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Plant-Based PackPlant-Based

Here are the answers to CodyCross Plant-Based Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Longest river in the Americas.

Bowls of mixed veggies and dressing.

To risk money in a game of chance.

Athlete in his or her first professional year.

Tilting metal joints that allow a door to open.

Mineral vital to the thyroid gland, added to salt.

Warplane that drops explosives over a target.

To make something thinner by adding water to it.

__ justice, when someone gets their just desserts.

Soft light fabric made from a crop plant.

Turn on, do this, drop out.

Avengers: Age of __; 2015 superhero flick.

Puzzle 2

Floating sea creatures with stinging tentacles.

Green spring vegetable growing in spears.

Vary, change; rise and fall irregularly.

The Albuquerque gasbag festival is in this state.

Work requiring no training or qualifications.

John, acclaimed author of East of Eden.

Balancing upside-down on palms.

Common mind-to-mind contact method.

Headgear sharing its name with a canal.

Legumes used to make hummus, curries.

Don't look this equine in the mouth.

Puzzle 3

Sports drama, Hardball, is set in this city.

She married John Lennon in 1969.

Green veggie popular on toast.

Removes harmful substances from one's body.

Radioactive element with isotopes 235 and 237.

Body of water where streams meet the sea.

Stinging plants, an anagram of let nets.

Spin-off of MTV's 16 and Pregnant series.

Fermented dark grape alcohol that can be vegan.

Small round glass balls used as toys by children.

Electronic audio player.

Puzzle 4

Clicking the floppy disk icon on a computer.

It's the e in Einstein's equation e = mc2.

Bread rolls with central holes.

Jolly, upbeat.

Music style of Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings.

Gangsta __; old lady David Walliams book character.

Largest city in the Republic of Ireland.

Musty white fungus that builds up in damp places.

Horror film where Jeff Goldblum turns into a bug.

Rita, actress and singer married to Tom Hanks.

A recess in the wall of a room.

Describing a very high-quality, opulent design.

This veggie comes in hot or bell varieties.

Puzzle 5

Morticia and Gomez head up this spooky family.

A barrister, a defendant's representative in court.

Line or shape that veers sharply left and right.

White or red oval-shaped fruits grown on vines.

Animals Shenzi, Banzai and Ed in the Lion King.

Downhill skiing race with a winding course.

Art gallery in Gateshead and a very cold sea.

Easy to remember, like a pop song.

Votes someone into office.

Harbor where yachts are moored.

Not all those who __ are lost.

Flying vehicles that made it faster to travel far.

__ calf, meal prepared in the Prodigal Son parable.

Hard-to-pronounce superfood grain.

Armed forces based on warships.

Square root of 144.

Timberlake, Bieber or Trudeau.

Puzzle 6

Brown plant seed that goes in coffee cake, salads.

Happens again, repeats itself.

Actor Michael, who played Batman in 1989.

Birds that are said to carry human babies.

Astrology sign represented by twins.

The area around a whirlpool.

Dark purple-blue dye made from a flower.

Dalí painted about the Persistence of this.

Marshall Mathers' initials made this rapper's name.

Island filming location for Lost, Magnum PI.

Dance that can be done en pointe.

Whitney Houston said she'll __ love you.

Wooden golf club with lowest loft.

The size of a book or page.

Type of control that keeps cars at constant speed.

Maximum or perhaps minimum quantities.

Puzzle 7

Person who strums the old six-string.

Ending a telephone call.

Kim Kardashian married this hip hop artist in 2014.

Work out, add up, determine.

__ time, modern naming of Greenwich Mean Time.

Tropical plant subbed in for pulled pork.

A piece of wood that returns when thrown.

Edvard Munch's "loud" painting.

A blank 3-D box that can be painted on all sides.

Piña tropical fruit used in a plant-based leather.

Freezing, wet charity challenge that began in 2014.

Puzzle 8

Miss Piggy, Kermit and Fozzie are some of The __.

Tortilla chips brand, some varieties are vegan.

Cover completely; cause to suffocate.

__ all the people living life in peace.

Hairstyle popular in the army.

Flexible person trained in tumbling or acrobatics.

Vermicelli, farfalle, chow mein and soba.

Blast __, used to smelt metals, especially iron.

Dal ingredient that goes into many vegan dishes.

This Thai city was world's most visited in 2019.

Virtual home space.

Places to make an indoor fire.

Square-based prism with triangular sides.

Rush of fast-flowing water in a river.

Go on the __; behave recklessly or violently.

Puzzle 9

Idiom used to describe a thick covering of snow.

Describes a strong, unpleasant smell.

Inventors Orville and Wilbur.

Stupas and pagodas in Buddhism, for example.

The falls located between Ontario and New York.

Swimming mammal like a porpoise.

Greens from the ocean, eaten as plant-based snack.

What shooting stars at night really are.

Ryan, star of La La Land and The Notebook.

Popular toy that shoots foam bullets.

Store __, shows where nearby shops are on a map.

Spicy meals made with lentils, squash, potatoes.

Triangular leg bone also called the patella.

Puzzle 10

Protein stand-in such as pretend chicken, ham.

Lifted and dropped shoulders.

