CodyCross Prestigious Universities Pack answers

Prestigious Universities PackPrestigious Universities

Here are the answers to CodyCross Prestigious Universities Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

In tennis, not hit with racket facing backwards.

Removal by cutting; extraction.

Out __ hypothesis, or the Eve hypothesis.

Whole, finished.

Dragging a net through water.

George Eliot's first novel about a carpenter.

Californian uni founded by a railway magnate.

Plantagenet king, ruled from 1216-72.

Safety canisters for putting out fires.

The Graduate actress Anne __.

Green legume aka butter bean.

"That's the way the cookie __".

Raffles for prizes.

__ of the North, William I subjugating N England.

German uni aka Eberhard Karls Universität.

Leeds __ Airport, or LBA.

He believed in Father Christmas in the 70s.

Bluish highly scented plant used in pomanders.

Puzzle 2

Feature for sending money via ghostly social media.

More fond of athletic pursuits.

Bloemfontein is the __ capital of South Africa.

Chicken, pork, turkey etc with no visible fat.

Inventor of the first pocket calculator: Clive __.

Song by Sarah McLachlan: I Will __ You.

Not important what.

Speaker of one language.

Renaissance painter Agnolo di Cosimo, aka __.

Ship skippers.

Selective human breeding; 20th C political group.

University of the __ (U3A), education for retirees.

Legendary Irish headless horseman.

CIA agent played by Joe Don Baker in Bond films.

Tethered, attached a leash to an animal.

__ occupation, job that exempts from the military.

NZ's largest and most prestigious university.

A purple flowering vine: anagram of "I saw Teri".

Worldwide preservation celebrated on April 22.

Puzzle 3

How an employer might compensate.

Four seasons pizza, or quattro __.

Distances travelled by vehicles.

German uni aka Albert-Ludwigs Universität.

Canadian uni founded in Hamilton in 1887.

Robert A. __, US sci-fi author.

Walking in shallow water.

Islamabad is the capital of this country.

TV drivers of yellow Reliant Robin.

Competition recruits.

"The milk of human __" is a quote from Macbeth.

Atoll close to Polynesian island of Tuvalu.

Inherited lung disease abbreviated CF: cystic __.

Actresses Vanessa and Lynn__.

Blatant, jarring.

Puzzle 4

Family comedy about the Hecks and their three kids.

Chocolate covered marshmallow cookies with a sweet filling.

Mountain range of the Khyber Pass.

NJ university; Michelle Obama was a graduate.

Silent film star known as The Vamp.

Opposite of diurnal.

Another name for a goalkeeper.

Hit two of these together for applause/percussion.

Disgust, loathing.

Cliff-dwelling seabird with blade-like beak.

Name given to eight prestigious NE US universities.

Vehicle that is equipped with living quarters.

Solomon's mother, according to the Bible.

Played Mollie in the original West End Mousetrap.

__ Willie, short film starring Mickey Mouse.

Puzzle 5

When disturbed, they roll up into a ball.

From the US.

Taking advantage of someone's generosity.

Important UK universities founded in major cities.

Ancient castle on the banks of Loch Ness.

Jack __, the Golden Bear of golf.

École Polytechnique Fédérale is in this Swiss city.

PLH is the code for this airport.

Building in which Anglican priests live.

"__ gracious, great balls of fire" Jerry Lee Lewis.

French president 2012-17, François __.

Prolonged period of lower than usual temperatures.

Roman name for the island of Jersey.

Makes less heavy.

Cannibal harpooner in Moby-Dick.

Official artist of WW1, famous for Vimy Ridge.

Wine bottle equivalent to four normal bottles.

Fold of skin between tongue and gum.


Caressing, gently brushing.

The __, cult horror movie set in a mansion.

Puzzle 6

French term meaning "good word".

South African uni named after a colonial statesman.

Pine __, mustelid with pinched face and white bib.

Cockney slang for hat.

Warm leftover food.

Of the 50 U.S. states, the one farthest south.

Johan and __; original name for The Smurfs comic.

The name of Yuri Gagarin's spacecraft: __ I.

Brett __, Grace Under Fire comedian.

Italian uni often named Silicon Valley of the Alps.

Short __; curt treatment, not given much attention.

Unable to.

Puzzle 7

Forename of Mrs Beeton.

__-Karl, University of Heidelberg, founded 1386.

Resort dedicated to colorful building blocks.

