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Here are the answers to CodyCross Pop Bands Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

State located between Arizona and Texas.

Unaccompanied genre of music, like Pentatonix.

Black and white spotted dog breed.

To have the ability to speak 2 languages.

Asian food-grabbing implement.

Knight who doesn't want the sun to go down on him.

Describes sore skin with fluid-filled bubbles.

Month Oktoberfest starts, oddly.

Fruit SpongeBob lives inside of.

__ experience, when your life flashes before you.

Muscle of the rear thigh, between knee and hip.

Puzzle 2

Type of rock made from hardened lava.

Handheld brass instrument with three keys.

To put yourself before anyone else; narcissistic.

Song heard endlessly in the head.

Stopping place on a subway line.

Underground bunkers, perfect for wine.

Person who can read minds or see the future.

Where our food is digested in the body.

One who doesn't believe in the divine.

Person who does the backstroke or freestyle.

Special purpose phone number; Drake song __ Bling.

Seafood with pearls.

Puzzle 3

Neatly collapsing laundry into a pile.

Photography devices that never lie, apparently.

__ eye, another name for a detective.

Another food helping; band Five __ of Summer.

Using a pen to make a list of things to do.

Hozier is looking for __ New.

Dressing wound around a wound.

Tall animal formerly known as a camelopard.

Planes take off and land on these.

__ Sweep, Bert's job in Mary Poppins.

You need one to surf the Internet.

Puzzle 4

Something made by hand or from scratch.

Use of marionettes or characters on fingers.

Soldier returning after a long tour: sight for __.

Piece of architecture that shoots water.

Be pulled through the air by a boat.

Small oily fish also known as pilchards.

Superhero canine; Alicia Keys song.

Complete and careful about detail.

Famous card brand, send the very best.

Clothes designer Tommy.

Sutures to close an open wound.

Assortment of sliced meats that aren't warm.

Woebegone; Mumford and Sons' Wanderer.

Puzzle 5

Paper sachet for making a hot drink.

Holiday in July that celebrates US Independence.

__ Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet.

Golden __, film awards given in January each year.

Birds that can be bald or golden.

Seasoning option also known as a stinking rose.

Tones of light or dark.

Young bohemian of the 1960s with values of peace.

The capital of Greece.

Computer game about 1800s pioneers, __ Trail.

If the World Was __ by Julia Michaels and JP Saxe.

Triangles, circles and squares are these.

Cut or shaped wood with a sharp bladed tool.

An infant plant that just burst out of the soil.

Ed Sheeran "watched the sunset" over one on a hill.

Salary, take-home wages.

What strong smells can cause in pregnant women.

Puzzle 6

Splinter off; Clarkson's small town exit song.

Astronaut Neil who first walked on the Moon.

Out of __; astronomically amazing.

Island country that's "down under".

Return to the __ Planet, play based on The Tempest.

What you say in chess when you've won.

The southerly movement of geese each winter.

Any of the three major European cycling events.

Ho Hey band.

Brainchild of Steve Jobs; a type of apple.

Puzzle 7

Easy egg dish made in a frying pan.

Electronically corrects pitch.

ID of a person online to sign in or chat.

Giant ape who climbed the Empire State Building.

Edinburgh is the capital of this UK country.

Person who buys shares of a business.

__ teeth; dental condition also called bruxism.

Rise __; wake up and start the day.

Bridge above another road.

Proclaimers will walk this many miles to your door.

Disease-carrying bug that's the world's deadliest.

Puzzle 8

Green frog in The Muppets.

The northernmost country in North America.

__ prod, electrified rod for directing cows.

Peanut butter chocolate circles by Reese's.

Beacons; Ellie Goulding song.

__ Bull, angry nickname of boxer Jake LaMotta.

__ or later, eventually, after a while.

Carried disgrace; BTS hit.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's Daughter.

Blush, lipstick, eye shadow, etc..

Puts emulsion on walls using a brush.

Carl Douglas' martial arts disco hit; __ Fighting.

State of matter between solid and gas.

Canadian dating site __ Of Fish.

Coco Chanel said be this, or anything but trashy.

Puzzle 9

"Clap along if you feel like a room __ a roof".

Feeling pain or causing someone to feel pain.

Darling person or candy.

__ heating, in-house warmth for winter months.

Smartphone operating system with green robot logo.

"__, we have a problem"; famous Apollo 13 line.

Only thing about this band is the way they walk.

John the __, saint who met his match in Salome.

It favors the brave.

Start legal proceedings against a president.

Most proximal, the least far away.

Items of clothing that are skirts, tops combined.

Puzzle 10

Depp's first Burton role had these for hands.

Mix chemicals together and get this.

Carrying golf clubs.

Making a sound like an angry dog or hungry stomach.

The Machine's leading lady.

Giant triangular tombs in Giza desert.

Common outdoor cooking method.

__ Cafe; global chain of music-themed restaurants.

Take matters into your __; tackle issues directly.

Mechanical horse ride; locale of Blink's thoughts.

Puzzle 11

Anna Wintour has had this job at Vogue since 1988.

Bedrooms aboard ships.

