CodyCross Quantum Physics Pack answers

Quantum Physics PackQuantum Physics

Here are the answers to CodyCross Quantum Physics Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Pepper mills can also be called this.

The people watching a movie.

Quantity of motion an object has, not velocity.

Another name for a Russian wooden stacking doll.

South African diamond in the British Crown Jewels.

Broad ridged pasta tubes, larger than penne.

Broadsword calling __: Where Eagles Dare callsign.

US singer whose debut album was Little Earthquakes.

Pauli, proposed the neutrino in beta decay.

A severe headache.

Overall value, minus liabilities.

Bestselling kids book by LeBron James.

France's Sun King.

Puzzle 2

George Carlin called it a non-prophet institution.

Rail against, contradict.

A Flemish person would come from here.

Cylindrical; describes Mike Oldfield's bells.

Gave birth to puppies.

Name for particles existing only for a short time.

Almond liqueur or small macaroon biscuit.

East German city largely destroyed in WW2 bombing.

Joke satirically about.

A type of quark found in kaons.

Type of wallpaper beloved of Indian restaurants.

British star of AI, The Holiday and Hugo.

Puzzle 3

Teaching, instruction.

Wave oscillating in time, up and down only.

Lombardy lake also called Lario.

One of Hogwarts' headmistresses, Dolores.

Royal Albert fine china company.

Girl's name mentioned in 1993 Tom Petty hit.

Who David played the harp for in the Bible story.

Sweet, fluffy fried dough snack eaten in Nigeria.

Protons and neutrons are the only two of these.

The crime of killing a monarch.

Italian fashion brand with a former F1 team.


Silken fabric with an ornate design woven into it.

Cream, salve, balm.

Puzzle 4

Shrewd, perceptive.

A rating of motor fuel quality.

Electrons orbit the nucleus in these.

Stretches or expanses of land.

Business magazine that publishes "rich lists".

Pen name for Nora Roberts' futuristic cop stories.

Large species of thrush.

__ and Juliet; animated take on Shakespeare play.

Crockery for a hard-boiled breakfast food.

Calves' stomach lining used in cheese-making.

Atlanta baseball team.

Sony's smartphone brand launched in 2012.

Aroused one's interest.

Hugh, who played Doctor House.

Floppy, fancy scarf worn like a tie.

Ancient Egyptian goddess with the head of a cow.

The force of gravity on an object.

Czech composer of the 1893 New World symphony.

Where partners might find love on the courts.

Puzzle 5

Music festival held in Indio, California.

Dumas, who wrote The Count of Monte Cristo.

A river or stream that flows into a larger one.

Star of Memento, L.A. Confidential.

Ancient, enigmatic New Zealand stone wall.

Physicist who suggested matter has wave properties.

Animal that has recently emerged from an egg.

Mayfair street famous for tailors Gieves & Hawkes.

Pushy, out for what one can get.

Thin layer of meat rolled up and braised.

To treat someone roughly by force (by a male).

Movement about a central point, in physics.

Puzzle 6

Aussie tennis pro who won 11 singles Grand Slams.

Changeableness, flexibility.

Giant Indonesian volcano that erupted in 1883.

Manicure applications that use an LED light.

To line a room with wooden boards and panels.

Type of bond containing free-moving electrons.

The late actor Omar Sharif's nationality.

Michelle Obama's memoir.

Round toy of soft foam meant to be thrown inside.

Hot pepper variety, often green and stuffed.

Eight-legged creature, e.g. spider or scorpion.

Youth is wasted on them.

A value that will always be the same in all cases.

Nickname of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 15 in D.


Decorating of shop windows.

Puzzle 7

Makes use of, e.g. power, resources.

The Italian operatic tenor who was born in 1935.

Antiparticle of a fundamental elementary particle.

1950 Doris Day musical about Nanette Carter.

South American member of OPEC.

Relating of events usually in chronological order.

Number directly opposite 5 on a standard dartboard.

The amount of energy a photon has depends on this.

__ Cup; summer contest for European football clubs.

Enthusiast who takes part in historical role-plays.

Haunted ghost ship linked to multiple tragedies.

Puzzle 8

Writing instrument with no internal reservoir.

Organ that's a hand-cranked musical instrument.

Avoidance of something; dodge, renege.

To chatter unintelligibly or rapidly.

Overseas representative of the pope.

African country entirely surrounded by Senegal.

Water sport in which you might "catch a crab".