Sherlock Holmes referred to Irene Adler as this.

Harsh, brutal, e.g. __ criticism.

Forest __ has a song named after him by Bad Books.

Sir Norman who dressed the queen for 20 years.

Genetic development of plants to create the best.

Highlight, make text stand out.

Bostonian, Son of Liberty, and Founding Father.

__ cooker, hob that doesn't use gas for heat.

__ commas; quotation marks.

Description of Howlin' Wolf, BB King, Muddy Waters.

Oxford college known for its Bridge of Sighs.

__ goose, party game where you run around a circle.

Anagram of "a side bet"; a very prevalent disease.


Puzzle 8

Determined, pragmatic, tough-minded.

Al __, Fez, arguably the world's oldest university.

Mixologists make these non-alcoholic drinks.

Italian F1 team with drivers Fangio and Farina.

Yellow lawn flower.

Baroque palace complex in Vienna, now a museum.

Extra clothing worn underneath for warmth.

Substitute word to avoid saying a ruder word.

Gothic New Orleans cemetery features on films.

Following a set of specifications.

Spanish uni of Cervantes has plateresque buildings.

In brief, irregular bursts.

Fast, quick, generally to describe music.

A __ of Noise, biography of Brian Epstein.

Conflict between Rome and Carthage (264 BC-146 BC).

Queens, Kings and Jacks.

Both an arid Mexican State and a tiny dog breed.

Methi seeds that help prevent hair loss.

Puzzle 9

Best bib and __, wearing your finest clothes.

University in Poland, aka Jagiellonian University.

Clyde __, part of a criminal duo of the 1930s.

__ gentry, aristocrats who lived off rental income.

French Internet music streaming service.


Whips cream.

Country with an annual Midsommar Festival.

Pee-Wee __ had a big adventure.

Greek playwright Aristophanes, aka Father of __.

__ Federico II, Italian uni formed in 1224.

Cricket pitcher.

__ Nureyev, Soviet ballet dancer.

Trademark term for a public address system.

Puzzle 10

Opaque paint layer to soften artwork.

Corpus __, name of both Oxford and Cambs colleges.

Says in a quiet incoherent voice.

"Oh what a tangled web __".

Gandhi __, birthday of Indian leader on October 2.

Membranous sac that can be filled with air or gas.

First captain of the QE2: William Eldon __.

Covers to keep dirt out of tire valve.

Spicy leaves, what Brits call rocket.

Kevin __; former NBA MVP for the Timberwolves.

Chinese __ breed often wins ugly dog competitions.

__ Lange, won an Oscar for Blue Sky.

Dutch university founded in 1636.

Puzzle 11

The __ of My Affection, 1998 movie with Aniston.

__ le Fay, enchantress and sister of King Arthur.

Initial and middle name Jazz Age writer Fitzgerald.

Plastic pen used to tap a tablet screen.

Lomonosov __ State University is in this city.

Captain Picard says __ to start the ship moving.

__ torte, classic chocolate cake with glossy icing.

__ warder, military at the Tower of London.

South Island NZ region, named after an admiral.

__d'Or; annual FIFA prize for best footballer.

Italian river; flows from Trentino to Adriatic Sea.

Montreal uni founded by a Scottish fur trader.

Without restriction.

Puzzle 12

Cravats, say, decorations for the throat.

Tunes finding favour with the general public.

Groups of relations.

Brazil's largest uni, founded in 1934.

Southern US pastry delight with sugar and nuts.

Make less, make smaller.

World's highest navigable lake: Lake __.

Eight of them make a mile in horse races.

Think over, ponder a decision.

Messenger app with green, speech bubble logo.

Got off a train.

"Fine words butter no __", a vegetable metaphor.

2017 "Orient Express" missionary: __ Cruz.

Heavy cotton rugs traditionally made in India.

Insect also called the common furniture beetle.

First king of the Belgians.

Waltham uni named after a Supreme Court justice.

Italian director of the Trilogy of Life series.

__ buoy, harness transfers folk from ship to ship.

Puzzle 13

Painting by J.A.D. Ingres: "The __ Bath".

Rubber sink unblocker.

When a peach seed is dropped.

Notices displaying business names and logos.

Monocles, sunglasses, bifocals etc.

Listens, pays attention to.

__ Group, alliance of important UK research unis.

__ Vega, Tom's Diner folk singer.

The act of staying healthy through exercise.

