CodyCross Puppy Love Pack answers

Puppy Love PackPuppy Love

Here are the answers to CodyCross Puppy Love Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Metal tool for shaping cookie dough.

Rambunctious Golden Retriever film __ and Me.

Big-toothed rodent that builds dams.

Nickname for Pennsylvania's largest city.

Tanning apparatus where you get to lie down.

Exclusive circle of close friends.

Released or expressed emotions.

Don Henley's band: the __.

The Simpsons' dog Santa's Little __.

Refund or return of part of a payment, e.g. tax __.

__ perm, tightly curled hair like a showy dog.

Opposite of tighten.

Puzzle 2

Sound __; added noises to create extra drama.

Taught sports to someone/a group.

Places dogs are sent when owners are away.

Alaska __, major road running south to Canada.

Huffing and __; breathing heavily.

Stephen King's novel about weight loss.

Phone __, power, never available when you want it!.

Devotion, sticking by one's side.

Hit song from movie A Star is Born.

Girls who prefer tree-climbing to dolls.

Around-the-chest restraint for a dog.

Puzzle 3

High __; fuel with a high performance rating.

A set of maybe 9 or 18 holes for golfing.

Sherlock Holmes was a notable pipe __.

Second largest continent in the world.

Fabric around a dog's neck with a nametag.

Witches fly on these.

A turntable's needle.

Cake made from orange root vegetables.

__-minded professor; eccentric comic book figure.

Germ-killing chemical, also used in laundry.

Piled up.

Fragments of broken rock and bricks.

Different types, like Labradors or beagles.

Heath who played The Joker.

Puzzle 4

Long __; complicated mathematic task.

This circular trick might be taught after "stay".

Large amphibian with big croak, says ribbet a lot.

Illumination in a house.

Controls for carers to keep children safe online.

A doggie midsection might be calling out for one.

Something that didn't happen; a total let-down.

A painting of a person's face.

__ bottle; liquid-filled source of warmth.

Things asked for.

Puzzle 5

Condition on toes and fingers from extreme cold.

Newly created device or process.

Depose, topple a ruler from power.

Rules of being polite.

Singer of Tiny Dancer and Bennie & the Jets.

Chinese pork dish with bones, can be sticky.

These noise-makers are often found in a dog toy.

Type and color of sky with no clouds.

Foolish; without a cerebrum.

You should halt when this turns red.

Puzzle 6

Ease a burden, take the edge off.

Giant cartoon Great Dane.

Individual stripey seating at the seaside.

Online building game with blocks and houses.

Part of the __, to be well established or integral.

Use a product to remove germs from an area.

Protagonist or antagonist in a story.

Strawberry __, red fruits on a sweet biscuit.

Decorated food with small details.

Spooky festival day at the end of October.

World's least densely populated territory in 2019.

E.g. cattle sold at farmers' auctions or markets.

Puzzle 7

Consistency helps establish these daily activities.

Pale purple named after a sleep-inducing herb.

Glass display for fish and other sea creatures.

Striking a bag with a fist.

Slapping a raised paw completes this action.

The activity of flying planes.

Opposite of minority.

Pencil or pen used to surround the lash lines.

Shopping voucher given as a present.

Former British colony in China, returned in 1997.

Machine for separating grain.

Puzzle 8

Rapped, banged on a door.

Smooth beach stones.

The S in CITES, the treaty that protects animals.

Small fastening device that is secured with a key.

Buddies, pals.

Deal __, impediment to coming to an agreement.

Italian pastry tubes with sweet ricotta filling.

Of __ Men, Steinbeck story.

__ of hand; nimbleness in magic tricks.

Nicked, stole, or nipped the skin.

Political events; motor racing contests.

Singers Nancy or Frank.

Wolf __, noise emitted suggesting elicit conduct.

Running after, perhaps one's tail or a passing car.

Puzzle 9

Singing show with coaches on rotating chairs.

Saying hello, perhaps with a paw shake.

Deadly sin that involves over-eating.

Number __; slang term for an accountant.

Small container for fire-lighting sticks.

Owners need this tolerance when training a puppy.

A measure of how many people a room can hold.

Adults do this at bars, parties and dinner.

Spa treatment for feet, toenails.

One of the main followers of Jesus.

Puzzle 10

__ thinking, imagining something is possible.

Facially restrained dogs.

Wooden packing crates carried by a forklift truck.

Weather event central to Greensburg TV series.

__-Doo; Scooby's nephew who has puppy power.

Red, blue, and yellow, but not green.

Person who helps theater types with their costumes.

Root vegetable used to make tapioca.

In the winter, these protect the feet.

Fire-breathing winged beasts in fairy tales.

Drink enough water to stay healthy.

Disney Club __ Island, frosty multiplayer game.

Force created by pressure differences.

Stroking an animal.

Puzzle 11

Made bigger, a photo for example.

British supermodel Naomi.

Effect of breezes across a lake produces __ waters.

The Big Red cartoon dog.

Sweet term of endearment, often for a small child.

Phone mode to switch to when in the sky.


Use smoke as a method of pest control.

One who is more assertive than others.

Day __, people enjoying an outing.

