CodyCross Poisonous Animals Pack answers

Poisonous Animals PackPoisonous Animals

Here are the answers to CodyCross Poisonous Animals Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Car pilot.

Indian building style of Hawa Mahal.

One pull of an oar.

Heavy food that's filling and not very tasty.

Plant with petals.

Ai __, Chinese artist and political activist.

African fly whose bite causes sleeping sickness.

__ leave; yearly holiday allowance.

Itchy, bumpy skin conditions caused by irritants.

__ Samuels, Scream Queens and The Gifted actress.

To scatter bait on water.

Puzzle 2

Sword sheath.

Large colony insects with highly toxic venom.

Created when one substance is dissolved in another.

__ Ballerina, graceful storybook mouse.

Nazi Himmler's first name.

Carthaginian general of Second Punic War.

Discovering new things, educating oneself.

Ideas in one's mind.

Large red cherry pepper.

Almond-shaped brain region that responds to fear.

Danish island off the south coast of Sweden.

Doorphone entry technology system.

Bad occurrence, for example a tornado, tidal wave.

Bat Out of Hell singer.

Duck-billed mammal with venomous leg spurs.

Angela __ played Miss Marple in The Mirror Crack'd.

Sir Ken __, creative educator and TED talker.

Puzzle 3

__ Cross, she played Bree in Desperate Housewives.

__ dragon; large lizard with venomous bite.

Ancient Sumer city, seat of worship of Enlil god.

King Balak's father, according to the Bible.

In recent times.

Formed a filmic double-act with Hardy.

Fatal; has the potential to cause death.

Breakfast-bowl filler.

City destination of famous Aussie Boxing Day race.

Team __; supervisor of a particular group.

Puzzle 4

Make easier or less complicated.

Martial art developed in Britain.

Sea __; marine organisms with toxic tentacles.

Cuisine that features teriyaki dishes.

Become too full, and spill from the brim.

__ Tilly, actress of Monsters, Inc..

Tallest brick building in the world (in New York).

Toxic, bright birds native to New Guinea.

Singer who organised Live Aid with Bob Geldof.

Blood __, hypertension measured by a nurse.

Puzzle 5

The Passenger's James Newell Osterberg.

Crop __, mysterious shapes found in fields.

__ beetle; bug with toxic burn agent secretions.

Popular hat originated from America's game.

__ bat; fanged mammal with toxic saliva.

Modern architecture with curvy colourful forms.

Most crazy or bonkers.

Hot yellow condiment.

Bergman and Fellini, for instance.

J. M. __, South African winner of Nobel lit prize.

Italian firearms co. known for pistols, handguns.

Puzzle 6

US weekly magazine.

Jerry __, stand-up comedian, plays himself on TV.

Process of treating feet and toenails at a spa.

Paul Newman classic, __ Luke.

Fluster and confuse.

The hairs on a brush or of a beard.

Rugby play from hand to foot.

Substance that can counteract a poison.

Ruslan and __, Glinka opera about some newly-weds.

Bringing something to zero temperatures.

On __; going through a bad patch.

Painful wound from a honey-producer.

Puzzle 7

Walks with a limp.

Departure from work as a strike action.

Venom-inflicting organ on a scorpion's tail.

Steve __, often works with the Coen Brothers.

Storage room for beer barrels in medieval castles.

Another name for a dagger in punctuation.

Quicksilver element.

Australian spider with scarlet rump.

J Jonah __, editor-in-chief of The Daily Bugle.

League of __ or LoL, Riot Games multiplayer game.

Quarterback Joe __, the Comeback Kid.

Detachable security device with key and shackle.

Percussion ensembles from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Puzzle 8

Yearning for success, desire, drive.

Giant __ moths have highly venomous caterpillars.

Crown-of-thorns __; toxic coral reef predator.

Biblical battle between Israelites and Philistines.

Sleep __; snooze soundly and solidly.

Indian soft cheese dumplings with cardamom.

Capital of Tuvalu.

__ Rats, Irish band led by vocalist Bob Geldof.

Lie on a deckchair, soaking up the rays.

Aromatic substances in a ball keep clothes fresh.

Puzzle 9

Inland __; deadly snake native to Australia.

Walks proudly, like a cockerel.

__ lime; citrus leaves used in Asian cuisine.

Katia __, geologist killed by eruption of Mt Unzen.

Powerful, highly intoxicating.

Temple, e.g. in the Christian religion.

Scientist, egghead.

Fictional inhabitant of Jupiter.


Luca Brasi sleeps with them.

Puzzle 10

__ Banks, actress in Pitch Perfect and 30 Rock.

__ Hippodrome, Parisian horse-racing track.

Marbled pages decoration in a book.

French orange liqueur brand.

Animal class that includes spiders and scorpions.

Portuguese man-of-war anatomy that delivers sting.

The backing of a benefactor.

A d-i-yer would use this to make things easier.

Creation of theatrical scenery.

__ Friends Are For; 1986 Dionne Warwick hit.

Tasty, scrumptious, yummy.

Masonry walls built without concrete.

Country said to have originated the term "selfie".

First name of first wife of Napoleon the first.

Legal term for killing of one's mother.

One-celled, usually microscopic animal.

Those who are missing from a meeting.

Puzzle 11

__ fly; green beetle with blistering poison.

A school of design established by Walter Gropius.

Knocked over a full container of milk.

Brown __; deadly spider that lurks in corners.

Royal pet of Prince Adam; turns into Battle Cat.

James __; became clawed superhero Wolverine.

