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Here are the answers to CodyCross Preschool Activities Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Substance for attaching posters to walls.

The more the __, the better the party will be.

Safety straps to prevent falling while climbing.

Frozen, covered in ice.

Making loud noises while you're sleeping.

Knives and forks, for example.

Secure a goal that was set.

Verified, or put a bag in the luggage compartment.

Animal with a long neck and blue tongue.

Long segments of prepared fish.

Ancient city destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

In no specific place; describes Lennon's man.

__ Yde, plays Tomika in School of Rock.

1, 2, 3, etc; not letters.

The first name of Hogwarts' potions master.

Making something hotter.

Puzzle 2

Make-believe-style garment worn for a party.

Tales from books.

Cars ride on these named roads.

Moana's fabulous "shiny" crab.

Chorizo or frankfurter.

Works out through reasoning, like Sherlock.

To have wed someone, tied the knot.

Making as little noise as possible.

Found on a bird, it helps them fly.

Find out how long an object is using a ruler.

Broken bone supports.

Controlled by computers; opposite of analog.

Puzzle 3

Young people; pre-teens.

Very bright meteor, globe of flames.

Allowed someone in.

Green, leafy salad vegetables.

A host of __; small brown garden birds.

Container for carrying sandwiches or snacks.

Not a __; 2014 hit for JT, co-written by J-Roc.

Little Boy Blue was fast asleep under one.

Online information superhighway.

Acting, pretending to be a doctor or teacher.

White Australian parrot with yellow upright crest.

Puzzle 4

Huge nails on birds of prey; long red fingernails.

Quiver, shake unsteadily.

Spirits from beyond the grave.

__ Circle; where to see the midnight sun.

__ prints; making paint patterns with a vegetable.

Refreshments eaten between activities in school.

__ Khan, Mongol leader, grandson of Genghis Khan.

Mutated, alternative form of a gene.

__ station, place of work for cops.

__ image, identical but reversed.

The pig's name in Charlotte's Web.

Dry, sandy expanse.

Rubbish, or to not do something on principle.

Secured with a key.

Puzzle 5

Experiencing sudden realization; I just had an __.

Slang word for relaxing, being laid back.

A large toy ring for twirling around your waist.

Separates bottles, cans and paper from garbage.

Handheld device for cutting and snipping.

To carry on.

Doing lengths in a pool.

Lifelike models of famous people.

Gru's first name in the Despicable Me films.

Golden solar effects at the start of the day.

__ pony; a miniature breed of horse.

A person who works for a certain company.

Innate charm that helps leaders inspire others.

Puzzle 6

Ancient bead frame for learning how to count.

A leatherback is an example of this reptile.

Meal eaten outdoors sitting on a blanket.

You wear these to protect your hands.

Loves intensely, cherishes.

Body part: little piggy that went to market.

Song or hymn of praise or gladness.

Shelters built of snow.

Famous colorful puzzle cube popular in the 1980s.

Put this under your head for a comfortable sleep.

MMA fighter in Sam and Cat.

A game using hooked sticks played on ice or land.

Giving a thumbs-up to a Facebook post.

Period including Good Friday.

Puzzle 7

Russian empress; anagram of artisan.

Speak in a hushed tone.

Percussion instruments that make shaking sounds.

Arachnids; web-spinning creatures.

Jumping, especially over frogs....

French island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The opposite of friends; your foes.

__ pink, highly delighted or amused.

You may start doing this if your food gets stuck.

Using a spade to make a hole.

Red or blistered skin from too much UV light.

Shoes without laces or buckles.

The L in BLT, the three-ingredient sandwich.

Companions, classmates.

Rushing around, or magnifying an image: __ in.

Where dogs are housed.

Puzzle 8

Emporio __, Italian fashion brand.

Rhymes and verse.

Keep a liquid just below boiling.

American singer and actor, Josh __.

Shiny, streaky form of granite used in sculptures.

Dripping tears.

Use this to suspend clothes in the wardrobe.

The distinctive call of a parrot.

Jace __, plays Kid Danger.

Sweet and charming, captivating.

__ paper; very thin paper for craft.

Puzzle 9

Removing liquid from fruits for drinking.

Blood-sucking mythical creature.

__ plan, map of where guests will sit at an event.

Mulch __, dwarf who steals things in Artemis Fowl.


Relating to the coldest season.

Drawing over a picture using transparent paper.


People you enjoy spending time with.

Entered a country with an army.

Alexander __, discoverer of Penicillin.

Ski __, leaping off a snowy ramp.

Colorful play area for kids to "dive" in.

Resort region in the South of Portugal.

The sound a donkey is making.

Puzzle 10

Someone who is grown up or advanced is __.

Tattle to the police.

Grass-living insect, makes an incessant noise.

Final, dying light and warmth of a coal fire.

The __ Five; adventure book series by Enid Blyton.

Wall-mounted devices used for telling the time.

Wooden writing stick with a sharp point.

Small streams.

Rather cold; not warm at all.

Final score.

Aka vlogger Zoe Sugg.

