CodyCross Put it on the Wall Pack answers

Put it on the Wall PackPut it on the Wall

Here are the answers to CodyCross Put it on the Wall Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

__ the ante; raising the stakes.

Plug in one's phone.

Chewy confectionery made with honey and nuts.

Water mammals that live in a holt.

Amount of medicine as prescribed by a doctor.

Running order of a business meeting.

Surrounds for paintings.

Scraping leaves into a pile with a garden tool.

Magical charms or incantations.

Make one's teeth brighter.

The words set to music in a song.

Headgear that goes with "tails" in a formal outfit.

Language in which "auf Wiedersehen" means goodbye.

A growth wall chart measures this in kids.

Italian city known for its canals and bridges.

TV sitcom, How I Met Your __.

Wooden frames for supporting artists' canvases.

Puzzle 2

Muscle in the stomach known as an "ab".

Happening too early.

Printed roll of decor to paste on walls.

Towering yellow garden bloom with edible seeds.

Robin Williams played this Mrs..

Storage for hardbacks, novels.

No longer needed or useful; repetitive.

A book listing the synonyms of words.

Science subject where you study the periodic table.

State of legal possession.

Puzzle 3

Notorious, with a bad reputation.

Cutting pictures or posters to size before hanging.

Simple snack of fillings between slices of bread.

Jumbo may have been the first word for this animal.

It precedes Park or World in the dinosaur movies.

Unit of money used by a country, e.g. euros.

Story, musical about gang war between Jets, Sharks.

His fairy friend was named Tinker Bell.

Knight, friend to Arthur and lover of Guinevere.

Monthly allowance for mobile Internet usage.

Red-capped fungus in Super Mario Bros..

Equine marine creature, needs no saddle.

Legal carer or representative of a minor.

Brahma, Indra and Shiva are gods in this religion.

A shelved cabinet for displaying novels.

You can kill two birds with it.

Lenin or Putin's first name.

Returns something to its former glory.

Ocean between Europe and North America.

A wall hanging in a bar; an ad in bright lights.

Puzzle 4

Busiest time of day for commuter travel.

Waist-twirled toy that goes round and round.

Aka drapes, hung from a wall to cover windows.

"We built __ on rock and roll".

They allow the house to float in Pixar's Up.

Power tool attachment that makes circular holes.

Decorative light containing waxy moving fluids.

Primary ingredient in tofu.

Weather prediction.

Work of art made with acrylics or oils.

Rowdy street party, like in Rio or New Orleans.

Bart's bespectacled pal named after a US president.

Endless concept symbolized by a sideways "8".

Puzzle 5

A famous German composer, Ludwig van.

Fairy tale featuring a magic mirror on the wall.

One with a mortgage.

A substance that allows the passage of electricity.

Collage of ideas with photos, fabric, clippings.

During the dark hours.

Two words to say annually.

Short-term light source in a thin plastic tube.

US presidents Franklin D and Theodore.

London's famous Grand Slam tennis competition.

Card-player's appearance that gives nothing away.

They measure the level of oil in a car's engine.

Puzzle 6

Mix up a deck of cards.

Sconces fix to walls and hold these wax sticks.

Microsoft's email service.

Cost of a passenger ticket for travel by plane.

Ghost of Lloyd Webber's opera.

This stone gathers no moss.

Soft-woven fabric, usually cotton or wool.

Stinky, burning spray used to disperse riots.

When the sun covers up the moon, or vice versa.

__ Mode, synth pop band popular in the 1980s.

Supportive structure for holding up a shelf.

Legumes used to make dal; red, brown or green.

Cavernous room for males only.

Sled-pulling dogs.

Main hero of The Hunger Games, Everdeen.

Puzzle 7

Colloquial expressions.

A person or business who sells things.

The seeds of oak trees.

Ancient empire ruled by Genghis Khan.

Circular garland, hung on a wall or door.

Flat modules for capturing solar energy.

First name of directors Spielberg and Soderbergh.

Grand climactic end of a musical performance.

Three main types are private, corporate or charity.

Informant who tells secrets.

Cylinder for applying paint to walls.

Stranger __, spooky Netflix series set in the 80s.

The national dish of Scotland.

The Shining ax scene: "Here's __!".

Study of plants.

Enormous, like the entire universe or cosmos.

Puzzle 8

Invisible light.

The central area of a dartboard or archery target.

Lose __; slow down, falter.

David Beckham's popstar and fashion designer wife.

Curved metal devices for storing door unlockers.

Paper pocket to send a letter in.

Trident-wielding Greek god of the sea.

Dance style and Chubby Checker hit.

Put paint or wallpaper on walls.

First name of Nightingale, famous Victorian nurse.

Celebratory event with parades and costumes.

Person who rears and tends to sheep.

Soccer players are sent off with these.

A way to cook eggs that doesn´t sound difficult.

Puzzle 9

Not allowed, beyond the scope of a project.

Circular target that sharp flights are thrown at.

Keyboard symbol that means "and".

Kitchen appliance for reheating food.

Giant marine mammal up to 30m in length.

One who might say "you are getting very sleepy".

Rich red pork sausage often served on top of pizza.

Cowboy actor persona nicknamed "The Duke".

Journey to different haunted locations.

__ dish, plate for receiving TV signals from space.

The type of puzzle you are currently playing.

The profession of a clumsy, gadget-using sleuth.

Puzzle 10

Beef or lamb, darker than pork or turkey.

A musical group with four members.

Bubble of air trapped behind wallpaper; foot sore.

TV son in the Middle.

Superman's home planet, and a noble gas on Earth.

Getting this, slang for getting married.

A yellow mouse Pokémon.

A regional variety of a language.

Spotted African cat, world's fastest land mammal.

Roads or railway routes built underground.

