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Psychotherapy PackPsychotherapy

Here are the answers to CodyCross Psychotherapy Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Market wrecks.

Medical disorder of binge eating with vomiting.

Grapefruit and tangerine combo fruit.

Element named for the Latin name for Stockholm.

Honest, from the heart, for the right reasons.

Moving a camera horizontally to capture a shot.

The "Don", Australia's most famous cricketer.

Evergreen such as a cedar or cypress tree.

Site of large Indian earthquake in 2001.

Sir Michael __, composer of A Child of Our Time.

Sense of completeness or resolution.

Leading car maker in South Korea.

Puzzle 2

Free __, reactive atoms and molecules.

Overly suspicious of people's intentions.

US theater manager of Follies fame, Florenz __.

Where animals go to die, a slaughterhouse.

US golfer known for his sidewinder technique.

Avoidance of the banal or scary in everyday life.

French petit-four made with almond and orange peel.

First Roman Emperor Augustus' real name: Gaius __.

Loads and loads, more than the biggest number ever.

Largest moon of the solar system's largest planet.

Gaelic dance.

Extreme courage in battle.

Yellow Care Bear with a smiling sun on his tummy.

Puzzle 3

__ Deyn; model and Clash of the Titans actress.

Chinese chicken dish with chili and peanuts.

Slang, meaning to share something equally.

__ the ball, practice preliminary strikes in golf.

Planned meeting with a psychotherapist.

Chimamanda Ngozi __, wrote Purple Hibiscus.

__ War blunder: "The Charge of the Light Brigade".

Country whose capital is Mogadishu.

G. __ Hall, US child psychologist.

Building site workers who operate cranes.

A Czech composer or Russian word for sour cream.

Carrying a boat over land.

Website protection passed with cash.

Puzzle 4

Mourning the death of someone.

Another name for coal miners.

Capital of Saint Lucia.

Tassels running around a pelmet.

Barbara __, famous mistress of Charles II.

Wonder horse of 1970, named after a ballet dancer.

Small fleet of ships.

Green citrus fruit that's in Earl Grey.

Another name for Lake Constance.

Leave in a will.

Worship of donkeys.

Formation of thoughts.

French inventor of permanent photos.

Puzzle 5

Anatomical name for the tailbone.

Cabo __; West African headland with monk seals.

Artist who made silkscreen prints of the Mona Lisa.

Swiss cow's milk cheese with aniseed or caraway.

Mountain upon which Noah's Ark alighted.

__ Frank, Persuasion and Healing psychiatrist.

Japanese dictator ruler of old.

To cut exactly in half.

__ Adler, inferiority complex psychotherapist.

Peeled off, forcibly separated.

Puzzle 6

Warning to Caesar: Beware the ides __.

An imagined situation.

Ancient Greek jug.

Country with the highest coffee consumption.

Fly the bird.

Thomas __, US writer of V and Gravity's Rainbow.

Measures of six feet.

German word for castle, e.g. __ Neuschwanstein.

__ conditioning, or instrumental conditioning.

Of or relating to goats.

US hotel chain, shares name with medieval trumpet.

A garden bush cut into decorative shapes.

Babes in __, Laurel & Hardy film of 1934.

Puzzle 7

Anthem adopted by the European Union.

Conrad's tale set in made-up country of Costaguana.

Scrutiny, investigation into one's thought process.

Sports footwear with Go Walk brand.

State animal of New South Wales.

Fly an airplane close to the ground.

Small cabbage-like vegetable, nicknamed an alien.

Mary __, silent movie era megastar.

Lined with deep creases.

Catalyst that provokes a response.

Annual award given to a great architect: __ Prize.

Formal ornamental garden, a French term.

Puzzle 8

A glass of Calvados between meal courses: trou __.

Non-barking African hunting dog with a curly tail.

__ Anderson played Dana Scully in The X-Files.

Relating to the body rather than the mind.

Body part to which the prefix "nephro" relates.

"Harmony in Red" painter: Henri __.

Hans __, German-British intelligence psychologist.