Striking like a boxer.

Scottish musician.

Puzzle 12

Saving animals through networks of people.

Blue __, Brooke Shields shipwreck movie.

Cartridges that contain gunpowder but no bullets.

Add salt, pepper, spices to a dish.

Scenic views.

The full price paid by shoppers.

Tool that turns nuts and bolts.

"__ patter of tiny feet", or the arrival of a baby.

Painters like to use a blank one.

Measurement in degrees of square's interior angles.

Androids or automatons.

Animated story of sisters Elsa and Anna.

Former No. 1 song by Nickelback: How You __ Me.

Discussion where pros and cons are argued.

Prank where someone's underpants are yanked up.

See-through part of a car, loved by dogs.

Capital of Greece, one of world's oldest cities.

Puzzle 13

Sleigh dogs.

Bring together objects, especially as a hobby.

Dairy foods such as Brie or Cheddar.

Between 13 and 19 years old.

Investigate, sniff out every corner.

Devices worn to correct vision or protect from sun.

Drawing implements.

Shy, like one of the Seven Dwarfs.

Katy Perry's Bon __.

Establishing a friendship.

Many happy __ of the day! A birthday saying.

Metal cups, Harry Potter had one of fire.

A welcome sight at the Gates of Heaven.

Puzzle 14

Five-pointed witchcraft symbol.

Mischievous Saint Bernard film.

Highest price an eBay buyer is prepared to pay.

Dog and bone is rhyming slang for this device.

Image hoster integrated into dating app Tinder.

Performances with an audience, not pre-recorded.

One hundred and one of these spotted pups.

Oval-shaped item retrieved from a scrum.

Marks made by sharp needles.

Clear drinks container for knocking it back in one.

Puzzle 15

Cleaned by immersing in water and suds.

Shoulder __; triangular bones on the back.

Securely, without danger.

Irish tough guy actor Liam.

Nipping, especially common with puppies.

Sci-fi weapon that shoots particle beams.

Abseil, swing down a cliff face.

Keyboard layout named after top row of letters.

Continent in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres.

Shaving implements with sharp-edged blades.

Jamaica's Blue Mountains are famous for this drink.

Staring fondly into puppy's eyes.

Bee in one's __, to be intent upon something.

Keep several balls in the air.

Puzzle 16

Class of dogs with Cocker and Clumber varieties.

Following or trailing a person or thing.

Toast marshmallows or boil water over this.

Upon meeting, dogs are often found doing this loop.

Rough figure for a price or value.

Impetuous, rash, possibly dangerous.

Spherical dish made with ground flesh, breadcrumbs.

Female house owner who rents.

The Grand __ Hotel has Fiennes as a concierge.

"We Shall __", protest song of US Civil Rights.

Spraying garden plants with H2O.

__ effect; building of momentum, amplification.

This connects two bones in a body.

Actively burn calories.

Physical parts of a computer, e.g. CPU, keyboard.

Puzzle 17

Area ruled over by royalty.

"An army marches on its __".

Wood used to enclose a yard to prevent escape.

Medieval palaces, often with a moat.

Passed on, anagram of layered.

Tennis played in teams of two.

Spikey pointed tool used for mining.

Flying disc toy, ideal for the beach.

Grassy meadow, often kept for animals.

Type of dog who assists people with medical needs.

Length of hair gathered and banded together.

Differing from one another, very varied.

Female spirit who wails to warn of coming death.

Puzzle 18

Season in which flowers bloom.

Letter __, a blade used to slice an envelope.

They can be acute, obtuse, right or straight.

__ Town; sitcom about romance and aging.

Spoke, communicated.

Foods given outside of meals.

Warning blasts from a police car or ambulance.

Structure a disk prior to being used for storage.

Front pages of books or magazines.

Four-legged reptile, can be a monitor.

Play freely without worries.

__ press, scandalmongering newspapers.

Work stoppage, industrial action.

The smallest known moon in the solar system.

Me, a name I call __.

I don't think we're in __ anymore, Toto..

Puzzle 19

Someone who suffers from memory loss.

Returning a ball after it has been thrown.

Originally this was the tenth month of the year.

The __ is My Life, Nelson Mandela's autobiography.

Pups are prone to making this; prank.

Unreasonably, inequitably.

Part of a chicken's ovoid that isn't the yolk.

Singer Alannah Myles' nationality.

Tiny pony from northerly Scottish isles.

Reworking the entire electrics in a house.

__ hints; not asking outright.

Another name for mother country, place of origin.

This newspaper purposefully prints false stories.

Images, artistic representations.

Stretches of water which are the least deep.

Secret identity of a comic book superhero.

Puzzle 20

High-speed internet access, faster than dial-up.

Not long-term or permanent.

Full of life and not about to slow down.

Multi-legged creepy-crawly.

Fancy drinks that imitate alcoholic ones.

Where visitors to your home might sleep.

__ all others; wedding vow of commitment.

Big western Canadian city.

Illegally distilled alcohol.

Fell down, of buildings and people.

In song, the reptile you should never smile at.

Wiped out, probably from following a puppy all day.

Sadness, in French.

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