Smoothing a wall surface ready for painting.

The first human to go into outer space, Yuri.

Hoop or stud piercing in your lobe.

Puzzle 11

Alcohol and perfume shops in airports.

Netflix series about the British royal family.

Writes on steel.

Small eatery's wall board listing food on offer.

Gambling mecca in Nevada.

Biggest soccer tournament held every 4 years.

Large joint at the top of the arm.

See you later alligator; __ crocodile.

Duck-billed mammal found in Australia.

Famous martial artist and movie star.

Bohemian __, well-known anthem by Queen.

Four of these guys rode into the Apocalypse.

A festival where the cuisine is the central theme.

Puzzle 12

Assignments to be completed after school.

Military style physical fitness program.

Scorpio and Sagittarius signs relate to this month.

Making a hole in a wall with a power tool.

Cutout designs in cardboard to paint on walls.

Cold Spanish tomato soup.

A poisonous animal is this, a snake for e.g..

Caped __, Batman's nickname.

Paintings or framed photos hung on a wall.

Small pincers, often used to remove hairs.

Retriever dog, can be black or golden.

Flying disc toys.

Puzzle 13

A chain of __; when one thing leads to another.

German city whose wall came down from 1989.

Elements of glasses that surround the lenses.

To charge against an enemy.

Vehicle with a bucket attached to an arm.

TV monitor; show an episode on TV.

House appliance that sucks up dirt.

Dickens character Twist, who asked for more.

Gorged like a porker.

Tiny stones on a driveway.

Immature or unready.

Golf clubs for sand and pitching.

Square root of 144.

Some artworks are painted onto this cloth surface.

Puzzle 14

People who laze about, eating bread maybe.

Museum with exhibitions of paintings.

Fills one's suitcase again.

Choose not to vote.

Company formerly the National Biscuit Company.

Valley that´s a California tech hub.

Down __, Peter Gabriel WALL-E song.

The K in JFK.

Smell-eliminating spray brand in blue packaging.

Scandinavian invaders of the Middle Ages.

Birds that mimic human speech.

Tie-break match in a tournament.

Derricks work over this, in the sea perhaps.

Use these to apply paint to a wall.

She was the Roman goddess of wisdom.

Obtain something left to you after someone's death.

The most common language spoken in the US.

All good things come to those __, proverb.

This is burned in the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

Putting up pictures on a wall.

Puzzle 15

Kitchen cupboard, fixed to a wall.

Reykjavik is this island nation's capital.

Competing in a tug-o'-war.

Starchy strings served with Chinese and Thai food.

Artist with a literary enigmatic "code".

Gained office following a vote or ballot.

A nurse who aids in the birth of a baby.

Shot liquid at, like a skunk.

Putting paste in cracks on a wall.

Silky hair ties.

Fluids, not solids or gases.

Simultaneous musical notes that sound good.

The family in 1960s US cartoon, set in Space Age.

Puzzle 16

Moment a meteorite strikes the Earth.

Green praying insect with big eyes.

Grooved, spiral-shaped wall fastenings.

Where Lawrence was of, in a 1962 epic movie.

This type of escape is a close call.

Baseball or cricket referee.

The Kylie who is related to the Kardashians.

Round-topped black hat also called a Derby.

Musical clef above bass and alto.

Gates that Christians hope to enter heaven through.

To throw in the towel means to do this.

Sharp kitchen tools, stored on a magnetic wall bar.

Clown mascot for McDonald's.

Days in which Phileas Fogg went Around the World.

Puzzle 17

Entertainer who throws and catches clubs or balls.

Clue acted out in a party game.

Changed the title of a document or file.

White bubbly mixture seen on waves.

Dough breakfast products with distinctive squares.

They are said to speak louder than words.

Repeated design, as found on wallpaper.

This Avril sang about her Sk8er Boi.

__ Sachs, US financial services company.

An international racing sport, __ One.

Not positive or negative.

Collage or collection of pictures hung on a wall.

Slow reptiles with shells.

Puzzle 18

The inflatable rubber ring inside a bicycle wheel.

Where Jack and Jill went to fetch a pail of water.

A person who looks after and loans out books.

Opening on a wall that leads to a chimney.

Bombing or military assault but not by land or sea.

The doctor does this to recommend medicine.

Weed with yellow flowers that turn into clocks.

Hollywood actors Bale or Slater.

3D artwork on a wall, such as bas-relief.

Sweet jam-like preserve often made of oranges.

Puzzle 19

Surname of the President known as Honest Abe.

Herb found in many Italian dishes.

A sign that you are tired or bored.

Spreading glue onto wallpaper.

Humanity's species: Homo this.

Four-sided shape on which baseball is played.

There's __ like home, according to Dorothy.

Day named after the god of single combat.

Guilty or not-guilty decision in a trial.

Chat with a friend to hear their recent news.

Series of many artworks hung on a wall.

Amazon's audiobook service.

Angels are often depicted as this type of musician.

Futuristic method of speeding through the air.

Movie or stage play with songs.

People might put another on their bed when cold.

Making fake copies of signatures.

Nationality of author Leo Tolstoy.

Puzzle 20

Word __, verbal recommendation.

Round fasteners on the front of a shirt.

Tiny sparkly pieces used to decorate.

Upturned, like a pancake in a pan.

Sign hung on a wall to receive guests gladly.

Enya, U2 and Hozier hail from this country.

Former South African president Nelson.

Trackside instruction devices for train drivers.

A drawing or painting to be wall mounted.

This magic man played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Country in which BMW cars are made.

Members of the dog family.

Himalayan mountain, tallest in the world.

Revolutionary war film starring Mel Gibson.

Makeup stripper, such as almond oil or jojoba oil.

Tennessee Williams wrote about a Cat on a Hot one.

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