CodyCross Preparing for baby Pack answers

Preparing for baby PackPreparing for baby

Here are the answers to CodyCross Preparing for baby Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Outdoor musical instrument affected by breezes.

Vehicle that shuttles kids to their learning place.

Santa's home in the arctic.

Creating interest in goods, a service, a celeb.

Something really simple is this delicious phrase.

Person who understands without conscious reasoning.

Raised seat for baby to sit in at mealtimes.

Princess who ate a poisonous apple.

Orchestral music style to play to baby in womb.

Larvae with bioluminescence.

Toy range with miniature klicky figures.

Halves and quarters are these.

Liquid for gargling or refreshing the breath.

Puzzle 2

Tight, stretchy pants or high socks to cover legs.

A getting together, an assembly, a crowd.

Gladiators fought here in Ancient Rome.

Gymnastic or circus-style dance movements.

Kermit's one true love.

Country whose capital is Buenos Aires.

Large fish with long, sharp, needle like noses.

Make coffee.

Pregnant, anticipating a baby.

Acid indigestion, common in pregnancy.

To confuse or trick, maybe by sleight of hand.

Inflatable worn on the arms for non-swimmers.

Puzzle 3

Underground transit in New York City.

Neil, writer of American Gods.

A roast meat often accompanied by cranberry sauce.

The person a young child might call "daddy".

Take a breath.

People originally from the area tourists visit.

First name of a yellow bear who loves honey.

Large gun on the side of a pirate ship.

Open with a key.

Evil spirits that rob graves.

Black-and-white animals, such as Pepé Le Pew.

Toy cubes for building towers.

The fanciest kind of men's suit.

A sheriff of the Wild West upholding legality.


Like Mercury, Venus, or Mars.

You can find a message in a floating one.

Puzzle 4

Hold a baby gently and securely; crib.

Graphite tool for writing or drawing.

Breakfast holder for yolks and whites.

Banned bullets whose point expands on impact.

__ (One Last Kiss); 2012 song by Pink.

Round seed with wrinkly brown shell.

Out of the __ pan, into the fire.

Rourke, Rooney or Mouse.

Greek goddess of wisdom.

Thin, French pancakes.

School or gym storage.

__Bottom; SpongeBob's undersea home city.

Noise a squeezy baby toy usually makes.

Using a keyboard.

Save, e.g. offer a new home to an abandoned pet.

Puzzle 5

Another term for chores, like cleaning and ironing.

The hours between sunset and the start of the day.

Egyptian queen, lover of Caesar and Antony.

Salami sausage, sliced on pizza.

Sting and Andy Summers' new wave band.

The study of medical imaging.

Author of The Fault in Our Stars.

Behind-the-scenes worker, helps actors with props.

Sword handed to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake.

North America, Asia or Australia.

Important stage or event in a baby's life.

Pulsating sound from an essential muscle.

Puzzle 6

Button-up knitted top to keep baby warm.

Sheets added to a baby's crib for warmth.

Small dried grapes, not raisins or currants.

Flat fish; verb meaning to struggle.

Healing, getting back to health after illness.

Environmentally conscious Dr Seuss character.

Unpredictable player, unexpected competitor.

Criminal employees, hired goons, bad guys.

Imaginative in an artistic way.

The place where your arm meets your back.

Express credit card.

70s rock musical that starred David Essex as Jesus.

Puzzle 7

Sand-covered expanses right on the seashore.

The bits inside a chicken that gravy is made from.

Buzzing setting for a phone on silent.

Flourish and advance in small ways.

Someone who tries to spy birds, trains, etc..

Goes pink in the face.

A specialist hired to observe data and information.

Carried someone's golf bag.

A robber, a thief.

Eduardo Perez's chicken in Despicable Me 2.

Triangular canopy that protects from solar rays.

Place where Noddy lives.

Rubbing of muscles for relaxation.

Puzzle 8

Help, aid.

Six plus six.

Painful red spots on babies' buttocks.

Beck album cover with hurdling Komondor dog.

Person who cuts together a film.

Flying machines with wings.

A kitchen appliance for boiling water.

Saying: rinse and __.

Was employed.

Electric tool used to remove hair from the body.

Small tropical lizards with soft skin.

Female parent.

Basic reading textbook; undercoat for paint.

Touch someone lightly with a feather.

Quality of aggressive strength and vitality.

Puzzle 9

A seven-sided polygon.

Cinderella's mode of transport.

Painful baby stage when their fangs come through.

Shiny, sticky mouth makeup.

Noise for a duck talking.

Leslie Nielson vehicle.

Carrying a child in the womb.

Irish plant symbol on the flag of Erin Go Bragh.

Any type of drink.

Da Vinci painting with a mysterious smile.

Guess the number or color in this casino game.


Puzzle 10

Like jogging, but faster.

Guardians of a child.

She found herself __ a rock and a hard place.

Communicative electronic toys, a Christmas craze.

The spookiest month of the year.

Daily diary that some people write to unload.

Jack McBrayer's 30 Rock character.

Shower enclosure.

Cloud-like froth in a relaxing bath.

Events of the past.

Use this for browning bread.

A sugary, frozen ice drink.

A cat gives birth to these.

Sunshade umbrella.

Puzzle 11

Toy-filled safety cage for children to have fun in.

