CodyCross Preparing for Guests Pack answers

Preparing for Guests PackPreparing for Guests

Here are the answers to CodyCross Preparing for Guests Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Jokers at medieval courts.

__ fum, the menacing cry of a beanstalk giant.

Days particularly hated by cartoon cat Garfield.

__ day, when straightening or blow-drying fails.

Of a wedded couple.

Clothes that need washing and drying.

__ mite, biting parasitic larva, aka a chigger.

Sends a memorandum.

Force created by a pressure difference.

Couch that turns into a sleeping area for guests.

Splitting a deck of cards into two.

Skilled worker who makes e.g. pottery, bread.

Leaves on an island.

Place where food is tinned.

Initial swish at each of 18 golfing holes.

Puzzle 2

Chiseled, carved.

Place to park cars at home.

In-car safety restraint.

Rucksack; handy bag with shoulder straps.

Plan of action, way of approaching a problem.

Took a different path, like avoiding roadworks.

Making a trip to someone's house.

Liquid that returns to a container when drinking.

Keanu Reaves hitman character.

Principal ruler, and a role-playing video game.

__ ball, very heavy sphere used to keep fit.

A parent __ a baby to sleep: shhhhh.

Find the product of two numbers.

Beat __; complete a task within a time limit.

Puzzle 3

December holiday when family visit.

Treating lavishly, like on a spa vacation.

Numbers with numerators and denominators.

Writing down a spoken passage of text.

As tidy as the deck of a boat.

Die-cast model cars with flame-style logo.

__ sport; sport that is exciting and fun to watch.

Cake made with nuts, candied citrus, cherries.

Rotating platform on a record player.

Slate panels that form a slope on top of a house.

Make surfaces and bathrooms sanitary.

Puzzle 4

Canine meal.

Bravery in the face of danger.

Those with kids.

Spick __, neat and tidy.

Tiny paper packets holding sugar or salt.

Crafted from wool and long, sharp needles.

Warm greeting said to people on arrival.

Hidden parts of the internet masked from search.

Nickname for the AMC TV zombies.

Collected like rain on the ground.

__ Square Garden, New York music venue.

Puzzle 5

Adele wants to find __ Like You.

Soapy liquid for washing hair.

Played a golf shot from just off the green.

Makes less hard.

Deep vertical gorges with a Grand one in Arizona.

Worked dough.

It's very quiet when this needlemaker's tool falls.

Someone who aspires to be like someone else.

Designated cycle route.

Spiders leave these in corners of a ceiling.

The Last __; 2004 action movie set in Japan.


Puzzle 6

Making a solemn vow or promise in court.

Traditional male courtside assistants in tennis.

Volcanic plume that may cause air travel chaos.

Talking informally with friends and family.

Hand out medical prescriptions.

A timetable or program of activity.

Washing and dusting the home.

__ lockers; storage compartments on a plane.

Leave no stone __, describes using every resource.

Obsessions, hobbies done with love.

Puzzle 7

__ demeanor, having a cold, detached manner.

Honey, I __ the Kids, Rick Moranis comedy.

Bounded like a kangaroo.

Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece: The Last __.

__ paper, tissue roll found in a bathroom.

Raw material edge with loose threads.

Dishonest people who never prosper.

Lita Roza asked How much is that doggie in the __.

Alphabetically first ocean bordering Canada.

Conditional release from jail ahead of time.

Became liquid from heat.

Quartz rocks that are hit together to make fire.

Rhyming verse.

Deliver an application or test paper manually.

Evening meal to invite friends over for.

To put a stop to something, anagram of sky hob.

Puzzle 8

Retrace one's steps, withdraw a statement.

Nature's shade providers in the Caribbean.

Situation requiring immediate action or help.

Fizzy water.

Cleaning a floor using a lot of effort.

Mammal whose name means "little armored one".

Fighting against.

Describes a wind coming from the Arctic.

Home law that a family abides by inside.

Decisive spot kicks in a soccer match.

Produce no longer safe to eat since it is __.

Puzzle 9

Brian __; Family Guy pet canine.

Makes a noise like a sausage in a pan.

Gift-wrapped bunch of cut flowers.

Peaceful and calm, making one feel sleepy.

Minor skirmish.

Upper body exercises, hanging off a bar.

Fluff from domestic cats and dogs.

Percussion instrument, used by animal herders.

Takes trips or outings, often overseas.

Assignment, combat operation.

In a state of disrepair or neglect.

Least warm.

Puzzle 10

2018 movie about Neil Armstrong.

Large-footed hare, like winter footwear.

Unfermented leaf brew.

Kind and giving to others.

Dorm cooker; rhymes with not late.

Air __, for keeping the air in a room clean.

__ pads, jacket insertions to create power suits.

Gestured for someone to come to you.

Liquefy, break down into a solution.

It has a toilet, tub, mirror.

Studying for a test.

Puzzle 11

They go with dots to make Morse code.