Main frame of a motor vehicle.

Water tank connected to a household toilet.

Anthony __, starred in Legends of the Fall.

Steps up the pace.

Puzzle 12

Good tempered, pleasant natured.

Goliath __; giant spider with arrow-like hairs.

Cosmetic treatments for hands.

Wintry accumulations, blown by the wind.

Terrifying, shocking.

Wrong verdict delivered.

Rooster who narrates Disney's Robin Hood.

Geographic skill of cartography.

Battle where Admiral Lord Nelson was killed.

Large metal box for transporting goods by ship.

Irish–British band had success with Dirty Old Town.

Fires an employee.

2018 Viggo Mortensen comedy-drama movie.

Prince Charles's story, The Old Man of __.

Noted guillotined French chemist: Antoine __.

Barbecue food over coals.

English tennis player who married Chris Evert.

Giant Roman water-carrying structures.

Garden invertebrate incapacitated by mole saliva.

Puzzle 13

Toxic plant; food source of monarch caterpillars.

Those laid on their backs in hospitals.

ABBA hit that begins Can you hear the drums, __.

Prickly mammal that covers its spikes with poison.

The smallest of Mexican states.

Not a leader, but the opposite.

Barefoot South African middle distance runner.

Perfect, with no errors.

Englishman wrote the pamphlet Common Sense.

French word for an after dinner alcoholic drink.

Puzzle 14

Descend down the face of a building or cliff.

Dear __, Madonna song with lemonade.

Endangered venomous spider native to New Zealand.

__ VI, king of England, Henry VIII's son.

Novaya __; Russian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

Changes to fit environment.

Venomous spit of shrews and solenodons.

Wesley __ starred as Blade.

To drink greedily.

__ caves, Indian site with Buddhist religious art.

Uncovering, stripping.

__ muffs, therapeutic hand warmers.

Puzzle 15

Brightly coloured frogs native to Madagascar.

Three leaf clover and national symbol of Ireland.

Swap, or replace something.

The Landlord's Game, a forerunner of __.

Alternative name for the deathstalker scorpion.

Blistering skin disease, seen most often in kids.

Species of fish; Dory in Finding Nemo.

Trades or deals in something illegal.

Hayek and Cruz play a Mexican bank-robbing duo.

A building and the land that belongs to it.

__ defeat; surrendered, accepted loser status.

This bush is danced round in a nursery rhyme.

Skewered herrings with gherkins and onions.

Bob __, badly put upon clerk of Scrooge.

Digital media entertainment website.

Kim __ plays Samantha Jones on Sex and the City.

Olympic figure skater Elvis Stojko's nationality.

State Brad Pitt grew up in; capital Jefferson City.

Puzzle 16

__ cobra; deadly snake charmers' companion.

__ Love, Everly Brothers' first major singles hit.

Venomous snakes found in Indian jungles.

Round, roly-poly, plump or corpulent.

Onion __, nickname for itinerant French sellers.

Treat with excessive indulgence.

Capital of Burundi.

Lifted bodily with effort.

Original name of Morgoth Bauglir.

Title of the emperors of Japan; also a comic opera.

Took lumps out of flour.

English Romantic painter: J. M. W. __.

Puzzle 17

Irritating, prickling sensation on the skin.

Carried something along to somewhere.

Small purple-pink plants that grow on acidic land.

He delivers letters, and always rings twice.

Poor chess players.

Making someone feel humiliated or embarrassed.

Young male Wimbledon helper.

Beatles backwards, the band's merchandisers.

Palindrome for a huge precious stone.

The largest of the flatfishes.

Travel card for the elderly on public transport.

Royalty of the butterfly world, feasts on milkweed.

Illustrator for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Puzzle 18

Not concrete, conceptual.

Fahrenheit 451, Martian Chronicles author Ray __.

Long-necked lizards with non-fatal venomous bite.

Someone aged between 20 and 29 is in their __.

Music festival created by rockers Slipknot in 2012.

Neil Simon play and 1967 film: __ in the Park.

Hurrying, scuttling like a bug.

Lord __ Windsor, Prince Edward's youngest son.

__ reaction; severe response to insect stings.

Traditional UK Christmas dinner veggie: __ sprouts.

Interrupts, breaks someone's concentration.

Invalidate, disallow, e.g. a ruling.

Puzzle 19

Sat out from a vote.

Wound inflicted by fangs of a venomous viper.

Historical period that followed the Victorian era.

Instigate legal proceedings.

Stuart __, early Beatles bassist who died young.

Caribbean rum and cola, with lime.

Keith Waterhouse's dreamer played by Tom Courtenay.

Strengthening or hardening glass or metal.

To run away hurriedly.

Latin term meaning water of life, or whisky.

Protruding, projecting.

Camera lens for searching out faraway things.

Toxic ant named after its seed-gathering habit.

1917 WWI battle where Italians were defeated.

Puzzle 20

Attacking with ovums.

__ nails, human talons that have snapped off.

Ellis __; Cadfael author Edith Pargeter's pen name.

"At sixes and __" means you are confused.

__ We Have Heard On High; heavenly beings.

US vice-president from 1993 to 2001.

__ Dry, ginger ale brand owned by Keurig Dr Pepper.

Hard substance that covers teeth.

Its capital is Charlottetown: Prince __ Island.

__ Cave, comedian, played Lavender Brown.

The Last Man On Earth's Kristen __.

Small game birds whose meat can be toxic to eat.

__ acid; irritating chemical in ant bites.

Forging, falsifying.

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