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Here are the answers to CodyCross Predators Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

What nature feels about a vacuum.

Brief flashes of light.

Wild dog or Forsyth book, Day of the __.

Maker of environmentally friendly cleaning goods.

Animals with striped legs related to giraffes.

Hot and sour Thai soup.

Gaelic equivalent of the name James.

__ cat, wild plains South American feline.

Umberto __, Polar explorer in the airship Norge.

__ Sahib, the holy book of Sikhism.

Puzzle 2

Green Powerpuff Girl, toughest fighter.

Extravagant praise or eulogy given in public.

Any strictly meat-eating animal.

Nickname of the New Zealand rugby teams.

Yellow-flowered plant used in drinks for coughs.

Nationality of author Olaf Olafsson.

Venomous aquatic animal, camouflaged as a rock.

Lowest female singing voice.

Imitation gold made from copper and zinc.

Kate, Megan and Camilla, for example.

Puzzle 3

Collection of floating frozen water.

Scientific family that bears belong to.

Relating to sacred Christian or Jewish songs.

Movie: A lie to explain a concentration camp.

Catch-22 medic friend of Yossarian.

__ Wars, conflicts between Greeks and Romans.

Medieval hairpiece.

Whale type including dolphins, with dentistry.

Rites of __, significant stepping-stones in life.

__ sprouts, forage crop also known as lucerne.

Military brass instrumentalists.

Boris __, Russian Grandmaster in chess.

Puzzle 4

"Religious" sea carnivore that barks.

Sans-__, the French common people without breeches.

Medieval German fairy tale castle near Koblenz.

Irresponsible, inept.

Surname, and word synonymous with traitor.

Queen's manager, nickname "Miami".

Nationality of writers Camus and Derrida.

Abnormal narrowing of blood vessels.

Serpentine Galleries CEO from 2016.

Home to Anglican priests, near to their churches.

Red wine grape native of Piedmont region.

Purple flowering vine that grows aggressively.

Arachnid with a sting in its tail.

Holding a horizontal yoga pose.

Puzzle 5

Machine for erasing tapes with magnetic field.

Large, long, attacking fish with sharp teeth.

US band comprising Walter Becker and Donald Fagen.

Bulbs with many pastel bracts.

Hideki __, Japanese golfing superstar.

Nationality of playwright Henrik Ibsen.

Chemical element discovered by Karl Ernst Claus.

Bitter red, leafy salad vegetable.

When a person is clumsy, especially with the hands.

Dancer, choreographer of Singin' in the Rain.

Medical term for soreness of the tongue.

__ area, district from where a school takes pupils.

__ Devil, wild Australian island beast.

Prominent Anglo-Saxon scholar, the __ Bede.

Crimean War battle that Tennyson wrote about.

Puzzle 6

Musical starts with "Oh! What a Beautiful Mornin'".

François __, inventor of the kitchen grater.

Large Sudanese city located opposite Khartoum.

Additionally, besides.

The Incredibles fashion designer character.

Snake-like sea fish, aka Muraenidae.

Mario __, Italian-American F1 world champion.

Skullcap worn by religious Jewish males.

Longest snake, found in South American rivers.

One of Jason's associate heroes in Ancient Greek.

Hit by OMD about an infamous B-29 bomber of 1945.

Honestly, expressing open sentiments.

Puzzle 7

Another name for birds of prey.

Greek word for "gold".

Organized Russian massacres of Jews in the 1880s.

CR7 Portuguese megastar.

Malaria cure extracted by Pelletier and Caventou.

Jocelyn Bell __, she discovered the pulsar in 1967.

USSR pact with Nazi Germany: __ -Ribbentrop Pact.

Italian strained tomatoes for sauce.

Short-sighted cartoon character aka J. Quincy.

Cameroon's capital and largest city.

Loan sharks.

__ Born Killers, Oliver Stone's dark comedy.

In Christian faith, the anointed one.

Falcon that hovers.

Band that provides power to a car's cooling system.

Flowers of a family that contains Jacob's ladder.

Puzzle 8

Element named for the farthest planet from the sun.

Excess of words, tediously lengthy speech.

Number of teams in the National Hockey League.

Dark sugar (Barbados) or light sugar.

Outermost region of the atmosphere.

Allosaurus and deinonychus were these.

Archaic and comical term for the buttocks.

A very large unit of image resolution.

Savior of Jem and Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Japanese goddess of the sun.

Longingly, dreamily.

Jamaican reggae artist, shot and killed in 1987.

The study of signs and meaning.

Crocodile-like animal, seen in Florida.

Puzzle 9

Korean dish of rice mixed with beef and veggies.

Hyena relative that comes early in dictionary.

Facade of a building.

Describes the inferno in the Newman, McQueen film.

The opera L'Aiglon's two composers: __ and Ibert.

Small German state, borders France and Luxembourg.

Removed someone from a position of power.

Fictional Mayor of Casterbridge: Michael __.

__ maid, girl employed to do washing duties.

Protective head strapping worn in rugby.

Sci-fi series featuring John Crichton and Scorpius.

Tool often found in an IKEA purchase.

Haile __, the last emperor of Abyssinia/Ethiopia.

A pair of metal jaws to measure thickness of items.

Situated near to the center of the human body.

Spider that sounds like a hinged floor panel.

LEGO villain Queen __ Wa'Nabi.

Tree or shrubs that grow in shallow brackish water.

Puzzle 10

2003 thriller starring Ray Liotta and John Cusack.

