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Here are the answers to CodyCross Professions Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Green leafy veggie that makes you strong.

Another word for a ghost.

A mountain that erupts hot lava.

A person who attends school or college.

J.K. __, author of Harry Potter.

Easter search for candies and chocolates.

Outer arm muscles from the shoulder to the elbow.

Water activity using inflatable boat.

It's not worth crying over __ milk.

Large wild cat and the fastest animal on land.

A period of 100 years is called a __.

The force that pulls objects together.

Puzzle 2

To be scared.

Activates when car is hit, lifesaver.

The paths of planets around stars.

The sweet liquid in a plant that attracts insects.

Egypt is located in __.

The religious piece that moves diagonally in chess.

Popular white Christmas drink.

A defensive plate of armor.

Avenue, boulevard, road, highway.

A teacher, someone who helps, assists, guides.

Unmanned flying machines.

Puzzle 3

They work in schools and dispense wisdom.

According to Greek mythology he was given 12 labors.

The ugly __ was really a swan.

Bringing air into the lungs; breathing process.

These are usually found in jewelry.

Another word for gifts, given on birthdays.

Da Vinci's first name.

All animals, or fauna.

Medieval weapon that fires bolts.

This person plans and builds using math and physics.

One-wheeled vehicle that you might see in a circus.

Insect that can carry diseases.

You use this network to play games and chat.

Puzzle 4

A group of living things and their environment.

A student of history.

Ready to be used.

Block-building adventure game.

This fruit is found in muffins.

Twins who look exactly alike are called __.

Energy types that can be used again and again.

High wire, only for balancing experts.

A film that is made from a series of drawings.

A building of worship for Jews.

Classical music composer, Ludwig van __.

In many countries, the leader is called this.

Black and orange furry spider.

Puzzle 5

Family of mammals that includes rats and mice.

You squeeze these on a bike to slow down.

Long weapons carried by the cavalry or jousters.

Appliance used to remove dust, __ cleaner.

Specialist in making beer.

__ loves Timmy Turner, Vicky's sister.

A building with historical objects on display.

Large country in N. America with a maple leaf flag.

Athletics event where a circular object is thrown.

Monopoly piece worn by posh gentlemen.

Not awake, napping.

Place of Christian worship.

Puzzle 6

Another word for police.

Bird identified by its large green and blue plumage.

Type of American film with cowboys and indians.

Automobile, car, truck, bus, SUV.

This study field contains chemistry and biology.

A breathing tube that is used by divers.

Busy yellow animated characters.

Sports arena.

Part of your upper limb from elbow to wrist.

Framed aids to help you see better.

This peach-like fruit is typically eaten dried.

European country with a capital of Budapest.

If you are polite, you have good __.

Metal structure usually found on rooftops.

A place from which people can borrow books.

Puzzle 7

Celebration marking the day you were born.

Long nosed mammal that feeds on small insects.

Type of candy on a stick.

Government system run by a king or a queen.

Ned __, Homer's next-door neighbor.

The Lion, the Witch and the __; Narnia novel.

All Stars sportswear and shoe brand.

X marks the spot for pirate gold.

Using natural sounds, not electronic.

An allergy to pollen that causes itchy eyes.

The first day of the weekend.

Puzzle 8

Held a tea party with the March Hare and Dormouse.

Summer Olympics pool event.

Dangerous downhill fall of snow.

Film starring Johnny Depp, Pirates of the __.

How a chess game ends.

Roman amphitheater where gladiators fought.

They are famous for their memory.

A 2D shape with two pairs of parallel sides.

Astronomers use these to look at the stars.

A medical procedure carried out by a surgeon.

Method of communication for long-distance chats.

Zodiac symbol represented by a goat.

An ocean habitat with tropical fish.

Sweet treat that can be dark, milk or white.

Respiration process in humans is also called __.

Puzzle 9

Smiley pictures added to text messages.

Sport played on a court with rackets.

A small river.

The Futurama robot.

Civilisation that built roads and aqueducts.

A fruit that's also a color.

Books that contain stories that are fiction.

Creatures from another planet.

A group of ants living closely together.

Large tropical lizard, popular pet.

Stringed instrument that is played with a bow.

Pieces of writing you do for school subjects/exams.

__ of Zeus, a 12-meters-tall likeness of the god.

Puzzle 10

A personal view, rather than fact.

One part in every hundred.

This person may be a counselor, mentor, consultant.

Artist who cut his ear off, __ van Gogh.

Large ocean between the Americas and Asia.

Tales, narratives.

Personal __, someone hired to help you exercise.

