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Here are the answers to CodyCross Prague Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

It was stolen from an Oslo art gallery in 1994.

Holy House of Christian pilgrimage in Prague.

Frank in offering controversial opinions.

Legal verdict finding insufficient evidence.

Mordor volcano, Frodo's intended destination.

Player of Zildjians.

Small Arctic bird with extinct Great ancestor.

Prague glycogen researcher who won Nobel Prize.

1985 Clint Eastwood movie about a cowboy preacher.

50s undergarment that filled out a sweater.

Israeli PM and fighter in Yom Kippur War.

Puzzle 2

One thinks of broccoli pieces to get this answer.

Wheeled platforms used to move heavy things.

Clay beauty treatment applied to face.

An overlapping s-shaped roof tile.

Jana, female Czech Wimbledon winner in 1998.

Northern Dutch city famous for diamonds.

Unit of weight equal to 100 kilograms.

1952 trial of high-profile Communists in Prague.

Rene, a French art deco glass artist.

Party, drink noisily as a group.

Founder of scientology: L. Ron.

What Google was called before Google!.

Milan, author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Puzzle 3

Mala __; historic Prague district with palaces.

Model Tomiko, once the face of Maybelline.

Satnav manufacturer with One and GO models.

Starter in a French restaurant.

Prague's bike-sharing scheme that launched in 2013.

Mexican flower named after a German botanist.

Physicist Stephen Hawking was an undergrad there.

Republic in power in Germany from 1918-33.

Playing woodwind in a marching band.

A television show based on Pablo Escobar's life.

To erode or wear away.

Train propelled by magnetism on elevated trackways.

__ debit; regular payment to charity.

Commentary after the scripture reading during Mass.

Painful swelling near the big toe.

Italian city, home to the Rialto Bridge.

Officer on the storied west side, in the musical.

Puzzle 4

This Swedish town gives its name to four elements.

Lands awarded to dukes.

Wally, first to walk to the North Pole in 1969.

Term for a polygon with nine sides.

Author Eco, who wrote The Prague Cemetery.

The phase when the heart muscle contracts.

Yogurt brand that could help digestion.

2019 Netflix thriller starring Helen Hunt.

Granite monolith in Prague Castle courtyard.

__ Sachs, US investment firm.

Nickname for a theater's upper balconies.

First name of Star Trek Captain Janeway.

Puzzle 5

Explosive community.

A spill-proof drinking vessel for babies.

Nick the ghost from Harry Potter is nearly this.

Entente __; 1904 treaty between GB and France.

On the edges, on the fringe.

Key Proust work about memory, In Search of this.

Flat, paved, garden areas.

Former Sparta Prague and Chelsea goalkeeper.

Nicholas; BBC News royal correspondent.

A type of acid, the proper name for vitamin C.

A French police officer.

Prague fort with Basilica of St Peter and St Paul.

70s Scottish rockers with This Flight Tonight.

Dictator Jean-Claude who fled Haiti in 1986.

Puzzle 6

To summon a diplomat back to their home country.

Blurs or makes frizzy.

Part of athletic shoe where digits sit.

Anatomical term for the tailbone.

Muslim holy wars.

City of a hundred __; towering nickname for Prague.

SI unit of electric current.

Danish butter brand, "Good food deserves it".

Lunar lander.

A small trinket like an ornament.

Clam-__, Baroque palace in Prague Old Town.

Subject of the Colossus of Rhodes giant statue.

Don Quixote's squire.

Puzzle 7

Light boxing class, heavier than Bantam.

Chemical element after hydrogen and helium.

This African country's capital is Abuja.

Grass used to make shoes, baskets and paper.

High-end tailoring or dressmaking, a French word.

2008 album by supergroup SMV.

Building parts linked to Defenestration of Prague.

Offered as a prize in a random ticket game.

Underground water reserve accessed by wells.

Wars fought in Bohemia from 1419-34.

Pedro __, Spanish dessert-wine grape.

Risk taken in business in hope of reward.