A lens with a surface that curves inwards.

Hold a table at a restaurant.

Novel where reader tries to solve the crime.

Medical tube to slowly dispense baby medicine with.

Tough and chewy sinews of cooked meat.

Two-piece swimsuit comprising a vest and pants.

Kit Harrington breakout role.

Plumber's tool for unblocking sinks and toilets.

The largest video-sharing platform in the world.

Avian home in the garden where eggs are hatched.

Release, stop holding.

Singing with a microphone to backing tracks.

Gadget that shows direction of travel.

Puzzle 12

Jenny is a shortened version of this name.

Female servant in Margaret Atwood's tale.

Animated film about the first cave people.

Preserving in ice.

North American for what is a pushchair in the UK.

Monster-shaped statue on a medieval building.

A soft, loose-fitting garment worn after a shower.

Illegal or against regulations.

He played Hawkeye in MASH.

Marriage ceremonies.

Pure-bred dog or cat.

Three babies in the womb at once.

Puzzle 13

Leaves someone or stops looking after them.

Safety chair for baby to sit on in the tub.

2013 post-apocalyptic Tom Cruise flick.

Ancient Egyptian tombs.

Guests, people who come to spend time with you.

Reaches a goal, an ambition, or a milestone.

Pictures telling the world how good breakfast is.

Beaver friend of Rufus Ruffcat in Wacky Races.

Peanut-loving animal with a good memory.

Delivering a baby.

Puzzle 14

Steak cooked partly in the middle, not well done.

Singer Franklin who demanded respect.

Make a decision.

Extreme fear of something like spiders or snakes.

Protecting and tending to someone with love.

Journey to different places.

A pool with warm water and jets that bubble.

Royal-sounding New York borough.

Strips of material worn for carrying babies.

Online chat platforms for posting to a group.

A wooden cask full of whiskey or laughs.

Tom Hanks' volleyball friend in Cast Away.

Living corpse.

Christian building for worship and prayer.

The P in MVP.

Puzzle 15

Type of bush we go round early in the morning.

Long, green salad item, often sliced or pickled.

Safety feature installed at top/bottom of stairs.

Public addresses read aloud after weddings.

Australian mammal that holds babies in a pouch.

Picture or representation of someone's face.

Food or drink of the Greek gods.


Stick on a car window to keep bright light out.

Tech that processes info, connects to internet.

Puzzle 16

Squeeze handfuls of damp hair to get curls.

The collective name for knives, forks and spoons.

Bedroom furniture item with drawers.

Blow this for attention; popular with referees.

Getting bigger, expanding.

SE Asian country with terraced coffee plantations.

Rushed wedding on account of a pregnancy.

Non-belief in gods or higher powers.

Rolled tortilla stuffed with beans, meat, and rice.

Famous Hugh, notable for X-Men role.

Elsa sings this song in Frozen.

Places where hamsters keep their nuts.

Puzzle 17

A person who gathers and guides sheep.

Amazing events that have no explanation.

Laps completed by going round and round a track.

The sound a clock makes.

Opposite of southern.

A warm chocolate beverage enjoyed in winter.

Australian director of 2004 horror film Saw.

Metal tool for snipping finger- and toenails.

Liar, swindler or fraudster.

Style of sewing fabric squares together.

AKA Dwayne Michael Carter.

Petroleum jelly brand for dry lips and skin.

Indestructible flight recorder.

Stately home from Wind in the Willows.

Not bent.

Puzzle 18

To not be there; missing a day of school.

Bawling or sobbing, like a baby.

Red symbols of love.

To walk very slowly, making everyone late.

Sloped typeface.

Lager and fizzy lemonade drink.

Where you lay your head at night.

Peeling these veggies can bring tears to the eyes.

Will Smith character in Men in Black.

Sharp metal tool used for sewing.

A fist-fighting sport that takes place in a ring.

Canadian province with the postal abbreviation QC.

Place to buy fresh food from outdoor stalls.

Spiky desert plant that comes in many forms.

Six-stringed acoustic or electric instrument.

Temporarily raise children who aren't yours.

The UK leaving the EU.

You make these in secret when blowing out candles.

Puzzle 19

An Alpine goat whose skin is used to clean cars.

Pardon someone and forget their sins.

Breastfeeding a baby.

Nationality of a Venetian.

Scary creature that lives under your bed.

Small crawling children, close to the carpets.

Aka ThatcherJoe, Zoella's brother.

Room of the house where food is prepared.

Land where apples are harvested.

Creams rubbed on the skin to stop dryness.

Heating a liquid until it turns into a gas.

Andersen's Tinderbox hero, a military man.

Drawing over something to copy it.

Small round wicker boat used by ancient Britons.

Stud or hoop through the lobe.

Rolled-up chocolate cake served at Christmas.

Puzzle 20

A child's buddy or a friend.

Movie ticket company that owns Rotten Tomatoes.

Playthings that can get wet in the tub.

Stimulant found in coffee.

Foam pad to line a crib or bed.

Tourists in Scotland look for this monster.

Location warm enough for plants year-round.

To have strong drive and determination for success.

Stripy insect that makes sweet substance.

Venetian canal boats.

He created the theory of relativity.

Garnish with designs that are pleasing to the eye.

Gives official sanction.

Glandular organ that produces insulin.

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