CodyCross Positive Adjectives Pack answers

Positive Adjectives PackPositive Adjectives

Here are the answers to CodyCross Positive Adjectives Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Positive and optimistic.

Another word for tax, especially on imports.

Karate Kid lessons: Wax on, then do this.

Flying stinging insect that's like a big wasp.

Etch A __, classic mechanical drawing toy.

Well-mannered, displaying decent etiquette.

Exercises that get the heart going, like jogging.

Profession of Karin Slaughter, Lee Child.

Apple's revolutionary calling device.

Superhero whose alter ego lives in Wayne Manor.

Cooks meat in an oven.

The tough surface or coating of a bathtub.

Puzzle 2

Antarctic bird with species named king and emperor.

Incredible, e.g. Grace in the Christian hymn.

Statue of __, green lady sculpture in NYC.

You can build these sand structures on the beach.

Two-wheeler often found in garage storage.

Cooking implement for flipping burgers.

Tennessee city where Elvis' Graceland is found.

Feeling of spinning and loss of balance.

Number represented by C in Roman numerals.

Honest and authentic.

Julia __, Pretty Woman.

Puzzle 3

The opposite of repels.

In good spirits, happy.

Board game where players pass Go.

__ cards are exchanged at commercial meetings.

Someone from the country known for the Pyramids.

Country formerly known as Siam.

Attaches with needle and thread.

Criminal, perpetrator.

Performing arts job interview.

With no faults or errors, absolutely perfect.

Puzzle 4

Realistic, efficient.

Animals that are famous for their memory.

Object orbiting the Earth; a moon.

You fit words in a grid when doing this puzzle.

Capital of the Netherlands.

Team athletics event involving a baton change.

Star of Independence Day and I Am Legend.

Green berry-like fruit with a bristly skin.

A device that uses radiation to reheat food.

Devoted, committed.

Puzzle 5

Weekend meal combining breakfast and lunch.

Shade of pink or fish that swims upstream.

The last section or part of a novel or film.

Refined, tasteful.

Money made after expenses are paid for.

Gripping patterns on the soles of walkers' boots.

Snowy season of the year in northern hemisphere.

Waste material put on garden soil to enrich it.

In a friendly, jolly mood.

Fingers and toes.

Forgive and __, move on from a disagreement.

Puzzle 6

A nap, a sleep or rest: get some __.

Delivery driver in a van or on a motorcycle.

Loved by many.

Therapeutic manipulation of sore muscles.

This Anna became editor-in-chief of Vogue in 1988.

Use lots of these to make up a bouquet.

Anatomical word for belly.

Bright and full of life.

Pulses that can be red, green and black.

Name of the English king known as The Lionheart.

Messages to a god.

Puzzle 7

Focus the mind for spiritual reasons, or calmness.

Working bread dough with the hands.

__ play, or EP in vinyl speak.

Agreeable, nice.

Animated TV shows.

Matching game of black bricks with white spots.

Folds, lines on the skin as people get older.

Online networking community for business.

Willing to follow rules and instructions.

Spiky animal used as croquet ball in Wonderland.

Puzzle 8

Vein's blood-moving partner.

Classic actress Leigh, star of Gone with the Wind.

Humble about one's own achievements.

Instruction for making a dish.

River that Chelsea lies on.

Practice what you __, behave as you tell others to.

Get rid of, especially on a computer.

Having lots of long, soft fur.

Venus de Milo is a marble one.

With a chatty, outgoing personality.

Puzzle 9

Amazing, like Bill and Ted's adventure.

Tourmalines, amethysts, emeralds, rubies, diamonds.

__ racket, for hitting shuttlecocks with.

The smallest breed of dog.

Wooden fort built among the branches.

High-ranking university academic.

Finding and fixing mistakes in a program's code.

Determined and resolute.

Hera, Frigg, Juno, and Bastet.

Folded egg dishes.

Inhaling oxygen, exhaling carbon dioxide.

Poems with five lines.

Puzzle 10

Acetic acid solution used to make vinaigrette.

Famous Portuguese soccer player Cristiano __.

Roman goddess of wisdom; anagram of arm vine.

Weightier; droplets become this and fall as rain.

Soothing, appeasing.

Shakespeare wrote a lot of these 14-line poems.

Thick and slow-moving, like honey or tar.

Do Not __, phone feature to block notifications.