Capital of Kurgyzstan.

Family name of Juliet.

Money makers.

The __ Lips, US rockers of The Soft Bulletin.

Small ornamental crown.

Puzzle 9

A guarantee; promise.

Pre-__, American buildings before European impact.

Highest mountain in Argentina, and of the Andes.

Persian religion adopted in the Roman Empire.

The science of map making.

Hair dye associated with older females.

US dish of sweetcorn and butter bean.

Prediction of how an illness will play out.

Illness caused by eating toxic reef fish.


Japanese politician, elected PM in 2012.

Treatise or text on medical topics.

Defunct NBA team: Vancouver __.

French chemist who resolved the composition of air.

The last tsarina of Imperial Russia.

Oldest part of the brain, the basal ganglia.

Where the icing is when getting a bonus.

Consequences; what happened next.

James Bond film about a stolen Fabergé egg.

Prehistoric village on the Orkney Islands.

She said "Sock it to me!" on Rowan & Martin show.

Puzzle 10

Religion that has the Adi Granth as a sacred text.

Seafood mollusc called awabi in Japan.

Head of camera equipment on a movie.

Blame another for one's own difficult impulses.

Gothic novel by Horace Walpole: The Castle of __.

Another name for a blackberry and its bush.

Feeling of worry or nervousness.

Alternative name for disputed Nagorno-Karabakh.

Andrés __, famous Spanish classical guitarist.

French word for the numeral 19.

Puzzle 11

Animated film about an orphan: "My Life as a __".

The cat from Peter & the Wolf is depicted by a __.

A in NATO.

Tall towers connected to mosques.

Shortest golf hole.

Long or official letters.

Farm workers who clip sheep wool.

The former perfect kilo lump of platinum/iridium.

Treating the entire person, mental and physical.

Describes the emission of industrial chimneys.

Identify an illness; done by a professional.

Latin name for Ireland.

The New __, poem at the Statue of Liberty.

Puzzle 12

__ Unchained; 2012 Tarantino Western.

__ oculi, or mind's eye, per Cicero.

"S" shaped pastry aka Dutch letter.

Gold bricks.

Garden tool for chopping high-up branches.

Second-largest airline of the UAE after Emirates.

Country where Corcovado Mountain is located.

Month when the Royal Queensland Show (Ekka) occurs.

Unconscious nighttime visions.

What you might be hoisted with.

Puzzle 13

Suffering of Jesus Christ up until the Crucifixion.

Thin disc candy from Isfahan, Iran.

Andorra __; capital of tiny Pyrenees nation.

Player who can play in two positions in basketball.

Alan __, played first golf shot on the Moon.

Author of The Misanthrope.

State of complete exhaustion and overwhelmedness.

The smallest part of a branch, a finger length.

Hockey puck-sized Amazon voice-controlled unit.

Tony __, US life coach, Unlimited Power author.

50-dollar president.

Apertures involved in the defenestration of Prague.

Front-of-house coordinator at a restaurant.

Country to which the Galapagos Islands belong.

Irish beret, forms part of a military uniform.

Numbers, statistics.

Inability to process smells, sounds, shapes.

Puzzle 14

Clouding of consciousness, unable to concentrate.

Photographs made on thin sheets of metal.

"Dieu et __", motto of the monarch.

White wine grape grown in Germany and Alsace.

Divisions, cliques, sections.

The __, Harry Lime doing shady business in Vienna.

Therapy targeting inferiority, birth order.

Other name for the Golden Age of Athens: Age of __.

Country where the Notwane River is located.

US street dance that evolved from clowning.

Cabbage-turnip hybrid known as "Swedish turnip.

Language of Scandinavia in the Middle Ages.

Puzzle 15

A toothed wheel.

Marc Almond's synth-pop band.

Judas __; betrayed Jesus to the Sanhedrin.

Cross-country ski plus rifle shoot event.

German who discovered nuclear fission in 1939.

Annoying, nagging, e.g. a feeling of doubt.

Dishes for roasting.

Zoya the __, Alison Brie's GLOW character.

