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Here are the answers to CodyCross Printing Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Discovery Channel's annual marine predator event.

Kevin Bacon boogies in this 1980s dance flick.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar's real surname.

Folding method that alternates back and forth.

Book publishing type that isn't hardcover.

Crime of deliberately destroying property.

Forked furculae found in birds.

Small South African loaf filled with curry.

Sign forbidding tobacco indulgence.

Texas city that Glen Campbell sang about.

Puzzle 2

Agricultural professional.

Preliminary versions of printed pieces.

A coarse, unbleached cloth often used for painting.

Demi, singer of 2020's Anyone.

Small piece of French confectionery.

Another term for a star in heraldry.

Wooden planks fixed to walls as shiplap.

Vitamin B6, also known as folic acid.

Fake ducks used as lures in hunting.

Actor-comedian Goldberg, of Sister Act, The View.

Outer cover of a book used to keep off dust.

Puzzle 3

Boxing stance where the right hand and foot lead.

__ power, energy from a socket or outlet.

Dostoyevsky novel in which Prince Myshkin features.

Evergreen flowering plant in the coffee family.

A decorative fade to white around an image.

The __, Aaron Sorkin's presidential TV series.

Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters actress Kate.

Famous concert hall in New York City.

The wife of Odysseus in Greek mythology.

Many printers are also these image-taking machines.

Expensive meat from Japanese cow breed.

A pithy or memorable saying or observation.

Slightly salty water found in an estuary.

Puzzle 4

2018 Mission: Impossible movie.

Writers in ancient times.

Round-shaped song by Post Malone.

Child legally raised by non-biological parents.

One strand of the fringe on a body's sight organ.

Jim who writes The Dresden Files.

Resin-based solution used to coat a printed piece.

Sea into which the Amur river flows.

Red, yellow, and blue are these types of hues.

Ice cream treats named after a day of the week.

Loud coastal alarm sounded in bad weather.

Puzzle 5

Desired, yearned.

Currency of Portugal before the euro.

Done in time, it's said to "save nine".

Temporary ruler in place of an underage monarch.

There are 12 in a pica.

Where an email waiting to be sent is stored.

Ally __, 2000s drama series about a Boston lawyer.

This Jim played The Grinch and The Mask.

Cabins in the forest, or places built by beavers.

Millionaire playboy in an F Scott Fitzgerald book.

Rock Monkeys whose albums include Four Out of Five.

Japanese horseradish.

Unit equal to 1000 sheets of paper.

Hook-shaped accent marker used in Polish.

Puzzle 6

She sells them on the seashore in a tongue twister.

Crime novel where the suspect's identity is sought.

She became queen of England in 1952.

Ability to read minds and thoughts.

Necessity is the mother of this.

The science related to the origin of the universe.

Printed sheet folded to become part of a book.

Piece of unbound, separate paper.

Regal name for Mario's nemesis Bowser.

The true winner of the Oscar for Best Picture 2017.

Quechua river, it means "Ysyry Araguay" in Guaraní.

Puzzle 7

Cooked in a pastry crust, e.g. salmon.

Unassisted vision, without a telescope.

Levi Stubbs was the lead singer of this group.

Tooth decays found by dentists.

Weasel-like animal known for killing snakes.

Nickname of Hugh Grant's Mickey in 1999 comedy.

She wrote Girl Meets Boy and How to be Both.

Cover a piece of paper with plastic.

Printing orientation that isn't landscape.

Machine for marking letters with postage.

Clyde, US astronomer who discovered Pluto in 1930.

Puzzle 8

Cavalry officer count lover of Anna Karenina.

Empty spaces on the edges of a sheet of paper.

Mary the anthropologist, wrote Purity and Danger.

Canoed in Alaska.

The continental region including Europe and Asia.

Bright red Eastern European beetroot soup.

Battle commemorated by 1813 Beethoven symphony.

Many printers are also these duplicating devices.

Colonel associated with KFC fast food chain.

Shirt fabric worn by lumberjacks.

Puzzle 9

Translucent logo printed over a document.

Toner package inserted into a laser printer.

McDonald's kids' deal with a toy or book.

UK region containing Sussex, Kent and London.

Deepwater shark named for its large maw.

Country singer of Go Rest High on that Mountain.

Miniature fairy garden in a glass container.

Story of one's life.

Roman queen, mother of Emperor Caligula.

Star of 21 Jump Street films, also Beanie's bro.

Puzzle 10

Young insects.

Woman with light, yellow hair.

Simple Japanese-style beds.

Diagonal font type slanted to the right.

Peter, Spider-Man's alter ego.

Hot spring which shoots water into the air.

Annual conference of online video makers.

He had an alternative personality named Hyde.

Performance floor for Spanish flamenco shows.

Printed page numbers.

The last and largest meal of the day.

Alexander, sculptor credited with inventing mobiles.

Calf muscle whose name means "sandal" in Latin.

The H in the scary TV series abbreviated to AHS.

Puzzle 11

Saint of Prague, 10th-century Bohemian missionary.

Female lead in Shakespeare's As You Like It.

Megan Thee __, US rapper and artist.

Unbound book.

Pink wading bird that can nest in caustic water.

James Corden hosts The __ Show in the US.