__ Channel; broadcaster of The Mickey Mouse Club.

Puzzle 11

Activity sheet from a computer.

Member of a family.

Apprehensive, worried about doing something.

Superheroes usually have a secret __.

Harry the __; story about a filthy runaway pet.

A substance that can neutralize a certain poison.

Outer coating of a baby bird's first home.

Whale-__; spotting large marine mammals in the sea.

A watery, partially submerged summer sport.

Global chain of children's play and music classes.

Slumber, dozing.

Puzzle 12

__ the Dress; David Walliams book.

After summer, the pool floats get all empty or __.

Opposite of minority.

Mammal takes its name from its dorsal attachment.

__ frame; play equipment with steps and ladders.

Dressing up outfits.

Brilliant reading material, e.g. a gripping novel.

Pluck the bridge of your nose to avoid this.

Small sticks for lighting a fire.

Italian fizzy wine.

Capital of Belgium, not everyone likes the sprouts.

Puzzle 13

Showing happiness with an upturned mouth.

Cutting in two.

Goes to, turns up at.

Flat-headed tool for getting ice off car windows.

Playing nicely together with toys.

Pond __; looking for frogs and tadpoles.

When ice crystals fall from the sky, it's __.

Receptacles for boiled breakfast items.

Drool from a dog's mouth.

General name for holy day of the week.


Afternoon naps taken in Mediterranean countries.

Medics, e.g. surgeons, physicians.

Paintings, drawings, photographs, etc.

Princess of Disney's Aladdin.

Puzzle 14

The sound church bells make.

Preparing food for dinner.

Funny or entertaining – makes you laugh.

Hitting, banging a drum.

Pret __; ready-to-eat sandwich shop chain.

To have put a seat on a horse.

Number of the house and road or street you live on.

A waiter's job, giving food to guests.

__ toes, dancer, light on their feet.

Opening in the top of a car that can be slid back.

Large pictures that are stuck on walls.

Gloves, with no separate fingers.

__ rhymes; Jack and Jill or Humpty Dumpty.

A sunbed to lie on, at the beach or pool.

Crazy Dave is the main character in Plants vs __.

One kind of scientist who works in a lab.

Taxonomic classification; the realm of a monarch.

The thrower in baseball.

Playing music in the street for passersby.

Puzzle 15

Balancing upside down with your feet in the air.

Fruit that features on a Hawaiian pizza.

Fruits from conifers.

"Sing-a-song-of-sixpence" animal, baked in a pie.

Encouraging, motivating someone to do something.

Sad, morbid, unhappy, dismal, depressed.

White-and-red striped sweet tree decoration.

Breed of guard dogs; people from eastern France.

"In the bleak __", poem by Christina Rossetti.

Nationality of someone native to Oslo.

Puzzle 16

Ask for something insistently.

Banana flavor ice cream, __ Monkey.

Brother of King Harold, killed at Stamford Bridge.

Playground chutes.

Throw a __ when you want to avoid school or work.

Green foliage on trees and plants.

Official decision from a judge.

Group of performers under the big top.

__ Andrews; lead character in Riverdale.


Old-fashioned word for three times.

He made a Marvellous Medicine in Roald Dahl's book.

Modeling tool with a flat blade.

Puzzle 17

Eye make-up applied to the lashes with a brush.

Lowering the temperature of something.

Stand on one leg without falling over.

Mollusc that has a hinged shell of two parts.

Complained like a baby goat.

Toys that can be made from socks or gloves.

Geoffrey __ wrote The Canterbury Tales.

Contestants push them in quiz shows.

Wonder Woman is of this tribe.

A country where they speak Dutch.

Shiny white coverings for teeth.

__ Bar; American solid milk chocolate bar.

Puzzle 18

Feeling appreciation, being thankful for something.

Playing jumping games using a rope.

Wonderful, as if from paradise.

The boxes you get in the mail.

Windy weather, prone to gusts.

Another word for houses owned by someone.

Tube for watering your garden.

Light fabric, mix of colored and white fibres.

Have an __ reaction to something, get a rash.

Using glue to attach decorations to paper, etc.

Colored materials used for producing paint.

Mint __; ice cream flavor with sweet pieces in.

Saving someone from dangerous situations.

Matrimony, wedlock.

Puzzle 19

To clap for someone or something.

Brand of stretchy putty for making models.

Working with cows, sheep and tractors.

Motivate, influence.

Christmas cake from Germany with dried fruit.

Cinderella had two ugly step__.

Lining up to take your turn.

Make-believe, act out.

Exceedingly boring.

Finding Dory's clumsy but lovable whale shark.

Puzzle 20

Entertained, made to laugh.

Outside play area, often with plants and grass.

Blades worn on an ice rink.

Primates with long tails that come from Madagascar.

Female sibling.

__ bars; aerial ladder for swinging from.

Fruit or nut covered in hard sugared icing.

Type of shells grown by Mary, Mary quite contrary.

Three-wheeled rickshaw of Southern Asia.

A pattern made with small, square tiles.

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