Malicious attempt to make another doubt sanity.

A land-dwelling turtle, races against the hare?.

"__, Scotty," paraphrased Star Trek saying.

Closed cupboard or cabinet for storing clothes.

Vehicle accident or collision.

Unit of data storage capacity abbreviated to MB.

Alluring female undergarments and sleepwear.

Times of no rain.

Turn this seed into milk or praline desserts.

Chemical substances that cannot be broken down.

Broke the rules; upset someone.

Puzzle 11

Energy drink brand that hosts many extreme sports.

More mute.

Montego Bay is a resort on this island.

Me, myself, or I.

Skin sore from wearing shoes that aren't broken-in.

A large spotted cat of Africa and Asia.

Person hired to make sure someone exercises.

House __ by Ben Ames Williams.

Study of the network of living things.

Rings on her these and bells on her toes.

Franklin Roosevelt's 1930s financial program.

You've __, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan 1998 rom-com.

Creating meals; go plant-based to make it vegan.

Language spoken in many Latin American countries.

Puzzle 12

"I Heard It Through The __", Marvin Gaye song.

Quickly, in a rush.

Kara who escapes Krypton, fights crime on TV show.

Tiny dark plant pips for toppings and puddings.

Cartoon movie or TV show.

Everyone jumps on this to chase a popular trend.

Incapable of burning, protected from flames.

Asian food parcels with mushrooms, greens.

Dental work to treat an infected tooth.

Hot flash often accompanied by a rolling noise.

Puzzle 13

A popular shortcut through space in sci-fi.

Unsweet wafers to snack on, containing no dairy.

Unaware, unlearned.

Slide used to pin back tresses.

Runny nose result.

Seeds used in green pesto, added to salads.

His heel was important in Greek mythology.

Small branch that grows out to the side of a plant.

Bars and locking devices carry luggage on cars.

A positive, thoughtful action.

Term for a ball pitched or thrown upwards.

Puzzle 14

Purple flower species used often in scents.

Another name for funeral home or morgue.

Making a sheep noise.

Plant product used as an egg substitute in baking.

Measure of power mispronounced by Doc Brown.

__ velocity, where falling speed can't go faster.

Worldwide preservation celebrated on April 22.

Garden building that holds a toilet.

Add dairy-free milk to this very British hot drink.

Be __, like a Boy Scout.

Video game company that created Donkey Kong.

Without power leads or electrical cables.

Puzzle 15

January challenge to eat plant-based.

Message system with dots and dashes.

Band that Sting used to sing with.

One of the largest dog breeds in the world.

Yellow bloom that makes a cooking oil.

The game available in the back room of Cheers bar.

Star of Wonder Woman, Star Trek and Outlaw King.

A vehicle that can be taken on the road.

Signatures collected as part of a protest.

Sending up a rocket.

Monarch with the golden touch.

Puzzle 16

Cover your face to play this game with babies.

Generic term for spicy condiment.

Social network for employment connections.

Attached to the end of a paper.

Lightened by the sun or by chemicals.

It's hot enough to fry an egg on the __.

Thin, glass container used in science experiments.

War of the Worlds details an alien one of these.

Hairstyle with lines of braids close to the scalp.

Fried balls made from chickpeas.

Puzzle 17

Vegans don't eat the products of these creatures.

Open heater or burner for staying warm outdoors.

Singing songs against a prerecorded backing track.

Way off, far away.

Mammal with the largest heart of all land animals.

Showing the remains of a healed wound.

It's the C in electrical abbreviation AC/DC.

The Pony __, 1860-1861 horse-mounted delivery.

Storm that twists so fast it can suck up houses.

Eat tofu instead of meat to get this key nutrition.

Basketball's Jordan or Olympic sprinter Johnson.

Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

Puzzle 18

Dance linked to Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

Extra clothing worn underneath for warmth.

Salty crispy snacks made of trendy green cabbage.

Competitors sue each other over this infringement.

This animal looks for its shadow on February 2nd.

Buy organic to avoid plants sprayed with this.

Difficult physical challenge, requires muscle.

One branded block from Danish toy company.

Rhyming two-word term that means tiny.

A type of chase that ends up with nothing gained.

Puzzle 19

Christopher Columbus crossed this ocean in 1492.

Famed quarterback for the Patriots 2000-2019.

Caught by surprise by something unexpected.

Air dampness that's absent in the desert.

Switching or changing out meat for plants.

Argument that rings a bell.

Type of cell that delivers oxygen in humans.

Indispensible handheld item for some video games.

In urban fantasy, a vampire's mortal enemy.

A person who is on the run or in hiding.

Knotted salty treats that are vegan.

Arranging a museum exhibit.

Wes Anderson film about runaways, __ Kingdom.

Puzzle 20

Marrakesh is a city in this North African country.

In computing, the two Gs in GIGO: __ in, __ out.

The plant that an acorn comes from.

Cover this in dairy-free butter for a cinema snack.

Form of mathematics using letters for unknowns.

Legendary giant one-eyed monster.

Uncooked meals, popular with plant-based consumers.

A lively rural party with music and folk dancing.

Fabled triangular area thought as ship graveyard.

Metallic flecks for art projects.

A full-length movie.

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