Sea containing over 1,300 islands.

Arc de __, Paris military archway.

Art of making cocktails.

Site of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination.

British architectural period 1714-1830.

Keyboard __, outspoken internet commenters.

Plastic 3D printing material on a spool.

Rory McIlroy's home town in Northern Ireland.

Puzzle 12

Rapper, actor on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Ex-EastEnder Dean, who spent time in the Jungle.

Shaggy brown plains dweller, similar to bison.

The measure of light reflected from ink.

Italian name for the city of Florence (Ita.).

Alphabetical characters; mailed messages.

Strong, shatter-resistant acrylic glass.

Charlie, silent movie star of The Great Dictator.

Intricate circular symbol in Buddhism.

Crumbly, strong veined English blue cheese.

Company that produces and sells beer.

Puzzle 13

James, he was the voice of Darth Vader.

Nationality of the UN's first Secretary General.

Do this to on-screen text before reformatting it.

Russian stringed instrument with triangular body.

Number of degrees in half a right angle.

Private collection of wild or exotic animals.

Art magazine co-founded by Andy Warhol.

Single letter, number or symbol.

Italian, tomato-topped bread to cook from frozen.

Hard, fancy paper that emulates animal skin.

Puzzle 14

Johnny, lead guitarist of Coldplay.

Disc to smooth power flow in a car's crankshaft.

Venomous underwater serpent.

The opposite of majority.

__ tools, card or paper distressing devices.

Japanese World Heritage site near Kyoto.

Former British colony on the Pearl River Delta.

Font family.

From the very beginning of a court case (Lat.).

Crafting clothes from wool using long needles.

Slingshot device for flinging stones.

The next prime number after 59.

Colonial estate of the Spanish Empire.

Superman's journalist girlfriend.

Imaginary bar where the bottoms of letters sit.

Suction equipment used in childbirth.

Charles Dickens wrote The __ Papers.

Jewish festival of light in December.

Those responsible for a minor's financial accounts.

Tom Clancy character played by Ben Affleck.

Puzzle 15

Name of Henry VIII's only son.

Host city of the 2000 Olympic Games.

Secret, Creole wife of Rochester in Jane Eyre.

Disney's vain hunter who tirelessly pursues Belle.

Instruments played by flautists.

Group of similar items sold together at an auction.

Land-locked African country, capital Lilongwe.

Quality that can be measured in grams and tons.

Thick dip made from chickpeas, oil and garlic.

Loose style of neckwear, similar to an untied tie.

Renaissance painter of Venus and Adonis.

Muppet who plays the drums.

Section at the bottom of a page.

Headline across the full width of a page.

Puzzle 16

Talent, a natural ability.

Irish political movement that means "We Ourselves".

Patterns on an animal's coat.

The donkey's name in Animal Farm.

1990s Calvin Klein British supermodel.

Creating designs in the froth on a cup of coffee.

Actor Moore from Children of Men, Still Alice.

Boarding forming the side of a flight of stairs.

Penny __: steampunk Showtime TV series.

Printing method also known as recess printing.

Type of font with thick strokes.

American Idol winner and TV host Kelly.

Scientist known for his theories of relativity.

Take the bull by __, tackle a difficult situation.

Puzzle 17

Liquid-filled patch of sore skin caused by rubbing.

Garments worn by Eastwood as the Man With No Name.

Nationality of Nobel-winning writer Pablo Neruda.

Receive as an heir.

Head spokesperson of a legal jury.

Seven-a-side court sport with raised goal rings.

One-sided printing.

Best New Artist winner at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Undoable knot, cut by Alexander the Great.

Proof of your order, often paper or email.

Vast tent for hosting weddings and outdoor parties.

Place where printed materials are bound.

Puzzle 18

Music machines at bars.

Cocktail of cranberry, grapefruit and vodka.

Breakthrough 2017 comedy for Tiffany Haddish.

Stiff, thick paper used for table tents.

Medical term for intense pain along one nerve.

Poetry that does not follow a particular pattern.

Poke tiny holes in paper to make it tear easier.

Hoofed ruminants, e.g. gazelles, elands.

Mikhail, last leader of the Soviet Union.

Mount Everest's mountain range.

Puzzle 19

Feeling sad.

Whipped filling of chocolate and cream.

Xena was this type of princess.

Transparent sheet used to write over originals.

Atomic pile device at a nuclear power station.

Stage name of Lauren Hashian's husband.

Liquid splodge from a fountain pen.

Chess pieces that flank the king and queen.

Light spear thrown in track and field.

The thickness of one sheet of paper.

Bony point between a horse's hoof and fetlock.

Puzzle 20

First name of Washington, the first First Lady.

Went through a revolving door.

First name of LA Lakers star player James.

Type of forest found in a taiga.

Loose-leaf piece of paper put into a publication.

Nymphs of Greek myth dwelling in fresh water.

Velveteen animal in a children's book.

1980 Blondie hit, their second US Number 1.

Parks and Rec city Knope creates a capsule for.

Enforcing a levy on goods or incomes.

Patterned textile woven from silk.

Gooey chocolate cake associated with Mississippi.

Antarctic penguins with white eye patches.

Mini Chinese rolls share their name with a season.

Press an image into paper.

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