Be older than something.

Southern Ocean bay named after Brit explorer.

SAmerican weevil that puts an end to the lexicon!.

Made a noise like an electric fan.

Airline with an Irish harp on its planes' tailfins.

Du Maurier's story of marriage to Maxim de Winter.

__-Natal, uni based in Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

"Hasta __, baby" said Arnie as The Terminator.

Most willing.

Puzzle 14

Jack Kerouac 1962 Pacific Ocean novel.

Brandy flavor in a Singapore Sling.

Gave out steady light.

Jennie __, mother of Winston Churchill.


Motte and __, castle keep and earthwork combo.

Art __, jazz drummer of the Jazz Messengers.

Hotel chain founded by Conrad in Texas in 1919.

Swiss university founded by John Calvin.

Noises from knitting needles.

Long-established collegiate uni in NE England.

Puzzle 15

Goblet-shaped drum of West Africa.

Linzer, Sacher and Schwarzwälder kirsch.

Clear __; eliminate bad feeling.

Except that; except on the condition that.

Alberto __, Italian F1 driver, winner with Ferrari.

German word for "leader" adopted by Adolf Hitler.

Weekly celebrity magazine.

Slush __ machines make colourful edible snow.

Chinese uni based at Qing dynasty imperial gardens.

Oldest Dutch uni, founded by William of Orange.

Having to do with the mind.

1916 Irish revolt against British rule: __ Rising.

Puzzle 16

Without any danger.

Bushcraft expert, TV personality and author.

Another word for violinists.

Director of the film Son of Rambow: Garth __.

Office work.

Computer accessory for typing letters and numbers.

Cambs college; Christopher Wren built the chapel.

The epithet used for Edmund II.

Serpent-like creature in British heraldry.

Dregs, deposits.

College named for the dead of the 100 Years' War.

Hoofed animal that chews the cud.

A hands-down victory.

Dot to end a sentence, a period to Americans.

Foaming, like a cappuccino.

Puzzle 17

Original birdy name of ship renamed Golden Hind.

Hazzard persona named after Confederate president.

The Australian wilds.

Grabbed tightly.

Institute aka The State University of New Jersey.

__ Castle, fairytale Swiss palace on Lake Geneva.

Hot or cold beetroot soup.

Maine arts college with polar bear mascot.

Off __, 1979 Michael Jackson album.

Green gem.

Puzzle 18

Get hold of something and make it your own.

Jurisdiction in Rome of the Catholic Church.

Skin spotted in a cute way.

Fianced, betrothed.

Frankie __, jockey with a lot of wins.

What Americans call a car's indicator.

US president, Bill __.

Colouring, anagram of dashing.

Tropical lush areas.

Concierto de Aranjuez composer: Joaquín __.

Oldest uni in the US, based in Cambridge, Mass.

Unit of electric charge named after Michael __.

A ship's tender.

__ Burning, long-running fire service drama serial.

African barkless dog.

Breaking the Sound __, 1952 British film.

Crosses, eggs and chicks are all __ of Easter time.

Food, such as pies, sold at room temperature.

Oxford college founded by a Scottish king's father.

Ecstasy, extreme joy.

Puzzle 19

"Going the __" (imperial measure for added input).

Joint capital of the Canaries, with Las Palmas.

The E in LSE, or London School of __.

Atheist on trial for murder in Camus' The Stranger.

Curved swords swung by pirates.

Holiday when Charlemagne was crowned Emperor.

He danced with Jerry Mouse in Anchors Aweigh.

Perforated barrier to keep insects out in summer.

Running costs, operating expenses.

__ Clearwater Revival, performers of Proud Mary.

Decorated with flower ropes.

Move in wrestling that floors an opponent.

Pieces of a backbone.

What Americans call a cattle grid.

__ Academy, where Star Trek officers are trained.

Medieval upper-body protection made of metal rings.

Sincere, genuine emotions.

__ Hermanos, Breaking Bad's restaurant chain.

__ Day shares a day with the birth of Shakespeare.

Puzzle 20

Anything smaller than usual.

__ University, Discworld's seat of learning.

National Park in Devon and Somerset counties.

French designer known as "Le Magnifique": Paul __.

Debra __; Shadowlands and Urban Cowboy actress.

Light motorcycles.

Formerly a women's-only Cambs college founded 1869.

Californian valley where US winemaking started.

Little April __, song from Bambi.

Connected, married.

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