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Here are the answers to CodyCross Public Places Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Swiss breakfast food.

P. T. Barnum founded one of these.

Graphic novels.

Longer adverb for "thus"; by means of.

Not allowed, officially forbidden.

Eye liner __, draw on the eyes.

Greenhouse __ is another phrase for global warming.

A distressing or disturbing experience.

Tom Cruise pilot movie.

Woods: you'll find lots of trees here.

North African people.

A __ of locusts; a destructive swarm of insects.


A Catholic church leader.

Puzzle 2

Spiky strands of frozen water, hang from buildings.

1994 film starring Tom Hanks: "__ Gump".

Someone from the continent of Ghana and Nigeria.

Exertions, attempts at something.

Giving someone food.

Retaining something.

The sound made by an angry cat.

Very sporty person; may compete on a sports track.

Buy flowers at this type of shop.

Mary __; children's nanny in P.L. Travers books.

Stand/sit at this to catch your transport to work.

Puzzle 3

Building where sick people are treated.


Dealer at a gambling table in a casino.

Kids TV show and video game: Dora the __.

A collection of 26 letters from A to Z.

Cinderella wore two glass ones to the ball.

Type of melon, Muppet Bunsen's surname.

MB spelled out in full.

__ pool, large water tank for exercising in.

Shared equally with the same number on each side.

Solar rays.

Kelly __, plays Henry Danger's mother.

Puzzle 4

A famous ancient, circular outdoor venue in Rome.

Winter sport equipment, similar to a skateboard.

They can be V, round, sweetheart, bardot, etc.

Shop that sells paper, pens, etc..

As fast as you can go.

People from or living in the capital of Ireland.

Very tasty.

Sleeping furniture for two.

Chained To __; 2017 Katy Perry song.

Disease/condition that can be solved with medicine.

A figure in a book or a film.

Peppa Pig's woolly school friend.

Puzzle 5

Exchange for a larger model, go bigger.

Religious building for Christians.

Black and white animals that eat bamboo.

A device to help you walk with an injured leg.

Masters of ceremonies.

Cloth for wiping faces, on a dinner table.

They are scraped off certain fish in food prep.

Brits call it a __, in the US it's a movie theater.

Curious __; the adventures of a mischievous monkey.

To help out.

Puzzle 6

French castle.

Lewis __ wrote Alice in Wonderland.

Sticks with bristles for dipping in paint or glue.

Number and street name; place where you live.

Amazing, brilliant.

Luggage; suitcases you take on a trip.


Sandy places next to the sea.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of __, fair film.

Green salad ingredient.

A company whose name appears on team shirts.

Place where young plants grow before sale.

What alligators have two sets of.

Puzzle 7

Building for educating young people.

A big bird of prey, like a hawk or vulture.

Bus __, central hub for catching buses.

Legally raised by non-biological parents.

A slang word for small dogs.

The boundaries between different countries.

Business returns net.

A navigational instrument showing directions.

Iconic silent films actor and director: Charlie __.

Male firefighters.

Not heard of or famous.

Kitchen appliance used to keep food frozen.

A fortress city.

Puzzle 8

Prickled effect on the skin when cold or scared.

Instinct or clairvoyance.

Marks left by the feet of cats and dogs.

A looping course where cars and motorbikes compete.

A native Australian, before Europeans arrived.

Go on rollercoasters at this fun place.

__ gardens, visit a cultivated area to see plants.

Aerosol used to keep hair in place.

Storage for literature in a house.

The nuts in Nutella.

Two weeks.

Puzzle 9

Colored pens.

Narrow opening in a camera.

Dry __, get clothes cleaned here without water.

An exquisite type of food.

Very high hill, often snow capped.

Coffee shop workers.

Your ancestry and culture.

Boston __, 1773 revolt over taxes.

Animated Dory is this type of fish.

Former judge on American Idol: __ Lopez.

The N in NASA stands for __.

Lack of strength.

Puzzle 10

Describes being on a boat on water, not sinking.

Strong and heroic lord of the jungle.

Land surrounded by water on all sides.

Small river/brook, for paddling/fishing with nets.

Get money back.

Cubicle for washing with overhead water sprinkler.

Starting __; used by runners to begin races.

Walking under a __ is said to bring bad luck.

Black-and-white striped, horse-like wild animals.

The D in DM, on Twitter.

A dehydrated grape enjoyed as a snack or in baking.

Fortified stone palace visitor attraction.

A __ of stars; constellations in the night sky.