Left a gratuity.

__ gel, liquid body wash.

__ of The Sexes, Emma Stone played Billie J. King.

Bent in half, like paper.

__ stones, fruit counted in Tinker, tailor....

Used unnecessarily, squandered, frittered.

Sunshade panels on caps.

Combat aircraft.

Persecute, annoy.

Glass container, often holds liquids.

Wants, desires; genies grant them.

King who fought the Vikings at Wilton and Edington.

Dark reddish-brown.

A nap, a short satisfying sleep.

Walks with heavy steps.

Cards granting access to ski slopes.

Puzzle 12

Shame, humiliate.

Clench your hand.

Anakin __ becomes Darth Vader.

The V in TVP, or textured __ protein.

Carefully taking notice of what guests need.

A flatplan drawing or layout.

Ropelike, matted strand of hair.

Wooden cabinets used for storage.

An addition, like a word added to existing text.

Tending to plants and weeds outside the home.

Rubber-stamped message on confidential letters.

Puzzle 13

Seats on horses.

__ station; where votes are cast in an election.

US state famed for peaches.

Sweeping or painting tools.

Phrase showing approval; anagram of hot grin.

Pick someone up, bring them home.

Woody Allen's fruity movie of 1971.

Visitors, friends who stop you feeling alone.

The beach plus ocean.

Criminal collectives.

Confused, after too many crosswords maybe.

Litter, trash, garbage.

Puzzle 14

To take __ is to behave inappropriately.

Toy such as Trivial Pursuit, played with friends.

When the Going __, Billy Ocean.

Austrian dish of thin, fried meat.

Chamber at home that visitors sleep in.

Bestowed a punishment on a convicted criminal.

Exchange Rate __, from which the UK withdrew in 92.

Making intentional choices.

Animal dung found in the wild.

Recommended an idea.

Janitor, maintenance staff at a school.

Keyboard character that follows http:.

Puzzle 15

Hollow metal structure keeps a camping home erect.

Up __, means available to anyone.

Folded eggs stuffed with fillings.

Buying goods and food.

One-piece protective work clothing.

The Buddha of __, book and film by Hanif Kureishi.

Depart in a car, or play golf.

Glass-__ boats are viewing vessels for tourists.

Well-spoken, articulate.

Portable baggage to pack for an overnight stay.

Prickly plants synonymous with Scotland.

Pestered, tormented.

Puzzle 16

Cold chest for storing ice cream.

Magical or medicinal potions.

__ the cake, slicing up of a wedding gateau.

Guests at a hotel, customers.

Ability to stay steady, unwavering.

Shake or quake with fear.

Horse shelters.

Light-blocking fabric worn on the face for sleep.

Fitting anagram for Spandex.

Strummed guitar strings; performed pizzicato.

Be considerate of others, have regard for them.

Had faith in someone's integrity.

Keeping up with the __; competing with neighbors.

Puzzle 17

They can be alcoholic or soft.

Teachers write disapproving remarks with it.

Attack with surprise.

Went over something with a fine-toothed object.

Excessively, exceedingly.

__ seat, warming driver's seat.

Emmanuel __; became French president in 2017.

Folding leather for keeping money safe.

Eject a thin stream of water.

Discharge, e.g. light fireworks.

The __, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Old-fashioned chemical for cleaning bathrooms.

__ fiber, material used to make bike tubes.

Puzzle 18

Throw in __, to give up, a boxing analogy.

Spongy part of a bed, or could be filled with air.

LP format of vinyl records.

Hair tie made from a gathered band of fabric.

Popeye's girlfriend, also chased by Bluto.

Downloaded a show while watching.

Kentucky bourbons.

Being mean to others.

Government charge on income.

Something to do, a leisure pursuit.

Burned by the sun or fire.

Puzzle 19

Reaching up to the same level as one's middle.

Laptops and desktops are these.

The first meal of the day.

Samples of bodily fluids taken diagnostically.

Roll along without being in gear.

Political declaration of plans and principles.

Instruction meaning it's forbidden to light up.

White, furry ursine with black skin.

Cruelty, viciousness, callousness.

Moscow public space with onion-dome cathedral.

Phrase: looking for guilt rather than solutions.

Melissa Benoist stars as hero with cape.

A moan or gripe about poor service, for example.

Celebration attendee.

The Horse __, movie featuring Robert Redford.

Puzzle 20

Try a little of something.

Snow __; Scottish band who released Chasing Cars.

Large, round juicy fruits, can be cantaloupes.

Young of cows, antelopes, camels and elephants.

Charmingly old fashioned.

__ tour, showing people around your home.

Bread, cake and pastry makers.

Uppermost layer of vegetation in the treetops.

Black and white reading materials for the news.

__ stick, for help taking photos of you.

Mourn somebody's passing.

Cannon fires shells over fairly short distances.

Slang for a Canadian person.

Trigger-operated cleaning products.

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