Handle attached to a rudder used to steer a boat.

The value of the shares distributed by a company.

Prêt à __, describing ready-to-wear outfits.

Goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology.

Groups of baryons that sound like Greek letters.

Austin Powers character played by Verne Troyer.

Ground-dwelling, now-thriving New Zealand parrot.

Marine snail eaten with a pin.

To declare or find someone not guilty.

Ada, 2009 Nobel laureate for ribosome work.

A region with virtually no particles.

Fantasy land in Coleridge's Kubla Khan poem.

Heavy duty car brand, originally from the military.

Puzzle 9

Mathematical hypothesis backed up by evidence.

Instrument for navigation includes a telescope.

Fundamental particles such as electrons or muons.

Its flag is a yellow star on a red background.

Noisy underground insects that emerge yearly.

Incapable? Or worth paying attention to?.

Fashionable or on trend, in a French way.

Cartoon superhero with supersonic sonar radar.

Spats-like covering worn over shoe and pants.

Club Can't Handle Me and Low rapper.

Berries used in gin or in rabbit dishes.

Doctor in Boris Pasternak's 1957 novel.

Important protein in hair, nails.

The idea of something being two things at once.

Torah scroll on doorposts of some Jewish homes.

Tabbed dividers with A-Z labels.

Puzzle 10

Political news commentator.

Waterproof jacket, usually with a hood.

Greek figure who flew too close to the Sun.

Crime writer Kathy who inspired TV series Bones.

Lucky cricket with onomatopoeic name, in Mulan.

Condition in which a balanced system is unchanging.

Large cupboard or room for storing food.

Korean-style seaweed roll, stuffed with rice.

A Christopher Nolan movie, The Dark this.

Command for soldiers to rest.

Legendary kingdom of Link and Princess Zelda.

Emiliano, leading figure in the Mexican Revolution.

Another name for the Russian Wolfhound.

One of two parts into which something is divided.

Athlete's foot is caused by this.

Take this to get a player out in cricket.

Rajasthani city famous for its Palace of the Winds.

Kenny Loggins sang Danger Zone for this movie.

Changes in variables, per the Greek capital letter.

Best friend of Asterix, with superhuman strength.

Audio's seen pal.

Puzzle 11

Sole, base, lower layer.

The maximum displacement of a point on a wave.

Acting falsely to improve your reputation.

Book about boy whose mum dies in a bombing, The __.

Small recess beside a fireplace.

The scandal that brought down Richard Nixon.

Channel Tunnel train service carrying vehicles.

Another name for Cambodia.

Baring the neck, shoulders in low-cut dress.

Comedy genius who made Spaceballs, Blazing Saddles.

High-energy particle moving through space.

Pet rabbit species named after mountain range.

Puzzle 12

A deeper understanding below the surface.

French car manufacturer with lion emblem.

Another name for an electron shell.

Dishes topped with breadcrumbs and cheese.

Landing piers on the seashore.

Hero in very old Scandinavian epic poem.

Another name for lower back pain.

Rare isotope of hydrogen, contains two neutrons.

Vivid shade of reddish-purple, and a flower.

Golf stroke where no contact is made with the ball.

British soldier during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Four Seasons composer, born in Venice in 1678.

What priests and nuns might be following.

Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility.

Puzzle 13


These are opposite in particles and antiparticles.

Renting out residential properties.

Pushing, jostling.

1997 Spielberg film about 19th-century slave ship.

Woven cloth/fabric.

Triumphant trumpet signal.

A competitive bobsleigh or toboggan for one.

Particles that feel the strong nuclear force.

German motor company with trucks, buses and cars.

Like forced labor.

Walled city district of Hong Kong.

Country where Dragon stout is brewed.

Exceptionally warm spot in a garden or patio.

Type of fracture in which a bone breaks diagonally.

Surreal and grotesque dramatist Gogol.

Old-fashioned UK coinage worth 21 shillings.

Puzzle 14

Most cautious.

French heir apparent of the middle ages.

The zero charge of neutron.

Herbal cocktail addition that balances sour, sweet.

Proper name for vitamin A.

Traditional Russian pinafore dress.

Flower used in fragrances, also known as vervain.

Name of the Israeli parliament.

Young girl with magical powers in Bewitched.

Blocks of data transmitted across a network.

Hindu deity of an elephant with a broken tusk.

Non-magical people in Harry Potter series.

