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Here are the answers to CodyCross Positive Words Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Not closed, quite the opposite.

Small prawn.

Picked up grain with a beak.

False, not correct or accurate.

__ covers stop kids getting to electrical outlets.

Global online retailer; South American rainforest.

A tool used in battle, e.g. a gun or a sword.

Spirit, liveliness.

Well-known, celebrity.

If something is moving less fast, it is __.

Puzzle 2

Brie, Cheddar and Edam are all __.

Understanding others' feelings.

Antigua and __, Caribbean nation.

Box of sand to play with in the garden.

Flawless, with no faults.

Democratic Repubic established by Ho Chi Minh.

Middle of the week (especially for camels).

Greet at the door.

What the V stands for in VR - __ reality.

Worn on the face to help people see clearer.

Puzzle 3

Monday to Friday, not the weekend.

Prehistoric era that first used flints as tools.

Ingredient used in Nutella.

Outdoor celebration of e.g. music.

To experience difficulty, "the __ is real".

Sound of happiness.

A break or crack in a bone.

With no worries or troubles.

Old name for Kolkata.

Falling; a gymnastics discipline.

Puzzle 4

Someone who is highly successful or famous.

Flower worn in a buttonhole at a wedding.

One of Bruce Wayne's flying machines.

Buzz __, from Toy Story.

A hotel not fully booked has __, rooms to spare.

Waterproof rubber footwear for snow (or space!).

Land division, for example Africa or Europe.

Inspiring, mood-raising.

Ginger-haired Indonesian great ape.

Porcine-themed place to hoard your money.

Puzzle 5

Honey, I __ the Kids, film with Rick Moranis.


A meal that is breakfast and lunch combined.

Bring goods into the country to sell.

Directions on a compass are also called __.

Enter a country to try and conquer it.

Numbers, figures.

Big-hearted, affectionate.

Sweetest, loveliest, most appealing.

Problems, concerns.

Puzzle 6

Living room couch that turns into a sleeping place.

Invoicing somebody.

A flower that grows on a fruit-tree or bush.


Island birthplace of Napoleon.

Trains travel on this.

Dictator-led government based on nationalism.

Runner, sportsperson.

Showing an expression of happiness.

Curved, long, yellow fruits, liked by monkeys.

Knocked down the price of something by arguing.

Puzzle 7

Pilot, someone who flies planes.


A girl's name and also a bright shade of red.

Having star quality.

Bad __; Lady Gaga hit about love going wrong.

Chocolate cake treat or young girl scout.

Long-necked African animal with brown spots.

Another word for flashlights.

Encouragement, approval.

Giant wave caused by an earthquake.

Puzzle 8

Art museum in St Petersburg, Russia.

Biting African insect spreads sleeping sickness.

__ Chest, set of playing cards in Monopoly.

Marvel Contest of __, superhero fighting game.

Quick to forget and move on from quarrels.

You stand on this when being pulled behind a boat.

Old English fairy tale: Jack and the __.

Vehicle for transporting people to hospital.

One's own value.

Canadian "I Feel It Coming" singer.

Puzzle 9

Healthy nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

Making a noise like a hen.

Rapping on a door.


The human heart is divided into four __.

Planned actions, like in politics and the military.

Writer who defined communism and wrote Das Kapital.

Known, friendly with.

Someone who is kept in jail.

Shawl made from Himalayan goats' wool.

Strong, important, influential.

Generosity, consideration.

Puzzle 10

Author of Pride and Prejudice: Jane __.

Positive, cheerful, optimistic.

Land mass surrounded by water.

Not moving, unchanged.

The __ Bellas, a cappella group in Pitch Perfect.

Bony material on the head of a deer.

Something that can be eaten.

Generous, selfless.

The heart of a machine.

Dating __, where professionals match lonely hearts.

Puzzle 11

Lavish approval on, commend.

Shelter or protection, safe accommodation.

__ shop, cafe serving the black stuff.

A harness for leading a horse.

Grubs or caterpillars.

Steak __, for bashing and tenderising meat.