Andy, played by Jim Carrey in Man on the Moon.

Puzzle 8

A type of building with many private residences.

Dolni __, preserved Prague chateau built in 1401.

Archaic term for sugary delicacy or confectionery.

Bookie's calculator.

The scientific name for a white blood cell.

Switch letters around or change the pitch of music.

Baseball catcher; later became coach and manager.

Bohemian king who laid Prague bridge's first stone.

Rizzoli was this to Isles the medical examiner.

Giant impact crater in South Africa's Free State.

Puzzle 9

Describes the person with the most double chins.

Don __, Mozart opera, premiered in Prague in 1787.

Corners of 3D shapes.

Cricket ball bowled that doesn't touch the ground.

An extinct flightless avian, endemic to Mauritius.

Arabic chosen heads of villages.

Headland in southern Chile.

A fruit dessert that's like a sorbet with milk.

St Peter's __, St. Mark's __, they're churches.

Margaret, the UK's first female prime minister.

Urgent warning of an imminent attack.

King Arthur's horse.

Renounce completely.

Footwear that distributes weight, prevents sinking.

Hussite general atop Prague's Vitkov Hill monument.

2016 film with a turbocharged superhero.

Scrooge's first name in A Christmas Carol.

Puzzle 10

Large boating sail also called a kite or a chute.

Prague green space once home to a Stalin statue.

The US Army veteran played by Sylvester Stallone.

Person who runs a hotel or B&B.

Mexican beer with tomato juice and spices.

The long mouth of an animal like a snout or trunk.

Feeling dizzy or lightheaded.

English title of Franz Kafka work Das Schloss.

MTV's first video was Video Killed the this.

Ms. de Pizan, wrote The Book of the City of Ladies.

Comb-cleaning bright blue liquid for hairdressers.

Puzzle 11

Fraudulent doctors.

Endless Love crooner Vandross.

Old-fashioned word for a meal.

__ Prague, most successful Czech soccer team.

Adoptive father of Quasimodo.

Large Swedish lake, third-largest in Europe.

Ex-US president and former name of Prague rail hub.

__ Venus, important Velázquez nude with mirror.

Supporting framework for overhead TV cameras.

Shortsighted, in ophthalmology terms.

Clutches or litters of young animals.

Science of eggs; the shortest "ology".

Hoffman and Streep custody battle movie's surname.

Puzzle 12

A particular place or setting.

Ex-US secretary of state, born in Prague in 1937.

Worship of religious icons.

HMS __, Gilbert & Sullivan's naval show.

Large shellfish-eating waterfowl that tastes fishy.

Plastic tapered tube for screws for use in walls.

Albert who taught at Prague's Charles University.

Synthetic material, a polyester fiber.

Flaps used to keep horses from seeing distractions.

The body converts beta-carotene into this.

Outfit to conceal one's identity.

Historical epoch, from 12,000 years ago until now.

Three-stripe police rank.

A small-scale model of a sculpture, a prototype.

Harry Potter's second racing broomstick.

Puzzle 13

Mediterranean fruit, small peach with orange flesh.

Largest species of salmon in the Pacific Ocean.

Benedictine monastery founded in Prague in 993 AD.

Joined two rope ends together by weaving.

First name of actor Branagh.

Conifer decorated in December.

__ Theatre, elaborate Prague opera house.

Japanese style of grill or cooking.

In 1978 the band Chic sang this French-titled song.

Leg bone also known as the kneecap.

Shakespeare's tragedy about the Moor of Venice.

To spread a scent or gas into a wide area.

Puzzle 14

Czech site of Przewalski's horse-breeding scheme.

She played Jamie on Mad About You.

Glass made from a meteorite crash.

Angelica, Eliza and Peggy.

Young child who sings in a church.

Formal midday meals.

Cube-shaped container of an Infinity Stone.

Huge Arctic island between Canada and Europe.

Legendary Greek king murdered by Aegisthus.

Young woman at a coming out ball.

Prague square or Bohemia's patron saint.