When a nucleus splits, releasing energy.

Swivel wheels on an office chair.

Resident of the state of Indiana.

Rembrandt painted a famous Lesson in this subject.

Puzzle 15

Full of enthusiasm or praise.

Curious figure Button in 2008 Hollywood movie.

Scraping surrealist technique liked by Ernst.

Purple gem purported to prevent drunkenness.

Data taking only certain values; not continuous.

Shallow body of water enclosed by rocks on a beach.

Transport systems with tracks.

Game in which scoring a "bingo" wins 50 points.

How Kublai Khan was related to Genghis.

Queen who came to the throne in 1837.

Indian spice with black seeds in small green pods.

Insect that feeds on the sap of plants.

Sophie who wrote the Shopaholic novel series.

Goes with fittings, part of the make up of a house.

Anagram of requital.

The antiparticle of an electron.

Type of external motor invented by Ole Evinrude.

Repeated catchphrase of Robin Williams as Mork.

Reading desks with slanted tops such as in pulpits.

Strike up a friendship with someone.

To the extent that, to such a degree.

Bubbling-Well Road is a thoroughfare in this city.

Puzzle 16

Mulan's love interest in the 1998 Disney film.

Active in the daytime.

Mercury metal alloy; combination of many things.

Mosaic-style flooring made from wooden blocks.

Rate of change of momentum; a sudden urge.

Where a freshwater river meets the sea.

Ward assistant in a hospital.

Green citrus fruit that turns yellow when ripe.

Bars or ingots of gold or silver.

The longest word with no vowels in English.

Girl with a Pearl earring painter.

Great bodily or mental anguish.

Structured rhyming poetry loved by Shakespeare.

Physics theory that was a big leap.

Algonquian word meaning aloof from party politics.

Puzzle 17

Also called Chinese gooseberry, it has brown skin.

Long-stalked red bulbous Christmas flower.

Taylor Swift song with Romeo and Juliet theme.

Location of London's famous Observatory.

Lower-level storage space for saving files.

Electrostatic force when objects move apart.

The size or extent of something.

Sturdy equine companion of highwayman Dick Turpin.

Celebratory activity or event.

Object of the Phantom of the Opera's obsessions.

A lavish French style of velvety, piped fabric.

Types of quarks that make up protons, neutrons.

Surname of Thor and The Huntsman actor.

Puzzle 18

Stubborn, obstinate, pigheaded.

Greek dish of stuffed and baked vine leaves.

First name of engineering genius Brunel.

Plane of Earth for measuring longitude.

Strongly scented garden flower.

Traffic jam, vehicles cannot move in any direction.

Portable lamps.

Aka +ve, in physics.

Formally agreed to a contract.

To be prepared to do something.

National airline based in Rome.

Risky business enterprises.

Australian actor who played Hulk in 2003.

German fashion house, formerly a maker of uniforms.

People who are obscure and not famous.

Sebastian Faulks' novel about WWI.

Automatic reaction, like a twitch of the leg?.

Greek equivalent of the Roman god Mors.

To put into different categories.

The rock band who sings Misery Business and Decode.

Wedding celebrations.

Indiana town that hosts the Indy 500 race.

Puzzle 19

Yearly celebration of the life of James Joyce.

Government formed by two political parties.

A test subject might be likened to this rodent.

Danish physicist, pioneer in quantum theory.

Depressions in the ground, also called dolines.

Where Freddy Kruger's nightmarish acts took place.

An area of skin supplied by a spinal nerve.

This is emitted from unstable nuclei.

Musician's timekeeping pendulum.

People employed in an organization.

Napoleon's famous wife and empress.

Playfulness, trivial or merry behavior.

Puzzle 20

Flower with many subspecies, always symmetrical.

Dolly Parton's famous song about a husband stealer.

Renew interest in, bring back to life.

Peaks; the highest points on a wave in physics.

Fictional setting in The Handmaid's Tale.

Japanese religion whose name means "way of god".

City known to the Ancient Egyptians as Waset.

This is the B in FBI.

According to Einstein mass is equivalent to this.

Artful Jack Russell in Oliver & Company.

Second-largest city in Syria, after Damascus.

Warming treatment that boosts hair growth.

2015 Meg Ryan film about a wartime messenger.

French inventor of the rechargeable battery.

Tease, irritate, deliberately annoy.

Grizabella's not easily forgettable song from Cats.

This bumpy ground sounds odd!.

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