The setting of the Legend of Zelda game series.

Anna Camp plays __ Posen in Pitch Perfect.

Mathematical sign meaning the same as.

A penny saved is a penny __.

Gently, not roughly.

Puzzle 11

To beat someone or something in a game or match.

Sunday meal that mixes breakfast and lunch.

Online discussion places.

Dense, leafy habitat, a tropical forest.

Lifted something up, made something higher.

Feline foot.

Eleventh Diary of a Wimpy Kid book: __ Down.

From the country known for bratwurst.

High-__ shoes; shoes with points on the bottom.

Place where convicts are locked away.

Style of rap music and dance.

Children are educated in this building.


Puzzle 12

Ringing like a big bell.

Describes metals containing iron.

__ station, for catching trains to various places.

Sheeps' woolly coats.

Sports arena, where concerts also take place.

Ali Baba and the 40 __, from the Arabian Nights.

Periods of 10 years.

Young bicycling companion of ET.

Established/made, e.g. the company was __ in 2017.

New York's famous statue.

Puzzle 13

Eleventh month of the year, home of Thanksgiving.

Frozen dairy treat often served in a cone.

A comfortable seat, with cushions.

Tell someone what to do, teach them step by step.

Bayeux __, artwork showed the Norman Conquest.

What you say when someone gives you a gift.

Effortless, trouble-free, easy and simple.

Large spider with a venomous bite.

Opposite of "casually".

Store that sells reading materials.

Builders' __, site selling building supplies.

Puzzle 14

Fast food classic with beef patties in a roll.

A woodwind musical instrument made of brass.

Six-sided winter precipitation.

Place where clients can get a manicure / pedicure.

Took a parcel to someone's door.

Full name for place for exercise on machines.

A mob of __; bouncy Australian animals.

Surgical intervention in a hospital.

Name of the high school in I Am Frankie.

Hanger in a bathroom.

Buildings where famous artworks are on display.

Pleasure or happiness.

Puzzle 15

Planet that is seventh from the sun.

Space for dance, music or performance rehearsals.

Hit a ball with a foot.

Places to stay when away from home.

Place where patients are examined by doctors.

Online bullies who make nasty comments.

To give money to charity.

Another word for a book's writer.

Weapons of love carried by Cupid.

Fluffy and white in the sky, unless full of rain.

Describes bread with a crisp top.

A line of __; kings or queens of a country.

Puzzle 16

The place to depart or arrive on a plane.

Partly enclosed bodies of sea water.

Place to buy animals to live at home with you.

Once every 28 to 31 days.

Town where The Flintstones live.

Cooperative, doing lots of jobs around the house.

Underground fungus rooted out by pigs.

Preventive protection against a disease.

Use this tool to trace a picture or lettering.

The Space __ Us, movie about a martian boy on Earth.

Puzzle 17

To watch closely; or a computer screen.

Captain Jack __.

Grains, especially those eaten at breakfast time.

Turned abruptly, changed course to avoid obstacles.

Shop selling fabrics, especially for curtains.

Round shapes.

__ arts; combat sports like judo or karate.

Trash, waste, refuse.

Shop selling meat.

Sheep or other animals like __ on pastures.

Remote Australian region, the wilderness.

Simple machines with wheels and pulling ropes.

Puzzle 18

Soccer tournament held every four years.

__ Gnomes, 2018 cartoon with Gnomeo and Juliet.

__ cooker, closed cooker for fast steam heating.

Eatery to have dough with cheese/tomato topping.

Without making a single sound.

Place where country foods are sold to the public.

Paper container for a letter.

Two or more atoms that are bonded together.

French word for a dead-end street.

Without any idea.

Puzzle 19

Creative, with bright ideas.

__ Four, Invisible Woman and Thing are part of it.

Ornamental structures with water jets.

A negative person, who always fears the worst.

Venetian merchant who visited China in the 13th C.

Someone who works for a good cause for free.

Wooden instruments played by flamenco dancers.

Natural or manufactured, it orbits the Earth.

Large rodent covered in sharp spines.

A plant or part of a plant eaten for food.

Like a sauna but with wet heat.

Describes a family with strong bonds.

Company formed by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Puzzle 20

Made fun of; provoked.

A follow-up to a book or a film.

Fluffy, whipped chocolate dessert.

Banquets, vast multi-course meals.

__ shop, male haircutting salon.

A crossing that spans a river.

__ Cat, aka Tardar Sauce.

Not difficult.

Australian marsupial the size of a cat, nocturnal.

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