Coin-operated record player.

Egyptian paper made from reeds.

Honest and straight-talking.

Puzzle 11

Unflappable when faced with a tricky situation.

A __ of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Ocean separating Europe and America.

Alcoholic drink served before bedtime.

An animal that eats plants and animals.

Numbers with six zeros.

Small rectangle storage device, plugs into laptops.

Rowan, Mister Bean and Johnny English actor.

Hard-working, industrious.

Construction platform for work on high buildings.

Puzzle 12

Family day-trip destination with rides.

Grass-cutting machine.

Putting others' needs ahead of one's own.

Baby's literature with 3D cutaways.

Total number of squares on a chessboard.

Towards the opposite direction to south.

One Asian eating utensil, usually found in a pair.

The type of plot of 1605 to blow up parliament.

This Daniel is best known as Harry Potter.

2005 hit for James Blunt, You're __.

Visit the salon or barber to freshen this up.

Puzzle 13

Serene, even-tempered.

Fruit with Royal Gala and Pink Lady varieties.

Provide goods to shops or businesses.

Chemical element with the symbol C.

Heraklion is a city in this European country.

Dust __; protective book cover.

Feathered writing tools, made outdated by pens.

Snoopy's dog breed.

Kitchen appliance used to boil and pour water.

One of a kind, unlike all others.

Feature films, sometimes made in Hollywood.

Last name of Roman statesman Julius.

Puzzle 14

Kitchen appliance for storing frozen food.

Carbon __, gas that we exhale.

Happy and satisfied.

The world's highest mountain.

Kate Winslet's Rose survived this ship's sinking.

Table game like billiards or pool.

Sleeping chamber.

Perceptive, aware of how others are feeling.

Filled pasta parcels in Italian cookery.

Politician Hillary who was US Secretary of State.

Aggressive occupier.

Macaws or cockatoos, for example.

Holiday in early January when fireworks go off.

Puzzle 15

Deer-like African animal that sprints.

Blowy snow event.

Forest where Robin Hood and his Merry Men hang out.

Brave and unafraid.

Tube for watering the garden.

Number in a song by Paul Hardcastle, N-n-n-n-__.

Disloyal, unpatriotic people.

Popular spice made from the bark of a tree.

Describes a good sport, even when defeated.

Extra money charged on top of a loan.

Puzzle 16


Game of following rules only when his name is said.

Pure, moral.

System for sending coded long-distance messages.

Twin-hulled boat.

Temporary power failures.

Vast amount of snow falling down a mountain.

Possessing knowledge, authority and confidence.

Put your foot in __; say something embarrassing.

UK postal service associated with a monarch.

Cooked chicken leg.

Puzzle 17

This creature can have hundreds of legs.

Aubergines are to Brits what __ are to Americans.

Classical music ensemble with multiple instruments.

Welcoming and open to all.

Halves and quarters are these.

Most common form of outdoor advertising.

1974 Bond film, The Man with the __.

The only continent that is also a country.

Able to raise the spirits of other people.

Files such as those in Microsoft Word.

Puzzle 18

Shops making and selling fresh bread.

Outfit worn at the beach or pool.

Guilt-free and blameless.

Association that provides international aid.

__ Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Sauce that goes on top of salad.

Spraying of a tag, name or art on public property.

Timber that isn't soft.

Gifted at creative pursuits, e.g. painting.

A noise made by a digital alarm.

Jobs that need tackling, great to be checked off.

Puzzle 19

Mathematical field that deals with unknowns.

Straightforward, not fake or false.

Bible books including Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Biggest city on North America's Great Lakes.

Purple crustacean that turns orange when cooked.

Wooden homes for rabbits or guinea pigs.

__ seat; invention that saved many pilots' lives.

David Attenborough's older filmmaker brother.

Orange veggie that turned into Cinderella's coach.

Happy to take on tasks without complaining.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays this Marvel Doctor.

Industry word for goods that are shipped around.

Puzzle 20

Ecstatic, euphoric.

Sci-fi genre with Victorian-style machinery.

Large reptile common to Florida.

Asian nation of which Jakarta is capital.

Hooked up to electrical power or the internet.

Dairy product drunk in burger joints.

Warner Brothers' rabbit.

Legendary sovereign with the golden touch.

Enthusiastic and eager to make a difference.

Person currently in a country not their own.

Knowledge of the past that is 20/20.

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