This comic strip dog is Charlie Brown's friend.

Britney Spears and want to __ and Shout.

A glass container used in science labs.

Christmas songs like Silent Night.

Having to do with flowers.

__-sided tape, sticky on both sides.

Milk coffees.

Baby hens; southern gal group the Dixie __.

Sand trap on a golf course.

The opposite of prose.

The comic relief of a royal court.

Puzzle 12

A long, green squash harvested in the summer.

"The pen is __ than the sword" -E. Bulwer-Lytton.

Muhammad Ali said he was this; the best.

Long time for a Calvin Klein perfume.

Joe and Nick's relation to Kevin Jonas.

Money or supplies given freely for charity.

The Hare's opponent, slow and steady wins the race.

It rhymes with and means the same as "knapsack".

Fragments of metal removed from a wound.

Mrs. Obama, ex-first lady and author of Becoming.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes duet.

Store that gives loans with property as collateral.

Puzzle 13

Wax hexagons that store sweet, golden bee syrup.

He and Simon love The Sound of Silence.

Trivial Pursuit is one of these.

Movie genre that is like a cartoon.

Weather event that drops a lot of white stuff.

Animal like a frog or salamander.

Sign up to something, e.g. a YouTube channel.

Delicate, white ceramic pottery from China.

Dark, empty place in outer space that pulls.

When sudden growth in height causes a curved spine.

Pablo Honey and OK Computer band.

Puzzle 14

Sturdy, flat-faced dog bred to fight livestock.

Blooms; The Killers' lead singer Brandon __.

__ of the Nerds with Booger and Ogre.

Green herb often used in Italian cooking.

Brushing hair with a fine-toothed tool.

Shape with 8 sides.

Sport with a peloton.

Ready, __ and able; primed and keen for action.

Italian crooner Frank from Hoboken, New Jersey.

Exit phrase; Rascal Flatts song Here Comes __.

Along the shoreline, beach town.

Puzzle 15

Gun part that one pulls to fire.

Lily-__, an expression for cowardly.

Helium-filled floaty toy.

Don't Speak, this band knows "what you're sayin'".

Heavy throwing athletic event.

The Japanese art of paper folding.

Olaf in Disney's Frozen is this.

Enlightenment; Kurt's band.

24-hour period named after god of law and justice.

Small institution of higher learning.

Fuzzy fruits with stones.

The "letters" of mathematics.

Load a webpage again so it updates.

Puzzle 16

Top speed for a horse.

Specialist, one with learned skills.

Back teeth, used for grinding.

__ match; highly competitive sporting fixture.

Sailor's illness from poor diet and no vitamin C.

The Tower of __ is a Disney ride with a scary drop.

Madonna asked Papa not to do this.

Ice cream dish with cream and a cherry on top.

Perfectly round shape.

Animal viewers cry for in Watership Down.

Month that was called Sextilis in Latin.

This Demi is Sorry Not Sorry.

Puzzle 17

A small image that you click on to see up close.

Officially collaborating with another musician.

Cloudburst event that drops ice pellets.

Food that is premade and industrialized.

__ block, obstacle, snag.

Flat fish with venomous tails.

A religious follower of Jesus.

Just the Way You Are and Grenade singer.

X-men character with retractable claws.

Watching, noticing, paying attention to.

Member of a space craft's crew.

Puzzle 18

Background actors.

Ace of __; ominous black playing card.

A place to store loose papers.

A light wind that feels nice; an easy task.

Male, female or another identity.

Wild West fugitive and rulebreaker.

Acrobatic show done under a tent.

Where ants or British settlers like to live.

Accessory carried by Thor.

Lady Gaga wants this kind of dumb Love.

A capybara is the world's largest.

Lack of signal that causes fuzzy sounds or visuals.

Balcony girl in Shakespeare.

Capable of dying.

__ effect, a way of describing a chain reaction.

Honeydew, Galia and cantaloupe.

Meal after breakfast and lunch.

You Are The __ that Calum Scott's heart beats.

Puzzle 19

Gotye and Kimbra's duet __ That I Used to Know.

Mammal with a long, thin tongue for eating insects.

A King, Queen or Jack in a pack of 52.

Jewish Festival of Lights in December.

Reverse feeling this, and you get "desserts".

This Sweet __ brings Harry Styles home.

Cute; adjective often used for puppies or babies.

Throwing around, e.g. wild accusations.

Tiny organism vital to life, but can also do harm.

What Americans call greaseproof, to wrap cheese in.

A painting or photograph of someone's face.

Cooks put food waste into this sink device.

Stick and ball sport invented by Native Americans.

Puzzle 20

Cream applied to protect skin from UV rays.

Undying creatures; Fall Out Boy song.

Surf company that produces clothes, accessories.

Middle Eastern area, homeland of Kurdish peoples.

Reopen __; stir up memories of past hurt.

Juicy, moist; a steak, perhaps.

Groban's raised up so he can stand on these stones.

To hit someone who can't see it coming.

Fairytale princess who ate a poisoned apple.

Star Wars: Episode II was about an attack of these.

Fabric created from fleeces of baby sheep.

The D in 3D.

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