Fire-breathing, mythical creature.

Tubes passed by runners in relay races.

Left a building or room.

A mathematical term for sharing a number.

Intelligent, bright.

Puzzle 12

Lightning __, star of Cars movie.

Not deep.

Ran, supervised.

Inebriated behaviour.

Carbon __, gas that we breathe out.

Branches of learning.

Shining, emitting brightness and positivity.

Get rid of or put an end to something.


Cultured, well-mannered.

Puzzle 13

Bold, brave, corageous.

Toxins that induce the body to produce antibodies.

Desperately hungry and in need of food.

Asian country; Bangkok is the capital.

A place to store plates in the kitchen.

Spain's "Catholic Monarchs": Ferdinand and __.

German unifier and Chancellor (1815-98).

Breakfast items eaten with maple syrup.

Roald Dahl anagram of tortoise (book).

Making a big impression.

A plantation where grapes are grown.

Cartoon cat Bart Simpson watches – not Itchy.

Puzzle 14

Chances to vote to choose your government.

Live-__, broadcasting videos live online.

5, 10 and 15 are __ of 5.

Fantastic, awe-inspiring.

Back to Black singer Amy __.

A creature that only eats plants.

Biblical city that means "house of bread".

Avocado dip with lime and chilli.

__ Meyer; author of the Twilight novel series.

Contentment, joviality.

Someone aged between 70 and 79 is in their __.

Puzzle 15

Bright red fruit found on pizza and in pasta sauce.

Spooks who haunt houses.

Mr __ Head, toy with sticking body parts.

Kitchen cutting implements.

Sweet, nice.

Animal that builds dams and has a paddle tail.

Magical mixture brewed by witches or wizards.

__ Steinfeld is Emily Junk in Pitch Perfect 3.

The money made when revenue is greater than costs.

Of the greatest quality.

Hairstyle made by plaiting and twisting the hair.

Griffin-like knight who fights the Power Rangers.

Puzzle 16

It's eaten with stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ancient people who invented the first Olympics.

The capital city of Portugal.

Baby hens.

Safety headwear worn by climbers and skateboarders.

A person who creates storybooks.

Attractive, beautiful-looking.

Calm, not rough.

Facebook and Twitter are __ networks.

Female monarchs.

Puzzle 17

Motivate, encourage.

Young dogs.

__ City, the fictional capital in The Wizard of Oz.

Written instructions to make culinary dishes.

Calm, not quick to get upset or anxious.

Storage containers that slide into cupboards.

Vouchers for entry to a show.

Another word for a nation, a land or a state.

Tumbling, toppling over.

Loud kiss, not as aggressive as it sounds.

The line where you separate the hair on your head.

Puzzle 18

Painted murals on public buildings.

South American rodent, the biggest in the world.

Happening or growing at a particular time of year.

Satisfying, appealing.

Female worker who takes your order in a cafe.

Nature, animals, plants.

Less worthy; not superior.

Part of a computer with letters and numbers.


Book about a boy who can fly and never grows up.

Brass instruments used to sound fanfares.

The script for writing Russian is __.

Not positive.

Bring light to something, cheer up.

Puzzle 19

Injections to give immunity against diseases.

Golden, wonderful, distinguished, famous.

Networking site for business people.

Never-ending, without an end.

In a state of great joy, perfect happiness.

US flag nickname.

Dark purple root vegetable.

Paddling a small boat with a single-bladed oar.

Another word for a holiday, some planned time off.

Movie about critters that you shouldn't get wet.

Puzzle 20

Wooden or metal with rungs, used for climbing.

Cinematic films.

Long foil decoration found on the Christmas tree.

A sentimental person, not hard-hearted.

Decorative icing on cakes, applied using a bag.

Like a jogger but faster.

A garage for planes.

Vigorous, hearty or strong.

Light gas, great for floating balloons.

Body of water parted by Moses.

__ Goose, imaginary author of fairy stories.

Excellent, wondrous, extra fine.

Bamboo-eating black and white bears.

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