__ Nemo, Disney film about lost fish and his father.

Two-wheeled bike, less powerful than a motorbike.

The only country in Asia to begin with a "V".

These are found on birthday cakes.

Mythical horse with a horn.

Puzzle 11

Works in an embassy; a tactful negotiator.

Disney animation with Simba, Nala and Moufasa.

Our Solar System is part of this galaxy.

Your mother told you to never run holding this.

A chain that hangs round your collarbone.

One of the things you must do to keep fit.

Board game where you buy hotels and houses.

Throw this at parties.

__ Amadeus Mozart, his first name.

One who pulls a rabbit from a hat.

You eat these with maple syrup.

He becomes an animal at full moon.

Blackened lumps of burnt wood.

Puzzle 12

Teacher in a university or faculty.

Law enforcement vehicle.

They protect your eyes from dust.

Santa's home, "top of the world".

A musical instrument with a curved metal body.

Butterfly stage between larva and adult.

Designer of buildings and houses.

Olympic sport of swimming, cycling and running.

Green Pokémon species.

Warship that navigates under the sea.

Someone who puts you in a trance-like state.

This person looks after wild animals in cages.

Daisy-type herb used as medicine and in tea.

Words taken directly from someone else.

Slithery animal that lives in the soil.

Puzzle 13

Playground ride, a plank on a pivot.

To save someone.

Opposite of singular.

Inner arm muscles from the shoulder to the elbow.

Bengal __, Indian big cats with black stripes.

The person who finishes in first place.

Peter and Lois's youngest child in Family Guy.

In which to see your reflection.

Season before summer.

Trust me, I'm a __.

You eat it for breakfast.

Astronaut who walked on the moon, Buzz __.

Puzzle 14

Your onboard, in-air waiter, caretaker.

Brought us a colorful world of crayons and markers.

Antonym of "western".

Tropical green fruit that is shaped like a pear.

The point when a solid thaws or liquifies.

Against the law, unlawful.

One of four equal parts.

Winged, flying horse from Greek mythology.

Person whose working tools can be a broom or a mop.

Flip and strike targets in this arcade game.

Horns like branches on a deer's head.

Puzzle 15

Substances or supplements for staying healthy.

When a boat overturns, it __.

Birds' wings are covered in these.

Oat-based breakfast dish from Scotland.

The capital of Hawaii.

Picasso and Michelangelo were __ and much more.

Relating to a colony.

Furry creatures that are said to jump off cliffs.

Writer of fiction books.

Sea creature with five or more arms.

Puzzle 16

Pride and __, 1940 film of Jane Austen novel.

Stretch and squeeze this instrument with keys.

Black plant root used in (allsorts of) sweets.

An urgent situation, where help is required.

Scientific study of noses and nasal diseases.

Surname of the emperor Napoleon.

Something that contaminates the air is a __.

Tubular optical instrument used on a submarine.

Painting by Edvard Munch, of open-mouthed person.

A person who mixes and serves drinks.

Puzzle 17

To aim to do something; anagram of "praise".

There's a great one at Giza made of limestone.

__ Skywalker, the birth name of Darth Vader.

Popular dog breed, __ Shepherd.

Indian city, formerly called Bombay.

Piece of furniture that slides to store clothes.

Sailing boats often used for racing.

A scribe, such as an author or journalist.

To cut in half, or to divide into two equal pieces.

Churned milk turns into this; largely used to cook.

Puzzle 18

Professional whose working area is the mouth.

Members of the family of the king or queen.

Don __, character created by Miguel de Cervantes.

Fish-eating water bird with a huge beak.

One name for your father or mother's mother.

An unusual reaction to dust, pollen, food etc.

The main language that is spoken in Argentina.

Moms with many kids like this kind of car.

Make __, popular kids game of imagination.

Biggest African country, also first alphabetically.

Puzzle 19

The plus end of a battery is __, not negative.

Writer of music.

Jumping insects; Pinocchio knows a talking one.

Green-fingered grower.

Use it to play piano or type in your computer.

Chinese language and an orange fruit.

Animated television shows.

Very hot and humid, like a __ rainforest.

Another word for "broken", to do with bones.

Chinese stir-fried noodles, sometimes crispy style.

Travel up and down a mountain on this.

Stimulant found in coffee, tea and cola.

Puzzle 20

Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Your holiday plan of places to go and things to do.

A book that tells the story of a person's life.

Clerical worker who keeps notes, types and files.

Character from Peanuts obsessed with Beethoven.

Queen of Egypt.

First on the moon, Neil __.

Superhero who shoots out webs.

Sweet red berry, smaller than a strawberry.

A yacht with two parallel hulls.

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