Repairing damaged ships to prevent sinking.

Item of headgear named after 1854 battle.

Puzzle 15

Tooth designed for cutting.

Popular game originally called "Kings Footsie".

Having been ambitious.

Country that lost land with the Treaty of Trianon.

Emmy, physicist with symmetry theorem.

Ancient quarter of the city of Prague.

1987 Toni Morrison novel.

60s political scandal named after the War Minister.

Stickler, perfectionist.

Taking off or tipping one's hat.

Post-WWII tension between Eastern and Western bloc.

Blonde screen legend in My Little Chickadee.

City formerly known as Calcutta.

Austrian fruit and flaky pastry dessert.

Arrow holders.

She sang Rewrite the Stars with Zac Efron.

Puzzle 16

Greek general who built the Trojan horse.

Title, introductory material at top of a newspaper.

Kind of movie cast without a real lead role.

US publisher of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern.

Prague sports arena sponsored by betting firm.

The Pretenders hit, Brass __.

Aussie surfer sheepskin footwear.

Mark who starred in Ted and The Departed.

Twelve statues on Prague's Astronomical Clock.

Hiding intentions through lying.

Greek equivalent of lasagna.

Thick, brown liquid used to protect fences.

Puzzle 17

Tough, chewy, e.g. meat.

A character from The Little Rascals, think legumes.

American novelist brothers Alexander and Paul.

Moved as fast as possible.

Chinese dam that failed in 1975.

A hormone that regulates blood glucose.

The Japanese franchise short for pocket monsters.

Armed warship.

Five-year period of Ancient Rome.

Leoš, Czech composer of Káťa Kabanová.

Room in which you might find a Hoosier cabinet.

Female patron saint of Bohemia, wife of Bořivoj I.

Adulterated, as a solution.

__ Hull, politician dubbed the Father of the UN.

Athlete at University of Kentucky or Northwestern.

Type of lace with flower design from a Devon town.

__ Freud, a hanging Prague sculpture by Černý.

Koalas sit in one of these and eat the leaves.

Stylish, following current fashions.

Puzzle 18

Very frugal economic policy.

Second oldest university in English-speaking world.

Vaulted structure to be entombed in.

Separating grain from stalks.

Prague chapel named after Christ's birthplace.

Instrument aka French harp or mouth organ.

The likely outcome or progression of a disease.

Territory explored by videogame hero Nathan Drake.

Giant Prague music time-keeping monument.

Schumacher and Hamilton have the most wins here.

Romance writer known for Me Before You.

Puzzle 19

Stories told to music, often by bards or poets.

Being in the public eye as a celebrity.

A prisoner released but under close supervision.

Patterned golfing socks and jumpers.

How long damnation is.

Prague's Jewish quarter, with six synagogues.

Negatively charged electrode, opposite of an anode.

1920s art movement pioneered by Max Ernst.

Attacked on the edges.

Chinese Internet giant, based in Shenzhen.

Stuck in an uncertain situation.

A drop-leaf table is supported on this.

__ of Solace; Daniel Craig's second Bond film.

Most modern quarter of the historic city of Prague.

French for a little bit or small amount.

__ Hermits, 1960s English beat rock band.

Former chat-show host and radio presenter Feltz.

UK weight of 2,240 lb, also known as an imperial.

Home of English football with a giant arch.

Butterfly-split smoked herrings.

Puzzle 20

Combines incorrectly.

Puccini opera about unconventional people in Paris.

National dog of Norway: the Norwegian this.

Whitened, as with raw almonds.

Prager __, German language newspaper, 1876-1939.

Affecting the whole of a network.

Fictional characters, __ Lodge, __Mars & __ Sawyer.

Period of daylight before 12pm; morning.

He tells a Canterbury tale about finding Death.

Condition causing skin, hair and eyes to be white.

Variables in algebra that you're not sure of.

In soccer, describes the sphere when stationary.

Rosie Huntington-__, a Victoria's Secret model.

1850 viaduct that is Prague's longest bridge.

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