Laughing uncontrollably when acting.

Icarus' father.

Broad curved sword of the Turks and Arabs.

Membranes that protect the brain.

First __, Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried star.

Fear of gaining weight, starvation disorder.

Old land measure, amount tilled by 8 oxen a season.

Title of the son of the Emperor of Austria.

Gold and silver alloy used in ancient times.

Frame or internal support for a sculpture.

Place where gold is stored.

Second most populous country in Central America.

Avoiding feeling emotions, keeping separate.

Puzzle 16

Cleanse in order to destroy bacteria.

Wall-built toilet in a castle.

Dual-chamber parliament.

Amy Poehler's 2014 book.

Numerous structural partitions inside a ship.

Helpful purge of emotions.

Body of water between Greece and Turkey.

Old-fashioned word for washing routine.

Wild feline native to Asian wetlands.

Character played by Jessica Tandy to win an Oscar.

West Germanic language spoken in South Africa.

One who rejects something in the name of religion.

Places where animals are killed for food.

Right-leg-forward board stance, not regular.

Happy chemical found in the body.

High-class mistress of olden times.

Machine for keeping musical time.

Known as the Father of Video Games.

Canary Island with a capital at Arrecife.

Ornamental tablet carved with hieroglyphics.

Series of pictures, shown through a projector.

Computer panels with letters for inputting data.

Puzzle 17

What jewels sit in on rings or necklaces.

Feeling tense psychologically and bodily.

First element of the equestrian three-day event.

Fun in __; 1963 Elvis film set in Mexico.

Turning devices, allow movement in one direction.

1963 book by Betty Friedan: The __ Mystique.

Foot levers to make a sewing machine work.

Island birthplace of Queen singer Freddie Mercury.

Prompt, at the very time mentioned.

Shift feelings, transfer them elsewhere.

Sealing joins in pipes to make them watertight.

Second longest river in India.

Type of meat in the Finnish dish poronkaristys.

Puzzle 18

Square shaped, in 3-D.

Self-image projected to the world by an individual.

Leonard Cohen sang about her first in 1967.

Portuguese sailing ship of 15th-16th centuries.

Having a strong smell.

Trouser style with narrowing legs.

Expensive Japanese banana variety.

Detained, held up, made late.

Billy __, Miracle Max, Mike Wazowski, Harry.

Like a king of the beasts.

Nervous system for sight, smell, touch, etc..

Large net used in seine fishing.

Canadian city famous for its annual Stampede.

Russian Tsar who was assassinated in 1918: __II.

Marcel __, artist responsible for Bicycle Wheel.

Nighttime color spectrum.

Humongous Christmas lottery in Spain.

Cheers spinoff about Dr Crane, a psychiatrist.

Contraction of the heart, goes with diastole.

Puzzle 19

__ Islands Campaign; invasion of Alaska in WWII.

Era that followed the Mesozoic.

Sauce for a croque-monsieur.

Beetle that leaves tiny holes in furniture.

Likely to be moody, anxious, lonely and fearful.

Small details or trivial details.

Japanese characters used for foreign words.

__-Alto Adige, Italy's northernmost region.

US president shot in July 1881, died in September.

Skipper leads these cuties in Madagascar.

Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried soldier film.

Illness that causes distress or impairment.

Horn made popular in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Queen Elizabeth II's 2017 celebration: __ Jubilee.

Bracelet or very small bag worn in the same place.

Puzzle 20

"The Father of Modern French Cooking": Auguste __.

Mapping of celestial bodies in a single work.

The T in PTSD.

Fast-growing coniferous trees used as hedging.

Old-fashioned word meaning hope.

Severe mental state involving loss of reality.

Italian film star known as CC, Claudia __.

Impressively dressed warder at the Tower of London.

Sad Portuguese folk songs.

New __, Canadian province and early settlement.

White northern vulpine.

The final part; ultimate, sour conclusion.

German philosopher Martin __.

__ of the Mind, Bill Clinton on the Hay Festival.

Recite the different forms of a verb.

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