Author of The Princess Diaries.

The __ Plan, reconstruction of Europe after WWII.

Wine glasses, champagne flutes.

Chicken __: mushroom, shallots, white wine sauce.

Burial site for kings built by Felipe II: El __.

Short hairstyle worn by women of the 1920s.

"Hanging over one's head like the sword of __".

Duck-billed, egg-laying mammal.

Lurking out of sight.

Beatles drummer at the outset.

Chestnut rodent; common pest.

Puzzle 11

Tiny piece of food.

Heavy iron blocks for metalwork.

Black __; long venomous snakes native to Africa.

Birthplace in Mississippi of Elvis Presley.

Religious teachings in Buddhism or yoga.

Quote from Hamlet: "__ to the general".

Faux, imitation, mock, from a German word.

Kathleen __, the speaking voice of Jessica Rabbit.

Stir, provoke, inflame.

__ Flagg; Fried Green Tomatoes writer.

Largest lake found entirely in Europe: Lake __.

Type of crocodile that might rob you?.

Aquatic mammals a bit like weasels.

Puzzle 12

Dance and music of the Trinidad & Tobago carnival.

Tool for trimming a tree's branches.

Inflamed and runny nose.

Highest point in Australian Capital Territory.

Inventor of SONAR technology: Reginald __.

Fruit-filled Spanish wine.

Secretive and sly.

Predatory, flesh-eating fish with very sharp teeth.

Yearly sum paid to clerical person.

Another name for the office of the pope.

Empire associated with Cyrus the Great.

Bear known for grumbling, perhaps.

A Little __, Diane Lane, 167 IQ 13 yr old.

A video game without clear structure: __ game.

Ropes put up around crime scenes.

Puzzle 13

Timothy __, Justified and Santa Clarita Diet star.

French "on fire" dish cooked over a low heat.

The Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Jumping onto prey to catch it.

Flower that goes to make a red, Vitamin C tea.

Ancient castle on the banks of Loch Ness.

Heavy claw dinosaur, like semi-precious stone.

Enfant __, young artist who pushes the boundaries.

Identifying mark or sign.

Discard something from a plane or ship.

Jethro Tull album named for a breathing apparatus.

Puzzle 14

Greek island where Rupert Brooke is buried.

Big cats that can be Bengal, Sumatran.

Scandinavian form of the name Andrew.

African country that contains all of Lake Kioga.

Denys __; director of The Barbarian Invasions.

Australasian marsupials with pink nose, brown fur.

Labeorphilists collect such beer bottle adornments.

Three consecutive birdies in a round of golf.

Call of a town crier, usually twice.

Lord __, British surgeon of antiseptic surgery.

Puzzle 15

Decorative work in knotted string.

Read the __; give a strong warning.

1993 cult movie about boys and baseball, The __.

Predation, __ on a target.

__ Park Records, founded by Prince.

Lighter Lynchburg Lemonade with less sugar.

Southern Portugal coast.

Water bird with huge beak for holding fish.

Second disease for which a vaccine was created.

Cath __, designer showcases tiny floral patterns.

Puzzle 16

Prone to making banter or witty remarks.

Thick Mexican soup w/ pork, beans & hot seasoning.

Endangered Russian-Asian wild dogs.

River that flows through Prague.

Emmylou __, country singer.

AKA pygmy chimpanzee, a small chimp.

Supporting horizontal beam above a window or door.

__ Gandhi, son of Indira, died in a plane crash.

Reddish-brown or dark ginger hair.

Alicia __, Cuban ballerina famous as Giselle.

Puzzle 17

Cake-making actress-girlfriend of Paul McCartney.

Animal known as the quickhatch; superhero.

Dizzy __, jazz trumpeter of Salt Peanuts.

Farsightedness, not necessarily related to aging.

Grumpy, crabby, short-tempered.

Wood veneers used in shipbuilding.

Tasselled __, carpet shark with unusual name.

Dark, furl-edge mushrooms, "poor man's truffle".

Howling, yowling sound; made by felines?.

Batman in Batman Forever.

Former capital city of Burundi.

Take a walk down memory lane.

Puzzle 18

Got down a cliff sliding on a rope.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi animal that can kill snakes.

Device that forces material out through a nozzle.

Japanese music festival on the side of a mountain.

Philosophical tenet on determination of actions.

Canned fish, related to a sardine.

Ferocious pig with tusks.

Debbie __ ; Kathy Selden in Singin' in the Rain.

Lower in rank or status.

Nationality of a native of Asmara.

Chess move that switches king and rook.

Alternative name for Shiva, meaning the Great God.

Puzzle 19

Biblical area, in current Palestine.

__ bread, thick Iranian flat bread.

__ Palladino, 19th-c. Italian medium, trickster.

Kitchens on boats.

Depictions of sacred Egyptian beetles.

American marsupial that plays dead.

The woman's side of the family in genealogy.

Boris, horror actor and Frankenstein's monster.

Open squares in Italian towns.

__ bone disease, aka osteogenesis imperfecta.

Dinosaur, like a small T. rex.

Puzzle 20

Flowering plant used as poultry feed.

Next door, fixed to the side.

Possessed car in 1983 Stephen King novel.

Dangerous sea "bovine" with teeth and fin.

Road to __, Depression-era mob film of 2002.

London uni, founded in 1887 as the People's Palace.

Hotel chain with mystical name.

Conic section, a plane curve.

Western terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Infection, contamination, microbial predator?.

Decorative carving and drawing on whalebone.

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