

Relatives many try to visit around Christmas.

Claim that someone committed a crime.

Puzzle 8

Finding it hard to relax or stop moving.

It's in the middle of a baked Alaska.

Another name for table tennis.

An actor's casting interview and performance.

Public writing or drawings made without permission.

Any gift created by hand.

Waxy cosmetic for the outside of the mouth.

Protective strap in a car seat.

Game played by matching and linking dotted tiles.

Popeye the sailor man's love.

Fragrant plant with lilac or violet flowers.

Piece of travel baggage.

Red and swollen through illness or infection.

Official written agreement, signed to seal a deal.

They're said to pull Santa's sleigh.

Selecting something, such as gifts for others.

Puzzle 9

A feeling, e.g. happiness, sadness, anger.

Figgy __, Christmas dessert mentioned in a song.

Beer, wine, and liquor.

Only US state whose name begins with F.

Story and musical about a magical little girl.

Singer known by her fans as RiRi.

Get an oven to cooking temperature.

Army hairdo.

Elsa's song after her Frozen powers are discovered.

Bird of prey that lives in a farm building.

Illness, sickness.

Puzzle 10

Child raised by wolves from the Jungle Book.

Dull, tedious.

Hole from a meteor.

Crunchy fruit, e.g. Golden Delicious, Pink Lady.

Gold or silver cup awarded to a sporting champion.

Clock functions to wake you up each morning.

Things posted on Twitter.

The largest country in the world.

Christmas calendar that counts down the days.

Toy spring that can uncoil and climb down stairs.

Rich dairy fat melted into mashed potatoes.

Small carnivorous mammal, similar to a stoat.

Puzzle 11

Details of where people live, to put on envelopes.

Holiday movie about a boy left behind in his house.

Series of novels about a teen girl detective.

US filmmaker, Helena Bonham Carter's ex-partner.

Terrain-exploring computer game released in 2011.

Household items, e.g. chairs, beds, tables.

Perth and Melbourne are cities in this country.

Orange jam for toast.

The bird in a pear tree in a classic Christmas song.

Fundraising bodies many donate to at Christmas.

Puzzle 12

Salt's common partner.

__ Santa, furtive gift-giving at the office.

Beings from another world.

Marionette or ventriloquist's dummy.

Is the same as, adds up to.

Actor Bill of Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day fame.

Mother __, Calcutta missionary, Nobel Prize winner.

Blue cartoon characters with white hats.

Heavy object on a ship that hooks to the sea floor.

Creamy Christmas alcoholic drink made with yolks.

Ariana, singer who released Thank U, Next in 2019.

Puzzle 13

On your own; remote, out of the way.

Middle Ages time of knights and maidens.

The ocean the separates Europe and America.

Bangers, wieners; put them on Christmas meal list.

Nationality of Yoko Ono and Akihito.

Flightless birds found in Antarctica.

Another name for the African stadium horn.

Putting food in very cold storage to eat later.

Going red in the face.

__ choice, test with several answer options.

Elastic tie for a ponytail or braid.

Game company behind Super Mario Bros.

These types of films make people laugh.

Puzzle 14

Being present at parties and events.

Small watery habitats for crabs on beaches.

Sleep during winter months.

Egyptian queen famously played by Elizabeth Taylor.

Custom or belief followed at certain times of year.

Olympic award for an event winner.

Painful inflammation of the joints.

Astronomer's device for watching the skies.

Lance Bass' 2007 book about leaving a boy band.

Substance that cleans up oily surfaces.

Puzzle 15

Store that sells hocked items.

Long-necked mammals seen on safaris.

Blows tunefully from the mouth.

Fabric or cloth for making clothes.

Elf on __, Christmas mischief-maker in a home.

Spherical float that controls water in a tank.

Muscle power, ability to lift heavy weights.

A fly in the __, an unpleasant drawback.

Paper used to conceal presents.

New York Yankees legend who scored 714 home runs.

Shortest month of the year.

Work done outside of your agreed hours.

Type of wine in a martini.

Dinosaurs ran amok in this Park.

Number of grams in a kilogram.

A lawbreaker, someone who has committed a crime.

Profession of Thomas Edison.

Chain of theme parks concerning building blocks.

Puzzle 16

Poor commoner in Elizabethan England.

Let go, unclasp an object.

Appliance used for producing smooth liquids.

Female deity.

Strands of fabric for trimming gifts when wrapping.

Sculptures of people.

Voted into office.

Cinderella's carriage was really this.

Princess from Aladdin; fragrant climbing flower.

Fish found on pizza.

Band whose hits include Heart of Glass and Atomic.

Receipts for travel to relatives at Christmas.

First name of sports stars Jordan and Phelps.

Cool and fashionable, anagram of "shy list".

Puzzle 17

Set a time for this online chat with loved ones.

Emergency vehicle with paramedics onboard.

Island where Peter Pan lives.

Shaping a stick by shaving it.

Insect that develops from a caterpillar.

One running for office.

Comic book hero who fights the Green Goblin.

A planned meeting of people, especially family.

Precious goods, items of monetary worth.

Mountain home of the Yeti.

Puzzle 18

Asking guests to come for Christmas day.

Fabric window coverings.

Handheld firework for writing in the air.

Barack Obama's First Lady.

O Come All Ye __, loyal Christmas carol.

Chitty Chitty __, flying car in a 1968 movie.

Fragrant spice often paired with apples.

The main title of a newspaper article.

Area of a house that's decked with boughs of holly.

Phrase said to someone who has sneezed.

Mountainside used by downhill winter sports fans.

Your vision or how well you can see.

Total lunar sphere seen in the night sky.

Synonym of birth.

Classic toy meant to spin around your hips.

Puzzle 19

God of the sea in Roman mythology.

Place of higher learning after school.

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

President who delivered the Gettysburg Address.

Wizard who mentors the Fellowship of the Ring.

What you do with the mail and babies.

Cutting back or reshaping plants.

Pressing a tablecloth for a celebratory meal.

Parts of a shirt that cover a person's arms.

Italian supercar brand with prancing horse logo.

Little boy who beats out a Christmas carol.

Place where beer is made.

Stack or pot on the roof of a house.

Large field where animals graze.

Puzzle 20

A place where students meet teachers for lessons.

Citrus fruit to put cloves in at Christmas.

First name of AA Milne's Pooh bear.

Fastener on a duffel coat, rhymes with goggle.

Icy weather.

Outer casing of a pie or strudel.

Christmas songs.

Ancient calculator that uses beads.

Pannier; add food goodies to make a Christmas gift.

Magical wish-granters that live in bottles.

Plant that acts as a narcotic to felines.

Advertising tune.


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