CodyCross Postal Service Pack answers

Postal Service PackPostal Service

Here are the answers to CodyCross Postal Service Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Brown box packaging material.

Constructions, for example houses, bungalows.

Disney character who just wants to be a real boy.

Explosion of electricity from a stormy sky.

Postal thievery.

Point in the elbow that tingles painfully when hit.

Personal scrawl to acknowledge receipt of a parcel.

Where a genie might live.

What golfers hope for.

Professional who gets drafts turned into books.

Founder of Microsoft.

Puzzle 2

Melted, like ice that has become too warm.

Myth, folk tale.

Decision by a judge.

Black and white mammal; anagram of red bag.

Machine you use before the dryer.

Thick, buff envelope for sending documents.

Letter __, paper knife for slicing envelopes.

Digit on the hand.

Paper book with lines for a play or TV show.

Margheritas, Neapolitans and calzones.

Walking aid often used in pairs.

Small magic illusions.

__ band, solo musician with multiple instruments.

America's first president, __ Washington.

The lining that every cloud is said to have.

Ladies' shirt.

Puzzle 3

Umpire for a soccer match.

There are eight of these in our solar system.

The D in DVD.

Surname of acting legends Audrey and Katharine.

Adverse body reaction to a substance, food product.

Brown-shelled, tropical fruit with white flesh.

Molten closure to secure an envelope.

British territory with Hamilton as its capital.

Digit combination that forms part of a US address.

City in which you can visit Times Square.

Shakespeare's Titania is the queen of these.

The most common language spoken in the US.

Female big cat partner of the "king of the jungle".

Puzzle 4

University teacher.

Her hits include Roar, Firework and Part of Me.

Style of cross-body bag worn by postal workers.

Tomorrow __, 1997 James Bond film.

Letters sent via post rather than electronically.

Yellow "trumpet" spring flowers grown from bulbs.

You can borrow books from these buildings.

Kids' game where an object is quickly passed on.

Underground storage levels in houses.

Mountains that can erupt with lava.

Red berry often served as a sauce with turkey.

Puzzle 5

__ Santa, US Postal Service Christmas scheme.

Moviemaker Alfred, director of Psycho.

Fast food chain known for its golden M logo.

Sets of human bones.

Winston, UK Prime Minister from 1940 to 1945.

Leader of The Smurfs.

Public sculptures with flowing water jets.

Plant that yellow citrus fruits grow on.

Island continent were Sydney and Perth are located.

Person to whom a parcel is delivered.

Yellow path to Oz followed by Dorothy.

Body-loosening exercises.

Puzzle 6

Like an empty hotel room.

Sweatshirt with attached head warmer.

Gordon, chef behind TV's Kitchen Nightmares.

1, 2, or 741.

Athens is the capital of this country.

Undead creature.

They can be cuckoo, grandfather or carriage.

__ mail, advertising or marketing sent by post.

Devices for weighing letters and parcels.

The clothes you choose to wear; a fashionable look.

Not the yolk parts of eggs.

This calendar counts down the days to Christmas.

They flush red when you're embarrassed.

Did not hit the target.

The Women that Louisa May Alcott wrote of in 1868.

A soft fruit with a yellow peel.

Mounts for photos.

Bring down a ruling regime.

Payment demanded for the safe return of something.

Puzzle 7

Buzzer pressed by visitors on the front of a home.

Shavings left after you have prepared a potato.

Exchanged places.

Jeff Kinney's novel, Diary of a __.

Indoor enclosure for a pet parrot.

US film from 80s about destructive little monsters.

It's said to be bad luck to open one indoors.

Mail sent within the same country, not overseas.

Dance move Michael Jackson was famous for.

Repeating pattern.

Guessing game played at parties, using mime.

Leap from a tall ladder into a small pool of water.

San Francisco prison island.

An __ never forgets; __ in the room.

Sky with heavy clouds.

Puzzle 8

Hoping for something to happen.

Pony __, US mail service with riders on horseback.

Frozen floating mass struck by the Titanic.

Proof or certificate of postage.

Mythical single-horned horse.

The board you go back to when something fails.

Swallowing or drinking noisily.

Assistants who carry golfers' bags and clubs.

Artist's handheld board for mixing paints.

Home language of Venice, Rome and Sicily.

The yellow helpers in the Despicable Me movies.

__ Pursuit, board game with wedge pieces.

Sub-zero kitchen fridge for keeping food frozen.

Listening to sounds with your ears.

Moving from side to side in time with music.

Puzzle 9

What a school kid uses to carry books.

Describes mail posted in a public collection box.

Salad made of raw shredded cabbage and mayonnaise.

Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of this unlucky number.

A King, Queen or Jack, for example.

Written or printed product guarantee.

Antonym of minority.

They're said to pull Santa's sleigh.

Handheld cutting tools for paper and tape.

Aniston, Lawrence or Lopez.

The name of Harry Potter's wizarding school.

Another name for table tennis.

Musical based on the songs of ABBA.

The child of this day "has far to go".

They go with Broomsticks in the 1971 musical.

Insect that sounds satin-y.

An illuminated cube surface for drawing on.

Put an app onto a smartphone.

Ancient triangular structures found in Egypt.

Puzzle 10

Where letters posted into homes might land.

Rats and mice.

Princess of Agrabah in Disney's Aladdin.

Bill for services rendered or products ordered.

Agency that checks incoming goods from abroad.

Shooting stars.

Small hat, sounds like a piggy/pastry snack.

Perusing a book.

Another word for patella bone found in the leg.

Cue sport with a triangle formation of red balls.

Grand medieval meal with several courses.

Aggressive dance area at a rock concert.

Puzzle 11

Colloquially, girl who is very ordinary looking.

Rusty-hued, big primate.

Krispy Kreme products.

Assailants, aggressors.

It precedes Thief in the rhyme Tinker, Tailor.

Category of postal service, e.g. first or second.

Office technology called a fax machine for short.

Side accent pieces of furniture.

Cemeteries below ground; Paris attraction.

Keanu Reeves first played Neo in this film.

Monthly bank account summary in the mail.

Puzzle 12

Infatuated, ill because of adoration for another.

It's used to keep your place in a book.

Bushy-tailed tree rodent.

US name for a courgette.

Fixative, glue.

A sauce for salads.

Letter sent to several people at the same time.

Picture with a note that's sent by mail.

Waist-twirled toy that goes round and round.

Warm winter bedcovers.

Quick-spreading destructive blaze in the forest.

Rough stick for taming talons.

It's unfriendly to give someone a cold one.

Fourteen times four.


Forward mail to a different address.

Cloth banner made from weaved textiles.

Puzzle 13

Twig or other growth coming from a branch.

Venus and Serena of tennis fame.

Farming machines.

Identifier entered along with a password.

Five-armed sea creature named for its shape.

Month that contains Christmas and New Year's Eve.

High volume of post sent at reduced cost.

Burnt black stick for shading and drawing with.

Date stamp on a letter or parcel.

Uncertain, unsure.

Large amount of goods sent together.

Correcting lenses held in one eye.

Flying disc toys.

People from Laos.

Explosive used in mining.

Rooftop stone monster for carrying off rainwater.

JM Barrie's famous Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up.

Puzzle 14

Alan, Gruber in Die Hard and Snape in Harry Potter.

Series of lines scanned on a prepaid post label.

Not a synonym, means the opposite.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail __.

Hates, strongly dislikes something.

Biceps and triceps, for instance.

Shot liquid at, like a skunk.

Clothes worn by an actor in a role.

Anderson, played Agent Scully, Margaret Thatcher.

Scientific study of all living organisms.

Headgear worn on building sites.

Circus swing that acrobats hang from.

Type of squash that gets carved for Halloween.

Country with Deutsche Post mail service.

Room in a house in which you'd find a stove.

__ I said so!.

Puzzle 15

Button you press to delay a morning alarm.

Describes a surface that is not level or steady.

Entrance halls of office buildings.

Made a loud sound like a lion.

Dark red bean used in Mexican cuisine.

The black circles in the middle of the eyes.

Toss three or more balls simultaneously.

Fancy, tall headwear, usually black.

Glass container for a message sent out to sea.

Be against.

Person who posts a letter or a parcel.

Mistakes in a computer code.

Number of dots on the highest-ranked domino.

Frodo Baggins is this type of creature.

Italian city that shares its name with an LA beach.

Attorney, expert who presents legal cases in court.

Puzzle 16

Public indecency.

Following the footprints of a wild animal.

__ family, cousins and more distant relatives.

Carbonated drinks brand also known as Coke.

Fit and sporty.

Urgent mail, to be delivered before anything else.

Damages to the body, pulled muscles or sprains.

Buttons for turning lights on and off.

Without socks or shoes.

Precious stones in chocolate or champagne hues.

__ Williams; rapper and producer with The Neptunes.

Tube for sending rolled posters in the mail.

Outer casing of a letter posted by mail.

__ Things, sci-fi TV drama set in Hawkins, Indiana.

The park in Spielberg's dinosaur movie was this.

Puzzle 17

In-the-moment purchase.

Finishing in first place.

The largest ocean on Earth.

One Fish __ Red Fish Blue Fish, wrote Dr. Seuss.

TV channel changers.

Rum and vodka; ghosts.

They give birth to live young, e.g. cows, whales.

Slow geological process by which rock is worn away.

Postage that has been bought in advance.

Actor and director Kevin, star of The Postman.

A vacation, a break from work or school.

Slow song to put a baby to sleep.

Primitive outdoor timepiece.

Dressing or fabric wrapping for an injury.

Go backwards.

Puzzle 18

Special advantage or benefit.

Cooked patty of minced beef served in a bun.

UK city in which the Beatles formed.

Identity unknown, like a Valentine's card sender.

Polite parting expression used before going to bed.

Tennessee Williams wrote about one named Desire.

Day of the year with the longest daylight hours.

Buzz's surname in the Toy Story series.

What killed the cat in a saying.

Arthur's love.

System for sending coded long-distance messages.

Puzzle 19

Managers, employers.

Artist Andy, painted soup cans and other pop art.

Salt, elementally.

Friend you only ever write letters to.

Pressed your finger to open a smartphone app.

Post __, location for buying stamps.

Country in which Bordeaux wine is produced.

People who give out sentences in law courts.

Arid landscape with little or no rainfall.

Character who features in the Dark Knight movies.

1/60th of an hour; it's tiny.

Group of puppies or kittens born at the same time.

Puzzle 20

Kitchen appliance for boiling water.

Mozambique is a country on this continent.

Legendary fire-breathing reptile.

First name of Jennifer Aniston's Friends role.

People who make and sell bread and cakes.

The amounts things cost to buy.

Related to or concerning teeth.

A plane's motor.

The grouped set of lines within a poem.

Books in which collectors keep stamps.

Stormin' __, nickname of General Schwarzkopf.

All over the world, international.

Desert animals with humped backs.

Zodiac sign represented by a bull.

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